Friendship or Love? (SanVeer and KanChi FF) (Savitri Devi College & Hospital) – Episode 2

Hi all. I am finally back with the second episode of Friendship or Love?

By any chance if you didnt read the previous episode(s):
Episode 1

Well, the initial episodes of this ff will focus on Kabir, Veer and Saanchi’s bonding. The medical hospital track and love track will start later on.

Here is the episode.

Scene 1: Malhotra Mansion
The episode begins with Saanchi lovingly staring at Kabir, while Kabir speaking.

Saanchi: (muttering to herself) You don’t know how much I was waiting for you for the last 15 years Golu. I love you Kabir.

Kabir looked and he finds Saanchi hiding behind the door. Kabir slowly went towards her.

Kabir: Yes?

Saanchi: Actually..

Kabir: Saanchi? Right!

Saanchi nodded.

Kabir: I knew it! It was really great meeting you after 15 years!

Saanchi smiled.

Kabir: You used to be such a chatterbox as a kid, now what happened? Why are you silent?

Saanchi was about to say something,

Veer: Kabir Bhai, you know why? Because Miss Golgappa ko laga tha ke main jhut bol raha tha, isliye woh chup ho gayi.

Saanchi: Tum toh rehne hi do Veer. You have done this thing earlier. Always lie to me, so that I come.

Kabir: Veer?

Saanchi: You know Golu, I have a long list of complaints of this Veer to you.

Kabir: (laughing) Yes, yes take your time and present the list to me. Where is the list? Give me. I will also read it.

Veer also laughs and Kabir and Veer both give each other a hi-5.

Saanchi: What Golu you also? I thought you will be on my side. (becomes sad)

Veer: Oh Miss Golgappa, this is my Kabir Bhai. My brother and he will always be on my side.

Saanchi: So what! He is also my Golu. My friend, my lo

Saanchi gets silent.

Veer: Chup Kyu Ho Gaye? You have nothing to say, right!

Saanchi: Tum Na Bilkul Nahi Sudhar Ne Wale,

Saanchi and Veer continues fighting, and Kabir comes in between and stops them stretching both his hand.

Kabir: Stop fighting the both of you! Even today you both fight like you both used to 15 years back.

Saanchi and Veer looks at each other angrily. Just then Savitri comes,

Savitri: Saanchi beta! Glad you came here!

Saanchi: Namaste Aunty.

Saanchi takes the blessing of Savitri and Savitri blesses her.

Savitri: Stay happy. By the way I just got to know from Jaya you topped your exams. Congratulations beta.

Saanchi: Thank you Aunty.

Kabir: Saanchi you topped your exams! That’s really great, congratulations.

Saanchi: Thank you, Golu.

Veer: Yes she had to be topper. After all she was my teacher too.

Kabir: Is it?

Veer: Yes Bhaia, if it wasn’t for Saanchi I would have failed my exams this time too. It’s only because of her I passed my exams with flying colors.

Kabir: Saanchi and Veer I am really proud of both of you.

Saanchi and Veer smiles.

Veer: You will always be proud of me.

Savitri: Thank you so much Saanchi beta.

Saanchi: Aunty, there is no thank you. Veer is also my friend. So I was just doing my duties as a friend.

Kabir: Badi Mami, where is Maa?

Savitri: Kusum is busy cooking dishes for you. All your favourite!m dish!

Kabir: What was the need of Maa of doing like this?

Saanchi: I go and help Kusum Aunty.

Saanchi goes.

Savitri: She is such a well-cultured and nice girl.

Kabir: Yes, Saanchi is always a good girl since her childhood. She is so helpful also.

Veer: (in his mind) this is one reason why I fall in love with Saanchi(smiling)

At the Kitchen,
Here Kusum is cooking in the kitchen..

Kusum: I wonder where is the salt?

Saanchi smiles and passes the salt to Kusum.

Kusum: Thank you.

Kusum looks and it’s Saanchi, smiling.

Kusum: Saanchi beta! You?

Saanchi: Aunty tell me what help you need?

Kusum: Nothing beta. Look Kabir came to India after so many years, so that’s why I want to cook everything for him with my own hands.

Saanchi: No no Aunty, I won’t cook. I will just be your assistant. I will carry the utensils and bring the items to you.

Kusum: Okay fine.

Saanchi: I don’t want to make Kabir have food poisoning by my cooking the first day only. (laughing)

Kusum: Bohot Acha Mazak Karta Hain Tu, now come and help me my assistant.

Saanchi: Okay madam.

Saanchi brings the items and Kusum does the cooking. Kabir comes and smiles seeing Saanchi and Kusum.

Kabir: Maa what was the need to cook for me?

Kusum: You shut up! I won’t talk with you.

Kabir: Ab Maine Kiya Kya Hain.

Kusum: Firstly, you didn’t even think of your mom. Your mom is a heart patient, and you gave her such tension. You didn’t even tell me you are coming, and now how will I cook for you in such a short span of time?

Kabir: Sorry Maa. But I just wanted to give you all surprise.

Kusum: Aisa Kaun Karta Hain. Veer se ye Sab Sikha Hain Kya. Mujhe Tumse Koyi Baat Nahi Karni.

Kabir: Please forgive me.

Kusum doesn’t agree.

Saanchi: Aunty Maaf Kar Di Jiye Na Ap Ke Golu Kitne Der Se Sorry Bol Rahe Hain.

Kabir: Please Maa! (holding his ears)

Kusum: Thik Hain Maaf Kardiya!

Kabir hugs his mom.

Kusum: Now leave me, I have to cook .

Just then Dr Malhotra comes in.

Dr Malhotra: Veer!

Kusum: Ab yeh Veer Ne Kya Kar Diya. Pass Karne Ke Bawajoot Yeh Phir se Sharati Karne Lage. Aaj toh yeh Veer Gaya Kam se. Zarror kuch garbar kiya hoga isliye Bhaia Bohot Guzze Main Hain.

Kabir: No worries Maa, after all I am here.

Dr Malhotra: Veer!

Veer: Yes, Dr Malhotra!

Dr Malhotra: Toh Aa Gaye, Lad Saab.

Veer: Jii Kahiye?

Dr Malhotra: Congratulations.

Veer: Thank you.

Dr Malhotra: For doing a hat-trick in failing.

Veer smiles as he knows he passed and his dad is too overconfident.

Kusum finishes cooking.
Kusum: The smell is amazing.

Saanchi: Yes it is.

Kusum: After all I have such a lovely assistant beside me

Saanchi: (in her mind) Aunty Main Apse Kaise Kahoon Ke Mujhe Apki Assistant Nahi Apki Bahu Bane Main Interest Hain.

Kusum: Now let’s go.

Kusum and Saanchi comes and sees Dr Malhotra scolding Veer,

Dr Malhotra: Firstly you tell me why were you so interested in giving medical entrance exam even after failing twice? Tell me.

Veer: Because I want to be a doctor.

Dr Malhotra: What a joke! You have made a joke out of yourself and your father. Why did you attempt for exam and failed this time too!

Kusum: Veer failed!

Saanchi: But he told me he passed!

Savitri: At least let him speak!

Veer tries to say something but Dr Malhotra scolds him.

Dr Malhotra: No no I am not asking you why you failed. Why did you even attempt the exam at the first place? What was the need of embarrassing your family again!

Veer: (closing his eyes) Papa I passed my exams!

Dr Malhotra is surprised.
Kusum: Ab Bajrangi Bhaijaan wala scene aane wala hain. Bhaia ko heart attack ane wala hain.

Saanchi laughs silently.

Dr Malhotra starts laughing.
Dr Malhotra: What a joke Veer! Now your lies won’t work because I personally checked the list.

Veer: Did you check the entire list properly?

Dr Malhotra: Yes? I checked from the bottom thrice, but I didn’t find your name.

Veer: Did you check from middle?

Dr Malhotra: You can’t even pass after attempting thrice then why will I check from middle?

Veer: If you really think your son failed then make a phone call and double confirm.

Dr Malhotra calls.
Dr Malhotra: Hello, I wanted to know that Veer Malhotra, is his name in the list?

Dr Malhotra waits and later he gets his answer.
Dr Malhotra: What! Veer passes and that too with 72%.

Savitri and Kusum gets happy.

Kusum: Yeh toh Veer ne Kamal Kar Diya.

Dr Malhotra keeps the phone.

Veer: Aap Ap Ko Apna Jawab Mil Gaya Dr Malhotra?

Dr Malhotra doesn’t believe it.

Savitri: You always underestimated your son. See how well he did today!

Dr Malhotra looks and sees a smiling Veer.

Dr Malhotra: But that still doesn’t change the fact he failed twice earlier on.

Veer, Savitri, Saanchi and Kusum’s expression changes.

Veer: Oh right! You are never happy with my achievements!

Veer leaves.

Savitri: This is limits! At least you should have praised him! Did you forget how hard he worked! He was even studying while having fever!

Dr Malhotra: It was not fever it was his excuse! To skip classes!

Kusum: Bhaia here I agree with Bhabi, you should have apprecitate and praise Veer. He would have liked it.

Dr Malhotra: Kusum, Savitri you no need to tell me what should I do. And Savitri you are the one who spoiled Veer!

As Veer was about to go, Kabir comes there with the gifts.

Kabir: Bade Mama?

Dr Malhotra looks at Kabir and smiles.

Dr Malhotra: Kabir!

Kabir and Dr Malhotra hugs.

Dr Malhotra: It was great seeing you in India after so many years. But you didn’t tell me you will be coming.

Kabir: I gave a surprise to you all that’s why I didn’t say anything.

Veer: (muttering to himself) Someone who doesn’t even appreciates the achievement of his own son, will never understand what a surprise means.

Dr Malhotra looks at Veer angrily.

Kabir: Anyways, I have brought gifts for everyone.

Kusum: Kabir beta gifts later, first lets all eat food. Its getting cold and anyways its all cooked by me.

Dr Malhotra: Then we should have it.

All eats food together.
Dr Malhotra sits in the front, while Kusum and Saanchi sits on one side, Kabir and Veer on the other side. Savitri is about to serve the food.

Saanchi: Let me serve the food.

Savitri: Thank you beta.

Saanchi serves the food.

Dr Malhotra: So what’s your plan.

Kabir: I have decided to settle in India forever. I want to help you with your hospital Bade Mama.

Saanchi gets really happy and she smiles. She continues serving the food.

Kabir: And also now Veer will also be there with us. And yes Saanchi too.

Dr Malhotra: The credit entirely goes to Saanchi as because of her Veer passed his exams.

Saanchi smiles.

Kabir: Veer worked really hard.

Saanchi: Uncle this is nothing. I didn’t do anything.

Dr Malhotra: No, beta making Veer pass is a big thing.

Saanchi: But you are not happy with it, so it doesn’t matter.

Dr Malhotra: Who said that? I am really happy.

Veer looks at Dr Malhotra.

Dr Malhotra: Well done Veer!

Savitri, Kabir and Veer smiles. Kusum and Saanchi also smiles.

Veer: I can’t hear properly can you say that again!

Dr Malhotra: I said well done!

Veer: Thank you!

Kabir: (in his mind) Saanchi is really smart.

Veer: (in his mind) Thank you Saanchi. Because of you dad praised me today. You are always there for me which is why I love you.

Saanchi serves the food to Veer and Veer looks at her smiling. Saanchi gestures him what is it and he nods no. She then sits and eats with the family too.

After dinner,
Kabir give everyone their gifts. They unwrap thier gift. Kabir gifts Veer a Titan Watch and gifts Saanchi a diamond earring.

Saanchi: This is sooo beautiful.

Kabir: You liked it?

Saanchi: I loved it Golu. But… this… this must be expensive.

Kabir: Saanchi it’s not about money. It’s about you like it or not.

Saanchi smiles.

Kabir: (passing her another gift) This is for Jaya Aunty.

Saanchi: Oh no I forgot to inform Maa that you came!

Saanchi is about to check for her phone.

Saanchi: Oh no!

Kabir: What happened?

Saanchi: I left my phone with Pragya.

Kabir: Now who is Pragya?

Veer: She is Miss Golgappa’s friend and neighbour. I tell you Bhai that girl is from another world. Completely crazy. I wonder how her fiancé bears her.

Kabir: Oh she is engaged?

Saanchi: Yes, last month only she got engaged.

Kabir: Bura Hua.

Saanchi: Kyun?

Kabir: Varna Veer ke Saath Iski Setting Kar Deta.

Saanchi: You know what Golu Main Bhi Yeh Soch Rahi Thi!

Kabir and Saanchi laughs and gives each other a hi-5.

Veer: This is not done. And yes Miss Golgappa, I will tell that Yadav what you said about her.

Saanchi: What that we teased you saying that you and Pragya will make a good pair? (laughs)

Kabir: So her name is Pragya Yadav?

Saanchi: Yes. You know her?

Kabir: No, but the name sounds really familiar.

Saanchi: You will meet her soon. By the Veer pass me your phone. I need to tell Maa that I will be late.

Veer passes Saanchi her phone.

Saanchi: Hello Maa.

Jaya: Hello Saanchi beta, where are you? The movie must have ended by now, you should be at home! And your phone must be out of charge, that’s why you used Veer’s phone right!

Saanchi: No Maa I didn’t went to watch the movie.

Jaya: Then?

Saanchi: Actually Kabir came to India today!

Jaya: What! Kabir came! (smiling) But Savitri never told me!

Saanchi: Maa no one knew. He gave everyone surprise,

Jaya: It’s good then. Everyone must be really happy.

Saanchi: Maa when I got to know this, I was near the theatre that time and I left my phone with Pragya. She will come and pass you my phone.

Jaya: Okay beta but do come quick. After all it’s Diwali tomorrow, and can you pass me the phone to Kabir?

Saanchi: Golu, Maa wants to speak to you.

Kabir speaks with Jaya

Kabir: Hello Jaya Aunty how are you?

Jaya: I am fine beta, glad to know you came India after many years. How are you?

Kabir: I am also fine, and it’s amazing staying here.

Jaya: I have a lot to speak to you with, pass the phone to Veer. I also have to congratulate him.

Kabir: Sure.

Kabir passes the phone to Veer.

Veer: Hello Jaya Aunty!

Jaya: Hello beta. I heard about your results from Saanchi. Congratulations!

Veer: Thank you Aunty! It’s all because of the sweets you served me with your sweet smile.

Jaya smiles.

Veer: Now you have a sweet smile on your face right?

Jaya: Okay Veer, now it’s late. Beta drop Saanchi home if you can, it’s very late now and I am a bit worried.

Veer: No worries. I will do that.

Jaya: Thank you beta.

Jaya keeps the phone.

Veer: Miss Golgappa let me go and drop you home. It’s late.

Saanchi: Maa said that right! Don’t worry Veer, I can manage with my scooty.

Veer: I will bring your scooty tomorrow. Anyways tomorrow is Diwali so you won’t need it tomorrow. Now come with me.

Saanchi: But Veer

Kabir: Listen to Veer. He is right. It is quite late now.

Saanchi: Okay, fine.

As Veer and Saanchi are about to go,

Kabir: Well if you both don’t mind can I accompany you?

Saanchi: Sure.(gets really happy)

Veer: Yeh bhi koyi puchne wali baat hain.

Kabir smiles and he goes with Saanchi and Veer.

Scene 2: Car
Veer drives the car while Kabir sits infront and Saanchi sits at the back.
Kabir: So Veer how did you feel finally you are graduated?

Veer: Such a relief! Now I won’t need to listen to those boring lectures and yes dad’s taunting.

Saanchi nods no at Veer’s childishness.

Kabir: Veer he does that for your good.

Veer: You tell me Kabir Bhaia, which father will scold his son for his hardwork. This is just not done.

Kabir: Veer!

Veer: But yes there is one thing I will miss.

Kabir: What?

Veer: Teasing Miss Golgappa.

Saanchi: Veer Ache Tarike Se Yaad Rakhna Ke Tum Pass Sirf Meri Wajah Se Hua Ho.

Veer: (telling Kabir)Dekha Apne.

Kabir smiles.

Kabir: By the way Saanchi how did you feel?

Saanchi: (smiling) It was great. At least I can now fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor and help others.

Kabir: By the way I have got an amazing idea.

Veer: No first let me tell my amazing idea.

Saanchi: Veer let Golu speak.

Kabir: It’s okay Saanchi. Veer say.

Veer: Look guys. Now since both I and Saanchi are free, plus Kabir bhai you just came, why don’t we go somewhere. Why don’t we three hang out somewhere together? Outside town.

Kabir: Outside where?

Veer: Goa. (smiling)

Kabir: That’s a great idea, Veer! Even I was thinking we three should go somewhere. But Saanchi, will Jaya Aunty agree? That’s important.

Saanchi: Maa?

Veer: If Aunty doesn’t agree, I am here. I will convince her.

Saanchi: She may agree. I don’t know.

Veer: Saanchi you want to go Goa.

Saanchi: Yes, I want to!

Veer: Then don’t worry I am here, and Aunty will never deny me.

Saanchi: No Veer that’s not the problem. Infact Maa never denied whatever I want to. But she will be left alone and its festival time also, the orders, I don’t know yaar.

Kabir: Veer, Saanchi is right! Well, we will go outside later.

Saanchi: No! We will go out. (determined)

Kabir gets surprised seeing Saanchi saying so with so much determination.

Veer: Then there is nothing to worry about Miss Golgappa. We will go Goa. I am going to book two rooms for day after tomorrow for three days.

Saanchi: Veer let me double confirm with Maa first.

Veer: Okay fine.

KaVeSa reach Saanchi’s house.

Scene 3: Saanchi’s house
Jaya is there waiting for Saanchi.
Veer: Here you go, your daughter.

Jaya: Thank you Veer beta and sorry for the trouble.

Veer: No problem. And I will bring Saanchi’s scooty back tomorrow.

Jaya smiles seeing Kabir.
Jaya: Kabir beta it is really great seeing you after so many years.

Kabir smiles and takes Jaya’s blessings. Jaya blesses him.
Jaya: You were in overseas, and you still have that culture thing in you.

Kabir: Aunty, I will never forget the culture my mom gave you.

Jaya smiles.
Jaya: Kabir and Veer come in.

Kabir: It’s la…

Veer: Okay Aunty, come in Bhai.

Kabir and Veer comes in. Kabir, Veer and Saanchi sits down.
Jaya: Kabir beta…

Veer: Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho.

Jaya smiles.

Veer: Yeh Kehna Chahti Tha na Aap.

Jaya: Yes. Okay I am coming back in a while and Saanchi here is your phone. (passes Saanchi the phone)

Saanchi takes the phone and checks her phone.
Veer: Miss Golgappa, you speak to Aunty regarding Goa.

Saanchi: Okay. Let her come.

Veer: And if she doesn’t agree, Kabir Bhai Hain Na.

Saanchi looks up.

Kabir: Me?

Jaya comes with three bowls of custard on a tray. She serves it to them.

Saanchi: (excited) Custard! My fav!

Jaya: You topped the exams so custard for that!

Saanchi hugs Jaya.

Saanchi: Thank you Maa.

Kabir and Veer smiles.

Veer: (in his mind) She gets happy at such a petty reason. Anyways I love seeing Miss Golgappa like this.

Kabir: (in his mind) Such a simple and happy family.

Jaya: Kabir and Veer, you both also have some.

Veer: Of course, after all there is magic in Jaya Aunty’s hand.

Kabir eats it. He likes it.

Kabir: Mmmmmm. Veer you are right, this custard is really amazing.

Jaya smiles.

Veer gestures Saanchi to speak. She denies gesturing, and Kabir gestures Veer to let Saanchi think. Saanchi sees this and she muster up courage to ask Jaya.

Saanchi: Maa.

Jaya: Yes Saanchi? Is there anything you want to say?

Saanchi nods.

Jaya: What is it?

Saanchi: Maa, I want to…

Just then the phone rings. Jaya goes to pick up the call.

Veer: What a timing!

Kabir: Veer wait. Must be something important.

Saanchi: Must be a customer.

Jaya: Hello?

Jaya gets shocked hearing something.

Jaya: What!

She gets really worried.

Jaya: Okay fine, I and Saanchi are coming there soon.

Jaya keeps the phone and rushes to Saanchi,

Jaya: Saanchi we have to go to Agra right now!

Saanchi: Why Maa? What happened? All of a sudden. Everything is alright?

Jaya: No! Beta your Dadi’s health has became worse all of a sudden. She is really ill. It was Ashok’s call. He is telling us to come to Agra as soon as possible.

Saanchi: What!

Veer and Kabir gets surprised.

Saanchi: How is it possible? Only today she was speaking with me normally on phone.

Jaya: I don’t know. I just know that we have to reach Agra as soon as possible.

Veer: I am going to book two tickets right now for you both.

Veer finds tickets online.

Veer: There is a train at 11pm which means after 1hr 30 mins. I will book two tickets for that.

Veer calls his friend.

Veer: Hello, I immediately want two express tickets for Agra.

Veer: Okay I will collect it from the station.

Veer keeps the phone.

Jaya is super worried. Saanchi consoles her.

Saanchi: Maa don’t worry dadi will be alright.

Veer: Saanchi you don’t worry we are here, you both go and pack your bags.

Saanchi agrees.

Jaya: The orders also.

Saanchi: Maa, you don’t worry. Okay fine, you go and do packing. I will pass the orders to Pragya. She said she is free this entire week. She will do the work.

Jaya: Okay fine. Thank her on my behalf.

Veer: Saanchi, I go with you, and Kabir Bhai you help Jaya Aunty.

Kabir: Sure.

Veer: Saanchi lets go.

Saanchi briefs Pragya and passes her the orders. Veer brings in a few boxes with packets of Chakli inside.

Pragya: You don’t worry Saanchi yaar all will be fine.

Saanchi: Pragya if anything just give me a call, okay?

Pragya: Alright and you take care of yourself and your family.

Kabir helps Jaya. Kabir and Veer drops Saanchi and Jaya to the station.
Jaya and Saanchi are in the train.

Veer: Saanchi if anything call.

Saanchi nods.

Jaya: All these? And that too before diwali?

Saanchi consoles a worried Jaya.

Saanchi: Maa, Dadi will be fine.

Saanchi also gets worried, and as the train is about to leave. Kabir holds Saanchi’s hand as she holds the rail of the window of the train. Saanchi looks at Kabir.

Kabir: Everything will be alright.

The train leaves and Kabir and Saanchi share an eyelock. They leave their hands. Kabir waves them bye. Veer also waves them bye. Saanchi and Jaya also waves them bye.

Scene 4: Veer’s Room
Kabir is at Veer’s Room. Veer is talking with Kabir.

Veer: I feel so bad for Saanchi she had to rush like that to Agra all of a sudden. Poor girl.

Kabir looks on.

Veer: Bhai you know, Saanchi is so hardworking. Since morning to night, she does her sports, exercise and also during classes she used to study. Now that her exams are over, she should relax but she is helping her mother instead.

Kabir: Everyone should this. Saanchi is doing the right thing.

Veer: Sometimes I feel so bad for her. I really respect her a lot she is so hardworking.

Kabir: It’s good you appreciate what she is doing but there is nothing to feel bad about in that. She is carrying her duties sucessfully.

Veer: Bhai how I wish we three could go Goa together, but her Dadi fall sick. Poor Saanchi she was so excited to celebrate Diwali this time.

Kabir: Now we can just hope and pray that her Dadi gets well soon.

Veer: By now Saanchi should have reached Agra. I told her to message me.

Just then Veer gets a message.
Veer: Its her message. She reached Agra.

Kabir smiled.

Veer: Kabir Bhai I have decided something.

Kabir: What is it?

Veer: I decided why not we go Agra instead of Goa.

Kabir: Veer we can’t do holidaying there. Her granny is sick.

Veer: No! I mean that why don’t we go and visit her Dadi at Agra. Saanchi will like it and feel better.

Kabir gets thinking.

Veer: After all its Diwali and we should make one happier on Diwali.

Kabir: That’s a better idea. We should visit her Dadi.

Veer: Then tomorrow evening after celebrating Diwali we will go to Agra, what do you think?

Kabir gets thinking.
Kabir: We can do that.

Veer: Okay then I will book our flight for tomorrow evening.

Kabir: Okay done. And now it’s late. Let’s go to sleep. And yes Happy Diwali.

Veer: Happy Diwali Kabir Bhai.

And they both go to sleep.

The episode ends.

Precap: Veer and Kabir decides to go Agra to visit Saanchi!

So here is the second episode. I hope it isn’t boring. I focused more on Kabir, Veer and Saanchi’s bonding with each other’s family here. The next episode will show more of Saanchi, Kabir and Veer bonding when Kabir and Veer will go to Agra to help out Saanchi.

And as for the sequel of Why did I fall for you? I have decided to write that on mid-november as i want to think of a better story for it. And the sequel will be named as I will always there for you.

This week I managed to update twice or even thrice, but next week onwards i can only update once. The reason why I could update more frequently this week is because it was my first week of the semester and the topics were quite easy. Plus I do a part time job and I didnt have shifts. But next week, I have shifts plus my classes so that’s why I can update only once a week.

Next update will be posted on next Sunday, 29th October.

Till then stay tuned.

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