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The episode starts with Abhi and Ritika returning to their house after the function.. They are in a cab..

Abhi sees the pictures which were taken on the function..

Abhi : Ritu.. Look at this.. U have closed ur eyes in this picture.. U look like a puppy in this..

He shows the pictures and comments.. Ritika is sad and just sees it .. Abhi notices her..

Abhi : (himself)Why this girl looks sad?? I think she is tired.. Ok.. Leave it..

He continues his work..

Ritika (thinks): U are really sweet Abhi.. U saved me from Arjun even when I was not ready to fight.. Nowadays, I am enjoying ur company.. May be I am falling for u.. Yes.. who won’t fall in love with the sweetest and a lovely person like u?? But,sometimes we need a hard knock on our heads to come back to senses.. And that happened to me today.. I have a doubt that u are being with me only as u have given me commitment.. U married me unexpectedly and u might have promised me that u will take care of me only as u don’t have any other option.. U might have had some qualities for ur dream girl.. I know that I lack some of the qualities that u are expecting.. Moreover,I am not a suitable match for u as everyone say.. So.. I am in a confusion now.. I want to know whether u love me as a compulsion or by heart.. I will try to know it..

She sighs.. They reach home.. After sometime,Abhi comes to her..

Abhi : Hey Ritu.. I downloaded the new movie.. Let’s watch it together..

Ritika : No Abhi.. I am not coming..

Abhi : How boring u are!! U should learn to be interesting like me..

Ritika : Ya Abhijeet.. I am not ur types.. I am boring..

She goes to sleep..

Abhi : (thinks) Why is she disinterested in anything? What happened?? She is not talking to me properly.. Did I do anything wrong?? Did I hurt her?? And what is this?? She calls me Abhi these days.. Now she called me with my full name as she used to call before.. I don’t understand what’s wrong with her.. I have to find it soon..

He sighs..


Arnav and Shruti are in their room.. Shruti tries to sleep but she could not..Arnav reads a book sitting next to her.. She tossed and turned in the bed.. Arnav notices her..

Arnav : Hello.. Can’t u sleep?? Why are turning this side and that side??

Shruti : Mister.. U are not my boss.. I have equal rights as u in this bed.. Don’t try to control me..

Arnav : See.. I am not controlling u.. Even if i try,I cannot.. Because u can’t be controlled by anyone..

Shruti gives a proud smile..

Arnav : Because,I know that I can’t control devils..

Shruti beats him with the pillow..

Arnav : Hello.. Wait.. I was reading this book and u were distracting me by turning here and there.. And u know?? I really get angry when someone disturbs me while reading..

Shruti : Oh.. Really?? U get angry only for this? Does Arnav Singh Raizada need a reason to get angry?? He is always angry.. U are not Arnav Singh Raizada.. But Angry Singh Raizada..

Arnav smiles slightly..

Shruti : I am shouting at u and here u are smiling?? U have changed a lot.. And one more thing.. U are reading this boring book and u get angry if I disturb u in between..

Arnav : Is it?? Have I changed?? That’s great.. Hmm.. I am in love with u Sweetheart.. That’s why I have changed..

Arnav closed the book and came closer to her..

Shruti : Chi.. This does not suit u..

She moved and sat..

Arnav : So,u want me to fight instead of loving,isn’t it??

Shruti : If u love me,u should have asked me why I could not sleep..

Arnav : Oh.. Sorry dear.. So tell me.. Why did not u sleep??

Shruti : I don’t know..

Arnav : Stupid.. U made me ask u so only to give this answer?? U are really a stupid..

Shruti : Ok ok.. Cool down.. Shall we go to the terrace??

Arnav : Terrace? Now?? I am sleepy..

Shruti : How can u sleep when I could not?? I will not let u sleep..

Arnav : Aww.. Really?? What are u gonna do??

Arnav winks..

Shruti : Arnav.. U are irritating me.. This really does not suit u..

Arnav makes pout..

Arnav agrees and both of them go to the terrace..

Arnav : Dont u feel cold??

Shruti : Ya.. It’s good,isn’t it??

Arnav : Hmm.. It’s good.. So,tell me.. What did u think when u saw me for the first time??

Shruti : Shall we sit here??

Arnav : Answer my question first..

Shruti : I am telling u again.. U are not my boss.. First sit here.. Then I will answer..

Arnav : Hmm.. Now I understand that u are my boss.. So tell me..

Shruti : When I first met u,I came to a conclusion that u are Arrogant Singh Raizada.. When I asked for ur name,u did not tell me.. Usually I easily become friends with everyone I meet.. But u were different.. That created enthusiasm to know more about u.. But every time we met,we ended up fighting.. So,I thought of going away from u..

Arnav : Hahaha.. I can’t control laughing on thinking ur tactics to escape from my sight.. Do u remember?? Once u tried to hide from me using a book and slipped and fell down..

Shruti : Ya.. I was so stupid those days..

Arnav : U are stupid now too..

Shruti stares at him angrily..

Arnav : Ok ok.. Sorry.. Tell me more..

Shruti : Hmm.. Do u know what impressed me ??

Arnav : Tell me.. I am eager to know it..

Shruti : I won’t.. Stay tuned.. We will catch up after a short commercial break..

Arnav : Hey.. Why are u talking like TV show anchor? Don’t leave me in suspense.. Please..

Arnav pleaded in a cute way..

Shruti : How cute!!(pulled his cheeks) Hmm.. It is ur smile which made me fall for u..

Arnav : Really??

Shruti : Ya.. People say that rare events are so precious.. Ur smile is such a rare event..

Arnav : Hahaha..

Shruti : Hmm.. I remember,when I came to tell u that I damaged ur bike instead of Sanjay’s,u laughed.. I still have the image of ur smile in my eyes.. That is the very first time I saw u laugh.. That’s the moment I fell for u..

Arnav : oh.. Really?? U like my smile now too??

Shruti : No.. I loved when it was rare.. But now u are doing it often.. If u see something often,u get bored of it..

Arnav : So.. U are bored of my smile??

Shruti : Actually I am scared of ur smile..

Arnav : That is my dialogue..

Shruti : Is it??

Arnav : Ok.. Tell me more..

Shruti : Now u have teased me.. So,I can’t tell u anymore.. I am sleepy.. I am gonna sleep now.

She goes..

Arnav : Hello.. Tell me stupid..

Shruti : (thinks) My sweetheart.. I love ur smile forever.. I want to irritate u.. And that’s why I said so..

She smiles..


It’s morning.. Sid comes to his office.. He parks his bike and turns.. By then, a man,dressed up in black suit collides with him.. Sid’ s file falls down.. He goes without apologizing..

Sid : Hello Mister.. Won’t u ask sorry??

He turns without saying anything..

Sid goes behind him and places his hand over his shoulder..

Sid : Apologize to me and go..

The man : Hey.. What do u want??

Sid : I want u to apologize..

The man : I can’t.

Sid : I won’t let u go if u don’t..

That guy gives a mean look.. The man next to him asks him to say ‘sorry ‘ as people have gathered there..

The man : Sorry..

He says it for namesake and moves from there..

Sid looks at him angrily..

PRECAP : Sid gets scolded in his office.. Ritika’s dad comes to see her..

Who is this new man?? Will he create problem for Sid?? What Ritika has in mind?? When will Shruti confess her love??

To know more,wait for my next update guys.. Drop ur likes and comments..

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  1. Wowww siss…such a grt epi…lovely…vera level mass…arshru scenes lyk heaven…lovely …keep more scenes of dem…now ritu nd abhi hav probs….abhi loves her but c didnt realise it….she must undrstand….nd who is tat new man….omg…arshru scenes lovely to d core sis….chance ila….waiting fr next eagerly….

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. As u have asked,I will try to give more Arshru scenes..

  2. Wow..awesome dr…arshu scenes were khidkitod…😉❤😘😘😍 ( bocz I’m anika fan)…waiting to know abt the new person…!!!!..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dearie..

    2. Anokhi21

      I am also Anika fan..😍😍

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