Friendship to the sky….Intro


Hey guys…Its Nikki and I’m from Canada!I love all the star plus serials especially yeh haj mohabatein!Im working now and I really miss my collage friends…This ff is about friendship and its of 8 characters from yhm & yrkkh…Thus is just an intro so pls do support me…

From yhm:The cool dudes…
Aditya Verma-The fastest runner in collage
Vivaan Ghosh- He is a guitarist
Ruhi Bhatia-Art is her passion
Aliya Modi-Ruhi’s Best Friend and founder of cool dudes
—These four are best friends in collage and love to hang out together…The prefer calling each other as dudes and their gang name is cool dudes…

From yrkkh:The foursomes…
Naksh Mehra-The leader of foursomes
Yash Singh-He loves singing
Sanju Gupta-She too loves singing like Yash
Gayu Arora-She loves art just like ruhi
—Just like the cool dudes the foursomes is a separate gang.Both groups can’t stand each other and fight and mock each other…This story is about how they stop fighting and unite.

—-Pls do comment guys!

Credit to: Nikki

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  1. Sameera

    Nice plzz continue

  2. Nivika

    hey nikki..its just awesome..cont.

  3. It’s awesome continue

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