hi guys i am here with an os i said before that i am not writing but now i am writing it so here is my os its on frndship

a girl is shown of mid 11 she is wearing a cute school uniform she enter in school everyones jaw drop after seeing her *i think she is new here* a girl say and come toward her 2nd girl say
girl2: hi i think you are new here
girl1: yeah can u tell me where is 6th A
girl2: you are in 6th me too from 6th btw my name is chinki
girl1: my name is twi nice to meet you
chi: can we become frnds
twi: yeah sure
like this twiki become best frnd that do masti toghater,homework toghater,bunking of classes,talking in morning prayers etc now its time for summer vcations everyone bid bye to eo amd goes to thier respective home twi come home and say
twi: mooom where are you
le: kia hoa puttar

twi: mom finally our vcations are here now we have to go grandmaa hime
le: yeah
twi: yeah yippeee
le: ok now go to room and change
twi: ok
twi goes to her room and change after few days they goes to twi grandmaas home they stay 15days there and after someday they goes to twi aunts home twi is so much excited like this whole vcation end its day to twi goes to her school she meet chinki and both goes to thier class everybench is full only to seats are left one with uv their common frnd and one with wait wait he is new but cute chinki sit with uv and twi with new boy she say
t: hi i am twi and you
b: kunj
t: nice to meet you i think you are new here
k: hmm.. and get bzy in studies
twi think *kitna khadoos ha*
and she also get bzy in study its breaktime chinki become frndly with kunj but he is not talking to twi on the other side twi wanted to talk to him but no use like this whole year pass its time for their final they gave thier final twi come 2nd and kunj come 1st now both are in 7th class but never talk like this first 6th month of year pass but in these month twinj become frnds they start talking normaly after summer vcation one day kunj come to twi and say

k: twi plz after today never talk to me
t: why kunj
k: actually twi alisha and me are frnds but she feel unsecure when i am with you and she say if i will talk to you she will kill herself
t: ohhh……
k: i do not want to become reason of someone death and i does not effect you bcuz we are only classmate
t: yeah
twi say with difficulty bxuz somewhere she think that kunj and she become good frnds twi wanted to see him olny happy so she decided to maintain distnce but in her heart she did not wanted all this so write a letter to him.

kunj i know you think we are only classmate but i thought we are good frnds you say it does not effect me but it effect i wanted to become your bff i do not wanted to force you its your life and your decision but if i have pleasur to become your bff i am lukiest person on this earth don’t take stress about what i say always stay happy

your siyyapa queen

kunj read the letter and very haply bcuz he also wanted all this next day kunj come school but did not find twi he come to chinki and ask chinki say
ch: twi not come school she has a high fever
k: ohh… ok i will go to her home at eve
at eve kunj go to twi home he greet leela and ask where is twi
le: she is in her room
k: ok aunty
kunj goes to her room knock at door
t: come in but after seeing kunj she become nervous
twi pov’s
siyyapaaa… twi tu sachi main siyyapa queen ha tujha kia zarorat letter likna ki now how will i face him i have to make situation normal
pov end

t: wo wo kunj…
k: han twi wo wo kia..
t: kunj main na wo letter..
k: twi tu na ju letter main likha actaully..
t: actaully kia
k: actually i also wanted that
t: really and in exitement she hug him but left him and say SORRY
k: it’s ok twi now we are bffs and plz take care of yourself
t: ok but kunj alisha
k: ignore her bcuz she is in love with own self so she never try to hurt herself
t: ok but now plz give me hug ??
kunj give her a tight hug twi say
t: now i am feeling better than before
like this both talk anf thier life is giong smooth

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