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Firstly,I would like to give a special thanks to Aryan,Ramya and Fidha.. Saturday night,I was tired and was in a bad mood. I thought of opening tu.. And my mood lit up when I saw 3 notifications.. And three of them were the comments from the three of u.. When I read those comments,I literally felt very good and all my tiredness went off.. Thank u guys for being supportive to me right from the start.. And my friends.. Deepi and Reshu too.. Who reads my story everyday.. I am literally fed up with the things these days,and u guys bring smile in my face.. That really matters a lot to me.. So to all the silent readers,I would be very happy if u too comment.. Ur single word comment would mean a lot to me..

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Let’s peep into today’s episode..


The episode starts with Ritika getting ready for the marriage.. Abhi comes to her..

Abhi : Hey Ritu.. Good morning..

Ritika : Bad morning..

Abhi : What is this Ritu?? Why are u angry??

Ritika : I am really confused what to wear..

Abhi : Nobody is gonna see u.. U are not the bride..

Ritika : Oh.. Is that so? U are not the groom too..Then u go with this dress..

Ritika shows him his night clothes..

Abhi : Hey.. I am not like u.. So many girls are going head over heels for me.. If I say yes,they will come to me..

Ritika : Abhi.. Don’t lie.. Nobody would see u.. Even if they see u,they will run after knowing about u.. U married me unexpectedly.. Else,I would have been happy..

Abhi : oh.. U would have been happy?? U would have got married to that idiot Arjun.. I saved u.. And put my life at stake..

Ritika : Hello.. U should be lucky to get a wife like me..

Abhi : Hello.. This is my dialogue.. U should be lucky to get me..

Ritika gives whatever look..

Abhi : Am I looking good in this??

Ritika : U don’t have to look good.. If u see any other girl,I will kill her..

She comes closer to him and says this..

Abhi : Thank God.. U won’t kill me right??

Ritika : Who said?? I will kill u after killing u..

She comes closer to him showing the comb like a knife.. Abhi looks at her with terrified face.. She turns to move and slips.. Abhi holds her.. They have an eyelock.. After sometime,they come to senses..

Abhi : Ritika.. Get up.. My hands are hurting.. I have never lifted heavy object as u..

Ritika gets up and pinches him hard..


Arnav gets ready and searches for Shruti.. But he could not find her.. He goes to Abhi..

Arnav : Abhi. Did u see Shruti??

Abhi : Oh.. Smriti?? Sid’s cousin?? I saw her.. She is the only beautiful girl among Sid’s relatives..

Arnav : Stupid.. I asked about Shruti..

Abhi : Oh.. Shruti… She might still be sleeping.. Or might be in dining hall eating..

Arnav : Let me handle u later.. I will tell about this Smriti to Ritika.. Get ready to manage her..

Arnav goes..

Abhi : Oh God.. I told everything to him.. It’s ok.. I will handle Ritika..

Arnav finds Shruti in a room.. She was sitting in the bed..

Arnav : Hey Shruti.. What are u doing here?? I was searching for u..

Shruti : Are u alright now?? I mean how is ur indigestion problem??

Arnav : I am OK.. What happened to u??

Shruti : I think that problem left u and caught me.. I am having vomiting sensation since morning..

By then,Abhi and Ritika enter the room..

Abhi : Do u have vomiting sensation??

Shruti nods..

Ritika : Di.. U feel dizzy??

Shruti : Slightly..

Abhi : Shruti. Congratulations.. Arnav bhai.. Congrats..

Ritika smiles at them..

Arnav and Shruti looks at each other with confused expression..

By then Sid and Swadhu enter..

Swadhu : Where have u been guys? It’s our marriage and nobody is around us..

Abhi : Hey.. Some good news is waiting for u..

Swadhu and Sid : What??

Abhi : Shruti is going to become mother..

Arnav and Shruti open their mouths wide..

Swadhu : (excited) really??

Sid : What this nonsense??

Abhi : Sid. Does it look like nonsense to u??

Shruti closes Abhi’s mouth.

Shruti : Stupid Abhi..

Ritiak : Di.. Why are u closing his mouth?? Let him share this good news with them..

Shruti : Ritu.. U are the perfect match for Abhi.. Stupid husband and idiot wife..

Abhi tries hard to take her hands off his mouth..

Abhi : I am not stupid.. U are the stupid Shruti.. U told that u have vomiting sensation and dizziness nah??

Shruti : Stupid.. I have digestion problem.. I ate a lot of sweets yesterday and I feel like vomiting.. U overheard the last part only and assumed things,u Duffer..

Abhi makes puppy face and everyone laughs..

Swadhu : Don’t worry Darlo.. I have a herbal medicine for this.. I will send it for u.. I have to get ready and its getting late. I am going..Take care.. 

Shruti nods..

Later Arnav comes with the medicine to Shruti..

Arnav : Yesterday u gave me medicine and now its my turn..

She sees the medicine..

Shruti : I think it’s bitter.. Oh God.. I don’t know how I am gonna have it..

Arnav : U have to.. Then only ur digestion problem will be OK..

She takes the medicine in hand.. She holds her nose tight with one hand and has the medicine in the other hand.. She pours it into her mouth.. She makes faces..

Arnav could not stop laughing on seeing her.. He laughs uncontrollably.. Shruti is disturbed by his laughing sound.. She looks at him without blinking..

Later Arnav stops laughing..

Arnav : where did u learn this technique??

Shruti : My amma do it in my childhood..

Arnav laughs again..

Shruti : I feel very good when u laugh.. I want u to be like this forever..

Arnav looks at her lovingly..


Swadhu and Sid are sitting in the mandap..

Swadhu : Sweetheart.. It’s going to happen finally..

Sid : Ya.. The most awaited day has come..

Swadhu : So,will u promise me??

Sid : What promise??

Swadhu : Tell me whatever I say..

Sid : Ok.

Swashu : I will love u always..

Sid : I will love u always..

Swadhu : I will never leave u..

Sid repeats it..

Swadhu : I will never let u down..

Sid tells..

Swadhu : I will never make u cry except happy tears..

Sid: I will never let u cry..

Swadhu : I will always be there for u..

Sid : I will always be there for u..

Swadhu : That’s it.. I will tell the rest after thinking..

Sid : Ok.. Now it’s my turn.. I will always keep u happy..

Swashu : I will always keep u happy..

Sid : I will never call u unromantic..

Swadhu : This.. I will not assure..

Sid : What yaar?? I told whatever u said nah??

Swadhu : Ok.. I will never call u unromantic..

He tells some more things too which Swadhu repeats..

Sid :I love u..

Swadhu : I love u..

She was thinking about something and told it casually..

Sid : I won.. I made u say I love u.. Hey jolly..

Swadhu : Oh God.. I was lost in some thoughts and said it..

Sid : Hahaha..

By then the panditji scolds them for talking.. They smile at each other.. Finally Sid ties mangalsutra in Swadhu’s neck.. Everybody showers flowers over them..

PRECAP : Shruti meets Varun.. He tells bad about Arnav..

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  1. Lovely episode di..❤..finally they got married and their promises..😂..siddarth won and the last secene panditji scolding them😂..waiting fa next epi…love u dhidhi. …don’t worry I’m always with u..😘😘😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Hahaha.. Thank u dear.. Ya.. Finally Sid won.. And thank u dearie.

  2. Hey,
    I am silent reader, but I couldn’t stop myself from appreciating the way u are penning down this story. Keep it up and good bless you

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so much Sindhu. Ur words mean a lot to me..

  3. AryanBhattacharya

    Wow! What a episode di 👏👏 Swadheenta ‘s I Love You was awesome 😁😁 Bye bye cutie di 😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Hahaha.. Thank u cutie Aryan bhai..😁😁😍

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