Hiii friends…
Its Merin(Abhi)…
Iam a great ragsan fan..but this story is of swasan’s.Please swasan fans dont bash me if u didnt like this story…iam trying my best to make you guys enjoy this one..

Swara-A cute loving girl..She has little ego..and also has a crush on her best friend Sanskar who is one year elder than her..Both swasan’s house are in same area but little far..Swara and sanskar are studying in same school and also in same tuition class..
Sanskar:A cute,caring,little flirty guy..has little show off too.He is famous in his class..He will study very well..Best friend of swara,he also loves swara..
Iam showing this whole story in swara’s POV.
The starts when Swasan are in 5th and 6th std respectively.

When I was in fifth…we both were in same tuition class..I was very friendly with everyone..So ofcourse with him too…
After some days
We became very good friends…We started talking but not much..there was a limit for our friendship when I was in fifth..
But when I reached sixth standard..everything changed..
We became bestiees…There was also a guy named Ankit in our tuition class..he was looking very handsome.. I used to tell about him to my sister Thaani.She also used to tease me calling Ankit’s name.I used to share everything with her except about sanskar and mine friendship.i dont know why I didnt say her..
After each days…our friendship grew more n more…
one day he asked me “do you love someone”.In that day I understood that I dont love Ankit anyway..because the first name which came into my Mind is Sanskar..Without giving an answer..i asked him that same question..He answered me Yes..Then ofcourse I asked him ” who is that”.Actually I knew that it will be me but I asked him like I dont know anything..He said to me that he will not say the name but spelling (not in other)..
Ofcourse after hearing these letters itself I understood that its swara.
so I asked him not to say the name..
I didnt speak anything to him for sometime…He got the reason..So he said me that he was just joking..And he dont love anyone..
Guys…actually I liked him but I dont want him to love me..donno know why..

After many days..
In school,we used to talk in leisure time only if he come to my floor..So my friends also start teasing me calling his name..
I dont know how…his friends also got to know aboutour friendship..They started teasing us when we were talking..
Once while he was playing football …something happened and his right hand got fractured..i was feeling very sad for him.We both had a friend named Nimmi..She was in sanky’s class..she is my neighbour..So I used to collect her books and will give to sanky for completing…(His mom will complete).
Once in tuition..he taunted me by saying something..Then i got angry on him..He too…Then i said him that i will bring books for him from nimmi..Saying this i left the tuition class..
When i reached home i started crying loudly…
At that i got my tuition tchr.’s call.She said to me that what i did was wrong..his hand is fractured that’s why he asked me to bring the books..
Hearing this i again starts crying..
Oh..i forgot to say we are also in same school bus…nimmi is also in that school bus..Nimmi understood that there is some probs between me and sanky…She asked me to talk to him.But my ego said no to her.Then finally sanky came and said sorry to me..I felt guilty at that time.
Then all the problems got solved..

After some days..
He started to become very possessive about me,the thing which i hate…Then slowly slowly from his behaviour i felt that he loves…n as i said i don’t want him to love me…
One day,when i was in my van.he came to me sit nearby me..i didn’t say anything to him but i didn’t like it..Then i understood that he is falling for me…
So one day i simply made a reason and didn’t talk to him..For 2-3 days he tried to convince me..later his ego stopped him.I know that its all because of me..i did everything ..still i acted as if i don’t care him…

Second part will be posted tomorrow…

And guys…you all might be thinking that..these all will not happen..but the truth is that this is what happened with me..
If u didn’t like it..i will not write second part…
please do comment.

Credit to: MERIN(Abhi)

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  4. U said this happened to u so then ending should be ur’s nd it’s nice love story

    1. Yes its my story..but my story’s ending is this..Since I wanna give you all a happy ending I will write second part..?

  5. Awesome yaar….waiting for next update yaar

    1. Thankyou… N I will..??

  6. plz continue it. am waitng

    1. Thankyou so much yaar..?

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