Friendship or Love? (SanVeer and KanChi FF) (Savitri Devi College & Hospital) – Intro

Friendship or Love?

Hi all. I am finally back with a SDC&H ff after a month. And i hope you all will like this ff.

Well here there will be some changes compared to the actual show to the characters.

Things to take note
-No revenge drama here
-Veer, Saanchi and Kabir knows each other . They are best friends.
-No negative characters here

Main Lead
Saanchi Mishra (Swarda Thigale) (23 years old)
Saanchi is the only daughter of Jaya and Sunil Mishra. Saanchi is a girl who is hardworking but naughty at the same time unlike the show. She is someone who does masti and also studies at the same time. She is good in sports and dancing. Multi-talented in other words. She is very sensible. Best friend of Veer and Kabir.

Veer Malhotra (Varun Kapoor) (26 years old)
Veer is the younger child and only son of Savitri Devi and Anand Malhotra. He has an elder sister Priya who is happily married with Sanket. Veer is a huge prankster and a very very naughty guy just same as the show. He doesnt like to study at all. He wants to become a doctor to make his family proud. Best friend of Saanchi and Kabir. Kabir is his cousin too.

Kabir Kapoor (Vikram Sakhalkar) (29 years old)
Kabir is the only son of Kusum Kapoor. Best friend of Veer and Saanchi. And cousin of Veer. He is serious and no nonsense type doctor. But he melts down whenever he is with Veer and Saanchi. He can also go for any extent to make Saanchi and Veer happy and help them out. He was away to US for a few years to complete his PHD.

Other characters
Savitri Devi College and Hospital
Pragya Yadav (Neha Bagga) (24 years old)
Pragya will be the room-mate of Saanchi here. She knows Saanchi well as they are neighbours. She will be a comic character here and she is a big fan of politics and knows everything about it.

Isha Negi (Sharan Kaur) (22 years old)
Isha will be the other room-mate or Saanchi here, who is a part time model. She comes from a really rich family. She has attitude and she won’t be that close with Saanchi and Pragya as she thinks they are of different status. She is image conscious and she would be in her own world. But not negative at all.

Garv Bajaj (Namish Taneja, also known as Laksh in Swaragini) (25 years old)
Garv is the room-mate of Veer who will help Veer in all ways. Veer loves to bully Garv but he also helps him out at times as Garv will also give love tips to Veer as he knows Veer loves Saanchi.
(I really liked Garv in the show but idk why they arent showing his character for many days and found he looks a lot like Namish Taneja who was the other lead of Varun’s previous show Swaragini, thats why I made Namish Garv in this ff ?)

Satish Kumar(Shakti Arora best known as Ranveer in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi) (27 years old)
Pragya’s fiance who is an software engineer by profession. He also comes to Savitri Devi College and Hospital as he is hired by Dr Malhotra to check all the machines of the hospital.
(I really like Shakti Arora a lot and i feel he will be perfect for Satish’s role in this ff ?)

Nurse Riya Fernandez (Akanksha Sareen) (27 years old)
Riya is a nurse by profession here. She is a positive character and she is the younger sister of Nurse Fernandez. Riya bonds with Saanchi, Veer and Kabir too. Riya is vey friendly here and completely opposite from the show.

New and important characters
Prachi Yadav (Riddhima Pandit) (28 years old)
Prachi is the cousin of Pragya . She knows Saanchi and Kabir well. She knows Saanchi as Pragya is her neighbour and she is also a good friend of Kabir who knows Kabir well. She is also a doctor in Savitri Devi College and Hospital.

Sanjana Bhawani (Tejaswini Prakash, Ragini in Swaragini) (22 years old)
Sanjana will be the classmate of Veer and Saanchi , and they are from the same batch. She has a soft corner for Garv. She is also the room-mate of Saanchi, Pragya and Isha. But she is very silent, shy and speaks very less. Saanchi tries to speak with her and make her more comfortable at times.

Karanveer Raichand (Arjun Bijlani, the male lead of Ishq Main Marjawan) (31 years old)
A senior doctor of Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Not negative. He is also the co-owner of this hospital with Dr Malhotra as he signed partnership with him. He is very professional and strict. His character has grey shades.

Family members of Saanchi, Kabir and Veer.

Jaya Mishra
The mom of Saanchi. Best friend of Savitri. After the demise of Saanchi’s dad Sunil, Jaya single handly brought Saanchi up by running her Chakli business. She respects the Malhotras a lot. She treats Veer like her own son.

Savitri Devi Malhotra
She is the mother of Veer and wife of Dr Malhotra. She is fine here. Best friend of Jaya and does all she can. She really likes Saanchi a lot and wants to make Saanchi her daughter in law.

Dr Anand Malhotra
The owner of the Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Positive here. Encourages Saanchi and Kabir. He is professional. So he scolds Veer a lot since he is naughty but loves his son at the same time. Veer knows that. Brother of Kusum.

Kabir and Kusum lives with Malhotras here. Kusum is the sister of Dr Malhotra and after Kabir’s dad’s death she and Kabir are living with them. Veer’s Dadi is also Kabir’s Nani and she also lives with them.

Kusum Kapoor
Mom of Kabir and sister of Dr Malhotra. She is positive here and respects her son’s decision no matter what. Wants a perfect daughter in law for her son.

Veer’s Dadi and Kabir’s Nani. She loves her grandchildren a lot. Will play a cupid to the love story of her grandsons at a point of a time. Supportive.

So here is a short glimpse of the story.

A girl and two guys are seen lying down together on the grass. They three look up the sky.

Girl: It’s so strange guys.

Guy 1: What is strange Miss Golgappa?

Guy 2: Veer, Saanchi is saying that it is strange that we three are childhood best friends and now we are going to start our career at the same day, especially when we three are of different age.

Yes Guy 2 is Kabir. Guy 1 is Veer. And the girl is Saanchi ?.

Veer: No Kabir Bhai, no Miss Golgappa its not strange. There is a saying age is just a number. Even age couldn’t come between our friendship.
And today we three friends are going to start our career at the same day.

They three smile.

Saanchi gets up.

Saanchi: Now we should go. And its our first day and we can’t afford to be late.

Kabir and Veer also gets up.

They three go to Savitri Devi College and Hospital. All three are in doctor’s coat. Veer breathes.

Veer: After failing my board exams and my medical entrance exams twice, finally I made it and today I am standing here at Savitri Devi College and Hospital. (Showing a broad smile)

Saanchi: (scolding Veer) And you are saying this so casually, don’t you feel ashamed?

Veer:(scolding her back) I am not smart like you, who always topped the exams and didn’t even bother to help me out at all. (Wacks her head)

Saanchi: Oh really! I was your junior did you forget that? Now we graduated at the same year. If it wasnt for me, you would have made a hat-trick in failing.(Wacks his head)

Kabir stops the fight between Saanchi and Veer.

Kabir: Veer, Saanchi stop fighting. And Saanchi, look even I started my career late, even later than Veer and you.

Saanchi: No Golu, you had a valid reason. You went to US for your PHD as you chose to complete your PHD first and then start your career unlike this duffer Veer who failed twice. Ek Number Ki Besharam.

Kabir: Okay no more fighting now. If not Bade Mama will come and ask us questions.

Saanchi: Yes, You are right Golu.

Kabir: Now it’s time to take our first step towards our career.

Veer: Right, let’s go in.

Veer forwards his hand to Saanchi looking at her lovingly, and Saanchi smiles holding his hand. Saanchi looks at Kabir and lovingly looks at him, and forwards her other hand, and Kabir smiles and holds it.

They three get inside Savitri Devi College and Hospital holding hands.

Veer: (in his mind) I will make Maa, Papa and my family proud soon. I am a bit nervous. But I don’t have to worry after all my Miss Golgappa will be there to help me. When I will be established enough, I will propose Saanchi, my Miss Golgappa.

Saanchi: (in her mind) I have to be determined and help all the needy and sick people out there. Its not going to be easy. But no worries when Golu is here. He will help me. I am in love with Golu, but I don’t know what he feels about me. Should I ask Veer? No no, that Veer is an idiot what if he tells Golu?

Kabir: (in his mind) Savitri Devi College and Hospital. I will give my best to make this hospital no.1 not only in the city, but also in India. Not only that but also I have to make sure Veer and Saanchi becomes the best of best doctors too.

Veer, Saanchi and Kabir smiles looking at each other and by entering the hospital, they take the first step towards their career.

This ff will revolve around Saanchi,Kabir and Veer’s career and friendship. But Veer loves Saanchi and Saanchi loves Kabir. Will this love triangle break their strong friendship or will it make their bond stronger? Friendship or Love who will win?
Will their friendship continue if Saanchi gets married to any one of them?

3 friends, 3 doctors, 3 different individuals Made
2 love stories, 2 relationships
What will they choose?
Friendship or Love?
1 decision can change their life

Currently I actually love both the pairs SanVeer and KanChi, and I found this story most apt for both the pairs. As i found Veer-Saanchi-Kabir love triangle one of the most interesting love triangle ever. I would request both KanChi and SanVeer fans to read this FF, it will revolve more of their friendship and bonding initially and the love track will start later on. The supporting characters and the new characters will play a pivotal role in their story.

Please do express ur views if i should continue this ff. Thank u ??? If i continue this ff will post it once or twice a week.

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      Hey angle thanks for commenting happy u liked this intro and my previous ff too if i get time i will write a 5 shot sequel for that???

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    It sounds intresting. nice track. start soon and plz try to post all quckly becoz we cant w8 and is eager to read. But in the case of sdch I’ll stop watching the show becoz kabir I’ll be heartbroken because saanchi loves veer.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sandra thanks for commenting glad y liked the track, i will post the first epi on wednesday same here even m a kaanchi fan but looks like makers wanna make it sanveer
      But here is opposite saanchi loves kabir instead of veer, and veer loves saanchi instead

  3. Hey ur back again with a amazing ff
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      Hey ishi thanks for commenting glad u liked the plot yes will continue it and post the first part on wednesday love u too ?

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      Hey ashnita thanks for commenting ywah m back ? For now dono se kam chalau ? This story will actually focus more on their friendship than love. Next part i will post this wednesday

  5. RuCh23

    Hey! Good to see you back ??? this new idea is awesome!! Continue dear ?

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      Hey ruch thanks for commenting glad y liked the new idea yeah will continue it first part will be posted this wednesday

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      Hey dhruvi aww so sweet yes will ofc continue it and post the first epi on wed and thanks for the wishes and thank u so much for commenting i love it when a silent reader comments ???

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      Hey abhilasha thanks for commenting happy u liked the story even i hate love triangles but i like both kaanchi-sanveer chemistry specially kaanchi the only problem i have with sanveer is that sanveer looks elder than veer thats it and is it really gonna be sanveer in sdch ?

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      Hey tumpa thanks for commenting glad u liked my ff will update the next part this wed

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      Hey genny thanks for commenting yes will continue this if i get time will surely continue the sequel of my prev ff as 5 shots i am actually already writing two stories (one here and one on wattpad not a kaanchi or sdch one its on someother pair and show) so thats why it will be hard for me

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      Hey sushant thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff, well i actually write two stories one on sdch and one on wattpad(another hindi show) and my classes for the new semester just began today so thats why it would be hard for me. But will try my best to write a 5 shot for the sequel of the prev ff if i get time glad u liked the intro of this story

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      Hey niyaa thanks for commenting happy u liked the story even i hate love triangle honestly speaking sanveer-kaanchi both have chemistry i feel but kaanchi has a better chemistry according to me, and yeah i saw kundali bhagya they also hVe interesting love triangle but as i was busy rarely got to watch kb but whenever i watched it i liked it especially karan-preeta i like that pair a lot, and yeah sdch i used to watch only for kabir-saanchi-veer trio but now the storyline is getting worse if this show becomes a sanveer story cause its suppose to be kaanchi then i will never ever watch rashmi sharma shows again! And well if i get time i will try my best to write that as i already write two ff (another one on wattpad not on sdch on some other show)

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