Here is the next part of the previous episode. Enjoy it friends.

Two girls are waiting near the gate. Two boys are in waiting line for tickets. They get the tickets & come towards the girls. They are Ragini, Durga, Sanskar, and Laksh. They have decided to spend their friendship day at an amusement park. They are soo excited to go in. They enter the park and their mastii starts.

They all sit in the roller coaster. Rags is already scared. Laksh scares her from behind. Ragini goes in flashback.

Rags and Durga are sitting in class. Sanskar comes and scares them from behind.

(Ragini smiles)
Durga asks her the reason. Rags make her remember the incident. Durga too starts laughing on it.

Roller coaster comes to stop. They move towards next ride. All are enjoying the time. They have lunch together there only. And again starts enjoying together. They are remembering all their moments together.

Durga: Guys do you remember that stormy night.
Sanskar: how can I forget it Durga.
Ragini: That night I got everything I wanted in my life. Amazing new frndz. Guys I can surely tell that you people are my everything. Laksh & Sanky are just giggling.
Ragini: O stop it you both. I meant the frndship vala love. Dumbos. You both are big vale dumbos.
Durga: I agree with Rags. These boys na keep thinking abt only that thing. Naughty.

Laksh: Change the topic yr!!!
(Laksh gets sad)

When Laksh was in 12th: he used to love a girl. She knew abt Laksh’s feelings and always used him to complete her assignment. After that she ditched him and then started dating his bst frnd. Laksh was heartbroken at that time. He had lost faith in love as well as friendship. Soo after that day Sanskar started bring Laksh with him whenever he Rags and Durga used to go out. Gradually Laksh also became their best friend.

Sanky, Rags & Durga: Sooorrrrrry Laksh.
Laksh: Don’t say sorry guys. You people gave me hope to live and restored my faith in friendship. You people are truly amazing. Thanks for being in my life.
Sanskar: Aree ye kya Sorry n Thank you laga rakha hai.


They all keep hands on each other shoulders and form a circle. And then all look towards sky and shout. YYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!
They continue to enjoy and then in evening return home with happy faces.

Precap: A big twist.

Sorry for small episodes will try to make next episode a bit bigger.

Credit to: DIA

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