Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here ?

How R U people?

So Let’s Start with a Smile ?

Twinkle ; LeeUshAni along with Aliya was selecting clothes for reception whilst Aarav was having hard time handling baby ?

While Aananya and Kunj were busy talking , Laughing , giggling and planning their naughty prank’s ??

Aarav made a crying face and whinned gaining everyone’s attention and what they saw made them laugh out loud and giggled..

Baby’s diaper leaked and his shirt got wet due to it..

Kunj was giggling too when Aarav said making TWINJ widen their eye’s whilst LeeUshAni along Aliya giggled seeing their reaction..

Aa:Haan ! Haan hasle beta Kunj.. Jab teray bacche honge na tab puchunga !

Twinkle was all red due to blushing whilst Kunj was embarrassed ??

To change the topic Kunj said..

K: I guess reception aaj hi haina ? Aur Aap ladies ko 6 ghate Chahiye tyaar hone ko ?? Aur agar Aisa chalta raha toh ho chuka aaj reception..

This time Aarav and Kunj giggled whilst the baby who was in his father’s arm was looking at him with his doe eye’s and seeing him giggling baby to smiled and clapped his tiny hand’s in air making everyone smile but all the ladies were burning in anger cause of Kunj..

A:(Pulling Kunj’s Ear)Kya bola Kunj Puttar ? zara doobara bol..

K:Aoww Maa.. Mera kaan hati jaisa lamba hojayega..
(Leave Maa… My ear will be like Elephant than)

Aa:Nahi Chachu.. U said very wrong..we girl’s don’t take long time..

Kunj’s Mouth was wide Open cause for the first time his Angel wasn’t supporting him ?? whilst Anita left his ear..

K:Hawww Angel (Fakely Shocked) Party Change (Now fake crying) Mummy ?? Now I have to change my party too (wiping fake tear’s)

Aarav and Aliya was Suprised seeing Kunj’s this side of being so care free cause what they saw in last 4 year’s was a heartless person who never smiled nor been so care free ??

They were happy to see him like this and his drama was just hilarious ??

Aa:Haww Chachu! Now u are crying like a baby tch.. tch ??

K:Acha ji..

Saying this he started ticking her making her laugh whole heartedly..

After spending some family time everyone left to get ready for Reception whilst Aarav helped UshLeeAni for arrangements..

Aliya was getting the baby ready and Aananya facing their tantrums ??

TWINJ were getting ready in different room’s ; Kunj in guest room and twinkle in their own room..


Twinkle was getting ready ; Her make-up was already done by the beautician called by Usha..

She was wearing:

Her make-up was perfect according to the dress ; Her eye’s had black shimmery shade whilst pink blush adorning her cheek’s ; Her Lip’s coloured in blood red lipstick..

Her hair tied in a beautiful bun :

She wore matching diamond studded necklace and Earring’s..


Her wrists adorned with Chuda and natural blush covering her cheek’s turning them into red like tomato was a perfect addition to her beauty ❤❤


Kunj was also ready in black tuxedo with red shirt looking Hot & Handsome ?? He was wearing a platinum watch in his left hand and was completely ready..

When Usha and Anita came in his room and blessed him..

K:Maa Aap log yahaan..

A:kinna sona lag raha hai Puttar ? kissi ki nazar na lage tujhe..

U: Haan bilkul Anita.. Hamesha khush reh Puttar..

A:Acha Kunj Puttar tu aur twinkle na 15 minutes tak niche aja jana saath..

K:Ok Maa..

Anita and Usha left the Room and went toward’s twinkle room to check her ; They blessed twinkle too and said her same..


(Hope U people liked these places ?)

Guest’s were present there ; including media and all there Buisness Colleagues..

Light’s were dim and shimmery ; Soft music was being played ; everyone was waiting for what suddenly this big function was called..

Media and Guest’s weren’t still aware of the Reason but by decorations and environment they were able to make out that it was regarding someone’s wedding or engagement..

They knew TWIRAJ were soon to be married but why so suddenly ? ?

(Inko bhi toh shock milega ??)


Finally it was almost half past seven Yuvraj was taken out by some men somewhere but he was blind folded all the time and struggling to get out of their grip

(? Iske saath toh isse bhi bura hone wala hai ??)

The thing which make Uv confused was that those man forcefully asked him to get dressed in Tuxedo..

(Shock se pehle thora Getup ??)

_UV’s POV_

(Thora iss bechare ko bhi bol lene dete hain ?? Wese bhi kitne episode se iska munh band karke rakha tha ??)

Huh ? Mera saara plan kharaab hogaya ? If they won’t have kidnapped me then I would have married my twinkle and killed that Kunj ? But who turned my plan on to me ? Oh Babaji kahin Twinkle aur Kunj ki shaadi toh ; Nahi nahi Uv Acha soch (?) Aisa kuch nahi hua hoga ?

(Hehe ?? Uv babu bilkul sahi soche Aap ?? Chalo Apko yaqeen bhi karwa dete hain Thori der mein ??)

Twinkle sirf meri hai ? Don’t worry ! What if my this planned failed then I will plan another ??

(Iski toh ??)

Twinkle is just mine ? who ever will come between us would have to die ?

But before that I won’t leave these people ? Who have dared to kidnapped Yuvraaj Luthra ?? I won’t leave that person ?? And why they have kidnapped me and where they are taking me ??




Kunj came into room without knocking as it was time to go down ; everyone was waiting for them ; He was talking on Mobile when sight infront of him made him froze at his place..

There his wife was standing infront of Mirror looking at herself ; He was mesmirized by her beauty ; She was looking devine in that lehenga ?

Twinkle felt a burning gaze on herself and looked toward’s the door to find Kunj standing there all lost in her ; He himself was looking HOT ??

He was standing there without blinking his eye’s ; His Mouth wide Open ? ; Twinkle giggled and moved toward’s him and waved her hand infront of him making him come back to his Senses..

T:Close Ur mouth Mr Sarna ? Warna makhi chali jayegi ?

Kunj pulled her closer by her waist ; her hand’s resting on his Chest whilst both were sharing an intense eyelock ? Kunj spoke in near her ear huskily making her blush more ???

K:Why not Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna ? My wife is looking so Hot and it’s My right to stare her…Only My Right (posessively)

Twinkle blushed turning into a red tomato and slightly pushed Kunj and whilst composing herself said :

T:Ur Habbit of speaking cheesy lines didn’t gone na ?

K:(Back Hugging Twinkle) Uff Kya karun ! Jab tu itni hot ; Sweet and Cute hogi toh mein Kya kar sakta hun (placing kisses on her bare shoulder as it was a off-shoulder blouse)

T:(Moaned) Kunnnj..

Twinkle turned around and kept her hand’s on his Chest and spoke worriedly..

T:Kunj! What if they will come to know about truth from somewhere else ! They will be immensely Hurt ? (tensely)

K:(Cupping her face with one hand whilst pulling her closer with other hand) Nothing will happen twinkle! We ourselves will tell them the truth!

Twinkle nodded her head in YES but was still tensed ; Kunj looked at her and then placed a Loving kiss on on her Forehead to make her assure that everything would be alright ?

Twinkle smiled a bit ; Kunj held her hand and intertwined there fingures and moved downstairs..


Some men drove Uv to Sarna Mansion ; took him out of Car ; opened his Hand’s but still didn’t left him ; two men were holding him from shoulders..

A woman came out ; She was revealed to be Anita ; Her eye’s were teary but also filled with anger ; pain and guilt seeing Uv..

She gave a man (Gang Leader) bundle of Notes and asked them to leave not before appreciating them..

A:Good Job!

Uv:(whisper) Mom.. No no why would she be hear.. U are mistaken..

They took the money ; Anita hurriedly left inside the mansion before anyone comes to know or Uv see her..

After Anita left men left Uv with blindfold only ; sat in Car and moved ahead..

Uv opened the blindfold and closed his eye’s for a minute cause of heavy lighting as whole MANSION was decorated like a bride ?

Uv was shocked seeing the decorations and the hustle and bustle around and outside the house and the security inside the House ; as if some function was going inside..


Light’s went off ; light was focused on stair case ; Sun Saathiya was playing in background ; there TWINJ were standing on Stair Case hand in hand shocking every single person standing there except Aliya ; Aarav ; Annanya ; LeeUshAni..

They were smiling seeing the Couple ; They were looking heavenly ; A perfect match made in Heaven ??

What shocked everyone was Twinkle was wearing all the wedding accessories indicating her to be married and was with Kunj instead of Uv ?? (??)

Media was clicking there pics and were gossiping whilst guest’s situation was no less ; They were also shocked ?

TWINJ descended downstairs hand in hand smiling ? They came down and took blessing’s from LeeUshAni and hugged Aliya and Aarav ?

No sooner there attention was grabbed by Aarav who made there confusion clear and make wonder why this sudden Change..

Aa: So ladies and gentlemen here I introduce U to the Youngest Buisness Tycoon of India and London Mr Kunj Sarna and his pretty wife Twinkle Kunj Sarna ?

The person who was shocked and Angry was Yuvraaj Luthra who was standing on door with blood shot red eye’s and was filled with anger as if it could burst any moment..

Before he could walk toward’s TWINJ ; Anita came infront of him ; held his hand and took him toward’s Luthra Mansion..

It was seen by TWINJ ; Usha and Leela ; Leela and Usha knew what was coming next whilst TWINJ looked at eachother tensely ans was confused why Anita took him from there..

Aarav who had noticed everything diverted there attention ; He don’t know the Whole truth but what he had observed by he knew that at this point many thing’s can messed up in worst way’s so he diverted everyone..

Media was busy with all the useless question’s they can ask about TWINJ MARRIAGE ; Why? Where? And all..

Guest’s congratulated them ; Young girl’s were burning in jealousy thinking they lost the chance to get KUNJ SARNA as he was married know ??


Uv was already in anger due to what he saw and listen & then Anita took him here ; He wanted to strangle Kunj’s neck right this instant..

(Issi ka gala daba dungi ??)

Uv jerked Anita’s Hand and shouted..

Uv: What the hell is this Mom ? Why twinkle and Kunj are married ?

A:(Angrily slapped Uv shocking him) This is what that should have happened year’s ago ? But just due to my this son (teary eyed) Those two lover’s were separated..

Uv was shocked ? She came to know about his truth ?

A:(Holding his Collar) Why U did this Uv ? Today just cause of U I am not able to meet Usha and Leela’s Eye’s! U knew Kunj loved twinkle! U knew twinkle was just practicing to propose Kunj but still U created Misunderstanding ?

And then U fooled all of us ; U fooled as making us feel as U and Twinkle love eachother ; filled twinkle by making her believe it’s all Leela’s happiness ?

Though twinkle alway’s loved Kunj not U! Leela’s happiness was to get TWINJ married not U and Twinkle!

I feel ashamed Uv that I have birth to U ? I didn’t thought that U will do something sought of this ? How can U Uv?

Anita was crying badly by know ; She was about to fall down when Uv caught her..

Uv was numb to react ; He didn’t knew his action will hurt his Mom this Way..


What TWINJ know ?
What they were talking about ?

Here I End this Shot ?

Hope it was worth reading ?

I know I am Late ?I am sorry last week was hectic one ; I was busy within College Stuff then Project; then Tournament Practices and then my Upcoming Xm’s and Practicals ; literally my schedule was like I sleep at 3 at dawn and wake up at 6 in morning and then whole day busy with One or Other stuff ! Last week I was literally coming from college at 4 in evening.. There was no schedule for me ! Literally I was over burdened and today also I had to go on for Match Practice and wrote this episode when I was free! that’s the reason I wasn’t able to post ?? Sorry for making U people wait ?? I will try to post soon ?


LOVE U All❤❤❤
Take Care??
Keep Smiling ☺☺
Supporting ??
Load’s of Love ???
Bye Everyone!
See U Soon ☺☺
Urs Aanu ??

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