A Friendship Tale- Episode 2

Last episode : SWASAN convo. Swara decide to act. SWASAN meeting with sivakarthikeyan and keerthi.
Next episode
Swara: so nice to meet u . Where is the director.
Director: hey shona u asked abt me and am here for u
Swara: arun still now as owning a responsible position also u are playboy type.
Director: take seat Swara we can discuss abt movie
All take seat.
Director: Swara meet siva ur hero.
Swara: nice to meet u.
Director: that’s keerthi
Swara: hai

Director’: the story start from present so first scene were combo of siva and keerthi that were shooted early. Keerthi will be the second heroine that story revolve own u Swara. You are the first wife of siva whom love u like soul but u die in the story latr he turn to arrogant person who hate word love. U re appearance were as both real and ghost. U make him fall for keerthi who is chubby and bubbly. Sivas mother will be saranya ponvannan. She also love u alot. This story is to show the obsessive side of love. Arrey u don’t worry abt language here u are a north Indian.
Swara: nice story.
Director: now guys chat for a while and later got ready . Today siva meeting keerthi in blue saree and reminisce abt swara. Siva is as siva in story keerthi u are named as manya and Swara as vigha.
Director left and they are introducing themselves.
Sk: am siva for u guys my full name is sivakarthikeyan. Am married and have a daughter.

Keerthi: am keerthi am not married have a nice family they all are related to movie field
Swara: am swarasanskaar maheswari. Basically an actress.
They go for getting ready.
After one hr
Sivakarthikeyan wore blue shirt were keerthi wore blue silk especially kanchipuram. They were waiting for swara.
Sk: oh looking as perfect Tamil woman

Kee’ : thanks sk
Then Swara enter in a blue saree
Sk a was spell bound to saw her in blue saree.
Swara: wat are u looking SK . Am I beautiful
Sivakarthikeyan: I feel to sing a song
Keerthi& Swa: which song? ?????
Siva sing Oothaa.. Oothaa..
Oothaa Coloru Ribbon.. Unakku Yaaru Appan
Oothaa Coloru Ribbon.. Unakku Yaaru Appan

Oothaa Coloru Ribbon.. Unakku Yaaru Appan
Ae Solladai Avanuku Naan Salaam Podanum
Nee Solladai Avanuku Naan Salaam Podanum
Swara: translation pls

Keerthi: it means purple colour ribbon who is ur dad
If u tell I will tell salaam
Swara chuckle both siva and Keerthi are mesmerised to see her chuckle.
Swara: my father is nathik singhaniyaaaa
Sk: ohh then pass my salute.
Director: can we start.

KEERTHI was walking holding so many flower. Sivakarthikeyan who was standing opposite direction turn hearing keerthi s frnd calling her as Manya. He was mesmerize to see her in blue.
Manya (keerthi): ohh mr arrogant staring is bad habit….
But she shock ed because he was on his DreamWorld.
Director: cut. Its perfect sk and keerthi now Swara are u ready. Sk changre the shirt and wear other blue one

Siva: enna azhage wow beauty at most

Sw (VIGHA) : app kuch bola.
Sk: (monologue) god I find out my soulmate after a long longing but again u made it tough she know s only Hindi and am not good in that.
Vigha: any problem ji
Siv: naam tumari naaam kya haa hai hum,?
Sw (‘vigha) giggles
And she left

Siva’ : oih god VIGHA siva suit alot na
Director; cut . Wow perfect shot shona u hit it

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