Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here?
How R U People?
I know I am Late So No BakBak??

But Haan this Episode is dedicated to My Shalu di?? Cause I know she must be Hurt and Sad after learning from my last post that I was hospitalised??Sorry didu? I wanted to tell U but also didn’t want to make U Worried?? Love U so Much Didu??

Let’s Start with a Smile?

SHOT : 5



Sun Rays peeped through the narrow slits in Curtains enlightening the Room..Rays Fall on the heavenly Couple Sleeping On the Bed..They are Our TWINJ obviously??

(But yeh kya??Our Kunj bechara is on Floor rubbing his Butt?? Cursing Twinkle??)

K:Aiee Maa?Yeh Siyappa Queen kab sudhregi?Pehle din hi yeh Haal?Baaki puri zindagi iss Siyappa Queen ke saath kaise guzarunga?Kahaan Phasa diya babaji ( ??)

FLASHBACK (Maloom nahi karna Kunj babu niche Zameen par kaise tashreef laye??)

TWINJ were sleeping peacefully?
Na na Only Twinkle peacefully Sleeping Haan?
Our Kunj bechara is Pareshaan??
Let’s See Kyun??

Twinkle was on her Side of Bed when she turned to Kunj’s Side like a Warrior making her Chura’s Hit Kunj’s Face??

Kunj woke up being horrified..

K:Siyappa Queen (Gritting his Teeth)

But Our Siyappa Queen held his collar scaring him??

T:Tum (In Sleep) How dare U? How dare U to Take My Food (??)

Kunj Was Shocked?His Mouth Wide Open his Siyappa Queen??

K:Siyappa Queen ke saath saath bhukkar bhi hai yeh Abhi tak??

And then Only Kunj received a Kick and Rest U all Know ??

K:Mummy Mein Toh Gaya??


Twinkle stirred in her Sleep and mumbled..

T:Good Morning Siyappa Queen

K:(Muttered Himself)Areh wah khud hi ko Siyappa Queen bol rahi hai??

Twinkle rubbed her eyes softly yet Cutely making Kunj mesmerized by the sight?

T:Areh (Sleepy) Babaji mein yahaan kaise ayi??Yeh Toh THE GREAT SADU SARNA ka Room haina (Actioning Cutely??)

Kunj’s Mouth Formed an ‘0’ listening her Talks??

T:Uffo Twinkle (Tapping Her Forehead) Tu bhool gyi Teri SADU SARNA se shaadi hogyi hai??Par yeh SADU SARNA hai kahaan?

Twinkle opened her Eye’s Fully to be Suprised by the sight..Kunj on Floor his Mouth Wide Open??

T:Kunj Tum Floor Par kaise?

K:Mein..Tune Mara aur mein gir gaya (Fake Cry) Aiee Maa pehle din hi meri Kamar tor di?? Maloom nahi Agey Kya karegi??

T:Hawww..Meine koi dhakka wakka nahi diya tumhe (Avoiding Eye Contact??Cause she knows about her Kung Fu wali Aadat ??)

K:Acha ji? And SADU SARNA kisko boli tu?
(Gets Up From Floor and Marched Towards the Bed while Twinkle Stood Up From the Bed ready to Run Knowing What is Coming Next)

T:Na..Na..Nahi toh..Ki..Kissi..Ko..Nah..Nahi bola (stammering)

K:(Moved towards her with a Smirk) Acha Ji? Ruk Main Bata ta hun??

(Phir kya??Tom & Jerry Race shuru??)

They were running after eachother throwing pillows at eachother messing the Room??They didn’t cared about their surroundings??That’s When suddenly twinkle’ s Focus Went on Room Door..Her Eye’sWiden due to Shock..

Whilst Kunj was Facing his back towards the door so he didn’t know what made twinkle so shocked..But then moved towards her smirking with a Pillow thinking she is afraid cause now she was caught between him n Wall??

But Unknown to him Leela..Usha n Anita were standing on the door shocked to core seeing the state of the Room??

K:Ab kahaan bach ke jayegi Siyappa Queen (Smirks Cutely?)

T:(Stammering) K..Kk..Kunj..W..woh Maa..

K:Na Na..Maa ka Naam le ke tu nahi bach sakti??

Twinkle gulped and without any argument she turned Kunj??Kunj’s Eye’s Widen (Aww how cute he must be looking??) at sudden shock. He gulped and said stammering (Bechara?)

K:Mm..Maa..Aap teeno yahaan?

L:Haan Puttar hum yahaan..

Anita went towards TWINJ and stood between them and pulled their Ears making them since in pain and said ??

A:Tum dono Larne se baaz aaoge ya nahi?

TWINJ nodded in NO like cute babies when Anita pulled harder..

K:Aaoo Maa..Koi apne chote chote bachon ke saath Aisa karta hai Kya?

T:Haan na Maa..

(Remember na TWINJRAJ calls Trio Usha..Leela n Anita Maa??)

A:Acha ji Dramebaaz..Tum log aur bacche..

L:khudke baachon wali umar hogayi hai n Abhi tak bacchon jaise larte hain..

Leela Said making Twinkle Blush and Kunj Embarass??

U:Acha ab yeh sab choro..Yeh lo Twinkle teray liye Saree..Yeh pehen lena?

T:Ok Maa (Taking Saree..Sindoor and accessories)

A:Aur Haan Twinkle & Kunj Puttar Aaj na tum dono ka Wedding Reception hai..


L:Haan Puttar..Tum dono ki Shaadi Achanak thi..Aur tum dono jaante ho Media walon ko zara si bhanak pare toh Kya Kya News bana dete hain?Toh Hum khud hi yeh Announce kardenge..

Kunj Tried to Reason but Anita shushed him..Trio left the Room leaving TWINJ ALONE..

Twinkle Went inside the Walk in Closet to get ready..But Kunj was Lost in his Own thoughts standing near the Window looking Outside..


Babaji! My Life is a Total Messed Up? I am Confused..I thought after cracking Buisness Deal I will return back to London Forever but suddenly this All Happened.. I don’t know Babaji what to do ? I Love Twinkle but she don’t ? I don’t wanna be the reason of my besties separation ? And on other side I can’t even hurt my trio Moms..They are so happy with our Marriage ? Wait..Wait Kunj?Maa ka toh Happy hona Samajh mein Ata hai Par Leela Maa n Anita Maa kyun?

K:(Heart) Abey Oye! Maa kehta hai na unhe? Toh woh nahi khush hongi toh aur kon..

His Heart Reasoned..

Babaji:(Muttering Himself??)Khush Kyun Na hon in teeno ki hi toh Mili Bhagat hai? Par mujhe yahaan Phasa diya in dono buddho Ko Sunne?? Huh ?


But Kunj Trio Moms have some expectations from U..U can’t let them down?But what about Twinkle and Uv?Kunj U have to sought Out everything Soon?

Babaji:(Suddenly out of nowhere shocking Kunj) Oye meray Kunj Puttar tujhe kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai??Tu sab mujh par chor de??

K:Ufff Babaji?Aise koi darata hai Kya (Sighed) Heart Attack Wack ajata toh..

Babaji:Tu Kaam aise karega..Mera Matlab hai sochega aise toh yehi karunga na??Aur tu twinkle ko Siyappa Queen bolta hai..Khud konsa kam hai??

K:Seriously Babaji Siyappa Queen??

Babaji:Na Na Puttar Siyappa Queen ka Siyappa King??

K:Haww Babaji??

Kunj’s & Babaji’s Conversation was interrupted by the sound of door clicking.Kunj turned to look the source of disturbance only to be mesmerized by the sight..

Twinkle came out of the Walk in Closet wearing a beautiful Shawking Pink Saree with shimmery black blouse..Her hairs Wet..Her Saree Pallu wasn’t pinned up and blouse dori still untied..

Kunj was mesmerized by Twinkle’s Beauty..Twinkle went near the Mirror and stood infront of it..Kunj Came back to his Senses and here and there..

Twinkle pinned the Pallu to her shoulder..She was trying hard to tie the dori of her blouse but wasn’t able to do so..Kunj saw this and walked towards her..

He stood at the back of her and held her hands holding her blouse..

K:(Hesitatingly) May..May I?

Twinkle nodded in YES and removed her hands..Kunj slowly moved her hairs to her left shoulder revealing her bare back as it was backless blouse..

He took Doris in his hands and started tieing them..His Fingures brushing against her Skin..Twinkle closed her Eye’s Feeling his Touch..

After tieing her dori Kunj was about to leave when twinkle held his wrist stopping him in his tracks..

He questioned her through his Eye’s What?Even too gestured through her Eye’s towards the sindoor and Mangalsutra kept on the table..

T:Can U Make me wear them?

Kunj was Suprised by it..He was more confused that why is so twinkle asking him to do so..She toh loves Uv na?(buddhu??) Then this marriage shouldn’t be important for her?

Babaji:Kunj kaha na tujhe?Zyada Mat soch?Siyappa Queen ka pati hai??Tu bhi Siyappa kar sakta hai??

Kunj glared babaji?? and continued his Work..Kunj made twinkle wear her Mangalsutra and filled her Maang with Sindoor..Both sharing an Eye lock..

(Sajna Ve plays)



Hufff? Finally Done with another shot?
Don’t know how it turned out to be?
Hope it was worth reading and U people liked it?

I will Soon post My FFand New FS too?
Next Turn is Of Mine and Priya’s Combine FS?Hope U haven’t forgotten that LOVE : A BLESSING OR A PAIN ..
I will again have it’s Intro and Prologue if U people want?
Well Next Turn is of USUAL MYSTERIES?

And One More this while Voting on OS COMPETITION U asked that twinkle should have suffered a Bit..My OS was Entry # 9
So if U people want I will give a Continuation a Single Shot..Do tell me If U people Want?

Chalo Enough of My Bakbak ??
This Episode was specially dedicated to Shalu di??

Agar Next Episode Chahiye than I want 20 + Comments??White Mailing People??
Warna Next Shot bhool Jao??

PRECAP to Lelo jaane se pehle??


Uv will be back Soon to Pay for his deads?? As know it’s FEW SHOT’ s rather than Five Shots so I don’t want u people to Rush into Anything??

Love U all??
Loads Of Love??
Take Care☺☺
Keep Smiling??
Urs Aamna urf Aanu??

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  1. Presha

    Loved it…
    So cute nd sweet…
    Love u..

    Post soon..??

  2. Nice episode
    Kunj aur babaji conversation ???????❀️Post soon

  3. Sohi

    Hey aamna the episode was cute, marvelous and hilarious
    The talk between babaji and kunj was just funny hehehe ? ? ? ?

    And twinkles stunts were toh fab

    But aamna how will you manage all 6 fs at the same time and most importantly ur ff.
    I suggest u 1st u complete this fs and simultaneously post ur ff and mending of broken hearts , and after completing it u can carry on with other fs too
    Hope u understand

    Do continue

  4. SidMin23

    Episode was fun and Twinj tlttle moment and kunj talk with babaji was ?? ? ? we’ll waiting to know who is the new entry make twinkle jealous hahahaha. Post soon

  5. Sameera

    Wow yaar aanu amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar hayeee babaji and kunj talks tho ????????????????….
    Superrrrrrrr se bhi upar wala episode ….
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  7. Nishuu

    Lilly it was mind blowing nd marvellous nd the part were u described abt twinkle’s kung fu stunts na it was hilarious bechara kunj????
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    Love u soooooooo much my Lilly???????????????????

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous cute

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    Love it….Love it…. Love it…..
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    epi was cute sweet romantic…..
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    luv u so much baby……

  10. Shalini15

    Hi Aanu, you seriously dedicated this to me???? ??????? but yes it’s true I’m hurt so much ???????? no one is sharing anything with me neither talking to me.. all are ignoring me??????????? pehle Priya, then Nishu nd now You ????????????? I know main sabko hamesha pareshan karti hun na isiliye aisa hai ???????????? but I really consider you my sissy that’s why I do that but I think you don’t ????????????? jao ab se nahi pareshan karungi ???????????????

    Anyways ye sab chhodo nd come to the episode….. it jhakkas bindas paisa vasool episode. Awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd funny too. Kunj ka baba ji se baat ?????????????? I was laughing while reading. Twinj dialoges were just amazing superb ????????????? nd last scene was best nd too romantic ?????????????? loved it so much. Post next part ASAP.
    Nd haan don’t be upset I’m not angry nd also thank for such a cute episode for me ?????????? I hope aise hi hamesha milta rahe ??????????? Post your other ff too.
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  11. Hey API. It was fab..
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    Start tho super tha
    Twinkle kicked kunj bechara
    Awesome Amazing super
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    Plz don’t End this??
    Plz readers do comment?
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