Friendship turn into love (shot 2)

Twinkle: but maa.. Twinkle tried to argue but leela went from there twinkle felt really bad

She came back to her room

Twinkle self talk

Huh? what’s all this ab m kunj ko kesy btao wo msg kr rha ho ga or wo phr ghusa kry ga I wish I could tell him she slept while thinking about him as she was missing him

Days were passing kunj was messaging her while she was not replying at all he was worried for her and he was also feeling insecure from that raghav

KUNJ self talk why I am thinking so much about twinkle and that raghav arghh..?? am I jealous??? Nooo I am not … but why this twinkle is not replying to my msgs she is not even online it’s been week I have talked to her…

KUNJ remembered the time spent with twinkle he was smiling while thinking about her what is happening with me he said to himself ye sb us twinkle ki waja sa ho rha ha Mjy us ki aadat ho gai ha or ab wo bt b nhi kr rhi koi nhi wapis Ja ka dekh lo ga us ko he said

After three days kunj was done with his work and was going back to his twinkle he was excited to meet her while twinkle was also missing him

Next day

KUNJ came back and went to twinkle’s house where leela told him that she went to academy kunj was so desperate to meet her that he went to her academy he was waiting outside for her after an hour he saw twinkle coming out he became so happy to see her he was about to call her when he saw someone with her while she was bzy in talking to him kunj was really angry to see her with someone else before he could say something or approach her he saw raghav coming closer to her face kunj thought he was going to kiss her he angrily went from there without meeting her

Other side

Raghav: hey twinkle there is chocolate on your lips side

Twinkle : ohhh okkk tell me where

Raghav came close to her face and pointed that place while kunj thought that he was going to kiss her

KUNJ side

KUNJ : what the hell was going on there ??? How can he kiss my twinkle I will not leave him twinkle is just mine he roared angrily

After sometime he realized what he said

From when twinkle is mine ??? He asked himself

But we are frnds of course she is mine his mind said

No just bcz of friendship someone can’t be yours you love her his heart replied

He was startled with realization do I really love her…??? His heart said yes you do

Han Han I love twinkle otherwise why I would be jealous of that raghav

He was so happy that he love twinkle but he was restless too bcz he thinks raghav was kissing her

I have to confront twinkle but how…??? Kunj said

I should go to meet her … yeah that’s a good idea … he left to meet her it was 9:00pm

Twinkle’s Side

She was preparing for her test but she was not able to concentrate on her studies

Twinkle: huh it’s been so long I have talked to kunj I am missing him like hell don’t know when he is going to come back

She tried to concentrate on her studies mean time she heard a knock on her balcony door

She got afraid she went toward door and asked who’s there..???

There was no reply she slowly opened the door and peeped outside while a macular body pushed the door and came inside closing the door behind

Twinkle : hey who the hell are you…??? how dare you to come inside my room like that???

She was about to call leela when person came in front of her she was surprised to see him here yes kunj was there

While twinkle was shocked till core ???

Kunj: it’s me now don’t shout okkk he said and went to lock th door of her room so that no one disturb them…

Twinkle was still in shock

Twinkle : kunj tm ??? Tm wapis kb aye or tm is time idr Kya kr rhy ho…??? Agr kisi n.a. dekh liya toh Kya sochy ga koi…??? She was continually blabbering…

Kunj: will u shut up…???

Twinkle : par…

Kunj: twinkiii agr ab tu boli na toh m tera tape lga do ga okkk

Twinkle nodded like a baby …

KUNJ :now ans me whatever I ask u …

Where is your cell??? Tmy Kitny msgs or calls ki ek b reply nhi diya tu na he said..

Twinkle : cell maa na la lia hai

kunj: ohhh kkk

He was trying to ask about that kiss but did not know how to ask ..

KUNJ : or woo….

Twinkle : Kya woo…???

KUNJ: wo raghav

Raghav Kya she asked …???

Wo academy ka bahir tm or raghav …

Twinkle : academy ka bahir m or raghav Kya ???she asked suspiciously

Now he was getting angry bcz twinkle was not telling him about kiss bcz he want her to tell him everything herself

Kunj: kch nhi choro

Twinkle : okkk but you know raghav is such a sweet person he helped me in preparing notes in academy she was just talking about raghav as after him she spent time with him he was a nice company for her

Suddenly kunj pulled her towards himself both were standing really close to each other twinkle was nervous bcz kunj was angry and she was standing really close to him

Her heart beat raised

Twinkle : kunj tmy Kya hua ha…??? Are u alright ???

Kunj :No I am not he said angrily

Twinkle knew h won’t tell her anything in anger so she have to make him calm first

She placed her one hand around his neck and clutched his shirt from shoulder for support and from other hand she was rubbing his back while doing so she cane really close to him

Twinkle: Duffer tm wapis kb aye she asked to divert his mind

Kunj : aj hi

Twinkle: okkk btao tm itni raat ko idr Kyun aye…??? She was till rubbing his back

Kunj: wo tmy kch btana tha

Twinkle: Kya…???

Kunj: Mjy tm sa kch important bt krni Thi

Twinkle pulled back and stood little away from him yeah say ..Twinkle said

KUNJ: twinkle I know till now we both are best buddies and you know me better the way you make me calms down just like now

No one can do this like m choti choti bt pa ghusa Krta ho m kisi ka wait nhi kr skta… par tm hamesha Mjy handle kr leti ho har situation m

Twinkle : are u here to give me this thank you speech ???

Kunj came closer and cupped her face twinkle till now I never knew about my feelings for you but now I want to tell that …

Twinkle: THAT…???

KUNJ : I love you ?❤

From the core of my heart

Twinkle was in shock bcz till now kunj had said I love you to her many times but today he was a bit serious

Twinkle didn’t know what to say…

She pulled back and set on bed

Twinkle : huh kunj ye kehny ka liye tm is time idr aye ho ab tk tm ye kitni dafa bol chuky ho…

How she wished it would be true

Kunj : I know Twinkle till now I have said this soo many times but I am sincere I really love you

Will you be my girl forever ??? He said sitting on his knees in front her

Twinkle was nervous and she was confused too bcz what again kunj is saying it casually

Twinkle: kunj are you serious???

Kunj : I am 100% serious twinkle

Twinkle: then sorry I can’t accept your I love you…

Kunj felt bad he got teary eyed

He bowed down his head

Twinkle: kunj wo jesy tm na bola ka tm choti choti bt pa ghusa ho jaty ho toh mera Kya ho ga Mjy life time tmra ghusa handle krna ho ga sorry but I can’t do it my whole life

Like really yrrrr agr m sari life tmy pecifie krti rho gi toh M romance kb kro gi she said giggling..

Kunj looked up at her listening to her giggles

Twinkle was shocked to see tears in his eyes

Twinkle quickly sits down with kunj

Twinkle: hey ullu tm girls ki tarha rony kb sa lag gye ho…

Mera ullu toh kbi b nhi Rota…

Kunj: twinkle I think I should leave … he said with great difficulty

Twinkle: toh tmy apny I love you ka jwb nhi chahiye

KUNJ: mtlb???

Twinkle hugged him and said I love you too in his ear

KUNJ was shocked to hear that …

He tried to pull her from Hug but she was not willing to leave

Kunj : twinkle say It again plzzz

She again said I love you in his ear…

Kunj: not in ear plzzz look in to my eyes and repeat it

Twinkle was full red due to blushing she pulled back from hug and looked toward him he was looking at her with love

KUNJ: say it

Twinkle: I love you

KUNJ hugged her both were feeling secure in each other embrace kunj slowly whispers in her ear …

Twinkle agr tmy yaad ho toh I told you something about…

Twinkle was completely red by blushing

She went to flashback

kunj tum na bataya nahi ka tum na aj tk kisi ko kiss kia? Ask twi

Kunj: No

Twinkle: ohhhhh…

Kunj: yeah I will have my first kiss when I will propose someone

Fb ends

They pulled back from hug kunj was looking at her while twinkle was looking down

KUNJ: twinkle what are… before he could say anything

Twinke pecked on his lips…

He was shock would be an understatement twinkle was blushing and looking down

KUNJ touched his lips and looked at her …

He fell down on floor

KUNJ : hayeeee m Mar jawan

He said dramatically

Twinkle slapped him while blushing

He pulled her on floor with him Twinkle: kunj now go its getting late maa a Jayen gi tm jis kaam ka liye tm aye thy wo toh ho gya now go back …

KUNJ remembered that he came here for something else too

Kunj : twinkle wo raghav …

Twinkle: Kya raghav ??? KUNJ is something bothering you she said while turning towards him

Kunj : wo that…. raghav kissed you he said stamering

Twinkle sat straight and looked at him shocked and said what are you talking

While he told her everything about his going to academy his realization everything…

Twinkle ohh MY GOD kunj it’s nothing like that he just cleaned chocolate that was on my lips she said giggling

She teased him about his jealousy

After sometime kunj left and both laid down on their bad thinking about each other

So like this Their friendship turned in to love

They knew each other better than their own self

It’s said you are luck if your best friend is your life partner

Here it ends

Hey guys plzzzzz Do tell me how was this OS I know it was not up to mark

But I tried plzzz tell me your suggestions through your comments

This OS is specially for my ullu ??❤ and my stupid Perra


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