Friendship, Love and Passion (Teaser and Important Note I)


Hey guyss!!
I know most of you are mad at me for not updating since like almost a month. SORRYYY!!! READ THE NOTE AT THE BOTTOM WITHOUT FAIL!! 🙂
Anirudh got down from his car and walked over to his house, tired and extremely exhausted after school. Life was so tiring.

As he began to go on, his phone vibrated a little too loudly in his pocket, “Hello,”

“Anirudh dear, do you know where Tanya is?” Anirudh heard Tanya’s mother ask him with desperation.

“ Is anything wrong?” he asked with concern.

“She has been missing since the morning and she is not with any of her friends,” her mother said with extreme worry.

“What happened, is she okay?” he blurted out nonchalantly as a weird type of concern and eagerness to see her fine filled inside him.

“It is her Nani’s death anniversary so she was a little emotional, that’s all,” her mother gave him the details while his heart sank with the news. Of course, tanya was extremely close to her Nani.

“Did you check at the temple?” he asked with hope that she would be somewhere there.

“We checked in the main temple and even at all the cemeteries, but she is nowhere to be found,” she replied tensely.

He let his thoughts free and his eyes sparked with a place, “I think I might know where she will be,”

“Really? Where?” she asked him with the instant boom in her voice.

“Aunty, don’t worry, I will bring her back home in a few hours and I will call you if I find her or not,” he told her with assurance as he walked back into his car.

“Thanks a lot dear. I knew I could trust you,” she gently said to him which made something drop in his stomach.

Trust, was the only thing he was not worthy off. He put on a determined face to go and solve all the problems with Tanya once and for good as he drove away to find not Tanya, but his long lost childhood friend.


I have a question for you all…NO I AM NOT STOPPING TILL I FINISH!!

1. Do you want me to update once a week for a few days.


2. Can you guys wait for like 1 week (or 2 weeks max) so that I can end my Swaragini fan fic and then I will update FLP every day till it’s done.

Upto you, I don’t mind either way so EVERYONE reading this, please do tell me which one you prefer 1 or 2.

Thanks for the patience,
Take care!

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  1. Can u update once a week? Plzz. Luv the new promo btw welcome back.

  2. i think you should go with the 2 option so that we can enjoy the updates daily after swaragini ff ends ……….and by the way loved the promo ……….
    loads of luv and tc

  3. Thk God atleast u appeared.I choose option 1.

  4. Hi mandy, missed you dear…loved the teaser….Anirudh determined to bring his childhood best friend back….wowwww. …plz go with option 2….love you loads

  5. Mandy 2 is better but really missing it

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