Thank you all for liking my FF. I m soo sorry for late update. I was really very happy receiving your suggestions. Frndz I would like to tell you that for next 2 – 3 episodes my FF will be based on friendship only. So until then keep voting for your favourite pairs. The pair getting maximum votes will be featured. Keep enjoying n keep supporting your favourite pairs.

The episode begins with Rags returning home. She is very happy after making new friendz. She tells Sumi abt Durga’s mom. Sumi assures her that she will treat Durga as her own child and to bring home often. She also tells her abt Sanskar’s brother being in Swara’s standard only and that tomorrow they will go to his house and she will take Swara with her. Shekhar permits.

Scene: Swara & Kartik’s classroom.
Kartik again gets punished for not doing homework. This time Swara does not laugh. They both are enjoying their time in school. Swara asks Kartik to come to her house and learn maths from her dii. Kartik says ok. Swara gives her father’s number to him.

At GM:
Ragini is forcing Swara to come with her. Swaa is reluctant to go as she is expecting Kartik to come. She does not even allow Ragini to go. Just then Sumi comes to their room.
Sumi: Swara beta I just received Kartik’s mother’s call, he is not coming today as guests are coming to their house. So now don’t make a fuss & go with your Ragini dii.
Swara & Ragini get ready. They reach MM.

Scene: At MM
Sanskar welcomes Ragini & Swara. Durga also reach at the same time. Sanskar introduces Ragini & Swara to his mom & AP.
Sujata: Go guyz study in sanskar’s room I will send snacks for you kids. They go to Sanskar’s room.
Sanskar calls Kartik.
Sanskar: Kartik she is swara. She is in your……
Kartik: Swara…… Hiii I was not at all expecting you here. Its soo nice to see you.. (looking at Ragini) and you must be Ragini dii rt?? Swara talks a lot abt you. Di will you please teach me maths. Sanskar bhai is least interested to teach me and so I daily get punishment and then Swara laughs at me.
All are laughing. Seeing Kartik talk in one breath. Swara is also happy after meeting her friend.
Ragini: Sure Kartik I will teach you. First you both complete other subjects then I will teach maths to you both.
Kartik takes Swara to his room.

After Sometime:
Swara suddenly gets up. She starts roaming around.
Kartik: Swara wht happened?
Swara: Hey I can smell paints. Do anyone do painting here?
Kartik: Oh ya! My Lucky Bhai. He is very good at painting.
Swara: Please take me to him. I really want to see his paintings.

Swara & Kartik goes to Laksh’s room.
Kartik: Hii Lucky Bhai.
Laksh: Hi Kartik. Who’s she? (Looking at Swara).
Kartik: She is my school friend Swara. She came here with Sanskar bhai’s friend. They both are sister’s. She wanted to see your paintings.
Laksh: OO sure. (Laksh shows her his drawing book).
Swara: Wow!! You are awesome painter lucky bhaiyaa. I really like your paintings.
Lucky: Thank you Swara. You also want to become a painter?
Swara: No not painter in real sense. But I want to be a fashion designer. I like drawing and painting a lot. I can draw well but I always spoil my drawing while colouring.
Laksh: well ok no problem. I will teach you colouring.
Swara: Thank you lucky bhaiyaa.
Lucky: But not now.
( Swara gets sad)
Lucky: Aree baba I meant let your exam finish then I will teach you.
(Swara gets happy listening this)
Kartik: Lets go Swara. Ragini dii is waiting for us.

They both go. (Studies finished. Swara & Ragini are about to go when thundershowers starts).

DP calls Shekhar. He tells that girls can stay here for tonight. Its risky sending them in such weather. Shekhar agrees. Durga also gets permission to stay with them.
All kids are happy. They all gather in Sanskar’s room and starts playing passing the parcel. They all are having fun time. Suddenly lights go off. All sit there silently. Just then they here someone’s cry.

Annonymus: Sanky bhai Lucky bhai where are you? Please come here. I m getting scared.
(Sanky n Laksh run outside). (They bring a cute little girl in room).
By that time lights are back so everone can see her face became red by crying and frightening. She is none other than Uttara. The youngest princess in all the kids. Sanskar hugs her. She become silent. Play was about to resume when…..
AP: Come on kids. Come down for dinner. Come everyone.
All kids have their dinner and go to sleep. They all slept together only in one room. Playing pranks with each other.

Precap: Lets see what the next rising sun has in store for these amazing kids.

Sorry friends if you got board by this study track. It was necessary for introducing the leads. I promise you next episode will be funny with all the majak mastiii n all the amazing stuff. So stay tuned.

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