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Part one
Anyway here is the second part..

Swara’s POV
I was missing him alot..still i made myself away from him…Slowly i understood that my life was very boring without him..Still i couldn’t do anything,cus i don’t want him to love me….

Years passed..
In all these years we used to see each other..still will not mind..In tuition class once i noticed him staring at me…My heart was saying me to talk to him..still i didn’t ..
When i reached 12th standard…He was doing his 1st year engineering his st.Mary’s collage..
That year was like a hell for me…because I couldn’t even see tuition class..not in van..not in school..nowhere..In that year i understood what was lacking in my life..Yes,it was him..
I year passed..
I joined in his college after my 12th.
I was walking to my class…There i found him with his friends,ragging all the freshers who were walking through that way..He didn’t see me,..One of his friends called me..Sanky was also there but he was busy in his phone,so he didn’t notice me..His friend asked me for my name..I said Swara Gadodia looking at Sanky..I found him loosing his grip from his phone hearing my name..and the phone fell down,he looked right into my eyes..Ohhh..i felt like a current passing throughout my body…We had a passionate eyelock,but he broke it and turned his face..
His friend starts teasing me by saying that i have some eye problem as iam replying to him looking at sanky..I looked at sanskar..Sanskar asked me to go from there..And i started going from there.
On the way,one senior held my hand and made me closer to him.I tried my best to escape from his grip..but i couldn’t..Tears start falling from my eyes…No one was even scolding him..He was trying to kiss me..
Tisshoomm,..I heard a loud noise..I opened my eyes and found sanskar beating him..Sanskar was saying many things to him…but i heard only his last sentence..”stay away from her…she is my girl”.I was feeling to dance, do many things,but i controlled myself and stood there without any expression..But i lose my control when he looked at me with his sharp black eyes…i hugged him and shouted “I love you sanskar”..Iam really sorry for hurting you..pls forgive me.”
He smiled at me and hugged me back saying”I love you too”.From that day onwards we were the best couple in our college and were known as “swasan”..and we always will be…

That’s my love story…Waiting for your precious comments..I know that this story doesn’t make any sense..still i wrote it..half of this story is mine..balance my imagination..

Credit to: MERIN

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  1. It was osm I really like it…

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  2. It’s soo nice…I really really loved it…nice story…keep writing…god bless u…

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  6. It really nice babe…awesome..

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  7. So at the end did this happen to u also..btw nice story

    1. No…it doesn’t happen to me…Only the first part is mine..That means i lose him..?
      Anyway leave it…thankyou..?

  8. it was awsm yr

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