Friendship or Love? (SanVeer and KanChi FF) (Savitri Devi College & Hospital) – Episode 1

Hi all. I am finally back with the first episode of friendship or love ff. I am really glad you all really liked the intro. By any chance if you didnt like the intro here is the link:


And thank you so much for the overwhelming response and I am so glad you all still remembered me and my previous ff.

Coming to the first episode, it will mostly focus on the childhood of Saanchi, Kabir and Veer on how they three become friends, and the last few parts there will be a leap.

Here is the episode.

The story begins with a 14 year old guy studying with full attention. He studies with full attention. One of his book has his name tag. “Kabir Kapoor”. Yes the boy is Kabir. Just then the alarm rings he smiles.
(Assume the boy who plays Krishna in Bhootu as the 12 year old Kabir)

Boy: Veer, wake up, it’s time for you to wake up.

(No respond)

The boy smiles and he goes to Veer who is 11 years old . He takes out the blanket.
(Assume Shivansh Kothania as the 11 year old Veer)

Veer: Please Bhaia let me sleep. Anyways today is holiday. At least let me sleep today.

Kabir: It’s 11am now how much will you sleep!

Veer: Till tomorrow. (He again goes to sleep)

Kabir: Veer wake up if not Bade Mama will scold you.

Veer: Papa always scolds me. So no use of saying.

He again falls asleep.

Kabir smiles. And he tickles Veer. Veer laughs and wakes up.

Veer: What Bhaia! You didn’t even let me sleep peacefully. I saw such a nice dream.

Kabir: Acha Mujhe Bhi Toh Pata Chale.

Veer: I became a superhero!(folding his arms, proud)

Kabir laughs.

Just then they hear a voice.
Guy: Veer!

Veer and Kabir gets scared. They go down scared.

Veer: Kabir Bhaia please help me.

Kabir: Don’t worry Veer. I will do something.

Kabir goes

The guy turns out to be Dr Malhotra with some hair. ???

Dr Malhotra: What is this Veer you just woke up! You are getting naughtier day by day.

Veer: Sorry!

Dr Malhotra: Today I won’t spare you.

Dr Malhotra goes to raise his hand. Veer closes his eyes.

Veer: (in his mind) Kabir Bhai please do something.

Just then Savitri comes there. Dr Malhotra keeps his hand away.

Savitri: You were about to hit my Raja beta.

Veer goes to Savitri and hugs her.

Dr Malhtora: Savitri?

Savitri: I told you I won’t tolerate if you hit Veer.

Veer looks at Kabir and Kabir gestures that the situation is managed.

Savitri: Look I don’t want to fight with you, I just came here to tell you that Jaya and Sunil are coming here tonight.

Dr Malhotra gets happy.

Dr Malhotra: Oh really!

Veer and Kabir looks on confused.

Kabir: Bade Mama who are they?

Savitri: Kabir beta Jaya Aunty is my childhood friend. They live in Agra, and they shifted recently. So I invited them.

Veer: Do they have any children?

Savitri laughs.

Savitri: Yes they have a girl.

Veer: A girl! Why not a boy?(not pleased)

Savitri laughs.

Savitri: Veer don’t say like this and when she comes behave nicely with her, okay.

Veer is not pleased at all.

Later at night,
Veer is doing something on a paper.

Savitri: Veer!

Veer: Coming

Veer safely keeps it.

Veer: No one should see this.

Veer goes and comes downstairs.

Veer comes. Jaya and Sunil are there. And a little girl, is there holding Jaya’s hand. (Assume Spandan Chaturvedi as 8 year old Saanchi)

Savitri bends down and pampers the girl.

Savitri: How are you Saanchi beta?

Saanchi: Namaste Aunty. I am good,

Yes its, Saanchi.

Savitri: Veer you were asking me who is Jaya Aunty and Sunil Uncle? Here they are.

Jaya: He is such a cute boy.

Jaya pulls Veer’s cheek. Veer doesn’t like it and he makes a cute annoyed face. Teenager Priya tries to laugh .Kabir smiles.

Kabir: Namaste Aunty. Namaste Uncle

Jaya: Namaste Beta.

Saanchi smiles looking at Kabir and Veer. Kabir also smiles. Veer gets annoyed.

Savitri: Bring Saanchi with you Veer.

Veer looks at Kabir. Kabir gestures him to agree and he takes Saanchi.

In Veer’s Room
Saanchi: Wow your room is soooo big!

Veer: Hmm.

Veer plays with his car. Saanchi is sad as Veer doesn’t play with her. She gets bored and just then she smiles seeing something.

Veer hears Saanchi laughing. Veer looks surprised and he gets shocked.

Saanchi: You got only 2 out of 10 for maths. (Laughing)

Veer: This is mine.

Veer tries to snatch the paper,

Saanchi: No you only got 2. I will show this to everyone you never play with me

Veer: Give it to me.

Saanchi: No!

Veer: I said give it to me!

Veer and Saanchi fights over the paper, Kabir comes and he gets surprised seeing this. Veer tries to snatch the paper. Veer gets angry and he pushes Saanchi as he tries to take the paper.The vase breaks and falls on Saanchi’s hand. She gets injuried as her hand bleeds and she cries.
Veer runs away(scared)

After Saanchi is treated.

Saanchi: Mamma, it’s paining.

Jaya: Don’t worry beta it will be fine.

Savitri: I am so sorry Jaya,

Jaya: Don’t say sorry Savitri it’s not your fault.

Savitri scolds Veer.
Savitri: Veer why did you do like this?

Veer gets scared.

Saanchi: Aunty Veer didnt do anything.

Veer gets surprised. He looks at Kabir and understands Kabir did something,

Saanchi: I just tripped and fall down and then that vase fall on me.

Saanchi looks at Kabir and Kabir smiles. Kabir gets into a flashback,

As Saanchi got hurt she is crying badly. Kabir goes and rushes to her.

Kabir: Are you okay!

Saanchi nods no.

Kabir: Maa!

Kabir brings Kusum.

Kusum: (shocked) What happened to Saanchi?!

Kabir: She got injuired.

Kabir and Kusum helps her and makes her lie on the bed.

Kusum nurses her wound. Saanchi cries.

Kusum: Don’t worry beta, it will heal soon. (Applying the ointment)

Saanchi: It’s paining.

Kusum: Let me call Jaya and Sunil jii. Golu you take care of Saanchi by then.

Kusum goes

Kabir: Don’t cry.

Saanchi still doesnt stop and Kabir tries to console her.

Kabir: Should I tell you a story?

Saanchi agrees. Kabir tells a story and Saanchi listens to him.

Kabir: So you like it?

Saanchi nods.

Kabir: Can you do something for me?

Saanchi: What?

Kabir: please don’t tell anyone you got hurt because of Veer.

Saanchi: I am not going to lie. It’s a bad thing.

Kabir: I am not telling you to lie.

Saanchi: No, it’s real I saw his maths paper where he got only 2. Just 2 (showing her two fingers) and then when I said I will tell everyone then he pushed me.

Kabir: But I saw you tripping down. Veer was about to take the paper that’s why it looked like he pushed you.

Saanchi: Is it?! (Gets thinking)

Kabir: Yes.

Saanchi: Then it must be like that. You are very nice.

Kabir: Friends? (Forwards his hand)

Saanchi handshakes with Kabir and smiles.

Kabir: And can you do a favour for your friend?

Saanchi: What?

Kabir: Please dont tell anyone Veer failed his exams.

Saanchi: But he only got 2.

Kabir: If you were in his place and he told everyone would you like it.

Saanchi: No.

Kabir: Then?

Saanchi: Okay okay Golu I wont tell anyone.

Kabir: Golu?

Saanchi: Your name is Golu right. I heard your Mamma calling you Golu. Now don’t tell me that’s a lie too.

Kabir laughs.

Kabir and Saanchi bonds.

Later, it was time for Jaya, Sunil and Saanchi to leave.

Jaya: Savitri we should go now. It’s late.

Savitri: Do come again.

Jaya: Sure. (Hugging Savitri)

Saanchi looks at Kabir and happily waves him bye. Kabir smiles. Veer looks at Kabir and he feels a bit for Saanchi. He also waves bye for Saanchi. Saanchi doesn’t look at him and leaves. Veer feels really bad.

After some days,
Jaya: Savitri, Sunil have an appointment with doctor. I am going with him. Can you look after Saanchi I can’t even take her with me?

Savitri: Yes you can go, and Saanchi will stay here.

Jaya leaves. Kabir and Veer comes from school. Veer smiles seeing Saanchi.

Saanchi: So you already came Golu.

Saanchi holds Kabir’s hand and leaves. Veer feels bad. Kabir realises this and he decides to help them.

Kabir holds Saanchi’s hand and Veer’s hand and takes them to the garden,

Saanchi: Wow the garden is so beautiful.

Saanchi gets happy seeing the flower. Veer stays there.

Kabir: Veer what happened why are you not playing with Saanchi?

Veer: Kabir Bhaia she got injured because of me a few days ago. She must be angry on me.

Kabir: Do one thing. Make her a flower crown and she will be happy.

Veer smiles and he does that. He goes to Saanchi who is playing.

Veer: I am sorry Saanchi.

Saanchi: Why?

I scolded you and got you hurt.

Saanchi: Oho Buddhu(hitting her forehead with her hand), I fall down you didnt hurt me. You just tried to take the paper and then I tripped.

Veer: Then why are you angry with me?

Saanchi: I am not angry. You don’t like me, so I don’t like you.

Veer: I behaved badly with you. So this is a sorry gift from me. (Passing her the flower crown)

Veer makes her wear and they bond. Kabir smiles seeing this. And the thunderstorm starts and Kabir realises its going to rain. He runs to them opening the umbrella he got nearby.

Kabir: You two go in right now.

Veer: But I want to play more.

Saanchi: I want to see the flowers,

Kabir: See that later.

Veer: No Saanchi will be going back once her Mamma comes. I want to play with her.

Kabir: But it’s going to rain. You two will get wet and get cold.

Saanchi: Please Golu.

Veer: Please.

Kabir: No.

They get sad and it starts raining. Kabir immediately puts the umbrella under Saanchi and Veer. Due to which he gets wet.

Kabir: Go in now.

Veer and Saanchi runs inside as Kabir carries the umbrella to protect them.

Kusum is drying Kabir’s hair with the towel scolding him.

Kusum: I told you so many times not to get wet in the rain.

Saanchi and Veer sees this from far and feels bad seeing Kabir getting scolded.

Saanchi: Veer i think we should tell Golu’s Mamma the truth.

Veer: Yes.

Saanchi and Veer goes in.

Veer: Buaji, I have something to say. (Keeping his head down)

Kusum: Yes Veer. Say.

Saanchi: Golu got drenched in the rain because of us. He warned us but we didnt listen.

Both Veer and Saanchi’s head are down. Kusum smiles.

Kusum: I am sorry beta I scolded you for no reason.

Kabir: It’s okay. (And he sneezes)

Veer and Saanchi: Sorry!

Kabir: It’s not both of you’s fault

Kusum: My son is so good.(patting Kabir’s head)

Kusum hugs Kabir. Saanchi and Veer smiles. Kusum forwards her hand for a hug, Saanchi and Veer runs and they KaVeSa and Kusum they four share a hug.

One day,
Jaya and Sunil brings Saanchi, Kabir and Veer outside to a fair. They have a lot of fun. As they play games together.

They go on the ferris wheel together. And then they play some carnival games. Veer and Saanchi tries but they fail. Kabir wins 2 times and he gives both his prizes to Saanchi and Veer. They happily take them.

They also go on a roller-coaster where Veer and Saanchi are sitting infront and Kabir at the back. Veer gets scared and Saanchi teases him. When Veer starts crying Saanchi feels bad and holds his hand tightly. Veer smiles. Kabir also smiles seeing this.

As they were returning back, Saanchi sees a golgappa stall and she tells Jaya and Sunil to stop.

Saanchi: Mamma, Papa I want to have some golgappas.

Papa: Okay beta.

Jaya: Saanchi, what’s this? First ask Kabir and Veer if they are fine with it.

Kabir: Sure, I would love to have some golgappas too.

Veer: But Bhaia you don’t….

Kabir: Yes I didn’t have it for many days. So i want to try it out today.

Jaya: Veer?

Veer: Golgappas. No I don’t want to have them.

Jaya: Saanchi no golgappa. Veer doesnt like it. What will he think!

Saanchi whispers to Veer.

Saanchi: If you don’t agree to have golgappa with us, then I will reveal to Priya dii that you broke her favourite wind chime this morning when she comes back from her camp.

Veer gets scared and starts gulping.

Veer: No no. I don’t mind since Saanchi is saying it’s so nice. So i should try!

Sunil: Jaya, now even the kids are fine with it. Let them have some golgappa.

Jaya: Okay fine, but don’t overeat street food, especially you Saanchi!

Saanchi: Okay.

Sunil gets them down and brings Saanchi, Kabir and Veer to have golgappa.

Saanchi eats 2-3 plates of golgappa fast, Kabir eats one slowly and nicely. Veer doesn’t eat any.

Sunil: Veer beta you have some golgappa?

Veer: No no it’s okay.

Saanchi: Have it.

Saanchi forcefully puts one in his mouth and he spits it out.

Veer: Yuck! I hate it! My taste got spoiled.

Saanchi: Veer! Golgappa ke bare main kuch bhi nahi.

Kabir: Veer it’s not that bad.

Veer: You eat so much golgappa, that’s why you are like golgappa. Bahar se Mulayam, Andar se Tikha Mirchi! Miss Golgappa Naam Main Deta Hu Tujhe Saanchi!

Saanchi: Kya? You called me Miss Golgappa?! I am some human, not some food. I admit I love golgappa, but what kind of name is this?

Veer: I will call you Miss Golgappa from today onwards, not Saanchi. Miss Golgappa!

Saanchi: See Golu, say something.

Kabir: Saanchi, if you can call me Golu, then why can’t Veer call you Miss Golgappa?

Veer: Bolo bolo.

Saanchi: Okay fine, you can call me Miss Golgappa. But in one condition. I will have another plate of golgappa.

Veer: Hai Bhagwan, Kitni Khati Hain Yeh Ladki.(hittinh his forehead with his hand)

Kabir and Saanchi feeds each other golgappa. Veer goes with Sunil and Sunil buys ice cream for him. He buys for Saanchi and Kabir too.

Veer brings for himself Vanilla, he brings Mango for Kabir and Strawberry for Saanchi.

They eat ice cream and also feed each other to taste the other flavour too. Sunil and Jaya smiles seeing their bond.

Jaya: Nazar Na Lage In Teeno Bache Par.

One day,
Saanchi fixes the wind chimber taking a a bit help from Kabir and to cover the broken parts she gets some idea and use some decorations.

Veer gifts that to Priya.

Priya: Wow this is so pretty. Wait is that….

Veer: Sorry dii I broke your favourite wind chamber while playing football.(his head down)

Priya: It’s okay bacha.

Priya hugs Veer. Kabir and Saanchi smiles. Later Veer comes to Saanchi,

Veer: Thank you Miss Golgappa.

Saanchi: You are welcome. Now let’s all three play something.

Kabir: What?

Veer: Ludo!

Veer-Saanchi and Kabir plays Ludo.

At living room,
Just then Dr Malhotra calls out Kabir.

Dr Malhotra: Kabir!

Kabir goes to Dr Malhotra. Veer and Saanchi also follows him.

Kabir: What happened Bade Mama?

Dr Malhotra hugs Kabir. Kabir is confused. Kusum and Savitri also comes there.

Kusum: What happened Bhai? Why did you call us like that here?

Dr Malhotra: Today I am so proud of Kabir.

Kabir is totally confused.

Kusum: Can someone is telling me what’s happening?

Dr Malhotra: Kabir has done really good results as you all know. He has already made us proud by becoming a state topper in his board exams.

Kusum: Yes

Dr Malhotra: So I applied for scholarship for Kabir in US. And guess what it got

Savitri, Jaya and Sunil becomes happy. Kusum and Kabir gets surprised.

Kusum: But Bhai?

Dr Malhotra comes and pats Kusum.

Dr Malhotra: You are not proud over your son’s achievement?

Kusum: I am. Infact I got a perfect son like Kabir. More than perfect. What else can I ask for? But at the same time, Kabir is my only child. And after his dad’s death….. how will I live without him Bhai?

Dr Malhotra: I understand Kusum what are you trying to say. Dont worry we will visit Kabir every year. This is about his bright future. This is the best opportunity. Think how sucessful Kabir will become there in the future. The education in US is of another class.

Kusum: I will think about it.

Dr Malhotra: I know you are worried about Kabir. Don’t worry about him, Adarsh and Neeta are there in US. They will take good care of him.

Kusum: But how will I live without Kabir?

Kabir becomes sad.

Dr Malhotra: Kusum, I know what’s going through. But some sacrifices have to be made. And Savitri, I, Priya, Veer, is here with you.

Kusum gets thinking and she decides.

Kusum: Okay fine I will give permission to send Kabir to US. As a mom, I want his bright future too. I want him to live with me. But I can’t be so selfish.

Kabir becomes sad.

Dr Malhotra: That’s like my sister.

Saanchi and Veer sees this.

Saanchi: So does that mean Golu will leave us and go for US?

Veer: i think so Miss Golgappa

Kabir’s Room,
Kabir: Maa I don’t want to go US. I want to stay and live here.

Kabir rests on Kusum’s lap.

Kusum: I know beta.

Kabir: Then why did you agree?

Kusum: It’s for your good there. Your Bade Mama did a lot for us. And he is doing all these for you only, sending to US.

Kabir: Maa I can pursue my studies in good school here also too. And Veer and Saanchi, they are my best friends. How will I live without them and you?

Kusum: I understand beta but I can’t do anything. Once you go US, everything will be automatically alright.

Kabir: I will be so lonely there.

Kabir becomes sad.

Then finally the day arrives when Kabir arrives for US.
Veer hugs Kabir.

Veer: Tuse Jaa Rahi Ho Kabir Bhaia, Tuse Na Jao.

Kabir: Veer, I have to go.

Veer: Kabir Bhaia, I promise I won’t to mischief. I will always do my work. I will always wake up. But please please don’t go.

Kabir: I don’t want to, but I have to.

Veer cries. Kabir becomes sad.

Savitri: Veer don’t cry. Your Kabir Bhai is going there for studies only not forever. And we will visit him every year.

Veer: No either Kabir Bhai will stay here or i will go with him.

Dr Malhotra: Then do good results like Kabir. (Scolding)

Savitri: You are limits. He is crying and you are scolding him.

Veer is crying and it’s hard to pacify him. Kabir tells Savitri he can stop him. Savitri allows him. Kabir takes Veer with him to his room.

In Kabir’s room

Kabir: Veer here you go my football which Bade Mama gifted me in my 10th birthday. You always wanted it. Now its yours.

Veer: (throwing the ball) No I don’t want.

Kabir: You can have my video games.

Veer: No.

Kabir: Veer? (He smirks at Veer)

Bhaia: No…Not now Kabir Bhai

Kabir smiles and tickles Veer. He laughs. Kabir and Veer hugs each other, veer becomes normal.

Veer: Kabir Bhai you are really going?

Kabir: Yes Veer. Yes I am. I have no other option. Promise me you will take care of yourself.

Veer: I promise.

Veer and Kabir smiles, Kabir goes downstairs with Veer. Saanchi comes there with Jaya and Sunil.

Saanchi: (passes him a gift) Golu here is a gift for you.

Kabir unwraps it and he smiles seeing pictures of him, Veer and Saanchi their
moments in a scrapbook.

Kabir: This is really pretty Saanchi. You made it?

Saanchi nods.

Just then Adarsh and Neeta comes,
Adarsh: Come champ, it’s time for us to go to the airport.

Neeta holds Kusum’s hand.
Neeta: Don’t worry Kusum dii we will take full and good care of Kabir.

Kusum looks on.

Kabir gets into the car. The car starts. Kabir waves Saanchi and Veer bye. Saanchi and Veer waves Kabir back. Kabir becomes really sad and he becomes emotional as he wipes the tears.

15 years later,
A lady is shown doing arti and she is dressed in a saree. It’s Savitri.

Savitri: (praying) Veer has worked really hard this time. His efforts should not go in vain. I hope he can clear and pass his entrance exams this time.

Kusum is also there praying.

Kusum: (praying) Please protect my Kabir ,and bless him. And Veer, make him pass his exams.

Just then Dr Malhotra comes there,

Dr Malhotra: There is no use of praying for your useless son. He will again fail. Mera Nak Phirse Katwaenga.

Savitri: Don’t say like this. Veer worked so hard this time.

Dr Malhotra: I know how hard he worked.

Kusum: Bhaia, at least have some faith on your son.

Dr Malhotra: You don’t come in between. By the way where is that Nalayak.

Savitri: He went to check his results today.

Dr Malhotra: Ane Do Usse.

Scene shift
A girl is walking. She is dressed in salwar suit and she is in braids. A boy tries to flirt with her and holds her hand.

Boy: Hey beautiful,

The girl gets scared.
Boy: Your clothes are so down market. But your body is so attrative, I tell you, Sanjana

Sanjana gets irked.

Boy: Come with me. I will change you.

Sanjana: I don’t want to come with anyone. Leave me.

Boy: Come.

The boy comes close to her and she tries to get rid of his grip as he holds her hand tightly.

Just then, a song plays. And some guys dressed in Gunda style comes and starts dancing.

The song Meri Hi Jalwa plays. The boy gets surprised seeing this and the girl runs away.
As the song starts playing, a guy in roller skates enter. He is dressed in a white shirt with red jacket and ‘phata hua design’ jeans ?. He is wearing sunglass.

He comes and slaps the boy at one side. And then he comes and slaps the boy at another side. He turns around and he continues slapping the boy. The boy runs away. And just then, Garv comes and pushes him. Sanjana sees this as she goes. Her phone rings and she goes to another place.

Sanjana: Yes I am fine.

Boy: Who are you guys?

The guy in roller skates opens his sunglass. Its Veer.

Garv: This is my boss Veer Malhotra.

Veer comes and gives him another slap.

Veer: If you tease another girl one more time, I will make your life hell. Is that clear. And then you will directly go to jail. (Holding his collar)

The boy gets scared.
Boy: Leave me.

Veer: So now you get it how it feels when you harass someone.

Boy: I will never do this again.

Garv: Get lost!

The guy is about to go,
Veer: Wait a minute!

The guy stops.
Veer: Come here.

Veer tells him to do something.

As Sanjana is walking, she suddenly sees the boy holding her leg.

Boy: Please forgive me.

Sanjana gets surprised.

Boy: I will never ever do this sister.

Sanjana smiles. Veer and Garv comes there.

Sanjana: Leave my leg!

Boy: Please forgive me.

Sanjana: Yes I forgave you.

The boy runs away. Veer and Garv laughs and gives each other a hi-5. Sanjana sees this and comes to them.

Sanjana: Thank…Thank you.

Veer and Garv looks on.

Sanjana: (folding her hands) If it wasnt for you, I didnt know what that guy would have done to me.

Veer: Don’t thank me. Thank Garv.

Garv: Me….Me?

Veer: He was the one who taught that boy a lesson.

Garv: What did I do?

Veer: See he is so naive. He himself pushed the guy and hit him and now he say he don’t know. Not done Garv.

Sanjana smiles and comes to Garv.
Sanjana: Thank you Garv.

Garv: Wel..

As Veer hits his back hard.
Garv: Welcome! (He looks at Veer in pain)

Sanjana smiles. And she blushes and runs away.

Garv: Why did you lie to her I saved her?

Veer: If not she would have been behind me. You know why I called those background dancers right?

Garv: To celebrate your happiness of finally passing the medical entrance exam after 2 tries. (Trying to laugh)

Veer: Not funny. But yes, finally I passed the entrance exam. Dr Malhotra’s aka my dad’s expression will be worth watching.

Veer: My celebration was going on full bang. But it was fun slapping the boy. That rascal deserved it. I respect girls. But I don’t it when any girl is behind me.

Garv: Except for one.

Veer: Who?

Garv: Saanchi.

Veer smiles. Just then Veer gets a phone call. The screen appears “Miss Golgappa”
Veer smiles looking it.

Garv: Wow what a timing.

Just then Veer remembers something. He closes his eyes.

Veer: Oh no!

Garv: Why? What happened?

Veer: I forgot to call her. How could I!

Garv: Then call I mean pick up her call.

On the other hand,
A girl is shown passing a bag to a lady. She is dressed in a sleaveless sports jersey and shorts and her hair is tied up in a ponytail.

Girl: Aunty here is your order.

Lady: Thank you Saanchi beta.

Yes it’s Saanchi who is smiling.

The lady passes her the money. Saanchi counts the money.

Saanchi: Aunty, you have given me Rs1000 extra.

Lady: Beta keep it. I gave that Rs1000 as bonus. As it’s diwali tomorrow.

Saanchi smiles.
Saanchi: Thank you Aunty!

Lady: God bless you!

Saanchi goes.
Saanchi: Maa will be so happy.

At the basketball court,
Saanchi ties up her shoelaces.

Saanchi: Oh yes I remember, I have to call Veer and ask him about his results. And mine too.

She calls Veer.
Saanchi: What took you long to pick up my call?

Veer: Saanchi, actually….

Saanchi: You went to check your results right. How was it?

Veer: That when you will come and check yours then you will know.

Saanchi: Look Veer. I have no time for your childishness today. First, I just came from delivering an order, and then I have a basketball match and after that I have to go and watch movie with Pragya as I promised her and then I have to help out Maa as its Diwali tomorrow.

Veer: Baapre kitna Bara Schedule Hain Tumhara Miss Golhappa!

Saanchi: Quickly tell me your results.

Veer: Oh so Miss Golgappa has no time for me. I am keeping the phone. And as for my results, you can know that from that Yadav.

Saanchi: Veer, please don’t like this . I don’t even know my own result thats why I told you to check for me. I am meeting Pragya after 2-3 hours, and I am tensed. I cant take more tension. Then how will I concentrate on the game?

Veer: Okay fine, you want to hear the results.

Saanchi: Say

Veer: You topped the exams as expected.

Saanchi smiles and she gets happy. She thanks god.

Saanchi: Okay, Now tell me yours.

Veer: Ask that Yadav!

Saanchi: Veer!

Veer: Okay okay, then listen I finally cleared out the entrance exam and I passed!

Saanchi: What are you saying!

Veer: If you don’t believe go and ask that Yadav, okay!

Saanchi: That means you really passed! Veer I am sooooo soooo happy!

Saanchi does a yes as she fists her hand up and puts it down.

Veer: See i told you I will pass. And the credit goes to you. Thank you.

Saanchi: No the credit goes to you. You worked so hard after all.

Veer: Okay I keep the phone now as your game will start soon. All the best. I know you can win it.

Saanchi: (smiling) Thanks.

At the airport,
A guy is shown coming from the airport. He walks with the trolley smiling as he looks around the airport. Girls look at him awe. He smiles at them and walks forward.

He opens his sunglass. It’s Kabir,

Kabir: 15 years, and India is still the same. But some changes are there also.

Kabir: Oh no I forgot the house address. How will I go and surprise everyone? Let me do one thing, let me go and call Veer.

Kabir calls Veer.

Veer and Garv are chilling out outside near a tea stall.

Veer: Call from a unknown number?

Garv: Must be some girl dying for you. Maybe that Sanjana.

Veer: Shut up!

Veer picks up the call.

Garv: You picked up the call somemore.

Veer: Shh! Hello.

Kabir: Veer?

Veer: Kabir Bhai?

Kabir: Can you talk to me in a silent space.

Veer: Shh Garv its Kabir Bhai’s call. Okay Bhai.

Veer goes in a corner talks to Kabir.
Veer: Yes Kabir Bhai

Kabir: Where are you now?

Veer: I went to check my results. And you know what Bhai I cleared my medical entrance exams.

Kabir gets really happy.
Kabir: Really! (Smiling)

Veer nods.
Veer: I want my gift from you.

Kabir: Sure.

Veer: Wait a second Bhaia why did they show Indian number when you called me?

Kabir: Because I am in India Budhu!

Veer: You are? (Realising) What! You are in India!

Kabir: Yes. Since you passed your exams here you go, your award.

Veer: You…you are not joking right!

Kabir: If you don’t believe me then come to the airport and check. If you dont want to, okay I am going back to US.

Veer: No! I am coming!

Kabir: And don’t you dare tell this to anyone at home. I wanna surprise everyone. I wanted to surprise you too, but who would have brought me home then? So i had to.

Veer: No worries Kabir Bhai no one will know. Except for Garv my friend.

Kabir: Good. I will be waiting in the airport.

Kabir keeps the phone.

Garv: Where are you going?

Veer: To pick Kabir Bhai up. And yes you! Dont you dare tell anyone! Bhai has denied to tell anyone at home as he wants to give everyone surprise!

Garv: Sure.

Saanchi plays basketball. She plays well.

Audience: Saanchi! Saanchi! Saanchi!

Pragya is also watching the game.

Pragya: Cmon Saanchi!

She looks for Veer.

Pragya: I am so surprised Nalayak didnt come to cheer up for Saanchi today.

Saanchi wins. All cheers for her.
Pragya gets happy and claps for her.

Saanchi is drinking water.
Pragya: I am so surprised that Nalayak didnt come today. If not he never afford to miss a game of yours!

Saanchi: Let it be Pragya! He passed his exams so let him celebrate with his classmates. We will celebrate together soon.

Pragya: Oh yes you and Veer are childhood best friends so of course!

Saanchi: And Golu!

Pragya: Golu? Now who is this Golu?

Saanchi: You will get to know one day. Now we are late, you don’t wanna watch movie!

Pragya: Yes. Okay let’s go now.

Pragya and Saanchi leaves for the theatres.

Veer goes to the airport. He looks around. Someone pats him. He looks and is Kabir.

Veer: Bhai!

Veer tightly hugs Kabir. Kabir smiles.

Veer: Bhai I missed you sooo much! Sooo happy to see you after 3 years!

Kabir: Yes why you didnt come US for 3 years?

Veer: You know my dad, dr Malhotra who is no less than a dictator. My great dad wants me to clear my exam only then I could have gone US.

Kabir: Veer why are you speaking about Bade Mama like this?

Veer: Leave all this and come with me now.

Kabir smiles. Veer and the driver puts the luaggage in the back of the car. Kabir goes to help.

Veer: Don’t even think about it.

Veer and Kabir are sitting at the back.
Veer: Let me call Maa.

Kabir: Veer don’t tell anyone?(surprised and warning him)

Veer: Dont worry.

Veer calls Savitri.

Savitri: Hello beta? I have been calling you from so long.

Veer: Yes Maa. Sorry I was busy.

Savitri: No problem. By the way how aas your result?

Veer: Now look my dearest Mom the only thing I can tell you is to prepare the arti ka thali. I am coming. And yes tell Buaji also.

Savitiri: (gets happy) That means you passed the exams! Thank god!

Veer: Assume what you want to. I keep the phone.

Savitiri: Okay, and come quickly.

Veer: Sure.

Savitri keeps the phone.
Savitri: Yeh Ladka Bhi Na.

Kabir: You didnt change right!

Veer: Bhai, Veer Malhotra will never change. (Looking at the phone) Maa done. Now should I call Saanchi?

Kabir: Yes Saanchi.

Veer: Bhai if she dont agree can I tell her the truth? You know how she is.

Kabir laughs.
Kabir: How can I forget her? Yes you can.

Veer smiles and calls Saanchi.

Pragya: Yaar Judwaa 2 is an amazing movie I heard. Now lets see how much good it is.

Saanchi: Yes. (Laughing)

Pragya and Saanchi were about to go in the hall to watch Judwaa 2, Saanchi’s phone rings.

Pragya: What a perfect time by Nalayak

Saanchi picks up the call.

Saanchi: Yes Veer.

Veer: Miss Golgappa guess who is here with me right now?

Saanchi: Who?

Veer: Kabir Bhai!

Saanchi: Look Veer, Aisa Mazak Nahi Karte.

Veer: Trust me, Bhai is here beside me. And come at home. We will meet you there.

Saanchi: Your tactics won’t work. Understand Veer!

Veer: You don’t believe me right. Then talk to him itself!

Veer passes the phone to Kabir.

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi gets surprised as she hears the voice.

Saanchi: Go…Golu?

Kabir: Yes Golu. I am finally here in India. Veer is speaking the truth.

Saanchi’s phone drops from her hand. Pragya gets surprised.

Kabir: Hello? The call got cut.

Veer: She must have done so in excitement.

Kabir smiles.

Pragya: What happened? Is all well?

Saanchi: Pragya, actuallly

Pragya: Yes?

Saanchi: Golu?

Pragya: Again this Golu. Who is Golu?

Saanchi: Kabir! He came to India! I have to go and meet him right now!

Pragya: Hey you promised me that you will watch Judwaa 2 with me.

Saanchi: I am sorry Pragya I have to go. I really didnt want to break your promise.

Saanchi runs from there

Pragya: Kabir?

Pragya sees Saanchi’s phone on the ground and picks it up.
Pragya: Abe Oh Saanchi you left your phone.

Pragya: Oh no Saanchi left her phone. Now who will watch Judwaa 2 with me?
Loh Yeh Saanchi Maharani toh Kabir ke Pyaar Main Simran Banke Pakarne Gaya Train Ab Main Apni Raj Yani Satish Jii Ko Phone Karti Hoon.

Pragya smiles and she calls Satish.

Pragya: Chup Chap Mere Saat Ake Judwaa 2 dekho Varna Acha Nahi Hoga Keh Rahi Hum Kasam Se.

Saanchi runs, and she starts her scooty. She rides in full speed. She see traffic she goes on another road. She sees a puppy infront of her scooty, she picks it up immediately and puts it on the nearby cart.

She sees Golgappa’s. Her mouth waters.

Golgappa Man: saanchi beta come and have some golgappa.

Saanchi: Sorry forgive me.

She ignores it and continues driving in full speed.

Saanchi: Sorry my dear Golgappas. I cant eat you today because Aaj Mera Kabir Ane Wali Hain. My Golu.

Saanchi doesnt realise and she accidentally slides some mud and it drops on an old guy.

Guy: You naughty girl!

Saanchi: (while riding putting her hands on the rail and pulling her ears) Sorry!

She continues riding the scooty in full speed!

Kabir reaches home with Veer.

Veer: Both are going to get a shock!

Veer rings the bell. Kusum and Savitri are there!

Savitri: Must be Veer!

Kusum smiles as she reads the magazine and gets up.

Savitri opens the door. She smiles seeing Veer, and as she is about to do the arti,

Veer: Wait Maa, look who is here.

Veer moves behind. It’s Kabir!
Savitri and Kusum gets surprised. Savitri smiles.

Savitri: Kabir?

Kusum goes and feels his face.
Kusum: My Kabir? (Emotionally)

Kabir: Yes your Kabir is here Maa.

Kusum goes and hugs Kabir. Veer and Savitri smiles.

Kusum cries.
Kusum: I missed you beta.

Kabir: (wiping her tears) Now you wont miss me Maa. I came back! No more tears!

Kusum smiles and nods.

Savitri: Now I must do arti for both my sons.

Savitri does the arti of Kabir and Veer, and they both get in.

Saanchi reaches Malhotra Mansion. She runs not noticing the man walking with a fruit basket, she colldies with him.

Saanchi: Sorry!

The man picks up as Saanchi runs. She goes near the door and she hides in a corner, and sees Kabir from the back. Her heart beats.

Saanchi tries to see Kabir. She manages to see him sideways. She smiles. Kabir is speaking with Veer. Kabir looks around and Saanchi finally manages to see his entire face. She lovingly stares at him.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Finally after 15 years I got to see the face of the love of my life, my Golu. I missed you so much.

Kabir looks and he sees Saanchi who is hiding in the corner. Saanchi smiles and looks on emotionally. A smile appears on Kabir’s face.

The episode ends.

Precap: KaVeSa goes out together.

Will their bonding remain the same last time?

Hope you all liked the episode. I know it is not much happening as its the first episode so i focused on their intro. The story will shape up later on as this is a ff which the no. Of episodes will be based on the no.of comments.

I will post the episodes ONCE a week which is on either of the weekends.
And I had a public holiday today and moreover its the first week of the semester and which is why I could post this ff today. Next episode will be posted on Saturday. From next week, the episodes will be posted ONCE a week.

And yes I have been receiving comments that some of you wants me to write a sequel for why did I fall for you? Well honestly speaking I can only write one ff currently and since this idea kinda got the highest vote I wrote on this(I actually changed it a bit and thats all)

In that case, if you all really want the sequel then there is three option

A) I can turn this ff into a few shots, and also write the sequel of why did I fall for you as five shots. But I will be posting only once a week. As i am having classes as I am a year 2 engineering student. (I will post each on alternate weeks, like odd weeks why did i fall for you sequel, Even weeks this ff, so basically you have to wait for 2 weeks for each episode in each ff) To make it fair for SanVeer fans, I will post a SanVeer ff later on too. (Disclamier:This ff? Friendship or Love is both a KanChi and SanVeer ff)

B) If you all really really want the sequel of why did i fall for you over this ff then I can write a sequel for why did I fall for you instead of this ff and I will discontinue this ff and write the sequel and post it every week.

C) Just continue writing this ff.

Well you can choose any one, so that I can know what to do. I thought of this, as many asked me to write a sequel of why did I fall for you? So its upto you what should I do. I really want to write both the ff but if I do so, I will be slow in posting them, which each episode for each ff will be posted every two weeks. And if i write just one each episode will be posted once a week.

Next episode will be posted on Sunday Morning, 22nd October.

Thats all for the day.

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