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Episode 90

Let’s go to the 91st episode..


The episode starts with Abhi and Ritika entering into the function venue.. Ritika hesitates as she is new there and she does not know anyone.. Abhi could sense that she is tensed. He holds her hand.. She looks at him..

Abhi : Don’t worry.. I am with u..

She smiles slightly..

A girl comes and talks with Abhi.. Later she goes..

Ritika : Who is she??

Abhi : My cousin.. I had a thought of marrying her.. But who can win fate?? My unlucky fate made me marry u..

He pretends like crying.. Ritika pinches him.. Abhi shouts ‘ Aahh!!’

Abhi : Leave me.. I won’t say like this anymore..

By then Abhi’s mom Kavita sees both of them.. She comes to him..

Kavita : Abhi.. What are u doing??

Abhi: Ma.. Won’t u ask how I am doing??

Kavita was silent.. She looks at Ritika.. Ritika folds her hands and greets her.. She just nods..

Abhi : Anyways.. Ma. She is Ritika.. Ur daughter in law..

She gave a formal smile to her..
She takes them inside..

Abhi : Mrs. Hitler is convinced.. But she is acting like she has not..

Ritika : oh..

Abhi : Ritu.. Try to impress my ma..

Ritika : But how??

Abhi : Have u not seen in movies?

Ritika shakes her head with puppy eyes..
Abhi tells something in her ears.. Ritika smiles after that..

Ritika : Don’t worry.. I will do whatever u said..

Abhi : All the best..

She goes and stands with his mom.. Kavita introduces her to some of her relatives.. Kavita was talking with some of her relatives and Ritika was just watching them talk by sitting with them.. She nods every now and then..

She then sees a man of her dad’s age staring at her and Kavita..she talks to kavita..

Kavita : Ma… That man in front row is staring at us constantly..

She looks at him..

Kavita : Abhi did not tell u who he is??

Ritika : No ma..

Kavita : Go and ask Abhi..

Ritika gets up and searches for Abhi..

Ritika : (thinks) This Abhi is stupid.. He might have gone somewhere.. And if ask him who that man is, he won’t tell.. Instead he will start boasting… Asking him is just waste of time.. I will go directly to that uncle and and talk to him.

She goes to him..

Ritika : Uncle!! Can u come aside??

That man is confused and looks back suspecting that is he whom she really calls..

Ritika : Uncle.. I am talking to u only.. Come aside..

He gets up and comes with her..

Ritika : Uncle.. Why are u staring at Kavita Ma??

That man : What??

Ritika : That lady..(points Kavita) I saw when u were staring at her.. Don’t do that uncle.. Her husband is Hitler.. If he comes to know that u stared at his wife,he will eat u alive..
That man : Oh.. How do U know about her husband?? Who told u??

Ritika : My husband told me.. I am Hitler’s only daughter in law.. But,I too haven’t seen him yet..

That man : Oh.. Ok.. I will not stare at her..

Abhi sees her talking to that man and gets shocked..

She sees Abhi and comes to him..

Ritika : Where did u go Abhi?? I was searching for u..

Abhi : What were u talking with him??

Ritika : oh.. That uncle.. He was staring at ur mom.. So I just told him that ur mom has a Hitler husband and he will kill him if he comes to know this..

Abhi : U told this to him directly??

Ritika nods..

Abhi: Stupid.. He is the Hitler..

Ritika : What are ur saying?? Ur dad is the Hitler nah??( realises something) that means he is ur dad!!!

Abhi nods.. Ritika looks at him with mouth wide open..

Abhi : oh God.. U spoiled everything..

Ritika : its ur mistake Abhi.. U should have introduced me to him nah??

Abhi : Duffer.. How can I?? I think he has come just now..

Ritika : What do I do now??(bites her nails)

By then a little boy comes and tells that Abhi’s dad calls him..

Abhi : Mr. Hitler has called me.. I don’t know what is gonna happen.. Oh God.. Everything is because of my dumbo wife..

Ritika looks at him with pout face..

Abhi goes to his dad, Pratap..

Abhi : Daddy.. How are u??

Pratap : I am good.. How are u??

Abhi : I am fine daddy.. That little boy told me that u called me..

Pratap : Ya.. Just to see u as it has been long since I saw u..

Abhi : oh..

Pratap : where is ur wife??

Abhi signs Ritika to come..

Ritika : (herself) I am damn sure he is gonna kill me..

She goes to them.. She grins..

Abhi : Daddy. She is Ritika..

Pratap : Oh. Ritika.. We were talking before.. Isn’t it Ritika??

Ritika nods with a grin..

Ritika : Uncle.. Sorry.. I did not know that u are Abhi’s dad.. He did not tell me..

Prartap : He is idiotic at times.. He always talks but everything is unnecessary.. But he forgets to tell important things to people..

Ritika : Not at times uncle.. He is idiotic always..

Pratap and Ritika laugh.. Abhi stares angrily at Ritika.. Abhii dad goes as he was called..

Ritika : Abhi.. Ur dad is really sweet.. He is not Hitler.. U have lied to me as u always do..

Abhi : Hmm.. Now u have joined hands with ur father in law ,right?? Now u too will join him when he scolds me.. Hmm.. It will be difficult to handle two troubles at a time.. But I will.. As I have got training in handling both of u separately.. So,I will become an expert in handling u..

Ritika : Abhi.. I have a doubt.. He is talking nicely nah?? It means that he has accepted us,isn’t it??

Abhi : Ya.. I think so.. I did not expect that he will be convinced so soon.. Get ready to go with MY MOM and DADwhen they call us..

Ritika becomes sad when he said ‘my dad and mom’ that she got the memories of her mom and dad.. Abhi notices it..

Ritika : Nothing.. I was reminded of my parents.. I can’t meet my mom as she has gone away from the world..but I miss my dad so much..

He holds her hand..

Abhi : Don’t worry Ritu.. My parents are urs too. And I am sure ur dad will come and meet u soon.. Above all he loves u a lot..

Ritika smiles weakly..

Abhi : Now go and help mom..

She nods and goes..
Later the function ends..She hears two ladies talking about her.. She listens to their conversation..

Lady 1 : Who is this girl?? She is doing all works running here and there.. I haven’t sen her in their family before..

Lady 2 : She is Kavita’s daughter in law.. Abhi’s wife..

Lady 1 : when did he get married??

Lady 2 : I heard people saying that it’s love marriage.. But I heard something else.. She was about to get married to a already married man.. This Abhi married her to save her.

Lady 1: Is that so??

Lady 2 : Ya.. But she is not the perfect match for him.. See.. He is tall and handsome.. This girl is short,fat and chashmish.. If they had told me,I would have brought Miss.World for him..

Ritika becomes upset.. She sees herself in mirror.. She sees Abhi who was laughing with his cousins happily..

Ritika : (thinks) what if these ladies are right?? I am not a perfect match for Abhi.. Is he living with me as he had given me commitment??

She thinks..

PRECAP : Ritika behaves weirdly with Abhi… A man scolds Sid in his office..

Sorry if the episode is cliched or silly..Sorry guys for not giving Arshru and Sid-Swad scenes  today.. Happy weekend.. I will come with the next epi as soon as possible.. Take care.. Drop ur likes and comments..

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