Hello frndz. I m back with the 3rd episode. This episode will be split in 3 parts to cover the amazing moments of friendship among the leads. Keep enjoying and keep voting for your favorite pairs. All the pairs will be introduced in chapter 4. Here goes the episode.

Leap of 2 yrs:

Two girls are talking to each other while having softy. One is wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. She is Swara. The other one is wearing a white frock. She is Uttara. Both are chit chatting. Suddenly they hear someone calling them. They see a boy in black shorts and white t-shirt running towards them. He is Kartik.

Kartik: Come on yaar both of you, you both always leave me alone.

(Uttara & Swara are laughing).

S&U: Awww someone is feeling bad haa. (They both go and hug him).

Kartik: I knew u both was just acting. U drama queens.

Then three of them start talking to each other again.
It was friendship day and all of them were very happy spending time with each other. They are recalling that how after that stormy night they had came close to each other & how after that day Swara & Kartik had become best frndz. Their friendship was soo very famous in whole class.

Uttara: oo hello. Don’t forget me. Don’t forget that if after that fight, if I had not sorted out anything. U both would have been celebrating enemy day today.

There is painting competition in school. Swara is participating in it. She is just about to complete the painting when because of Kartik, whole colors fall on the drawing and it gets spoilt. Swara loses the competition and so she is very angry on Kartik. She stops taking with him. Uttara smells something fishy when they both don’t even look at each other in school. She plans something.
She invites Swara to home. Swara comes and as usual does not talk to Kartik. Uttara asks her what happened. Swara tells her everything. She explains Swara that such small things should not affect friendship. Just then Kartik comes and gives a sheet with sorry written on it. He asks her to turn that sheet back. Swara is shocked. It was the same drawing, she had drawn that day. Swara is happy and forgives Kartik.

Swara: yup dear!! How can I forget? Because that day I got one more best friend.
Three of them spend the whole day together. They have ice-cream chocolates and all the stuff. They tease each other from some funny incidences happened in past. They have a lot of fun. In evening they return home with happy faces.

PRECAP: Ragini, Durga, Sanskar, Laksh’s friendship day.

Friends please keep commenting whether you are liking my ff or not. If you do not like then I will stop.

Credit to: DIA

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