Swara’s POV:

Another two years have passed .Laksh proposed Ragini and she accepted.A year back they got married.Not only them but my best friend Anjali too got married to the love of her life Rahul.Right now I’m in a hospital accompanying Ragini for her regular checkup.Both she and her baby are healthy.You heard it right she is six months pregnant.I’m very happy for Laksh and Ragini.Then a nurse called out my name.I told Ragini to wait and went to meet the doctor.After fifteen mins I came out and we went home.While going home Ragini kept on asking why the doctor had called me.But I shushed her saying that I was feeling a little bit feverish so I consulted the doctor.As I went home I saw Laksh playing with Diya.They both were looking very cute.I went near them and forwarded my hands to Diya asking her to come to me but she nodded in a no and hugged Laksh tightly.We both laughed at this.Then I went to our room and started to prepare a surprise for Sanskar as it is his birthday tomorrow.

Swara’s POV ends.

Sanskar’s POV:

Tomorrow is my birthday.I tried to make everyone remember tomorrow’s date but none remembered it and that includes Swara too.I was sad that none remembered my birthday and slept.Midnight when I was sleeping Swara jumped over me and squealed a happy birthday near my ears.I hugged her tightly but she held on to me more tightly almost crushing me like a paper.Then I heard a knock on the door.I opened and found Raglak there with a cake on a decorated table.They hugged me and wished me.I cut the cake and Raglak gifted me an album which consisted my pics from my childhood till date.I had tears in my eyes and hugged them but I was sad that Swara didn’t give me anything.Then what happened was unexpected.All three of them applied the frosting on face together.I was shocked and came out of trance when they burst into fits of laughter.After a while I came out of the washroom wiping my face with a wet towel. I saw Swara thinking something.She indeed looked very beautiful even after becoming a mother of a child.She was facing her back to me so I went and back hugged her.She came out of thoughts and kept her hand on my hand which is around her waist right now.She bagan to blush when I started kissing her neck sensuously.I asked her “why didn’t you gift me anything?”……She said nothing but turned and pecked my lips…I was kinda confused about her behavior.Then she started saying”Tab nahi diya to ab dungi…..”These words confused me more.She smiled and handed me an envelope from our closet.Confused I looked up at her but she told me to open it through her eyes.i was really surprised reading the content.Then I asked her if it is true,she simply nodded her head in positive.My happiness knew no bounds.I lifted her and twirled her.I was so happy that I began shouting “I am going to become a father again” without even realizing that it was midnight at 2.Then I put her down and kissed her on lips passionately.We pulled away when we heard a knock on the door.I opened and saw Raglak there worried.They kept questioning us without letting a chance for us to say something.suddenly I shouted”STOP” and they did stop their questioning abruptly.I Started saying”Woh Swara…..woh swara…”Ragini saw both of us blushing and understood the situation.She hugged both of us and said that she was happy for us.Then she asked Swara how many months.Swara replied three shyly.Then suddenly duffer Laksh being confused with the situation asked everyone what happened.Ragini hit his head and said that Swara was three months pregnant.His face lightened up immediately.he hugged both of us and congratulated us.Then they left to give us some privacy.I locked the door,lifted Swara ,placed her on the bed gently and started kissing her.

End of Sanskar’s POV


*************************THE END***********************************************

Credit to: swetha


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