Friendship or Love? (SanVeer and KanChi FF) (Savitri Devi College & Hospital) – Episode 3

Hi all. I am back with another episode of Friendship and Love. By any chance if you didn’t read the previous episodes, here are the link:
All Parts Here

And coming to the FF, well this episode will focus on how KaVeSa celebrate Diwali and also they would be having an outing as Saanchi will guide them in Agra.

I know it may seem dragging, but I really want the initial episodes to focus on their friendship mainly, that’s why.

To save your time, since this episode is quite long, and if you don’t wanna read all parts, I will say the initial parts maybe boring to some of you as it will focus on their Diwali with their families but the second half , you all will love it as it will focus on their bonding more.

And yes, the cover picture which I have for this episode is the Diwali attire of Kabir, Saanchi and Veer.

So here is the episode.

Scene 1: Agra
Saanchi and Jaya reaches Agra. They ring the bell. Ashok opens the door.

Ashok: Aap Aa Gaye (you came?)

Jaya: Where is Maa Ji? How is her health now?

Just then Saanchi’s Dadi comes.

Dadi: Jaya? Saanchi? You two came? (Smiling)

Jaya: Maa Ji? You are okay?

Khushboo: Yes, Maa Ji is okay and what else?

Jaya: Meaning?

Saanchi is also confused.

Ashok and Dadi looks at each other and they start laughing.

Ashok: See I told you they will get fooled,

Dadi: Saanchi, I am surprised you got fooled. How did you get fooled?

Saanchi: That means, all this? All this was a prank?(surprised)

Dadi: Look, I wanted you and Jaya to come and celebrate Diwali with me. But for the last 2 years you both didn’t even come here to celebrate Diwali. So that’s why I told Ashok, that look Ashok this time we have to convince Jaya and Saanchi to come here at any cost since Saanchi’s exams are over, so there is nothing to worry about.

Khusboo: Ab Log Bhi Na(You people also)

Jaya is surprised.

Jaya: That means Maa Ji is okay? Thank god I got scared.

Saanchi is silent.

Jaya: But what way is this? I had so much work. It is good that Saanchi’s friend agreed to deliver the order if not what would have happened?!

Dadi: There is solution of your work, so what’s the tension?

Jaya: But this is not right! I and Saanchi got so scared.

Dadi: Oho Jaya Happy Diwali. In Diwali, i want to see happiness on your face not sadness.

Jaya smiles and hugs Dadi.

Dadi: Saanchi you won’t join us!

Saanchi: (bursting out on them) What way is this! Here I and Maa got so worried getting the news you were sick! We left everything and came here at Agra without thinking! And it turns out to be a prank!

Dadi: Sorry Saanchi.

Ashok: So what wrong we have done?

Saanchi: It’s not about right or wrong, but how you all can do like this! This is limits!

Saanchi storms out and goes inside her room in the house.

Khushboo: Yeh Toh Gussa Ho Gayi (she got angry)

Jaya: Yes poor girl she was outside the whole day today , then she would be angry. And moreover her friend came over from US after many years.

Dadi: Who? Kabir?

Jaya: Yes.

Ashok: Saanchi looks very angry.

Dadi: Don’t worry I made her angry. I will convince her.

In Saanchi’s room,
Saanchi: Haad Hain! (This is limits)

Dadi comes and sits beside Saanchi. Saanchi looks at the other side.

Dadi: Sorry Saanchi!

Saanchi doesnt respond.

Dadi: Agar Mujhe Pata Ke Kabir Wapas Aa Gaya Toh Phir Main Kabhi Aisa Mayi Karti Saachi. (If i knew Kabir came back then I would have never done so, really)

Saanchi looks at Dadi.

Dadi: (holding her ear) Sorry Saanchi. Maaf Kardo Na Apni Dadi Ko. (Please forgive your Dadi)

Saanchi smiles.
Saanchi: It’s okay.

Dadi: I knew my grand-daughter can’t stay angry with me for long.

Saanchi: After all you are my lovely Dadi. (Pulling her cheeks)

Dadi: What?

Saanchi: (puts her hand down from her ears) Happy Diwali.

Dadi: Happy Diwali, meri rajkumari.

Saanchi: Dadi, you see i will decorate this house beautifully. I will do the rangoli and also decorations. Tell Chachi not to worry about that.

Dadi: Saanchi, because of me you couldn’t spend time with Kabir.

Saanchi: No Dadi! It’s okay. Infact Kabir is settling back to India forever!

Dadi: Really!

Saanchi: Moreover he is planning to join hospital then…

Dadi: Did he say I love you to you?

Saanchi: What Dadi you also. (Blushing)

Dadi: Don’t blush. I know how much crazy you are for him!

Saanchi: Yes! But Dadi, Kabir is too naive. He never gets it. That how much I love him.

Dadi: Patience, beta! Patience! Very soon, he will give in too.

Saanchi: Dadi, will Kabir love me?

Dad: Of course, yeh bhi koyi puchne wali baat hain. (Is this anything to ask?) after all who won’t fall for my rajkumari.

Saanchi smiles. Just then Ashok, Khushboo and Jaya comes there.

Ashok: So all fine between grand-daughter and grand-mother?

Dadi: Yes!

Saanchi: Sorry I couldn’t control my emotion. Anyways happy Diwali to you all, Chachu, Chachi and Maa.

They three wish Happy Diwali to Saanchi together and hug her. Dadi also joins the hug.

Saanchi: This time Diwali will be amazing here! After all Saanchi Mishra is at Agra.

Ashok: Wah Kamaal Hain! Yeh Hui Na Baath! (Great! This is the spirit!)

Saanchi: By the way, Chachu idea was not that bad. Looks like you got smarter by staying with Chachi.

Khushboo gets really happy as Saanchi praises her and smiles.

Jaya: Saanchi go and inform Veer if he is awake ,that everything is alright.

Saanchi: Oh yes!

Ashok: Okay its late now. And you both must be really tired. And moreover we must wake up in the morning for Diwali’s preparation after all we have to make this Diwali the best!

Ashok, Khushboo and Dadi goes to sleep after wishing Jaya and Saanchi good night.

Saanchi takes her phone and calls Veer.

Veer is sleeping and Kabir just freshes up and is about to go to sleep, he hears Veer’s phone beeping.

Veer: Who is it at late night?

Veer sleeps.

Kabir: Veer! Your phone?

Veer: Let it be Bhai!(fidgeting in his sleep)

Kabir sees his phone.

Kabir: (silently) Saanchi’s call? I think i should pick it up.

Kabir picks it up.

Saanchi: Hello Veer, listen, I actually called to inform Dadi is totally fine! There is nothing to worry about!

Kabir: Oh it’s great hearing that.

Saanchi: Golu?

Kabir: Happy Diwali Saanchi!

Saanchi gets silent and shocked.

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi: Yes! Yes!

Veer jumps out of the bed hearing Saanchi’s name.

Veer: It’s Saanchi’s call?

Kabir nods. Veer snatches the phone from him!

Saanchi: Happy Diwali!

Veer smiles.

Veer: Great! So you remembered to wish me Happy Diwali, Miss Golgappa!

Saanchi: Ya ya!

Veer: your Dadi? How is her health now?

Saanchi: She is alright!

Veer: Thank god!

Saanchi: Actually what happened was…

Veer sees Dr Malhotra coming towards him room, as he sees his shadow. He gets shocked.

Veer: Okay Miss Golgappa I will talk to you later and yes Happy Diwali!

Veer keeps the phone.

Saanchi: Hello Veer? At least wish Golu from my side.

Saanchi realises the phone call got cut.

Saanchi: The phone call got cut.

Jaya: He must be sleepy that’s why.

Saanchi: Yes. Never mind I will talk to him tomorrow.

Veer goes and jumps on the bed back immediately. He pretends sleeping. Kabir looks on confused. Dr Malhotra comes there and then he realises.

Dr Malhotra: Kabir you are still awake?

Kabir: Actually the time zone difference… so was having difficulty to sleep.

Dr Malhotra: It happens.

Dr Malhotra sees Veer sleeping.

Dr Malhotra: He fell asleep so early today.

Kabir: He must be tired.

Dr Malhotra: Okay now you go and try get some sleep. And you must wake up early tomorrow, after all it’s Diwali.

Kabir agrees. And as Dr Malhotra is about to go, he looks at Veer. He comes towards Veer and he clutches his eyes tightly. Dr Malhotra puts the blanket on Veer. Kabir smiles seeing this. Dr Malhotra leaves.

Kabir looks and he closes the door. He goes to the bed and whispers to Veer.

Kabir: See I told you! Bade Mama cares for you! It’s just that he won’t show that.

Veer: You let it be Kabir Bhai! You haven’t changed a bit right! I know you very well! Whenever you see anything, you will find smallest reason and make it into a Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham story of me and dad. These trick of yours won’t work anymore.

Kabir: Veer!

Veer: And yes Happy Diwali!

Kabir: We forgot to tell Saanchi that we are coming to Agra tomorrow!

Veer: Let it be Bhai. She must be tired and went to sleep by now. I will inform her tomorrow.

Kabir: Okay fine.

Veer and Kabir goes to sleep. Saanchi on the other hand, smiles seeing a picture of Kabir which she finds on social media and she goes to sleep after seeing that.

Next day morning,
Scene 2: Malhotra Mansion
Veer and Kabir comes downstairs. Its Diwali. Kabir is dressed in a black while, Veer is dressed in aqua blue.

There is a beautiful rangoli decorated on the floor and also the entire Malhotra Mansion is decorated with diyas and colorful decorations for Diwali.

Veer hugs Savitri and Kabir hugs Kusum and they wish each other Happy Diwali.

Savitri and Kusum does the puja. Kabir, Veer and Dr Malhotra attends it.

After the puja is done,
Savitri: Am missing Maa Jii so much here today if she was here today she would have been happier.

Dr Malhotra: Yes you are right Savitri. If Maa was here she would have liked it, but at the same time she herself wanted to celebrate diwali at the village this time that’s why I couldnt deny her.

Kusum: Maa will be so happy when she will see Kabir here.

Kabir smiles.

Scene 3: Agra
The house is decorated with a very beautiful rangoli and also simple decorations.
Saanchi is dressed in peach with the earrings gifted by Kabir and she is doing the puja.

Khushboo: (telling to Jaya) This Diwali I didnt even need to do anything! After all starting from the Rangoli till the Puja all is done by Saanchi!

Jaya smiles. As Saanchi is done with the Puja ,Dadi blesses Saanchi.

Scene 4: Malhotra Mansion
Here Savitri is serving food to Kabir.

Savitri: Kabir have as much as you want!

Kabir: Its enough Badi Mami!

Savitri: No! You didnt even take anything! (Even though the plate is full)

Kusum: Bhabi is right! Bhabi give as much food as you want to Kabir!

Kabir: What Maa! You also!

Dr Malhotra: Savitri, Kusum don’t force Kabir. Let him have as much as he want to. Infact I want some gajar ka halwa. Can you pass me some Savitri?

Savitri: Ab Toh Rehne Hi Dijiye(You let it be) you have diabetics and despite being a doctor you still want to have sweets?

Dr Malhotra becomes sad and Kusum laughs. Dr Malhotra looks at Kusum angrily.

Kusum: Sorry Bhai.

Veer is not eating and he is thinking. Kabir realises this and he gestures him by asking what’s wrong.

As Savitri look at the other side, Veer whispers to Kabir.

Veer: Bhai please ask Maa and Papa about us going to Agra.

Kabir: Look Veer I can convince Bade Mama, but it will be hard to convince Maa and Badi Mami.

Kusum sees them.

Kusum: What conversation is going on between two brothers?

Kabir and Veer looks.

Veer: Bhaia you say.

Kabir: Me?

Veer: Yes you.

Kabir: Actually, actually the thing is…. since I came to India after so many years. I wanted Veer and I to visit Agra.

Kusum: Then who is stopping you two? Jao Agra. (Go Agra)

Savitri: That’s a really good idea. And yes that’s where Saanchi’s Dadi lives so you both can meet her also!

Veer: That’s not the problem. The problem is that we decied to go there today evening!

Kusum: What!

Dr Malhotra: Veer you are immature I know that. Kabir just came yesterday and you want to bring him Agra tonight only. You both can also go later.

Savitri: Yes Anand is right! Today is Diwali! At least don’t go tonight. Go tomorrow!

Kusum: Yes Kabir and Veer go tomorrow.

Kabir: Oka….

Veer: No we have to go there today evening because Saanchi’s Dadi is sick!

Savitri: (worried) What happened to her?!

Veer: Her health deotraited, that’s why Jaya Aunty and Saanchi went back to Agra yesterday night when i and Kabir Bhai went to drop Saanchi home.

Dr Malhotra: Very good excuse you made Veer! And if she was sick, Jaya would have definately call Savitri.

Savitri: Actually Jaya did call me yesterday night but I couldn’t pick up her call.

Kabir: Veer is telling the truth Bade Mama. Saanchi’s Dadi is really sick! That’s why Veer said like that.

Savitri: (concerned) I think then Veer and Kabir both should go to Agra today evening!

Kusum: But Kabir and Veer can meet her tomorrow also!

Dr Malhotra: Let it be Kusum. Anyways, Kabir’s work will start from next week so its better they go today evening instead of tomorrow and also tomorrow’s flight are booked.

Kusum: But Kabir just came yesterday and they are going today! What is this!

Kabir: Maa! I will be back in 2-3 days! And then I will be there almost everyday as once my work at hospital starts I won’t even have chance to go out!

Veer: Please agree Buaji!

Kusum: Okay fine since you both are insisting then okay you both can go!

Veer and Kabir gets happy!

Kusum: But be back soon!

KaVeer: Okay!

Kabir and Veer goes to prepare themselves for the flight.

Savitri: Veer do update me about Saanchi’s Dadi’s health once you both reach there.

They agree.

Kabir and Veer gets ready to go Agra.

They reach there by flight.

Scene 5: Agra
Dadi is eating sweets.

Khusbhoo: Maa Ji why are you having these sweets! And Saanchi you are going to be a doctor, right! Why don’t you say Maa ji anything?!

Saanchi: Chachi don’t worry, these are sugar-free sweets. I made them with my own hands.

Khushboo: Oh okay then its fine.

Veer and Kabir reaches Saanchi’s house at Agra.

Kabir: I think we should have told Saanchi that we are coming to Agra.

Veer: Oho Kabir Bhai, you won’t understand. Imagine how happy and satisfied Miss Golgappa will be if she sees us here. Let it be a surprise.

Kabir: But Veer still…her grandma is sick.

Veer: Kabir Bhai you don’t worry. Okay you go in Saanchi’s house, I am bringing the luaggages and I will call Maa and inform that we have reached safely.

Kabir: Let me stay back. And when you are done then we will go together.

Veer: Kabir Bhai?

Kabir: No what’s the problem!

Veer: Bhai please! Let me do this!

Kabir: Okay fine!

Kabir goes to Saanchi’s house and rings the bell.
Khushboo: I will open the door.

Saanchi: Chachi you let it be. I will check.

Kabir gets a phone call, and he picks it up.

Kabir: Yes, dear.

Saanchi opens the door.

Kabir: Actually dear, I am at Agra. I have come here to….

As Kabir looks, he looks from up and down and he gets stunned seeing Saanchi and how beautiful she is looking.Saanchi also gets shocked seeing Kabir. They share an eyelock.

Just then Dadi’s voice breaks their eyelock.

Dadi: Who is it?

Saanchi looks. And then she looks at Kabir.

Saanchi: Golu? You?

Kabir: Happy Diwali, Saanchi! (A smile appearing on his face)

Saanchi: (in her mind) Am I seeing some dream? Golu and here? At Agra?

Just then Dadi comes there.

Dadi: Who is this, Saanchi?

Saanchi: Dadi.

Kabir: How is your health now Dadiji?

Dadi: What happened to me? I am always fit and fine.

Kabir is surprised. Saanchi doesnt know what to answer him.

Kabir: But Saanchi you told me that…

Dadi: Saanchi you know him? Wait, this is Kabir I think! Are you Kabir?

Kabir nods.

Dadi: Kabir beta!

Dadi gets really happy.

Kabir: You know me?

Dadi: Of course I know you. Why won’t I recognise you?

Saanchi: (in her mind) Oh no! I hope Dadi doesnt tell him anything!

Dadi: You are Saanchi’s friend how won’t I know?

Kabir: Oh yes

Dadi: Happy Diwali!

Kabir: Happy Diwali!

Just then Veer comes,
Veer: Hi Saanchi’s Dadi! Happy Diwali!

Dadi: Yeh Nalayak Bhi Aa Gaya! (This naughty boy also came!)

Veer: Main Nalayak Nahi. (I am not naughty) See I came and and you recovered.

Dadi: I was always alright! Is just that I played a prank like you so that Saanchi and Jaya comes and celebrates with us.

Veer: Oh! See! I came of your help! You also naughty!

Dadi: What is Naughty?

Veer: You didn’t wish me Happy Diwali.

Dadi: Yes yes happy Diwali.

Jaya and Khusboo sees Kabir and Veer.

Jaya: Veer beta! Kabir beta! You both!

Veer: Happy Diwali Jaya Aunty!

Jaya: Happy Diwali Beta!

Kabir and Jaya also wishes each other.

Veer: Actually, me and Kabir Bhai decided to come to Agra for a short trip since Kabir Bhai wanted to visit outside town.

Kabir: But…

Jaya: You did right by choosing Agra, Kabir!

Kabir smiles and he gestures at Veer why he lied and Veer gestures him that he is sorry.

Khushboo: Why are you both standing come in!

Kabir and Veer comes in and Ashok takes in their suitcase.

Ashok: Listen Khushboo they are from a very rich family take good care for them.

Khushboo: Sure.

They serve Veer and Kabir sweets. And they have it. They both enjoy the sweets.

Kabir: This sweet is so tasty! Who made it!

Before Jaya could answer,

Veer: (eating) Saanchi!

Khushboo: How do you know?

Veer: I have been eating her handmade food 2-3 years so how I wont know.

Kabir: Saanchi you make amazing sweets! I just love it!

Saanchi: (smiling) (in her mind) At least Golu liked it! Thats more than enough for me!

Saanchi: Listen guys you both must be tired! Have some rest!

Veer: Aisa Kaise Rest Karle? (How can we rest like that?) Today is Diwali and we will celebrate. No rest vest.

Saanchi: At least ask Golu!

Kabir: Its okay Saanchi. We are alright.

Saanchi: Okay then.

Veer and Kabir talks with saanchi’s uncle, aunf and Dadi. They enjoy.

At night,
Saanchi lights some sparklers and passes it to Veer and Kabir.

Saanchi: Here you go some sparklers!

Veer: Why don’t we burst some crackers!

Saanchi: No! Not at all! Crackers are not good and also they cause sound and air polution! Someone can get injuired too!

Veer: But whats the big deal in lighting one! Bhai you say something!

Kabir: Well Saanchi is right!

Veer: Bhai you also!

Kabir: Look Veer, its not a good practice to light crackers.

Veer: Bhaia please!

Kabir: Okay!(Kabir knows Veer will deny soon so he gestures Saanchi to pretend to be angry)

Saanchi: Okay then you both light up the crackers I am going! (Angry)

Veer: No! Okay then I won’t.

Saanchi smiles.

Veer: Now pass me the sparkler. At least something is better than nothing!

Saanchi: Good.

Saanchi passes Veer the sparkler, and Saanchi also take one and they three turn the sparkler. Veer smiles at Saanchi who is happily looking at the sparkler. And then as he gets distracted by a sound, he looks at the other side, Saanchi looks at Kabir and lovingly looks at him and stares at him. Kabir is happily looking at the sparkler and he is focused looking at the sparkler.

Just then Jaya calls them in,
Jaya: Saanchi, Kabir and Veer come in! You all have stayed outside for long!

They three come in.

Next day morning,
Scene 6: Outside
Saanchi: Veer! Golu!

Veer and Kabir comes out. Veer is yawning.

Kabir: Veer! Its 10am and you are still feeling sleepy!

Veer: Bhaia firstly I slept only for 3 hours yesterday because of talking with you the whole night.

Kabir: Let’s go if not Saanchi will complain.

Veer: Okay.

Veer and Kabir comes,

Saanchi: Let’s go now.

Saanchi, Veer and Kabir walks. Saanchi takes a rickshaw.

Saanchi: We will go to Taj Mahal first, and then we will roam around the city the whole day.

Veer: Okay then, you and Bhai take one, I will take one.

Saanchi: Two rickshaws! No way! We will go by one rickshaw!

Veer and Kabir looks at Saanchi surprised.

Veer: What! One rickshaw! Have….have you gone mad Miss Golgappa!

Saanchi: I am okay.

Kabir: Why don’t we just take an auto!

Saanchi: No! No auto! It will be triple the fare!

Veer: So what? At least all three of us can travel by auto comfortably.

Saanchi: I know Veer! If it was other places I would have agreed, but we are going to the Taj Mahal! I am damn sure they will hike up the prices in that pretext! And yes, in Agra I won’t let you all spend a single penny!

Veer: So we are paying for it? You no need to pay for it!

Saanchi: Veer! Golu! You both will enjoy it! It’s not about money. We will go by one rickshaw! It will be fun!

Saanchi is speaking with the rickshaw wala.

Saanchi: Bhaia, we are three person going by rickshaw!

Veer: (whispering) Yeh Miss Golgappa Jaisa Kanjoos Insaan Toh Maine Apni Zindagi Main Bhi Kabhi Nahi Dekhi. (I never saw somone stingy like Miss Golgappa before)

Kabir: Veer, We have no option also!

Saanchi gestures them to come and they sit.

Saanchi: You and Golu sit in this rickshaw now!

Kabir: Then where will you be sitting Saanchi?

Saanchi: First you both sit then you will know.

Kabir: Are you going to go there walking?

Saanchi: No!

Veer: What are you saying Kabir Bhai? This Miss Golgappa will never walk so far! I know her!

Saanchi: We all three will be going by rickshaw.

Veer: Oh! So you will ride the rickshaw, right!(smiling)

Saanchi: Shut Up Veer! Now silently go and sit in the rickshaw!

Veer and Kabir does so. Saanchi smiles and she gets up and sits between Veer and Kabir. Both are stunned.

Veer: Ah! My knee!!!!!!

Saanchi: Tolerate it for 10 mins. (Angrily) Sorry Golu, I know its a bit tough for you, but its just for 10 mins.

Kabir: Its, its okay….

Veer gestures at Kabir why he agreed.

Saanhchi: Bhaia let’s go!

The rickshaw driver drives it he struggles a a bit and then he suceeds to reach.

Rickshaw driver: Here you go, Taj Mahal.

Saanchi gets down. So does Kabir and Veer.

Veer: My knee! Miss Golgappa why are you so fat!(hoping on one leg)

Saanchi: Shut up! Just shut up! According to my BMI, I am perfect, okay!

Veer: You almost ended up fracturing my leg.

Saanchi: Veer, and Golu you both there and stand in the queue for the tickets. I will pay the fare.

They go to buy tickets.
Saanchi: Sorry Bhaia, I gave you trouble. And here is your fare.

Rickshaw driver: Only Rs30? I carried three people!

Saanchi: Not a single rupee more than 30. I agreed at 25, still I gave you 30!

The rickshaw driver unwillingly takes it.

They go Taj Mahal. Veer, Kabir and Saanchi walk around.

Saanchi: Here you go. The Great Taj Mahal.

Kabir and Veer gets stunned seeing Taj Mahal so does Saanchi.

Kabir: Wow! Beautiful! You know when I was in US I heard about this from many people from other countries how beautiful Taj Mahal is.

Veer: Yes Bhaia it is indeed beautiful! Even I stay India for so many years, I never came here!

Kabir: You know Veer and Saanchi my schoolmates used to asked me how is Taj Mahal? They used to be surprised to know that I never saw that place before. Now I know why!

Saanchi: It is indeed beautiful. Do you know why?

Both KaVeer nods no.

Saanchi: Cause it’s a token of love that everyone around the world knows about. When Mughal emperor, Shahjahan’s wife Mumtaz deceased he made this for her. It took him 20 years to make this Taj Mahal. Even after her death his love for her never died. This is indeed true love.

Veer: Yes it is.

Saanchi: Veer! What will you do for your love.

Veer: Well as you know I am Veer Malhotra. And I can even do the impossible things possible.

Saanchi: Like failing for your medical entrance, twice.

Saanchi laughs and Kabir also laughs and they give each other a hi-5.

Veer: Not funny. Look, when I will get my love, I will give her whatever she wants. (Lovingly looking at Saanchi and then staring at her with wide eyes to freak her out) I can even break the moon from the sky and give her that.

Saanchi: What! (She laughs) Moon! You let it be! The girl who will love you will prefer going to the moon instead of living woth you.

Veer: Why! She will be an astronaut is it?

Saanchi: Veer! I didn’t know you had a girlfriend who is an astronaut.

Veer: Stop your nonsense! I shouldnt have even told you.

Saanchi: Yeah yeah, and yes Golu! What kind of girl you want! What can you do for her? (Lovingly looking at Kabir)

Kabir: Me?

Saanchi: Yes! You?

Kabir: (a smile appears) Well look Saanchi, I don’t have much demad. I am okay with any girl, just three things I want in her. She should be truthful, respectful to my family and a good human being. And coming to what I can do for her, I will be really frank. I cannot do certain things, you know some things are just…just not in our hands! I will be the same towards her truthful and respectful and try my best to get her something she wants only if its possible. I cant give one false hopes also.

Saanchi lovingly looked at Kabir with the answer he just gave.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Kabir you are so smart and sensible. This is why I fall in love with you. At least I can be assured you won’t give me false promises and hopes and that’s more than enough for me. I can’t ask for anything better.

Veer: Wow! (Giving slow claps)

Veer: Kabir bhai if you say this dialouge, any girl will be compelled to fall for you! See you even shut Miss Golgappa’s mouth!

Kabir: Anyways, let’s see this Taj Mahal for a bit more time.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Just the way Shahjahan created a sign of their love for his Mumtaz, I hope God can create a path where I can get my love, my Golu, my Kabir!

Kabir: A pic is a must! What say Saanchi and Veer!

Veer: Of course!

Veer looks around.

Veer: But we must find someone who can help us take a picture of us!

Just then Veer finds a tall Indian tourist!

Veer: Excuse me!

Guy: Yes?

Veer: Can you help us take a pic of us.

Guy: Sure!

Veer, Saanchi and Kabir smile and the guy take a photo. The guy takes more photo as they pose together and also make some faces while taking photo. As Kabir looked at the other side,

Saanchi: Golu look here!

Saanchi holds Kabir’s face and tilts it to face the camera. Kabir looks and more pictures are taken.

Guy: Here you go.

Veer gets a phone call and he goes to talk.

Guy: Now if you don’t mind can you take a picture of me with this Taj Mahal?

Kabir: Sure.

Kabir takes the phone and takes his picture. Saanchi smiles. The guy likes the picture.

Guy: Wow, it’s really a good picture.

Kabir: Hope you liked it.

Guy: I loved it. Thank you so much. Enjoy with your wife.(looking at Saanchi)

Saanchi and Kabir looks at each other shocked.

Kabir: No, no you are having some misunderstanding! We are just friends!

Guy: Oh sorry I got it wrong.

Saanchi: Its okay.

Just then Veer comes.

Veer: Let’s go now.

Kabir, Saanchi and Veer roam around the city. Saanchi guides them and Kabir and Veer happily visit the city, they go Agra fort and take some pics there.

They three have kulfi together. Saanchi finishes her Kulfi fast, she tries to steal some from Veer. Veer doesn’t let her eat as they argue over it.

Veer: You are such a glutton(Bhukar). I won’t share my Kulfi with you.

Saanchi tries to have some with her mouth to bite some Kulfi , but she fails.

Saanchi: Thik Hain Mat De! (Fine dont give!)

Kabir is talking on the phone, Saanchi smiles. As he is busy talking and looking on the other side, Saanchi steals a bite from Kabir’s kulfi. And she smiles. Veer looks at her shocked
Veer: Kitni Bari Chor Hain Tu! (You are such a big theif)

Saanchi: Tu Rukh! (You stop!)

Saanchi runs to catch Veer and Veer runs.
Kabir sees this.

Kabir: Saanchi? Veer?

Kabir: (on the phone) No no i am not talking to anyone! I am listening to you! Continue speaking, my dear.

Kabir keeps the phone.

Kabir: (in his mind) Looks like I have to do this.

Saanchi runs and Veer hides behind Kabir.

Veer: I will tell Kabir Bhai what you did!

Kabir: Look Veer and Saanchi, I am really tired. Let’s go back home. And anyways its almost evening now. Jaya Aunty must be waiting for us.

Saanchi: Okay fine, lets go.

Saanchi goes. Kabir and Veer follows her.

Veer: (whispering to Kabir) Kabir Bhai tell this Miss Golgappa to take either an auto or two rickshaws. My back is still paining because of Miss Golgappa sitting between us.

Kabir: Then your knee should hurt not back!

Veer: The pain for my knee reversed to my back. Do something.

Kabir: (smiling at his silly reason) You don’t worry. And yes it’s not called reversed,its…

Veer: I know, I know.

Saanchi looks for a rickshaw.
Kabir: Saanchi why don’t we take an auto! I am very tired! It would be hard for me to ride on the rickshaw especially three person.

Saanchi: Okay Golu! I am trying to find an auto but its really hard to find one in this area.

Veer: Then Miss Golgappa and Bhai you both take one, while I take one.

Saanchi and Kabir agrees. Veer takes an rickshaw and goes.

Veer: Let’s go Bhaia!

Kabir and Saanchi waits for another one. They get it and then they go. Saanchi tells him the address.

Kabir and Saanchi sits in the rickshaw. Kabir happily sees the outside and Saanchi lovingly looks at him. As Kabir looks at her, Saanchi looks back,

Kabir: Saanchi!

Saanchi: Yes Golu!

Kabir: Thank you so much for being an amazing guide!

Saanchi: You said thank you to me. I am disappointed.

Kabir: Okay fine, sorry. No sorry.

Saanchi smiles. Saanchi spots something and gets really happy.

Saanchi: Golu! Look!

Kabir looks.

Saanchi: This is my school! Where I used to study till I shifted to Mumbai!

Kabir: Wow its big!

Saanchi: It was so nice memories. I remember how I used to return back home while walking, and go to school holding Papa’s hand.

Suddenly tears drop from her eyes.

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi tries her best to stop her tears.

Saanchi: Sorry I got emotional.

He gets it its due to her dad. Kabir wipes her tears. Saanchi looks at him.

Kabir: This doesnt suit you at all. What suits Saanchi is S3.

Saanchi: S3?

Kabir: Saanchi’s Special Smile.

Saanchi smiles and lovingly looks at Kabir.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Every moment, I love you more Kabir. Please stop me, I just cant stop loving you more and more!

Kabir: By the way I know you stole some kulfi from me just now.

Saanchi gets surprised and embarressed.

Kabir: I wont ask any explanation for that.
By the way, you are look very cute when you eat Kulfi.

Saanchi lovingly looks at Kabir. Kabir also looks at Saanchi smiling. They share an eyelock,

Just then the auto rickshaw driver says

Rickshaw driver: Here is your destination.

Saanchi pays the rickshaw driver.

Rickshaw driver: Only Rs15!

Saanchi: If you talk too much, I wont give any single penny! By the way you broke my dream! That’s why I cut Rs5.

Rickshaw driver: Dream? What did I do?

Saanchi: I mean to say. Look you toom shortcut, so why cant I also shorten the fees?

The driver has nothing to answer,

Saanchi: Lets go Golu!

Kabir: You go! I will be coming! I have a call to make.

Saanchi: Do come!

Saanchi goes. Kabir goes to the driver.

Kabir: Here you go your rest of the money. (Passing him the Rs10 note) and yes keep the change!

Rickshaw driver: Thank you Saab!

He happily leaves from there. Kabir talks on the phone.

Kabir: So all ready for the date? And yes I am coming back day after tomorrow.

Kabir smiles.

Kabir: This will be your best date ever, dear! And I can’t live without you!

The episode ends.

Precap: In mumbai,
Saanchi comes and he sees Kabir proposing a girl. The girl hugs Kabir.

Girl: I love you Kabir!

Kabir: I love you too dear!

Saanchi gets heartbroken seeing this!

Kabir plants a kiss on that girl’s forehead.

She runs away from there crying!

Veer sees this and follows Saanchi.

Hey, all so here is the episode. And sorry of posting it quite late, as I actually had work today and quite a tight schedule this week.The episode wasnt edited, so that’s why I got late in posting while editing it. And I am really sorry if I am making this dragging or boring. It will be more interesting in the future hopefully. I am glad most of you liked my FF so far, and yes the no. Of episodes will be based on the no.of comments for this FF.

As for Savitri Devi Collge and Hospital, frankly speaking I am really disappointed with the show’s current track right now. It’s dragging plus it’s still not revealed who is the pair. Sometimes I hear its Kaanchi and sometimes I hear it Sanveer which is really frustrating and confusing. I honestly am not watching the episode of SDCH these days as I am really disappointed even the trps are having a huge drop. I really wonder what the makers are up to. I am writing this ff as I love Kabir, Veer and Saanchi(even though Veer and Saanchi’s character have been spoiled by the makers, I MISS THE PRANKSTER VEER and THE DETERMINED SAANCHI like what about her mission, like what’s happening. )Now they will target to spoil Kabir’s character soon. I hope miraculously we can get back prankster Veer and determined Saanchi back. As for the pairing I really want it to be KanChi/SaBir from the bottom of my heart. No hard feelings towards SanVeer though, but it’s just so disappointing they spoiled SanVeer’s character! And yes I just love the background music of SanVeer. I actually admire some of the scenes they show for SanVeer they are so cute. But as a pair I prefer Kanchi their chemistry is just toooooooooo good! Like even if the scene is proffesional or not romantic even then the chemistry is evident in them. I have no problem with SanVeer but makers shouldn’t cheat the feelings of the fans for soo long Expected much better from this show.

All of your support through the comments is another reason why am I writing this FF.

As normal, I would be posting the next episode, next Sunday on 5th November.

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