Friendship or Love? (SanVeer and KanChi FF) (Savitri Devi College & Hospital) – Episode 4

Hey all, I am finally back with the 4th episode of friendship or love.

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So here is the 4th episode. I hope you all will like it.

Scene 1: Agra
The episode begins with Saanchi taking blessing from her Dadi.

Dadi: All the best! And yes do take care of your health there in Mumbai.

Saanchi: I will miss you Dadi!

Saanchi hugs Dadi. Veer and Kabir smiles seeing this.

Dadi whispers to Saanchi.

Dadi: And you will get your love, your Golu very soon.

Saanchi smiles.
Jaya: Now we should take our leave. And Maa Ji take care of your health. Never do these kind of things again.

Dadi: Okay, okay I won’t.

Jaya, Saanchi, Kabir and Veer leaves.

Scene 2: Train
They four board the train.
Kabir and Veer sits on one side, while Jaya and Saanchi on the other side.

Kabir: Travelling by train is an amazing idea.

Veer: Not an amazing idea. If we went by flight, we would have reached Mumbai by now.

Saanchi: Oho Veer, you always complain!

Jaya: Kabir, Veer, I brought some pakoras. You can have some.
(Opening the tiffin carrier that has pakoras)

Veer happily takes it and eats it. Kabir also takes it. They eat.

Veer: Thank god you brought this Jaya aunty, your amazing pakoras if not this boredom would have killed me.

Jaya smiles. Kabir is looking through the window.

Saanchi: Guys since you are feeling bored why don’t we play some games?

Veer: Games what kind of games?

Saanchi: Ludo!

Veer: You also brought ludo with you!

Saanchi: Yes I brought it in Agra.

Kabir: I also want to play.

Veer: Okay let’s play then.

Saanchi: Maa, you want to play?

Jaya: No beta, you three play.

Veer: Aunty please with us. It’s more fun with four players.

Jaya: Okay fine.

Jaya, Saanchi, Kabir and Veer plays Ludo.

Saanchi cuts Veer’s token.

Veer: Miss Golgappa! Why did you cut mine!

Saanchi: This is a game!

Veer: You will see, I will cut your token. And that too the best one. Mark my words.

Saanchi: Yes, yes.

Jaya plays and cuts Kabir and Veer’s token. Kabir smiles.

Veer: Aunty you also, you turned out to be a big player!

Jaya: I have played Ludo for many years! Experience!

They four continue playing. And Saanchi cuts Veer’s one again!

Veer: Why is everyone targetting mine!

Saanchi: I got yours that’s why.

Veer: You got a chance to cut Bhai’s token twice but you didn’t.

Kabir: True though I got saved twice.

Saanchi: Is it? I didn’t realise. (Lying)

Veer: You are so biased!

Saanchi: I have cut mom’s one also too, okay! Don’t be so fussy!

Kabir plays and cuts Saanchi’s one.

Saanchi: Golu! What is this!

Veer: Yes! Now say! You were getting too excited!

Veer and Kabir gives each other a hi-5.

Saanchi: It’s okay. It’s just once only. And Golu, I won’t spare you too! Just give me a chance and then you will see.

They continue playing, Saanchi is about to go to the winning position and Jaya cuts hers.

Saanchi: Maa! You also?!

Veer: See I told you your best one will be cut, even if I didn’t do it, at least Aunty do it. Right Aunty?!

Jaya: Yes!

Veer and Jaya gives each other a hi-5.

Saanchi: That’s not fair! Everyone is against me!

Saanchi folds her arms and makes a cute angry face.

Veer: Miss Golgappa your tactics won’t work.

Saanchi: No I won’t play.

Veer: See she always does like this!

Kabir: Saanchi, let’s play. Please.

Saanchi: Okay fine.

Saanchi, Kabir, Veer and Jaya continues playing and Jaya wins the game.

Jaya: Yeah I won!

Saanchi: I let you won that’s why!

Jaya: No! It’s not like that at all!

Veer: Okay, okay let’s play another game.

Saanchi: That’s better.

Kabir: But what game should we play?

Saanchi: Antakshari.

Jaya: You three play. Anyways I have sore throat.

Saanchi agrees.

Saanchi : Veer you start singing.

Veer: Me?

Saanchi: Golu, give a letter.

Kabir: A

Veer sings Ae Zindagi Gale Lage Le.

Veer: Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi gale laga le

He looks at Saanchi while singing and Saanchi smiles.

Veer: Humne bhi tere har ik gham ko
Gale se lagaya hai, hai na

Kabir also likes it.

Veer continues singing. And he finishes his singing.

Veer: Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Gale laga le
Oh gale laga.. le..

Veer: Le,

Saanchi: Golu now your turn?

Kabir: Saanchi, I don’t have any much ideas about hindi songs. Can I sing an english song?

Veer: Sure!

Saanchi: Seriously Golu, you don’t know any hindi song?! Veer we have to show Golu bollywood movies at least once a month from now on!

Veer: Yes, I agree with Miss Golgappa here. Now we let you sing an English song. Come sing.

Kabir sings Let me love you

Kabir: I used to believe
We were burnin’ on the edge of somethin beautiful
Somethin beautiful
Sellin a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin on a miracle
On a miracle

Saanchi smiles.

Say, go through the darkest of days
Heaven’s a heartbreak away
Never let you go, never let me down
Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife
Never let you go, never let me down

Don’t you give up, nah, nah, nah
I won’t give up, nah, nah, nah
Let me love you
Let me love you

Saanchi: Well Golu, I must say English suits you, but I would love to hear hindi songs from you.

Kabir: I know only the old ones.

Saanchi: Like?

Kabir: The songs of Karz.

Saanchi. You were not even born that time. Now that’s too old huh!

Kabir: You know me right.

Veer: Seriously Bhai you don’t know even a single song of 1990s or 2000s.

Kabir: Well some of Shahrukh Khan’s movie. Wait there is one song I love. Should I sing that?

Veer and Saanchi: Sure!

Kabir sings Kal Ho Na Ho.

Kabir: Har ghadi badal raha hai roop zindagi
Chaav hai kahhi hai dhoop zidnagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama, kal ho na ho

He sings it in a flat but tolerable tone. But Saanchi still likes it and blushes looking at him.

Kabir: Har ghadi badal raha hai roop zindagi
Chaav hai kahhi hai dhoop zidnagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama, kal ho na ho.

Kabir: Ka…

Kabir forgets.

Kabir: I don’t remember the song after this.

Veer: Okay, okay by the way Bhaia not bad.

Kabir smiles.

Kabir: Now Miss Golgappa, you sing a somg starting with Ka, Kabir’s Ka. Wah!

Saanchi closes her eyes and sings Kaun Tujhe.

Saanchi: Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon.

Veer lovingly looks at Saanchi. Kabir smiles and stunned by seeing Saanchi singing very beautifully.

Saanchi: Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon

Saanchi looks at Kabir while singing.

Saanchi: Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon.

Kabir feels the song closing the eyes and Veer looks at Saanchi smiling

Saanchi: Haa.. Aa..

Kabir is stunned and he smiles hearing her listening. Jaya also smiles seeing Saanchi singing sweetly.

Kabir lifts his hand slowly to clap for Saanchi. Veer immeditaley claps for Saanchi.

Kabir: Kya Gati Ho Tum Saanchi (what a singer are you, Saanchi)

Veer: Bhai, you don’t know how multi-talented our Miss Golgappa is.

Kabir: I can say this Veer. Really Saanchi, you are rare. You are just a gem.

Saanchi smiles.

Kabir: You are too good. I love you!(smiling looking at her)

Saanchi’s eyes widen hearing I love you, Veer looks on stunned.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Did Golu just really confessed?

Kabir: Your singing is too good. I have became your fan.

Saanchi realises Kabir just said I love you to her due to her singing. She becomes a bit sad.

Jaya: By the way Kabir beta you didnt say how was Agra? Did you like it? Did Saanchi bring you to all the places properly?

Kabir: Yes Aunty! Saanchi has been an amazing guide! Thank you so much for being such an amazing guide.

Veer: Bhaia, Saanchi Mishra is not only an amazing guide.She is also a good student, but also a good player, cook, teacher and singer. Just like an all rounder.

Kabir: You are indeed very talented Saanchi.

Saanchi: Now you both stop praising me too much, okay. I just hope I can be a good doctor. That’s enough for me.

Kabir: You will not just be a doctor, you will be one of the best doctors.

Saanchi smiles.

Just then Veer gets a message.

Veer: Oh Teri! I forgot!

Saanchi: Why? Now what you forgot?

Veer: The thing is….

Saanchi: Now Veer don’t tell me you left the keys of your car at Agra only!

Veer: No! No! I meant that you forgot after two days…

Saanchi: What after two days!

Veer: That we have a orientation party.

Saanchi: What orientation party?

Saanchi remembers.

Saanchi: Oh yes!

Kabir: Veer, Saanchi what are you both talking about?

Veer: Bhaia since I and Miss Golgappa both got into Savitri devi college and hospital, we have an orientation party coming up!

Kabir: Oh yes Bade Mama told me. But J wasn’t sure of the date.

Veer: The party will take place near Rock-a-Night Disco!

Kabir: (surprised) Rock-a-Night Disco!!!!

Veer and Saanchi gets surprised seeing Kabir’s reaction on hearing the name.

Veer: Yes? Why?

Kabir: You both got that place only? Wow!

Veer: Bhaia you know that place?

Kabir: (in his mind) Should I tell Veer about this? No! No! He won’t understand. He may mess up. And moreover Saanchi is here also.

Veer: Bhaia! (Shakes Kabir)

Kabir: Oh yes. Actually I read about this online when I was in US. All my Indian friends knew about it and spoke about it, so I decided why don’t I go there once!

Veer: Oh! Your friends are cool, and you should be cool too Bhaia!

Saanchi: Veer, Golu is cool enough already okay!

Veer: He is not cool, he is ice. Bhaia ke samne toh dhoni bhi fail hojayega. (Dhoni is fail infrong of Bhaia)

Saanchi nods at his weird antics.

Kabir: Veer!

Veer: So I am telling Garv we three are going for the party.

Kabir: Okay fine!

Veer: (smiling) Then I will message Garv.

Saanchi: Wait

Veer: Why?

Saanchi: I am not going.

Veer and Kabir gets surprised.

Veer: But why Miss Golgappa? You were interested to go at a disco once, remember?

Saanchi looks at Jaya. Jaya understands Saanchi wants to go to disco but scared cause she herself may disagree.

Jaya: Saanchi, why are you looking at me like this? You no need to ask me all the time, you can of course go to the disco. I know you said no cause of me. I won’t say no.

Veer: See now even Aunty agreed.

Saanchi: Are you sure, Maa?

Jaya nods. Saanchi hugs Jaya tightly.

Saanchi: Maa you are the best!

Kabir and Veer smiles seeing the mother-daughter bonding.

Jaya: But Veer and Kabir, I give you the responsibilty of Saanchi to both of you. And make sure she reaches home at time, okay.

Veer: Okay.

Kabir: Don’t worry Aunty we will take good care of Saanchi.

Kabir smiles as an idea strikes his mind. Kabir messages someone and soon he gets a reply. He starts chatting by messaging. Veer sees this.

Veer: Bhaia whose message is it?

Kabir: Actually you know, Shanaya right, she told me about it.

Saanchi: (looking suspiciously) Now who is this Shanaya?

Veer: Oh Shanaya. (Veer smirks looking at Kabir)

Kabir: No Veer, it’s nothing like that.

Saanchi gets more suspicious.

Veer: No need to say.

Kabir: No Veer.

Veer: Well I personally have no problems with Shanaya, but i hate her brother.

Kabir gets a message and he smiles. Kabir messages,

Kabir: “So, 9pm at Rock-a-Night tomorrow finalled?”

Reply: Final!

Kabir gets really happy. Saanchi notices this. She peeks through the phone and gets shocked seeing Shanaya’s name.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Who is this Shanaya?

As Saanchi is about to ask Kabir,Just then they reach the station.

Jaya: Veer beta, Kabir beta, Saanchi we have reached the station.

Saanchi: (in her mind) We had to reach the station now only.

Jaya, Saanchi, Kabir and Veer alights from the station.

Kabir: The train trip, It’s amazing. I just loved it.

Veer: Why did it had to end?

Saanchi: Yes? Why it ended at the wrong time? (Talking to herself) I could have spend more time with Golu enjoying.

Veer: Yes? You said anything?

Saanchi: No. i mean yes. I mean see I told you, you would enjoy this trip. You were complaining for no reason.

Veer: Okay I accept defeat. Happy!

Jaya: Now let’s go. Veer and Kabir you two go home. I and Saanchi will take auto.

Kabir: No Aunty, we will drop you and Saanchi home first and then we will go back home.

Jaya: No need of that. You both are so tired.

Veer: Aunty neither me nor Kabir Bhai is driving the car. It’s the driver who will be driving so how can we be tired.

Saanchi: Yes maa let’s go with them. Anyways I too tired to stand for auto in the sunlight.

Jaya: Okay fine.

Kabir is sitting infront, and he constantly smiles while texting and messaging ,while Veer, Saanchi and Jaya are sitting behind. Saanchi looks at him doubtfully.

In the car,
Saanchi thinks about who is Shanaya and she dozes off due to tiredness and her head rests on Veer’s shoulder. Veer smiles looking at her sleeping and lets it be. The music track for Sanveer plays.

Jaya tries to lift her head up. Veer gestures her to let it be. Veer smiles.

Later they reach home.

Jaya: Saanchi we have reached home.

Saanchi slowly opens her eyes and she gets up with a jerk seeing Veer’s face.

She ascends down from the car.

Jaya: Thank you Veer beta and Kabir beta for dropping us

Saanchi smiles and they go to their home. Kabir and Veer reaches their house too.

After two days,
Pragya: Come, let’s go Saanchi! We are getting late for the orientation party!

Pragya barges in Saanchi’s room. She gets surprised seeing clothes scattered all around.

Pragya: Abe Oh Yeh Kya Hain Yaar? All the clothes are scattered all around. Saanchi?

Pragya sees Saanchi trying to find something. Oh wait! She was trying out some clothes and then throwing on the ground.

Pragya: (picking it up) Why are you throwing clothes like that? You could have gave me.

Saanchi: Pragya here I am tensed what to wear and you are teasing me.

Pragya: Why? Now why is this maharani tensed?

Saanchi: I need to dress up perfectly.

Pragya: Kamaal ke insaan ho tum. GYou are an amazing person!) Today we can dress the way we want unlike from next week where we have to follow strict dress codes! And here also you are finding what to wear!

Saanchi: No, I am dressing up to impress Golu!

Pragya: You mean Kabir?

Saanchi: Yes. Now why are you standing here. Help me choose a dress for the disco.

Pragya: What’s happening here usually you are the one who help me with my clothing and now you are telling me to help you?

Saanchi: Look Pragya i helped you to choose clothes for your date with Satish jii now you do the same for me.

Pragya: Oh wait so you are dating that Kabir!

Saanchi: Consider something like that!

Pragya: Great! So your childhood love loves you too! Now this is time for celebrations!

Saanchi: Pragya don’t get too excited. And Kabir shouldn’t know I dressed up just to impress him. At least it should be presentable.

Pragya: Oh wait? He shouldn’t know? What do you mean?

Saanchi: I still haven’t told Kabir I love him.

Pragya: What! Then tell him soon! Why are you standing here and doing nothing?!

Saanchi: This is what I am trying to do!

Pragya: You mean doing nothing!

Saanchi: No! To tell Golu!That’s why I want to dress up well and impress Golu. So that no one snatches him from me, not even that Shanaya.

Pragya: Now who is this Shanaya?

Saanchi: I don’t know. I think his friend. You know in the train, he was smiling only seeing her mesage.

Pragya: I am sure that Shanaya must be Kabir’s girlfriend!

Saanchi: Shut up, Pragya! Now help me with this.

Pragya: So you tell me why you liked Kabir?

Saanchi: Huh! What has this got to do with my clothing?!

Pragya: Just say!

Saanchi: Actually Kabir is different from others. He doesnt have high expectations either nor he sets higher for others. And he is very realistic and logical.

Pragya: So why don’t you dress in your own way? Since you said he liked realistic. So obviously he will like the realistic you.

Saanchi: That’s true yaar. (Smiling)

Pragya: Now you choose your own dress. Your choices are good.

Saanchi choses a white floral dress to wear for the disco.

Scene 3: In the car
Kabir: Veer, are you sure Bade Mama booked this disco for the party? I thought he was talking about the restaurant nearby to me other day? Quite surprised he booked the disco.

Veer: Bhaia, you seriously believed Dad booked a disco for the party for his hospital!

Kabir: Then?

Veer smirks.

Kabir: Veer you did something, right?

Veer: Look now party in a restaurant! So boring! Who does that! And I am Veer Malhotra! His son! And its named under my mom who is very cool. So at least interns here should receive cool facilities. So thats why I purposely booked a disco, and messaged all the interns personally that the party is also extended till the disco! And you know everyone would choose disco over the restaurant. Good idea, right?!

Kabir: Very stupid idea! What if anyone calls the hospital for enquiry? Then? You know how mad Bade Mama will get!

Veer: Relax Kabir Bhai. I said extended. And the party is still at restaurant. How would he know its extended to the disco next to the restaurant?!

Kabir: Tum bhi na. What if some feels uncomfortable in disco?

Veer: The restaurant is still there. Those aliens can enjoy there.

Kabir: Veer!(giving a seriously look)

Veer: Oh we reached the disco finally!

Veer and Kabir comes in the disco.

Veer is dressed in black and white with a funky jean jacket, and Kabir is dressed in a simple black tee. They wait for Saanchi. Kabir smiles looking at his phone.

Saanchi, Pragya and Satish comes there too.

Saanchi: Veer! Golu!

Veer and Kabir looks. They come to Saanchi.

Veer: Finally you are here! Oh so Yadav is here too!

Pragya: At least talk decently infront of my fiance.

Veer: (looking at Satish) so you are the unfortunate guy.

Satish makes a shy face.

Veer: Anyways, Veer here. Veer Malhotra.

Satish: Satish. Satish Kumar.

Pragya: Abe oh tum dono James Bond Ke Tarah Bateh Karna Baand Karo aur jaldi handshake karo mujhe disco enjoy karna hain.(now you both stop talking like james bond and quickly handshake with each othdr I wanna enjoy the party)

Veer and Satish handshakes with each other. Kabir after speaking on the phone comes there too. Kabir gets confused seeing Pragya and Satish.

Saanchi: Pragya, this is my very good friend since childhood Golu. And Golu this is my friend plus neighbour Pragya.

Kabir: Hi Kabir Kapoor. Nice to meet you.

Pragya: (smiling) Pragya Yadav

Pragya handshakes with Kabir.

Saanchi: This is Pragya’s fiance Satish.

Satish: Satish Kumar.

Satish and Kabir handshakes with each other too. Pragya whispers to Saanchi.

Pragya: Abe Yaar, this is your Golu! Your Kabir?

Saanchi: Yes

Pragya: Kasam se yaar, yeh aatmi. This guy. Photo main phir bhi thik thak lag rahe hain but in real life no way! (Seriously this guy? He was looking fine in photo but real life no way!) Veer is more good looking than him, no offence.

Saanchi hits Pragya’s shoulder.
Saanchi: Pragya! Golu ke bare main aisa baath bilkul nahi huh! (You better dont speak about Golu like this)

Pragya: Haan Haan Golu and Golgappa toh rab ne bana di jodi.

Veer: Now you both stop playing Chinese whispers and let’s enjoy the disco.

Garv also comes. Veer introduces Kabir to Garv. All the interns of SDCH there too.

They all enjoy the disco and rhyme their step with the song Hum Nahi Sudrenge from Golmaal Again. The disco is very loud like most discos.

Kabir: Saanchi you are looking very beautiful!

Saanchi: Huh! What did you say! I cannot hear!

Kabir: You are looking very beautiful today!

Saanchi: What?

Kabir: You are?

Just then the phone rings. Kabir goes out to pick up the call.

Kabir: I will go and pick up the call. It’s urgent.

Kabir goes and Veer comes to dance with Saanchi. Saanchi goes to a quieter corner and enjoys herself and Veer comes there.

Saanchi: Not bad Veer, you seem to have come to impress girls today. How many girls have you danced with so far?

Veer: 23

Saanchi: Strange. The Veer that couldnt even tolerate 2-3 girls danced with 23 girls today!

Veer: Its disco. I dont care who am I dancing with! But I will enjoy with you the most that’s for sure.

Saanchi smiles and they continue dancing.

Kabir goes and then he looks at the phone.
He wanders around.

Kabir: I wonder where is this Shanaya?

Kabir calls Shanaya.

Kabir: Hello Shanaya where are you?

Kabir: Okay come quick.

Kabir keeps the phone. There is an outdoor setting done outside the disco as it, it is for a date. Kabir smiles.

He speaks to the guy who did the preparation.

Kabir: You did a great job here is your money.

The guy happily takes the money and leaves.

Kabir is waiting.

Here Saanchi and Veer are dancing. A girl is also dancing and she is drunk. Just then a waiter comes to give Saanchi a drink.

Waiter: Mam, here is your drink!

As Saanchi is about to take a drink, due to the drunk girl pushing her the drink gets spilled onto her

Saanchi: Oh no!

Veer: (scolding) Can’t you see?! Are you blind!

Girl: (pulls veer’s collar) I am not blind. But I can be blind in your love. Just a hot guy. Hi Isha here. Isha Negi.

That drunk girl is Isha.

Saanchi tries to laugh.

Veer: Just….just shut up okay.

Isha: Haye! I can even shut down for you!

Saanchi: Veer I am going to clean my clothing.

Veer: Sure.

Saanchi leaves and Veer gets angry on the girl.

Isha: Now you come here, Mr handsome your girlfriend is gone. Make a new one.

Veer: Hey be in your limits okay!

Isha tries to seduce Veer and Veer rebukes back.

Saanchi goes to the washroom and is surprised to find mostly drunk people. She doesn’t like the atmosphere.

Saanchi: (asking the waiter) Bhaia where is the washroom?

Waiter: Just here!

Saanchi: No, no nearby. I mean outside.

Waiter: There is a restaurant next to this disco.

Saanchi: Okay thank you!

Saanchi goes the restaraunt’s washroom and washes out the stain.

Saanchi: That Churail didnt had any other dress to spill drinks on. Why me? That too it’s white and my favourite dress. Today my day is bad.

Just then a girl comes and covers his eyes.

Kabir: Who is it?

The girl removes her hand.

Kabir: Shanaya!

The girl is Shanaya. (Assume Nikita Dutta as Shanaya who plays the role of Aanchal in Haasil) Shanaya and Kabir hugs each other.

Saanchi comes out of the washroom. Kabir and Shanaya are speaking with each other. Just then Jaya calls her.

Jaya: Hello Saanchi?

Saanchi: Maa?

Jaya: All fine?

Saanchi: Yes, I was enjoying but its just that the atmosphere is a bit weird here. What kind of people are here?!

Jaya: That’s why I was hesitant to send you there. But don’t worry Veer and Kabir are there right.

Saanchi: Yes that’s true. I will comeback home soon.

Saanchi spots Shanaya and Kabir speaking with each other.

Saanchi: Who is this girl with Golu? Is it Shanaya?

Here on the other hand,
Isha: Cmon give a kiss.(leaning for a kiss)

Veer: Not a kiss, you will be forever miss. (Pushing her back)

Isha: Aww how sweet. You called me pretty! Yes even if I marry you, I will still be young!

Veer: Idiot that’s not what I mean? I mean you will always remain a bachelor! You got it!

Isha: Anything for you.

Pragya sees this and she pulls Isham: hand.

Satish: Oh no now there will be a storm.

Pragya: Abe Oh Bhutni Dhayan shakal dekhi apne Aine Main(hey witch have you seen your face in the mirror)

Isha: Ho! How dare you!

Isha pushes Pragya. Veer holds her. Pragya comes and pulls Isha’s hair.

Isha- Pragya have a fight. Satish hits his forehead with his hand.

Shanaya: Look Kabir there is something I wanted to tell you from a long time.

Kabir: That?

Saanchi walks towards them.

Shanaya: I…..I love you Kabir!

Saanchi’s eyes widens overhearing and observing this.

Kabir smiles. Saanchi gets surprised.

Saanchi: (in her mind) That Shanaya will steal my love from me.

Shanaya: Kabir I really love you a lot. You also love me right?

Kabir: Yes I do!

Saanchi is stunned.

Shanaya: Since we both love each other,

Shanaya bends down. Kabir looks at her.

Shanaya: I just wanted to ask. Will you marry me Kabir?

Kabir holds her hand.

Kabir: Yes I will! I will marry you!

Shanaya hugs Kabir. Saanchi runs seeing this and she cries. Veer comes out of the disco.

Veer: Phew! Thank god that Yadav saved me that day, if not that girl Isha would have ….

Veer sees Saanchi running away and crying.

Veer: Miss Golgappa?

Saanchi runs and Veer follows her.

Veer: Why is she crying? Miss Golgappa!

Saanchi is runnning and Veer gets shocked as he sees a car about to hit her, Veer pulls her and Saanchi ends up hugging Veer. Sanveer’s music track plays.

Veer: Miss Golgappa?

Saanchi looks at Veer and again starts crying. Veer calms her down. He brings to her nearby, makes her sit in one of the chairs and brings water for her. Saanchi slowly drinks it.

Veer: Can you tell me what is happening?

Saanchi: Veer, Golu….

Veer: Bhaia? What happened? Tell me.

Saanchi: Veer actually….

Veer: Yes?

Saanchi: I love….

Saanchi gets surprised seeing something.

Saanchi: Shanaya?

Veer: Who? Shanaya? What’s she doing here?!

Veer looks and sees Shanaya. Shanaya is speaking to a tall bearded guy. (Assume Namik paul as that guy)

Shanaya: I love you.

Guy: I love you too.

Saanchi: Yeh ho kya ho raha hain? (What’s happening here?)

Veer: I love you!

Saanchi: Huh?

Veer: Nahi kuch nahi.(nothing)

Saanchi wipes her tears.

Shanaya bends down and proposes to the guy. She forwards a ring.

Shanaya: Since we both love each other, why don’t we get married? Will you marry me?

The guy gets emotional and hugs her.

Guy: Yes I will.

He kisses on Shanaya’s forehead.

Saanchi: Kitni bari dhokebaaz ladki hain yeh! (What a cheat she is)

Veer: Miss Golgappa don’t say like that! I know Shanaya! She is really friendly!

Saanchi: No! She is cheating boys!

Veer: Why would she cheat her long term boyfriend?

Saanchi is confused. Just then Kabir comes and claps for her.

Shanaya: Hey baby, look it’s because of this Kabir, I had the guts to propose you. I even practiced and thank god Kabir agreed.

Kabir: No shanaya, it’s okay. This is nothing.

Guy: His name is also Kabir.

Kabir: Yes you are also Kabir. I am also Kabir:

Shanaya: Correction. You are Dr Kabir, and this is my boyfriend(holding his arm) Kabeeer!

Kabir: Oh right! So Kabir, I mean Kabeer

Both Kabir and Kabeer laughs.

Kabir: It was nice meeting you. Tum aur shanaya ek duje ke vaaste bane ho. (You and Shanaya look made for the sake of each other. )

Saanchi gets it a bit.

Veer: Oh so, that Shanaya’s boyfriend name is also Kabir. That’s why I was thinking that why does she says I love you to Bhai on phone wheras Bhai is infront. I thought she went mad due to her brother’s torture!

Saanchi: Who is this Shanaya exactly?

Veer: Shanaya is our family friend. Actually Shanaya’s brother works in our hospital for quite long time.

Saanchi: And I was thinking something else!

Kabir comes to Saanchi and Veer.

Kabir: Saanchi? Veer? You both are done with enjoying in the disco?

Veer: Oh god please dont make me remind of this!

Kabir: Why what happened?

Veer: A girl named Isha, she was so drunk she almost ended up seducing me!

Kabir: What!

Veer: Well Yadav managed the situation well, by the way Miss Golgappa why were you crying that time?

Saanchi gets embarrased as she now understands crying due to a misunderstanding that her Golu loved someone else.

Kabir: Saanchi, you were crying?

Veer: Yes Bhaia, I saw her running and crying, I don’t know why. Miss Golgappa tell us the reason why were you crying!

Saanchi: That’s because…that’s because

Kabir: Is everything alright Saanchi?

Saanchi: Actually someone spilled drink on my dress so I went washroom to wash it. But I didnt like the atmosphere so I went to the washroom of the nearby restaurant. Then I lost my way, that’s why I started crying.(closing her eyes)

Veer and Kabir looks at her surprised.

Saanchi: (in her mind) What a lame excuse you made Saanchi! Ab toh tum gayi.(now you are gone)

Veer starts laughing.

Veer: Miss Golgappa, sometimes you are so childish!

Kabir: What Saanchi. This is not a valid reason. You could have called me or Veer.

Saanchi: Sorry, Golu but the phone….phone was with Pragya.

Just then Pragya comes. Pragya is scolding Satish.

Pragya: Why did you bring me here dragging? You could have let me tackle her.

Satish: Pragya let it be, that girl is drunk!

Pragya: I won’t spare here.

Isha comes out of the disco drunk and she takes a car and leaves. Pragya goes to take a rock to throw it and Saanchi and Satish stops her.

Saanchi: No Pragya!

Pragya: You know that girl she is such a devil she was trying to seduce Veer! And she said such cheap things! Such a witch!

Saanchi: Let it be Pragya. Thats why I don’t like coming to disco, you get some people here whom you can’t tackle.

Kabir: Pragya is everything alright?

Pragya: No! That girl, she spoiled my mood.

Just then Shanaya comes to thank Kabir.

Shanaya: Kabir, I must say thank you. Thank you so much for helping me out. I finally proposed Kabeer.

Kabir: How many times will you say that?

Pragya: Wait a second. You are thanking him because you proposed him. You mean you should thank him for proposing you or he should thank you for proposing him.

Pragya whispers to Saanchi.

Pragya: (in her mind) My condolence is with you Saanchi. Never mind there is still chance with Veer. You can select him.

Saanchi: Pragya!!!

Pragya: Sorry yaar, (gesturing to hold her ear)

Shanaya is laughing.

Shanaya: No no there is some misunderstand. This Kabir is not my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s name is Kabeer. With a beer and this is with a bir.

Pragya: Oh! Now i get it!

Pragya: (whispering to Saanchi) Bach Gaye Tu Saanchi!

Saanchi: Pragya dont make it obvious.

Kabir: I won’t ask what are you both talking about, unless if you want to let us know. What saved you!

Saanchi: Well, Golu I was saying her that I almost got hit by a car that time when I panicked and then Veer saved me. Thats why she said Bach Gaye. Right Pragya?

Pragya: (giving a weird look to Saanchi and then replying) Ya!

Kabir: Anyways let me introduce Shanaya to all of yoy”u. Well Veer knows her already. Saanchi, Pragya this is Shanaya, Shanaya Raichand our family friend,

Shanaya: Hi Shanaya here.

Shanaya handshakes with Saanchi and Pragya.

Shanaya: Well actually since I knew Kabir’s family well, so I stayed at Adarsh uncle and Neeta’s aunty’s house when I went to US for a summer course for three years.

Saanchi: you are also a doctor?

Shanaya: No, no I am an engineer by profession.

Satish: I am also an engineer. My name is Satish. Satish Kumar. Here is my card.

Satish passes the card to Shanaya.

Shanaya: Wow mechanical engineer cool! I am an electrical engineer though!

Satish smiles. Pragya speaks to him by whispering.

Pragya: Bohot Shaukh ho raha hain Shanaya se baath karne main. (You are enjoying speaking with Shanaya a lot)

Satish: Sorry.

Shanaya: Pragya jii looks like you like to whisper a lot.

Veer: She is not Pragya jii. Call her Yadav.

Pragya: I won’t spare you Veer Kasam se keh rahe hain him.

Just then Kabeer comes,
Kabeer: Hey let’s go Baby.

Shanaya: Kabeer these are Kabir’s friends. Saanchi, Pragya, Satish he is also an enginner and yes Veer you already know him.

Kabeer: Hi everyone.

Satish: Kabeer jii what do you do?

Kabeer: Well I am a photographer by profession. And staying with Shanaya is my passion for the last 2 years. We have been dating for the last 2 years. (Kissing her on the forehead)

Saanchi: (in her mind) This Kabeer loves Shanaya and I thought it was my Golu. How silly of me! Golu was just helping out those two lovers!

On the other hand, a guy is shown making an entry in the restaurant. He kooks angry. He opens his sunglass. (Assume Arjun Bijlani as that guy)

Guy: Tell all the interns of Savitri Devi college and hospital come here right now!

Garv: Who is this?

Ram: Savitri Devi College and Hospital’s senior doctor, the head and teacher for the interns Karanveer Raichand.

Garv slowly goes and runs away from there.

Karanveer: I just got news that the party has been extended to the disco too. Is it true!

Just then Garv comes running and panicking.

Veer: What happened Garv why are you panicking?

Garv: A very big problem occured.

Veer: Why what happened? Oh god did dad come!

Kabir: Oh Veer!

Saanchi: What’s happening?

Veer tells Saanchi everything about how he extended the disco.

Saanchi: Are you mad?!

Pragya: You were born mad.

Garv: We have no time guys!

Saanchi: Now what will happen? What will we answer if Anand uncle comes?

Garv: No! He came! Not Anand Uncle!

Veer: Who!

Garv: The head of the intern. Dr KaranVeer Raichand! Heard is very short-tempered more than Anand Uncle!

Veer: Oh no! Thats worse! Because its true that Dr Karanveer is really short-tempered.

Shanaya: What Bhaia!

Kabeer also gets surprised.

Saanchi: Bhaia?

Veer: Dr Karanveer Raichand is Shanaya’s elder brother

Shanaya: If Bhaia sees me and Kabeer together there will be a very big problem.

Kabir: Actually Dr KaranVeer doesnt know about Shanaya and Kabeer’s relationship.

Garv: We have to run away from here before Dr KaranVeer sees us!

Saanchi: How about other interns!

Garv: I have managed them and send back home! Some went back home some went to restaurant for dinner! Only you guys are left!

Veer: Idiot! You said as if he got to know we are in disco! (Pecking on his head)

Garv: He will! Because he is in restaurant already!

All: What!

Garv: So the best is lets run from here. If we go in he will realise cause he had some doubts already.

Veer: We have to go.

Saanchi: But we are so many people! Its not right , I think we should tell the truth.

Shanaya: No! Even its trouble for us, I am getting nervous now. My head is spinning.

Kabeer: Relax Shanaya. Don’t take stress. You have blood pressure problems also.

Saanchi: Then how!

Kabir: We should go somewhere nearby together so that Karanveer doesnt doubt us.

Saanchi, Veer, Kabir, Pragya, Satish, Garv, Shanaya and Kabeer goes together.

Garv and Veer takes Veer’s car.
Pragya, Saanchi and Satish takes Satish’s car.
Shanaya, Kabir and Kabeer takes Kabeer’s car.

Scene 5: Ice cream parlour
Pragya, Saanchi, Shanaya, Satish , Garv and Kabeer are seen sitting in a table together.

Pragya: What an idea given by that Nalayak. All of us having ice cream together! So cool!

Saanchi: Yes it is, if not that disco thing was so boring.

Saanchi: Shanaya you and Kabeer love each other so much then why dont you tell the truth to your brother. I am sure he will aprrove your love.

Shanaya: I wish he did. But he is really strict. Well Bhaia was the first person with whom I shared that Kabeer is my true love.

Garv: But he denied right!

Shanaya: Yes!

Satish: Why?

Kabeer: Actually Shanaya is from a Hindu family and I am from a Muslim family that’s why our family dont approve our relationship.

Saanchi: But that’s not right. So what if you both came from different religion?

Shanaya: Bhaia gave me everything I wanted. But he strictly denied about my and Kabeer’s love.

Kabir and Veer brings the ice cream.

Saanchi and Satish have strawberry ice cream, Veer has vanilla ice cream, Kabir and Kabeer mango ice cream, Shanaya lychee ice cream, Garv has chocolate ice cream and Pragya butter scotch ice cream.

They all eat ice cream together.
After eating ice cream,

Kabir: Guys, it’s first day at hospital tomorrow. Especially Saanchi, Veer, Pragya and Garv! And yes Satish you also have work tomorrow right!

Saanchi: Yes Golu is right we should go now,

Shanaya: It was nice meeting you.

Kabir: Well all of us have to go back now, Shanaya and Kabeer you both enjoy your long drive!

Shanaya and Kabeer thanks everyone and leaves for a long drive!

Saanchi, Pragya and Satish goes in Satish’s car as Satish will drop Pragya and Saanchi home.

Veer, Kabir and Garv takes another car as Veer and Kabir will drop Garv home.

As Veer and Kabir were about to go, Kabir realises Saanchi’s bag is wth him.

Veer: This Miss Golgappa’s bag is left to me. That time she went to the washroom she passed her bag to me. Let me go and give her.

Kabir: It’s okay Veer, I will go and pass it to her.

Veer: Okay then.

Veer sits with Garv and talks with him.

Saanchi is about to go behind as Pragya and Satish are sitting infront,

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi looks.

Kabir: Your bag. You left it with Veer.

Saanchi: I am so forgetful.

Saanchi takes the bag. They both lovingly look at each other.

Saanchi: Kabir you are so nice. You helped Shanaya and Kabeer so much.

Kabir: She is my friend. So won’t I help my friend!? I will help you too whenever you need my help.

Saanchi: I will always approach to you when I need help Golu.

Saanchi is about to go, Kabir doesnt leave the bag. Saanchi looks at Kabir.

Kabir: You really looked very beautiful today.

Saanchi and Kabir share an eyelock. Saanci takes the bag away.

Saanchi: Thank you, thank you Golu.

Saanchi sits in the car and leaves. Kabir waves her bye. He feels strange and doesnt understand what is it pulling him towards Saanchi. He looked behind as her car left. He is standing there,

Kabir: (in his mind) Why do I feel so different for Saanchi?

Veer comes there.

Veer: Bhaia, let’s go, its late.

Kabir goes and they leave for home.

The episode ends.

Precap: First day at Savitri Devi college and Hospital for KaVeSa

Hey all, thank you so much for reading my ff. I know that I am really slow in uploading my ff but what to do, I have such a tight schedule. I have classes plus some events plus I am going to do peer tutoring for student too. And plus this semester I have a lot of project related, due to which I rarely get time to write ff.

Thank you so much for waiting for my ff patiently. It really means a lot to me. Honestly speaking I have completely lost interest in watching SDCH, like I seriously don’t know what the makers are up to. I just see one episode in a week.

I rather prefer watching both the new shows that came on Sony, Haasil and Ek Deewana Tha, at least those two shows are okay so far. Any of you watches any of these two shows?

Anyways I would have perhaps stop writing as I have completely lost interest in the show, but you all encourage me so much and I really wanted to write this ff, so thank you once again.

Well, my story seem to be a bit dragging, but it would be better later on. The love track of KaVeSa will start very soon and also some twists are coming up soon. And once again thank you for having the patience to read my ff.

And i am really sorry I couldnt get to read all of your ff, but the ones i could manage to read are amazing, I don’t leave a comment but I do give a like if I liked the story, (but I only managed to read 2-3 of them this week ?). So sorry! Since I am not watching the show much, I would read the one shots first and the ffs later. Love you all.

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