Friendship turn into Love (Shot 1)

Hi guys its Nisa here but this is not written by me its by my bestfriend ANAYA aka Esha although she has her own acc. but she wants to irritate me.

It has 2 shots Hope you all will like it

Hello guys it’s my first try I hope u guys would like it …

I am new writer here so a small introduction

Esha Fatima is my real name

I am 16 years old

So lets start with an OS

KUNJ and twinkle are czns in this OS

A girl is sitting in a park she is wearing peach crop top with light blue jeans she is waiting for someone suddenly someone comes from behind and sit beside her

She looks at the person than show him time from the watch he was wearing

Person was none other than handsome kunj sarna her czn

He always flirt with her … And twinkle luv him and his flirting also but she never told him that she luvs him bcz she was afraid that he may break her heart as he just do flirting and she also don’t know about his feelings for her

KUNJ : Sorry twinki yrrr I was a bit bzy

Twinkle ; yeah I know she said sarcastically

KUNJ: okk ab maaf bhi kr dy

Twinkle: Huh…? like really kunj tm daily itna wait krwaty ho or phr sorry bol dety ho par tm sa khud ek min b wait nhi hota

Kunj: kb wait krwaya bta???

Twinkle: ohhh tm toh esy bol rhy ho jesy kbi nhi krwaya ho zyada dor nhi jaty last night only m na tmy msg kiya or jnb na raat ko 1:18 am pa reply kiya.. she was really angry on him

Kunj: acha paka ab sa nhi krwao ga… SORRY he said lovingly

Twinkle: Ek din esa aye ga ka tm mera wait kro gy or m tmy Milo gi hi nhi ?

KUNJ pulled her closer towards him and said with anger : M tjy kbi mjy chor ka jany nhi do ga or kitni dafa bola ha esi batien Mat kiya kr

Twinkle self talk : ohh shit twinkle what u have done stupid idiot now I have to ask him sorry

Kunj was angry he himself don’t know the reason of his anger

KUNJ try to get up and leave from there but mean time twinkle held his hand and he just stop there but didn’t look back at her

Twinkle: okk yrrr sorry ab Beth or Meri bt Sun.. plzzz she said ?

KUNJ sit beside her and asked her what happened why u called me ???

Twinkle: Wo actually…

KUNJ : what??? He looked at her face properly

Twinkle: kunj actually… From last night someone is messaging me rubbish and I don’t know who is that person… she said innocently?


Twinkle: yeah?

Kunj: twinkle ek bt bta agr kisi din m na rho toh tu apni problems kesy solve kry gi… like really yrrr itni choti si prblm wo b m hi solve kro wo b tu khud solve nhi kr skti… he was looking at her keenly and was waiting for her ans

Twinkle: first thing I won’t let u go anywhere leaving me… and if in any case u have to go I will call u and tell u everything then u would have to help me..?

Kunj: Or jb Meri Shaadi ho jaye gi tb???

Twinkle didn’t know what to reply so she just stayed silent

Kunj: bol b ab chup ku ho gai??

Twinkle sadly replied ?: Then I will just wait that when u will get free I will ask for help ?

KUNJ looked at her shocked

Kunj: really u will not say anything for making u wait for me ??? Or tu fight b nhi kry gi???

Twinkle : No tmri wife ho gi tb toh m ku tm sa fight kro gi…

Or tmri wife ka tm pa first right ho ga she was feeling Sad? while talking about his marriage

Kunj: Ek bt Sun???


Kunj: tera mj pa hamesha pehla haq ho ga no matters what I am .. & where I am…

Samjhi??? He said to cheer up her mood

Bcz he sensed that she is little sad but he don’t know reason…

Their relation is like that only they have complete right on each other but from one side that right is due to friendship

While from scnd side that right is due to luv

She luvs him and consider him as her everything..

While he is not aware of his feelings but he can do anything for her …

Kunj: okkk chal ab mood thk kr apna or m us idiot ko b dekh lo ga jo Meri JAAN ko irritate kr rha tha okkk??

Twinkle: okkk she blushed at the word JAAN

Now I should leave byee she said..

Kunj:achaa Sun.. from many days I haven’t said that…

Twinkle: that…???

Kunj: I luv u?❤

Twinkle:hmm she smiled at him

Kunj: Kya hmmm??? At least is ka ans toh dy…

Twinkle:Mjy is ka ans nhi ata..? byeee she ran away from there laughing

Kunj:Byeee *Jhaali na ho toh*

@Taneja mansion

Leela:twinkle itny time sa tu kidr thi…?? Twinkle: Sorry Maa thoda late ho gya ap ko kuch kaam tha??? Leela: Han m toh Bhool hi gai wo na Tera new star academy m admission ho gya ha Tery exams pas a rhy ha toh is liye ab tjy apni studies ki tarf concentrate krna chahiye… Twinkle: okkk maa ab khana do bhook lgi ha…

Twinkle left for her room after dinner she sat on her bed and opend her books and with in sometime she was fully concentrated towards her study she just forget about everything around her…

Her fone was continually beeping but she didn’t check after completing 2 chapters of maths she checked her whatsapp at 11:49 there were 22 msgs from kunj

Twinkle: ohhh shit ye Kya kunj ka itny sary msgs mjy pta hi nhi chala now he will not reply to my msgs…

Twinkle’s msgs


Sorry yrrr Mjy tmry msgs ka pta hi nhi chala m maths ka sums solve kr rhi thi so sorry

Plzzz reply toh kr do

She send him 43 msgs he came online but he was not opening her msgs she called him but he rejected her calls

She finally send him last sorry msg and went to sleep

Nxt day

Twinkle got up from her sleep she went to washroom and got ready for her last day at school she was excited for her last day at school she enjoyed her last day at school and after school she came back home

She changed into comfortable dress then she checked her cell in case there is any msg from him but there was no msg from him she felt bad and after switching off her cell she had her launch and went for her new academy after academy she went in garden where they used to meet

He was sitting on there usual place waiting for her she went and sit beside him

Twinkle:Sorry yr mery exams pas a rhy ha so m study kr rhi thi or phr maa na new academy m admission b krwa diya ha so us ka liye b thoda preparation krna tha sorry

Kunj: hmmm

Twinkle:ab khud Kya hmmm kr rhy ho ??? Kch bolo b

Kunj: tm bzy rho apni studies ka sath m kal Mumbai jaa rha ho ?

Twinkle:???? why???????????

KUNJ:kuch kaam ha or tmy b studies ka liye time mil jaye ga so it’s better that’s why I should go ..!!!

Twinkle:Sorry paka nxt time nhi kro gi mat Jao plzzz last time forgive me she said making puppy face ?

Kunj: it’s ok par I am sorry I need to go something is important so I have to go there…

Twinkle: when will u come back???

Kunj:Dont know

Twinkle:hmmm & don’t forget me okkk??

Kunj:okkk but we will do chat on whatsapp so I will not forget u but don’t u dare to ignore me like last night

Twinkle:yeah and I didn’t do anything intentionally Mjy tmry msgs ka pta hi nhi chala tha sorry

Kunj:okk now go its getting late and I am also not going home (their house were near to each other so after meeting each other they used to go home together) so u have to go alone and its not safe to go late okkk byeee

After meeting him twinkle came home she went in room and started doing her academy work after completing she had dinner and went to bed

She messaged him but he was bzy so he replyed that he will talk to her later but then she said she is going to sleep she will talk to him tomorrow

He said okkk

After 5 days

Twinkle was bzy with her studies while kunj was bzy with his work but then also they used to do chat but not like before as both were bzy twinkle used to tell him about her day and once she told him that there Is a boy raghav with whom she is sitting now a days in academy she told him that raghav said that he likes her…

Kunj was bit jealous and he was not liking that twinkle is talking about someone else bcz before that she never told him that she is comfortable with another boy expect him so he was not liking someone else taking his place

But for twinkle raghav was just frnd

after full on tiering day when she laid on her bed and searched for her cell under pillow her cell was not there and she searched everywhere

She went to leela and asked her that where is her cell

Leela : your exams are nearing and u need to concentrate on ur studies is liye kal main na tmry room sa tmra cell le lia ab wo tumha exams ka bad hi mila ga

Twi open her mouth to say something but leela left already Twinkle also left from there being sad

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  2. Hi Esha Di it is a very lovely and heart touching. Story plsss do post soon Di I really can’t wait and AAp Apne wali bhi post kardo admin wali plss jaldi

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    School friendship
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    Lovely story esha

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