Friendship of Four Friends


Hi friends, this is the story of four best friends and they are also known as Four Force. They are from school studying 9th in Chennai public school, Chennai. In this chapter we are going to introduce the characters of this series.

SWETHA: A good girl, who doesn’t like fight, and she was likes by everyone. She loves her friends so much . She will do whatever for their good . When others ask her help, she will not hesitate to do that but it sometimes go wrong for her. She is a good studying student.

RACHNA: she is so taller, she is lean. She is a good girl but sometimes a short temper. She has a habit of crying when others cry. She likes her friends so much. They four are very close. She is good badminton player.

ROSHNI: She is not so good girl but medium, she says lies correctly that we can’t find is it a lie or truth. She plans it and say. She’s a good basketball player. She too likes her friends so much. She is popular in the school bcoz of basketball. She entertain her friends.

SNEGHA: she is topper in the class. A very good girl, she doesn’t know what a girl needs to know in the age, she had been a good girl but when she joined with the three girls she started every doings what they done. She is sometimes selfish.

These are the four girls , and this story revolves around them. I think u may liked it .Please give us your comments and suggestions and feedback.


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  1. Story belong to 3friends

  2. Nice…

  3. Nice. Not bad, seems interesting.

  4. Nice intro..Actually I like ? it..Because it looks like about my Gang ( Me and My 3 besties )..eagerly waiting for next part..update soon..Take care ?

  5. Superb dear !! Looks interesting !!

    Eagerly waiting 4 beginning !!

  6. Good intro. Keep it up buddyyy

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