Friendship – os by ufaq


suma; no yar I m not gonna do this
cutey: BT yar bht maza aae ga believe me
suma: I don’t think so
cutey: because u have no mind to think
suma : acha to ruk today I m not gonna leave u
saying this she starts RUnning behind cutey
aftr sometime she caught her by her hairs which came in her hand
cutey: suma the pagal leave my hairs otherwise I m gonna kill u
suma: sorry bol jaldi
cutey: Ann nae bolon ge
suma: I will not leave ur hairs
cutey: annn its hurting me
listening the word hurting she quickly leaves her hair
cutey: oh thank God u churail
suma: u dayan sorry bol
cutey: OK fine sooorfyyy
suma: gud now tell I have mind
cutey: no
suma; hell she again starts beating her
whereas cutey inspire of beating was laughing
suma: hazar besharam maren hon ge to ekloti peeda hoi ho ge
cutwy: should I take it as a compliment
suma: yes the mahan besharams award goes to cutey
cutey: thank u thank u
both laugh
suma and cutey both r friends from 6th grade they both fight like hell but never stopped talking with each other they love each other many people r surprised to see them fighting then talking with each other in a very next moment shocing na but that’s what called friendship
scene 2
result coming
suma : u r gonna top
cutey: no I have prayed for u my suma is gonna top
suma: no u
cutey; u
suma: no u
cutey; no no no
cutty; yes yea yes ohk???
suma smiles let’s see
the result came out declaring cutey as a topper and suma on the second position due to 3 marks
cutey that’s not fair teacher may b not checked ur papers properly saying this a tear falls from her eyes
suma wipes hér tear
suma: shut up u insane girl its time to celebrate
cutey: no u r wrong I will complain to teacher about her checking
suma: ye hath dekha h???
cutey. ham to
suma: lagon 2 thappar
cutey: smiles nooo
suma: let’s distribute the sweets in the colony
cutey: sweets???
suma. : yup I know u will top that’s y I brought sweets
cutey: annn so sweet of u
sum: thanks chalen
cutey : yup but hug me first
both hug each other
after 7 years now both r 23 suma studying in medical college in Rawalpindi whereas cutey in the Lahore but no change in friendship they talk with each other oon phone for hours sharing every secret even whenever someone see them both together ask: r u sister
sima: yup sisters
cutey: twin sisters
friendship day
cutey : Ann where the hell is my mobile phone I have to wish suma even she had wished me I have to see msgs where the hell it is

the phone rings indicating its presence cutey runs towards it the screen flashes the name suma cutey pi s the call with a wide smile on her face
cutey: hello suma WO
but it wasn’t suma it was someone else
man; actually the owner of this phone had an accident. v have brought her in the hospital she is very injured ams the chances r very low so will I please come to the Rawalpindi hospital
cuetu fells on the floor seems like everything was destroyed she takes the flight on the urgent bases on the next 45 min cutey was in Rawalpindi she rushes to the hospital
cutey: how is my suma???
Dr: u???
cutey: Fri……. sister twin sister
Dr; OK she is in very critical stage I don’t lnw the chances r almost equal to non
cutey: what the hell how could u say that just aabe my suma otherwise I will kill u got that
Dr: calm down v will try our best
cutey. : no no no don’t try it just do it
Dr: OK BTW what is her blood group
cutey: b positive
Dr.: and ur AB +ive
Dr: arrange the blood
cutey :OK but don’t let her go plzz
cutey starts dialing all numbers she was fed up time was passing but blood was not arranged she in anger throws her mobile phone
person passes nearby
person. : what happne beta
cutey: uncle my friend is really ill and I can’t get blood of h3 blood group she was continuously crying
persin. which blood group???
cutey;: b positive
person; I can give blood
cutey: seriously I will help me I will not forget. ur this favour
person; don’t worry
he gives blood and the operation starts
cutey : Allah please save my suma u know na I m heart and she is my heartbeat I m spring she is colours I m life she is soul please I will never ask u something just save her please give me my suma back
cutey was continuously crying
Dr come out: miss?¿
cutey yes how is suma
Dr: cingratulatíns Shr is out of danger Allah saved ur sister otherwise it was difficult u can meet her
cutey was hell ha0y
city: thank u Dr
she goes in the room
suma :aa gae churail
cutey smiles’ chup dayan kese h tu
suma: there se bht achi
cutey u scared me
suma :SB ko darane wali dar gae not bad
cutey : han han
suma: what han han bol g g
cutey goes and kisses her for head
cutey :don’t do like this again u r my life
suma: han han tang mt kia kr to mjhe acha sun
cutey :han
suma: ek acha sa song to suna de
cutey: ahm no guitar
suma: abhi ajae ga

wardboy enters a d hamdovees her guitar
cutey. ye????
suma: hostel se mangwaya h
cutey: OK
she starts singing
pal do pal ki kun h zindagi
is pyar ko hain sadiyan kafi nahen
suma smiles
to khuda se m mang ln mihlat ab ek yehe
Jena h bs ab yahan ab dor tjh se Jana nahin
she takes her hand in her own
Jo to mera hamdard h
Jo to mera hamdard h
suhana har dard h
Jo to mera hamdrad h
suma starts singing
there muskurahaten hain taqat mere
mjh ko inhi se umeed mili
cutey smile and passes flying kiss
chahe kare koi sitam ye jahan in m hi h sada hifazat mere
zindgani bari lhubsorat hoi
jannat ab aur kia ho ge kahin
Jo to mera hamdard h
Jo to mera hamdard h
suhana har dard h
Jo to mera hamdard h
cutey places her head on suma shoulder
cutey: happy frie dship day my life
suma: happy friendship day my love
the end

so guys from my side

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  1. Wooo ufaq
    U made me cry?
    I miss my bestie now….?
    Y are so awesome at expressing…??
    Awesome OS as usual

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ahhhhhh !!!!! Yr what an emotional OS .. just fabbbbbbb .. so touching .. it directly touched my heart .. tooooooooooooo good ..
    Bt frankly speaking I think in my opinion such kind of friends doesn’t exist .. plzzzz don’t took it negative ..
    Btw how r u ?? In which clg u r going to take admission ?? I hope u don’t mind if I ask u ..

    1. Ufaaq

      Well proving u wrong let me tell u its me andbmy friemd suma is my bff only the ages r change the story is real
      So sorry but u r wrong
      Anyway thank u soooo much
      I m fyn and u???
      I have thought to take it in govt college because it is offering me scholarship and u???

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        Ok well sorry .. may b m wrong .. nd going to take admission somewhere in Lahore ..??

  3. Marie

    Hyyyy API…!
    OMG OMG OMG…..!!!
    So emotional n heart touching…..!!
    Mai kya kahoon I have no words api…. Ap itni itni itni……achi ho ke Mai toh apki fan hoo…!! Apke writing skills everything…..
    Hahah mujhe LAGA sumo will gone in d end bt thank god APNE mujhe Rome se bacha lia….
    Well happy friend ship day to u to api…!!
    May Allah always Kees u happy….
    May u always smile….
    N ur future shines lyk stars……!!
    Love u 1,2,3,4,5,6,,7,8,9,10……….infinityyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Take care api….!!
    Frm ur choti sisooooo

  4. ?????
    So emotional…
    Touched my heart.☺☺
    Happy friendship day ufaq☺

  5. Sumo

    emotional n sweet…
    loved it… ???

  6. Nandini aka Nandu

    U surely are a pragmatic writer dear! Just too good. Jt seriously heart. May allah bless you. Lots of love and keep posting.

  7. Wow…..such a sweet and emotional update………..loved it……

  8. Prettypreeti

    Mai mari yava
    Itni aacha
    It made me crazy so emotional heart touching melted my heart
    So sweet
    One of ur best os
    Belated friendship day sweety
    Loved it
    To the core
    Love love just loved it
    Keep posting os and ff

  9. Sry uffi di,main kal let gayi Thi na to late ho gaya bt thanks fr the friendship day special epi.
    pyari pyari behna ko iss gadhi ka bohot Sara pyar-Neeti

  10. Affaa

    Chul bulli at last I got it…Thank god Allahmdullila….If I where missed this os…It may be my big loss…
    Ya Allah what to say Haa hats off to you…you neiled it…its very emotional os…yaar heart touching….How you’re doing this…outstanding amazing…

    Chul bulli you don’t have any idea how much I miss you…your world’s best sister…my cutie my eyes are filled with tears you not going understand my love…
    Really I love you sooooo much….I miss you…take care…
    Asalamu allaikum….

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