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Let’s see Uv ki gadi patri pe ayi ya nahi ?

Let’s Start with a Smile ?

Uv was completely numb ; He didn’t knew how to react , in his obsession he had crossed all limit’s that didn’t even once thought what will happen when Anita will come to know about this ?


A:(Looking at him with Anger and spoke with Venom) Don’t call me Maa ? This person standing infront of me can’t be my son ? He is just an obsessed person who destroyed two lives and separated two lover’s ?

Have U once thought what pain they might had suffer ? Have U once thought about Kunj ? He considers U as his Brother ? Just for U he was ready to sacrifice his Love ?

He left U both alone and bared pain since last 4 year’s cause he thought U both love eachother ? But the truth was that it was a mis understanding created by U ?

How could U stoop so low Uv ? I didn’t expected this from U ?

Saying this Anita left to her room before Uv can Say anything ; Uv followed her but she closed the door and bursted into tear’s ?

She can’t imagine her son doing this all ? she was hurted badly ?

Uv knocked the door , He himself was teary eyed when realisation dawned upon him ? He again knocked but just got a harsh reply..

A:(With Anger) Just go from here ? I don’t want to talk to person like U ?

Uv sat on his knees and rested against Anita’s Room door lost in his deep thought’s..


After dinner guest’s left for their respective destinations whilst Usha ; Aarav , Aaliya , Aananya and Aman (their baby boy) retired to their room’s..

Leela left for Taneja Mansion as tomorrow would be Twinkle’s Pagphera Rasam so she need’s to prepare for it..


Twinkle was standing in balcony lost in her own thought’s when she felt two manly arm’s snaking around her waist..

She smiled knewing who it was and snuggled herself more in those manly arm’s ; embracing herself in that warm embrace..

V:Kya soch rahi hai Siyappa Queen?


(Yes the person was Kunj only ? Who else can dare to touch his Siyappa Queen ?)

T:(Turning around and wrapping her arm’s around his neck) I was thinking that what if that day I hadn’t been to store room !

(Playfully hitting his Forehead) I would have never come to know that this buddhu loves me..

(Haww ? Yeh Kya ??? Chalo Raaz khol hi deti hun ??)

K:(rubbing his Forehead) Aaoww.. (pulling her closer by her waist) Acha Ji! Siyappa Queen toh tu haina ? Aise kon propose karne ki practice karta hai ? Maloom hai I was feeling like to die that moment itself..

T:(Angrily) Kunj ? marne warne ki baatien mat karo ?

K:(Naugtily) Haan Wese Right ! Teri yeh Aankhien kafi haina marne ke liye ??

Twinkle blushed hard at his comment ??? and hugged him tightly blushing ❤

Kunj hugged her back smiling ; They remembered the day they came to know the truth ! Still hugging eachother ❤

That day wasn’t less than a shock for them ? They never imagined something like this could have happened ? But it also turned out to be their best day ?


(It’s from Shot : 3b ; When Leela and Usha went to their Fashion House and TWINJ were at SARNA MANSION and both got locked in Store Room ; If U don’t remember! I have given link below! Read there)

Link :

(Hope Link work’s ?)

As light’s came back ; Kunj took the file and left before twinkle ; Twinkle was finding where could have Usha kept rice container ?

She was finding behind the shelf when a beautiful diary fell with lot’s of picture ; She picked it up and jerked it a little to remove dust..

It was a beautiful handmade diary ? It’s beauty portrayed the emotions ? on the top of it was written ❤ MY LOVE ❤

It was the same dairy that Kunj never let anyone touch ; Not even her , She alway’s used to ask him about this dairy but he alway’s used to say..

(K: Twinki ! Jab time ayega ! Mein tujhe khud dedunga ☺

T:par Kunj!!!!!

K:(keeping his finger on her Lip’s) Shhh! Bola na Abhi nahi..

Their eye’s met in a passionate eyelock ; His single touch sent shiver’s down her spine ❤)

A beautiful smile appeared on her Lip’s remembering those moment’s ?

Twinkle looked around her and found a chair in the corner of store room ; she pulled it in centre and cleaned it a bit and sat on the chair..

She opened the dairy and was shocked seeing the very first page ? it had a beautiful collection of her pictures along with short inscriptions below ❤

In middle of the page was written ❤ I LOVE U TWINKLE ❤ He loved her ? but why didn’t he confessed ?

she turned the pages and was met with her beautiful pictures that were unknown to her ; she didn’t knew that they ever existed ??

She started reading that dairy ; all the time she was smiling seeing her picture’s ? when a page caught her attention !

It was a writing from same day when he left her ? She was broken ; that day she was going to confess her love for him ? but all turned upside down)


Today should be the happiest day of my Life as I was going to confess my Love for twinkle !

But it turned all upside down when I saw Twinkle proposing Uv ? she don’t love me ? she loves Uv ?

I I.. (due to tear drops that fell on paper ink scattered) can’t bear twinkle with anyone but I also don’t wanna be the reason of their Seperation ? Yes I will go far away from here! I will leave for London ?

I know if twinkle or uv comes to know about my feeling’s they will sacrifice there love and I will never let that happen ??

I will alway’s Love U TWINKLE ? but I won’t come between u and Uv ?


Twinkle has tears in her eye’s but more than that she was angry ?

T:Huh ? Buddhu Sarna ? Aise hi kuch bhi soch liya ??‍ buddhu kahika ??‍ I won’t leave this Sadu Sarna!

Twinkle stormed out of store room to meet Kunj but before that asked a servant to cook rice as Usha and Leela will be home in hour..


Kunj was standing beside table in a Corner drinking water ; when door of his room opened with a thud and their came his Siyappa Queen..

By looking at her he can easily make out she was angry and that to on him for some unknown reason to him ?

He kept the glass on table and was about to ask her when twinkle came near him and pushed him a bit in Anger that he stumbled back a bit but gained his balance again..


T:(Again pushing him and showing him his dairy shocking him ?) What’s this Mr Sarna ??

K:(Shocked) T..Twi..Twinkle..

T:(Again pushing him , this time his back hit the wall) will U speak or i’nt ?

K:(Same Anger and turning her such that now twinkle was stuck between wall and him ; whilst holding her by her Shoulder’s) Will U stop pushing me first and how dare U touch my thing’s (taking dairy from her)

T:(spatting back) How dare me ? How dare U to hide this big thing ?

K:(Teary Eyed) Twinkle.. I am sorry ? I know U love Uv that’s why I left for London and don’t worry I will go back to London and come between U two ? It’s just matter of Two or Three day’s and then I will leave ! I know U don’t love me and Uv..

Kunj was continuously blabbering not letting twinkle speak which was irritating her ?


K: No twinkle I am sorry! U should not have come to know about this all..

Not able to bear his rubbish more she slapped him hard shocking him and her both ?

(Her dafa kiss nahi hota Re Chup karane ke liye ?? but I am Late toh compensation toh banta hai ??)

Twinkle widen her eye’s and kept her hand’s on her mouth thinking what she did ; Kunj was shocked to ?

But before Kunj could react she placed a Loving kiss on his cheek at which she slapped giving him another shock ?? and mumbled sorry ?

T:(with puppy eye’s) SORRY…’s Ok ! I know U are angry with me ? I took our friendship way more a head ? I know i should not have let these feeling’s come in my heart ? I am sorry..

T:(Angrily) Will U let me speak ??

K:Plz twink….

Before he could continue ahead with his bakbak ? he saw twinkle moving toward’s his drawer and finding something confusing him ?

K:(moving toward’s her) Twinkle Kya dhoond rahi hai ?

T:(Angrily) Be quite!

K:(spatting back) But U can’t see my drawer like this..

T:(Angry) Kyun iss mein Apni GirlFriend’s ki tasweeren chupa kar Rakhi hain ? ?

K:What ?

T:(with jealousy)Ya phir Apni Angel ki ? (Still finding something)

K:Haww ?? Are U jealous of my Angel?

But before he can ask any thing more twinkle found a tape and took that out and cut a piece of it of almost 2 inches.


Twinkle taped his mouth shocking him ? and said angrily ?

T:(Angrily) Now be quite and let me speak ?

Kunj nodded like a CUTE kid ? whilst twinkle smiled a bit seeing his antics but soon recovered that smile cause she was angry ?

T:So Mr Sarna ? U love Me ?

Yes or No

Kunj nodded his head in YES and looked here and there not meeting her gaze which angered the cute angry bird more ?

T:(Holding his Collar and pulling him closer to her) Then why U didn’t confessed ? And why the hell u left for London ?

Twinkle was waiting for a answer but no reply irked her and she was about to shout on him more when Kunj kept his hand in her mouth and gestured through his eye’s toward’s his taped mouth.

Twinkle smiled sheepishly ? and slowly yet carefully opened the tape to make sure not to hurt him as he had growned a beard ?

K:Ahh (rubbing his Cheek’s) Be slow twinkle! It pains ?

T:(with slight anger) Haan toh kisne bola not to shave ! (Mimicking) Be slow twinkle ! It pains ?


T:I asked U something ? ?

K:(Avoiding her Gaze) I.. I… I… What’s the need U love Yuv…..

Before he could continue ahead this time a soft pair of Lip’s smashed against his taking him into a Shock ?

He was shocked and numb to react ?He wasn’t in a state to respond ? Her passion was invading his senses but his mind was denying to respond ?

Twinkle was irritated with his irresponsiveness ? she bit his lower lip hard making it bleed ; Kunj gasped at sudden shock ?

Taking it as an advantage twinkle pushed her tongue in his mouth and finally making Kunj respond.

Kunj pulled twinkle closer by her waist and started responding deepening the kiss giving up to his heart ❤

Their kiss was slow yet passionate pouring all their Love ; affection ; care and pain they beared since last four year’s ?

Twinkle’s hand was busy ruffling his hair’s whilst Kunj’s hand’s were caressing her waist ?

They broke the kiss after good ten minutes breathing heavily , gasping for air.

They both were sharing an intense eyelock conveying their pain , love and longing for eachother ; their Lip’s were an inch apart when twinkle’s confession have him a mild heart attack ??


Kunj was shock would be an understatement ? He opened his mouth to re-confirm when his Lip’s were once again sealed in a passionate ?

They kissed eachother passionately ; this time passionate yet wild , completely melting into eachother ❤

After breaking the kiss ; twinkle rested her Forehead against his ; their eye’s closed , breathing heavily..


K:B..but that p..proposal??

T:(Angry Mode) I was taking Uv’s help practicing to propose you and you thought ?? Huh ?? U could have asked us once but no U just imagined urself everything ?? (poking her finger on his chest and looking at him with a cute angry face ?)

K:(With Confusion) B..but Uv himself messaged me and asked me to come there !

T:(Shocked)What ? But we didn’t decided to ask U to come there ! It was just a practice ?

I thought I will confess my Love on ur b’day as it was just two day’s before you had to leave but U left a week before ??

K:B..but U are going to get married to Yuvraaj?

T:Cause Maa was happy when Yuvraaj proposed me ? and I accepted for her happiness ?

K:(Confused) No…Twinkle… Maa told me Leela Aunty agreed to get you both married cause u both love eachother ?

T:What are you saying Kunj ? I LOVE U and not Uv ! I agreed for Maa’s Happiness..

Now thing’s were getting cleared to them ; there was something misunderstood or intentionally done..

K & T:(Together) We need to confront Yuvraaj !

T:But he won’t be here till next month ? Now what will we do ? Wait! Kunj I remember ?

K:What ?

T:Uv also use to write dairy same as you ? So we will sneak into his Room and search ? What say (jumping like a Baby) It would be so much fun sneaking like a detective ?

K:What ? No ! We won’t be doing any stunt ? U will get hurt ??

T:Kunj I am not a Kid to get hurt ?

K:(Teasing)U are a Kid twinkle ?

T:I am not ?

K:Twinkle is a kiddo ?

T:Kunnnnjjjjj ??

K:(Same tone) Twinnklllleeeee ! Oops ? Kiddo ?

Twinkle angrily stomped his Foot making him wince in pain and said…

T: I am going alone ? U be here ?

K:Aaoowww… What ??

Twinkle…Twinkle Stop…

But but but twinkle already left ??

Kunj followed the angry bird trying to stop her but without paying head to him she left ?

They reached LUTHRA MANSION , luckily there was no watchman or bodyguard outside the main door that time and they went inside..

Twinkle went near Uv’s room , they had to climb through pipe to reach his room..

Twinkle was wearing a jeans and crop top so it wasn’t difficult for her to climb ; she was about to climb when was pulled by a force and crashed into something hard ?

(Who else it can be obviously Kunj ?)

Twinkle’s petite frame crashed against Kunj taking her by Suprise ; He pulled her closer and said in her ear making her shiver due to proximity ?

K:(Huskily) We aren’t going to pull any stunt ! When Uv will be back ! We will confront him ?

T:(Angrily) Great Mr Sarna (pushing him a bit) U want me to wait for a Month to know the truth and clear Misunderstanding ?

Do u know or u forgot or don’t want to remember uptil when Uv will be back mine and his wedding function will start ?

(Twinkle getting married to Yuvraaj brought tear’s in Kunj’s eye’s and broke his heart into million pieces)

Do you think that moment we could do something and hurt Maa and Anita Maa ?

If we will go now and talk ! I am sure they will understand and no one would be happier than them but U ?

(Provoking kunj) Ok! Now I got it ?U don’t love me anymore and want me to get married to Yuvraaj!

Then ok I will get married to him ?(Acting to go from there only to be pulled back harshly by Kunj)

Kunj pinned her to the wall and looked at her with blood shot eye’s and spoke with anger and venom pulling her dangerously close ?

K: Dare U question my Love for U ? I LOVE U more than my life ? And U are mine ? Only mine ?

Kunj crashed his rough Lip’s against her soft Lip’s and kissed her showing his pain , anger , hurt but more than that his LOVE for her ?

Twinkle tried to respond back but he dominated her showing his anger ? twinkle giving up and just caressed his hair to calm him down and let him kiss the way he want..

He bit her lower lip making it bleed ; twinkle moaned with a subtle hint of pain ; Kunj deepened the kiss , after what seemed an eternity they broke the kiss gasping for air..

K:(resting his Forehead against her) I LOVE U TWINKLE & U ARE ONLY MINE !


They precausiously climbed the pipe not to hurt themselves and came into Yuvraj’s Room..

They looked around and was shocked to found Twinkle’s pics all around the Room ! Only her pics ?

(It was true that twinkle comes to LUTHRA MANSION but rarely and moreover after their engagement 6 Month’s back she never had a co-incidence to come here)

They moved ahead and started searching his drawer for Yuvraaj’s dairy ; when twinkle’s gaze fell on a black dairy under yuvi’s pillow..

She picked it up and called Kunj; They sat on bed beside eachother and started reading ; They were shocked with the revelation of Uv’s Evil plan ?

They never imagined that their friend ; their bestie could do this to them ? They were hurt but what made them worried more was how will the trio Mom react to his evil plotting??

What will be Anita’s condition that moment ?

T:We need to tell this all to Maa , Usha Maa and Anita Maa before they come to know from anyone else..

K:Yeah twinkle ! But before that we need to confront Uv ?

T:Hmm ! But we have to wait for a Month ? I guess Kunj it’s better to reveal this truth to trio Moms and then confront Uv ! Cause I don’t want to wait for Uv and then end up getting married to Uv ?

Kunj Smiled at her eagerness to tell truth to their mother’s as not wanting to get married to Yuvraaj ?

K:Ok ! Let’s go we will tel right now and will confront Uv when he will come ?

TWINJ went to SARNA MANSION where trio Moms were present and was about to say something when Anita asked them to go and collect some document’s from out of city..

(That whole incident in which TWINJ MARRIAGE took place and their plotting)

since then they didn’t got chance to reveal truth to Leela , Usha and Anita as according to TWINJ they were unaware of Yuvraaj’s evil plotting and for TWINJ that chaudary ji incident and their marriage was just a mere incident ; They didn’t knew it was all planned by their mother’s..


K: We thought to reveal them truth and this all happened ! But twinkle we should tell all the truth to Maa as soon as possible before it comes out from anywhere else ?

They will be immensely hurt ? I never thought Uv could do something sought of this ? He broke our trust !

T:I know Kunj but we have to be careful ! Uv don’t loves me ! He is just having an obssession cause of he had truly loved me na ! After knowing that we both love eachother he would not have done this to us ?

K:Hmmm twinkle !

(Romance Chahiye ? Comment’s bhi Chahiye ?? White Mailing ?)


TWINJ stood hugging eachother tightly savouring and enjoying the moment in eachother’s embrace..

There was complete silence ; Weather was beautiful and romantic ; it started drizzling with cold breeze enhancing the beauty of environment..

Slight noises of Water droplets hitting ground and insects singing sounds along it were a perfect addition to beauty??

TWINJ were getting slightly wet due to light drizzle ? they broke the hug and were looking at eachother intensely , desire to be eachother’s visible in their eye’s ?

They leaned forward ; Twinkle’s hand resting on Kunj’s Chest whilst his was on her waist pulling her closer ; his hand’s on her bare waist send shiver down her spine ; An inch across and their Lip’s met in a passionate kiss..

They kissed eachother passionately conveying their longing and love for eachother , completely lost in the passion of their Love ?

They were broke the kiss gasping for air ; Kunj kissed Twinkle’s Forehead lovingly making her close her eye’s and a blush crept upon her pink cheek’s ❤

He then placed soft kisses on her each eye’s ; then moved to her cheek’s placing sensual kisses on them ; his gaze again fell on her Lip’s , no difference in Twinkle’s gaze..

There Lip’s once again met in a passionate kiss ; They kissed eachother for long 10 minutes and broke gasping for air..

Kunj bent a bit and kissed her bare shoulder and neck ; kissing and licking there making her moan ; He bit her making her moan in pain n pleasure and then sucked that point to sooth the pain..

Kunj looked up at her and then next moment she was in Kunj’s arm’s ; kunj carried twinkle in his arm’s whilst twinkle wrapped her hand’s around his neck and was teasing him continuously nuzzling her nose in his neck and kissing there ?

Kunj went inside their room and layed her on bed and came upon her ; He trailed kisses down her jawline and neck kissing , licking and sucking making her moan in pleasure placing perfect love bites on her shoulder blade and collar bone..

Twinkle’s hand started unbuttoning his shirt whilst Kunj moved the pics of cloth from her other shoulder as she was wearing a off shoulder blouse..

(Remember Twinkle’s Dress ?

If not here is the Link ?

Hope Link work’s)

Twinkle removed Kunj’s shirt and pushed him coming on top of him and kissed his Forehead ; placing soft kisses on his eye’s kissed his Cheek’s and placed her Lip’s upon his..

Breaking their short liplock ; her kisses trailed down his jawline followed by his neck ; she bit him hard there making him groan her name this time..

She continued her torture by placing feathery kisses on his chest and abs , sometimes giving him love bites ; his hand’s reached her back ; pushing her hair from her back his hand’s reached her zip and pulled it down making twinkle’s breath hitched..

Kunj turned their position ; twinkle trapped between him and bed ; He removed her blouse ; his hand’s then travelled to her lehenga’s dori ; all the time his eye’s locked with her’s..

Twinkle giggled as he traced her belly with his finger’s making circles around her belly button..

Kunj pulled the dori of her lehenga and removed it leaving his beauty in her inners ; kunj whispered in her ear’s huskily making her blush hard ?

K:(Huskily) U have a perfect body baby..

Twinkle hugged him out of shyness and nervousness ? Kunj reciprocated her hug and caressed her bare back to calm her down..

Kunj broke the hug and again made twinkle lye on bed ; placing a assuring kiss on her Forehead lovingly..

He again kissed her n then breaking the kiss moved down kissing her neck sucking and licking there giving her pleasure ; then he kissed at bit her cleavage ; placing love bites there..

He then moved further n placed kisses on her belly n sucks there giving ultimate pleasure to her making her moan and pant relentlessly due to pleasure… He kissed each n every part of her body marking her as his..

After sometime he came back Upto her Lip’s n again kissed her passionately whilst caressing her bare body , twinkle doing same to him…

Kunj broke the kiss ; both panting and breathing heavily and rested there forehead against eachother…

There eye’s closed a blissful smile adorning there faces ? Both opened there eye’s at same time sharing an eye lock; there eye’s conveying their need to be eachother’s ; there love & lust toward’s eachother visible; Lust of Love ; Lust to be eachother’s and to be claimed by eachother..

Twinkle placed a Kiss on the tipof his nose giving him positive response to go ahead and marking her as his…

Kunj intertwined their hand’s and pinned them on bed whilst looking into twinkle’s eye’s entered her making her moan in pain and pleasure ; tears escaped confines of her eye’s as pain got stronger but to distract her from pain kunj kissed her once again this time taking her in a loving and slow kiss whilst rubbing her waist to sooth her pain while doing so with other hand he wiped away the love tear with back of his hand that left her eye’s..

Twinkle smiled seeing in between the kiss by his concern ; the way he was caressing her waist and back to sooth her pain pausing all movement and kissing her to distract from the pain made her fall for him deeper..

Twinkle’s pain soon converted into pleasure and being loved by her Kunj gave her heavenly feeling..

Two bodies ; Two soul’s converted into for forever and eternity; marking themselves as eachother was the Best thing ever happened to them..

Taking their love to another level was bliss to them ; moon’s and stars witnessing union of two souls screen got blurred..

(Bas Ab thori si privacy dedo unhein ??Hope it wasn’t vulgar)


Hope this was worth reading ?

I write more than this but this Shot EXCEEDED 30,000 CHARACTER’S and at rough mathematical calculation it’s over 6000+ word’s and TU capacity isn’t so big ! So I divided shot : 8 into two part’s ??

Sorry I write complete but what can I do when the whole shot can not be posted ?

Now I will post next shot soon if I get 25+ Comment’s else episode bhool jao ?? (White Mailing ??)

Sorry for disappearing for a long time suddenly ? I had to due to some reason !

Actually no one in my house knows that I write stories on TWINJ except my mom (I never hide anything from her and even she supported me ?) but obviously no one knows that I have many of my TU sissi’s in contact with me through WatsApp and Instagram! And my cousin ? got a doubt so I had to suddenly disappeared!

Well know I am no more using my old Instagram account ! I had made another Instagram I’D to solve this problem for once and forever ?

My New Instagram I’D ? @twinkling_fireflies

Now we will talk here only and I am also not available on WatsApp for few day’s ?

Hope U people will understand ☺

I will be updating other stories soon so be patient and wait for their turn as I will be posting according to my convinience ?

Do Comment wether +’ve or -‘ve and don’t forget to press like button ?

PREACAP:Kunj & Uv were standing infront of eachother with red blood shot eye’s whilst Uv was holding gun pointing at Kunj..

K:Why U did this Haan? U very well knew how much I loved twinkle ? Even she told U that she loves me but u tricked us both?

How could U do this to Us??

Uv (like Maniac) Haan ! Haan ! Haan! I did this cause I love twinkle ! She is just mine ?

K:U don’t love her but just obsessed with her and she don’t loves U back..

Uv:No…. She loves me ?

I will Kill U! Then Only me & twinkle..

By that moment twinkle was also there and was shocked listening to all of this and was about to stop them when heard a gun shot and was completely shattered ?




OT light’s went off and doctor came out with his head hung down..

T:Doctor ! How is Kunj?

(She was sobbing her Saree drenched in blood)

D:I am Sorry..


A lady was standing infront of a picture with teary eye’s in a dark room just the light breaking out through window enlighting it..

Woman was revealed to be twinkle and the picture at which she was looking was of Kunj and said..

T:I hate U Kunj!

I hate U…

Someone kept hand on her shoulder!
She turned back and person was revealed to be Uv!

Uv:Twinkle! It’s not good for Ur health! Plz don’t cry

LOVE U All❤❤❤
Take Care??
Keep Smiling ☺☺
Supporting ??
Load’s of Love ???
Bye Everyone!
See U Soon ☺☺
Urs Aanu ??

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    That was so awesome…. Totally out of this world!
    The precap is frightening though…. Fingers crossed!
    Will be waiting eagerly…

  19. Ramya

    Awesome aanu amazing superb
    And romance was hot by the way
    And Precap it’s completely shocking
    I didn’t get anything
    Yet waiting
    I know you gonna nail it
    Love you keep smiling

  20. Vags


  21. precap is dangerous

  22. Shalini15

    Hayeeeee meri lover?? kya episode diya hai too romantic nd sizzling episode. Their fun, their proposal nd kisses ?? nd romance everything was mind blowing. Loved it so much. But hate you for precap ???? mere kunj ko maar diya ya phir again koi misunderstanding create kar diya na?? You are very bad. Ab jaldi se post next part.
    Love you ? ?

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