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Finally my college Xm’s are over?Though my 11 Board’s are coming but still having time in them so thought to posted a shot of my FS☺Today was my last Xm?Sorry Friend’s for not commenting for long time n being irregular on commenting on other FF’s?But as of now I had sometime free?I will comment☺N yup Friend’s… This Shot was being to long so divided it into Two parts A & B…
Let’s start the episode with a Smile☺
Large Crowd is gathered near the Passenger Exit Area… It was a huge crowd of Girl’s… They were restricted by the post barriers… So they do not reach the one they are waiting for?The one whom every girl wanna take home with her?
There comes a guy around 27 wearing Black n Blue faded jeans with black T-Shirt n Black n Blue faded Denim jacket looking Hot n Handsome??Girl’s were looking at him without blinking there eye’s?There voices struck in their throats?The Eye’s of the Guy were shown which carried sadness n Hurt in them… These all emotions were all composed n hidden behind his glasses (Specs)… Then his Rough lips that had worn a Fake Smile for the happiness of other’s?Inside it was a broken soul n out outside it was a Heartless n Arrogant Soul?He was revealed to be none other than our Hottie KUNJ SARNA??He WA surrounded by bodyguards n sat in his Black Audi 3…n left for TANEJA MANSION… He was insisted by his Leela Maa to directly come to her House n How can he deny her?
Whole TANEJA MANSION was on Hustle n Bustle with Leela asking worker’s to complete their Work As fast as possible… After all her ladla beta was coming after 4 yrs… Usha was trying to make Leela calm… she was smiling remembering how Kunj has always took leela’s favour when he was to be punished by her… How Leela always cared for Kunj like her own child… whenever Usha had to go out of Town For buisness purpose leela would take care of Kunj?But leela being leela wasn’t listening to Usha… She was trying to calm Leela n asked her to sit on a chair n have water but she was busy in making Food for Him in kitchen??
Twinkle came there n saw Usha trying to calm Leela for something (No one knows about Kunj’s arrival other than Usha, Leela n Anita)She smiled seeing them as whenever leela would be tensed for something Usha would calm her down as always☺She went towards Fridge to take water when she heard a name n stop in her tracks… Tears Filled her Eye’s?
U:Uffo leela be calm…
L: How could I be so calm Usha… My Kunj is returning after 4 yrs… u know 4 yrs… I have to complete so much work n How can be so calm…
U:Uffo Leela… Everything will be okay☺
Twinkle turned around with teary eye’s towards them but quickly composed her self… with trembling voice she asked them…
T:Maa… K…. kk… Kunj is com… coming back…
L: Han puttar Kunj is back… He is coming today puttar…
Twinkle just gave a faint teary eyed smile… Leela n Usha got engrossed in their own talks again… Anita too joined them… whilst Twinkle just ran from the kitchen without their Notice…
Uv was walking in his Room Angrily… He listened Usha n Leela’s talks… Infact saw Twinkle’s Reaction when she came to know about Kunj being back… He was standing only there at the entrance of Kitchen but after listening Kunj’s name n seeing Twinkle’s Reaction(when tears came in her eye’s) Immediately left from there… He broke the vase in his Room…
Uv:(madly)Why he is back Han… Why God… u know na How much I love Twinkle… Then why u send him back… Can’t he come after we (Twiraj) were married Han… No I can’t loose Twinkle… If it meant with the death of Kunj then… He will have to die?I will not let him take away my twinkle… He had to die if he will come between me n my babydoll (Twinkle)
She was running with teary eye’s towards the door to go out of the Mansion… When she collided with a pillar… No… No… It was stiffn hard yet soft pillar??Oooh… It was not pillar… She looked upto find it to be kunj… They shared a painful Eyelock… Her hands on his chest… Both were having tears in there eye’s??Kunj broke their Eyelock n looked here n there… There he saw Leela… Usha n Anita coming… He departed themselves n went towards Leela… Usha n Anita… He took there blessings by touching their feets n hugged them… Usha n Leela kissed his Forhead n hugged him… Twinkle was standing there looking at them with Tears in her Eye’s… Kunj didn’t even greeted her… Uv too came there n saw Twinkle looking at them… He went towards them…
Uv:Kunj Tu agaya yaar… Why didn’t u tell that u r coming before I would have come to pick u up from the Airport…
He to gave a buddy Hug to Kunj… Usha saw Twinkle stand in at a corner… so she called her…
U:Twinkle puttar look ur Friend is back n u r sanding in a corner… Come joins us… Twinkle went there… Kunj was looking here n there all the time not looking twinkle only…
Uv:(deliberately n Smirking)Accha hua Kunj Yaar tu agaya… Atleast tu Ab hamari shaadi mein toh hoga (pulling twinkle by her waist closer to him who was standing near to both of them)Meet To Be Mrs Twinkle Yuvraj Luthra…
Kunj saw Uv pulling her close by her waist n closed his Fist… Tears were about to brim out of his eye’s but he controlled them… Here twinkle was on no better state… Tears were about to made their way through her cheeks?but she to composed her self… This was noticed by a pair of Eye’s who were determined to unite two lover’s who were once separated… Uv also noticed TWINJ’s behaviour n was smirking…
Leela then asked them to have lunch… During the whole lunch… Uv would deliberately hold Twinkle’s hand or will sit close to her to make Kunj’s state more vulnerable… When kunj wasn’t able to take more He told Usha that he was going to SARNA MANSION to freshen up n will be back in sometime… Usha nodded n all three mother’s continue her talks…
Kunj came to SARNA MANSION n straightly went to his Room… He was having Tears in his eye’s… He went to his Room n poured himself a glass of Water… He was about to take a sip of water when…
Uv pulling Twinkle close to him self n his words… MEET TO BE MRS TWINKLE YUVRAJ LUTHRA were Flashing n Ringing in front of his Eye’s n Ears… He broke the glass in his Hand… His Hand bleeding… His Eye’s Blood Shot Red… This all was noticed by Twinkle who came there after Usha asking her to go n tell him about the new setting of his Room (Uv already left after Kunj as he has some work)
She ran towards him n hold his hand… There Eye’s again met in a painful Eyelock… But twinkle broke the eyelock…
T:(Sobbing)K.. Kunj what have u done Han… Look it’s bleeding… come sit on bed n let me do te First Aid…
K:(looked at her with tearful eye’s then looking here n there)L…. Leave it… t… Twinkle… There is no need for the First Aid…
T:why it is not… It is needed come sit…
K:(Harshly keeping Stone on his Heart)I said na… No need for it… I will do it myself…
T:(Angrily)Shut up…
T:I said na shut up… Dare u say a word… just do what I say (Angrily)
Kunj like a good boy sat on the bed in fear of Twinkle(Bechara Kunj?)Twinkle sat on floor on her knees infront of him n took his hand in hers… She cleaned his hand with dettol… She herself was feeling pain while doing it… But kunj was sitting there expressionless… Looking at her with Teary Eye’s… She was wondering how wasn’t feeling any pain… she looked in his eye’s n found pain n Hurt… she felt as if someone pierced her HEART finding him in this state?There Eyelock broke n they came back to their senses when they heard Kunj’s phone ringing…Kunj looked at the caller I’D n smiled with Teary Eye’s… It was his Angel… Twinkle to saw the caller I’D n then at Kunj’s Reaction… She felt jealous n was wondering who was his Angel??
Kunj picked up the call n went out of the Room n went near the stair case… He picked up the call..
(Ok So now talk On the Phone call)
K:(clearing his tears n stammering)H.. Hey Angel! How r u?
Aa:He y chachu… I am Gud… N chachu was u crying…
K:No Angel I was not… So u missed me this Early…
Aa:Hawww chachu… Didn’t u missed me…
K:(Smiling)No Angel… I didn’t… (sadly)
Aa:Hawww chachu…
K:Infact I missed my Angel so soo much…
Aa:I am missing u to chachu… When will u be back…
K:I will be back soon Angel…
Aa:Acha chachu I will talk to u later… Mamma is calling me to have milk… n I promised her that after talking to u I will surely have milk… Love u soo much chachu…
K:Love u too Angel…
Kunj smiled at Aananya’s cute Antics n cut the Phone smiling… He turned to find twinkle at standing at back… Twinkle who listened there talks was burning in jealousy…Who was Angel… n He was talking to her so sweetly…
Hawww Sadu Sarna… He didn’t even talk to me since he had been back… That to after 4 yrs… n saying missed u to his Angel from whom he departed just one day back… Huh!! SADU SARNA (Thinks)
Kunj snapped his fingers infront of him when find in her own world..
K:Twinkle… Kahan kho gyi…
T:H… Han… kahin nahi…
K:Kyun Ayi thi yahan…
T:(Accusing)Kyun mein yahan nahin Aasakti…
K:Nahi… Yeh mera ghar hai…
She Arched her Eyebrows at him…
K:I mean tu Aasakti hai… par koi wajah toh hogi…
T:(pointing n keeping her Index Finger on his chest)Excuse me MR SARNA… Yeh meri Maa ka ghar hai… So mein jab chahun Aasakti hun…
K:Toh Meine kab kaha nahin…
T:Hawww jhoot MR SARNA…
K:Meine kya jhoot bola…
T:Tum na… u… u r a SADU SARNA… (She stomps her Foot on his n left from there smirking)
K:Ouch…. Twinkle teri toh… (Shouting)Tu abhi bhi SIYAPPA QUEEN hi hai…
So here the First part of the shot Ends…
Actually it was getting to long so divided it in Two parts… Part B will be updated soon… Only if I get 20+ comment’s(White Mailing??)It will be updated by Saturday Or Sunday☺
Do comment wether +’ve or -‘ve…

Love u all??
Take care ☺☺
Keep Smiling ??
Supporting ☺☺
Loads of love??
Bye Bye☺☺

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    AWESOME amazing emotional too

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    U nailed it….yaar too good…
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    Loved it…
    Love u.. ???

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  6. SidMin

    Loved it .. Awesome . . And precap ?????
    Loved it. .. the episode .. the first part was emotional.. but the second part was fun … Twinkle shouting on Kunj Link for letting her do his first aid ?
    Love you post soon ❤

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    Kunj ki airport se entry to ufff,,????????????
    Awesomely portrayed everything suparbbbbbb,,????????..
    But it was sooooooooo emotional yet painful episode,,?????.
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