Friendship and love: 2 sides of a coin (manan+?) Intro


Hey guys this is jenn and I am a die heart fan of indian daily soaps.I had started watching kaisi yeh yaariyan recently on voot.And I am going to start an Ff on it,I will start from the scene where Manik throws nandinis pen.It is in one of the starting episodes only.You can see the scene on voot-it is episode 9,time3:58
But before continuing this Ff .I need your help.The characters are going to be from the first season.I will be pairing up alya with aryaman and mukti with abhimanyu.Now I am going to give you the character sketches of the other characters.pls suggest the any daily soap character for them.

This girl is free spirited ,bold mordern and fun loving.She is bindass types.plays the guitar.She has a twin sis who is B
This girl is slightly reserved and is a really great friend. She is silent types.great dancer and plays the veena
This boy is a cool guy who can be both serious and joking,he is a perfect freind and boyfriend. Plays the electric guitar
This boy is really fun-loving,joking,prankster. He is a very loyal friend. Plays the drums .

This girl is fun loving,talkitive and bindass and a great situation handler.plays the harmonium.
This boy is less talkitive and likes to always stay in the campany of his friends.He plays the flute.
Now for another voting
These are some characters and you need to suggest actors for
1)Ritika:she is to be paired with druv.she is free spirited and bold.
She is a fashion designer by proffession.shares a special bond with nandini*
2)Rihan:he is to be paired with navya.He is cute,and balances her by talking less.plays the keyboard.
3)Atharv:a simple boy who is a special freind of all the twilights*

So guys other characters will be discussed later
The pairs will be manan,A+C,B+D,E+F.
Another imp. thing is that alya and manik are not in a relationship.
Pls send your votes either by commenting
I will give another intro of the Ff with all characters by jan 2nd. Pls vote by then.

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  1. Helllo Jennifer!!!! Defintly interstng charactrs i wud say…..thank god manan r toghthr …i thot they too could b jumbled….Viren nd Arnav were my olso favoeites….iff u want u can add them…well olll upto u…will b waitng…t c

    1. JenniferAndrews

      I will keep your suggetion in mind.Thanks a lot

  2. princess of prince

    preety intresting keep on going

  3. Nice intro..
    Vote for niti
    Go on twitter and search tellytalk India
    Go there and vote for best Actress category..and make niti

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