Hey guys here is another teaser for “ONLY FRIENDSHIP”.
I would like to share something before starting this ff and to get along with your suggestions. I feel school life is best for our innocence.
Even today, not all are kissing or failing in love, it’s just attraction or may be peer pressure. Guys chill peer pressure in the sense, they will try to link between 2 people and it starts from there on. Even today we are afraid of what will others think. Only 2 or 3 people fall in love and hardly it continues after college. I think this reality.

It will based on this reality, how your friendship and school life have thought so many things that you would always love to relive. Mocking of teachers, their way of teaching, lying about the assignments.
Parents relation with a teenager. There is no pairs over here nor love. So it’s not swasan or ragsan its about group of friends. Each character is significant in their own way. SO dnt except any pairing sequence.

Kanavugal anum Vayasachy, manasula asa molachachu
Kanavugal anum Vayasachy, ilmai ky mugavari kidachachu
We got an address as teenager so it is time to dream, aspire and move on.
OO OH lele le ele Ooh Ooh le le le
School days indri thadaigalai udai
Algebra nam pagayavanai Udai ( Algebra is our enemy)
Vedial adu kozapidum thalai( Chemistry will confuse you like hell)
Konar notes enga parichaiku thunai ( Don’t forget Notes will help during exams)
Palli thozan pola , thozi pola agumaa ( School friends are the best)
Don’t throw the books have some fun
Together we stand hand in hand
School life rocks Ye ye ye
Leave our friends, hann no no no
Liitle bit of love ,Little bit of hate, little bit of fight but friendship is the height.

Sanky: Hey bro when is the geography period I m really waiting for it.
Manav: With astonished look, since when u became so studious, am I dreaming.
Sanky: OHH ho , I had nice lunch, If it is after lunch break, I will enjoy my sleep na winks
Manva: Sleep
ARNAV: Ya the way Geo mam takes class is more than singing a lullaby that’s what he meant.
Grow up bro, dnt be a kid, we are teenagers now. She is so talented you know they way she makes the whole class sleep, hey rags y don’t u recommend her for some awards to your father, she surely deserves one(pout)
Panhuri: You know rags I got only 50 like for my pf in fb with sad face.
Ragini: I have to check mineeeeeee 

SO guys how is the teaser. I hope u will like it. Do suggest some things which you like to see in a school.

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    Awesome dr..

  4. Nice….it’s sound interesting….

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    Mirna do we share cosmic connection?? Na nxt chapie la indha title song type pananum nenachen. Bt u did.. semma ji.. and continue no confusion k vah!!

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    I also think about the song navi…knjm different na title song’a type pananum nu nenaikala mirna kida type pana sollalam nu nenachen…superbbb dear….

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