Friendship, Love and Passion (Part 7)

Here is another long update….hope you like it!!!!

Tanya walked up to her locker tirely, she was so tired due to all the work she did the night before.She had to drag her feet and force her eyes to stay open. She opened the locker, popped the science textbook in her bag and headed down the hallway. As soon, as she got to B wing, she saw white artificial snow lying all the around the place.
‘WTH is all this??’ The poor janitors were trying to clean up the snow, which was flying in all directions possible. A ball of snow, collided with her high brown boots, her loosely hung hand immediately caught hold of it and put it in the garbage, shaking the head.
“Thank you, young lady!” the janitor said as Tanya walked by. She turned around and questioned, “Do you know who did this???”
“This area has a boys named Anirudh, Armaan, Sahil, Ryan, Neil, Daren’s lockers. So I assume it might be one of theirs” she replied, gently picking up the room to sweep the hallway. “You better get to class now, you are already late”
“Oh shoot!!” Tanya said and waved good bye to the janitor. ‘Dumb and stupid boys’ she thought. She considered running across the hallway for a minute, but she was wearing a knee-length blue dress filled with pink colors and a brown belt to hold it. She reached class, and saw that Mr.Williams already started the lesson on Mitosis. She quickly creeped to the back of the class, and sat next to Akshaya, whose face showed relief as soon as Tanya entered. It didn’t stay like that for long as she had a terrible situation in her hand, and didn’t know how to explain it to her friends. Tanya noticing this, asked “What’s wrong??”.
Akshaya signed to tell her later.
The whole period, Mr. Williams kept on talking about the different phases in mitosis, both the girls payed close attention to the powerpoint. After an hour, when he was finally done. Tanya burst out, “Kay, tell me now….”
“ummhhh….okay…..So you know about sammy’s crush and stuff, right??”
She hesitated for a moment and continued, “So, you know he is in my Math class???”
“They were talking about Sammy….they said she is mean and ugly.” She spilled out and sighed a sigh of relief to get stuff of her back.
“Oh God!!” Tanya gasped silently, as soon as she heard that.
“I KNOW!!! I am stuck in this big web now, I can’t tell her and I have to tell her at the freckin same time.” she said, cursing her life as her face was leeching away all it’s colour and turning pale.
“Wait, WHAT?? why can’t you not tell her??” Tanya asked, confused about the whole situation now.
“Cuz, I can’t just not tell her she is ugly when she is not, and also I can’t just tell her cause of the boys” she said, and then realizing what she just said and corrected “ I mean, I mean they will think I am eavesdropping on them……Not a good idea”
“I think you should go tell her, there is nothing you did in it, anyways. Go and tell her about this. At least she will stop dreaming about him and stuff…”
“I’ll see, she said worriedly as they both split apart to go to their next lockers.
The whole day, was very weird. Sammy knew something was wrong, and kept on torturing Akshaya to tell her what happened. Akshaya kept refusing repeatedly, until the end of the day when they both had a verbal argument which ended up hurting both of them.
“I want to talk to you tonight” Akshaya said, before leaving the school.
“Sure, Tanya replied…….. ‘What a nice start to the weekend, she thought as she headed out the school door.

Tanya, was sitting in her bedroom, munching on chocolate and thinking about the day at school.
Suddenly, she heard her computer beep!! It was Akshaya….’GEEZ angry women much’ she thought!!
Akshaya: Hey, u there??
Tanya: yep…so wat’s up??
Akshaya: I need to tell u something very very important………just listen.
Akshaya: I HATE SAMMY!!!
Tanya: WHAT??? WHY??
Akshaya: cuz she is always calling us b****** and keeps on gossiping about other people like u with us! I am tired of being her minion, just to show her old friends that she has friends. I mean she tells my sister mean stuff about me everyday….
Tanya: Old friends?? Explain clearly what u r saying….
Akshaya: So, before Sammy came into our lives, we had a gang of 5…me and my sis, Armaan, Sahil and Anirudh. We were all kinda..buddies!
Tanya: Nice
Akshaya: Sammy used to hang out with another group which was Kalika and her friends.
Tanya: Woaahhh
Akshaya: We never really knew each other that much…
Akshaya: Basically, on Halloween a few years back, she dressed up like a devil.. and ppl made fun of how she dressed up like..
Tanya: what is wrong with that??
Akshaya: She wore a short red dress, high red heels, red blush, red lipstick and a white coat…
Tanya: so??
Akshaya: that is not a devil, she put a bunch of devil ears and said she is a devil….devils DON’T wear makeup, heels, and short dresses. Anyways, people made fun of her, and her gang was dressed up very well.
Akshaya: They were embarrassed by her, they thought that was the right time and they just burst at her. They hurt her a lot of things like she is bossy, can’t adjust, can’t make new friends, etc
Tanya: so she left them??
Akshaya: Yes, she did, she randomly started talking to us and hanging out with us..
Tanya: ohh…okay….
Akshaya: She basically always complained about Anirudh to us, that he is annoying and all….She would just tell us all her secrets and we didn’t understand why.
Tanya: and now she likes him??
Akshaya: Yeahh, she split the boys and us up, so Anirudh decided to change. He became popular and so did his friends. Now, that he is popular, she wants to be too…so here we go! This is her only chance to become popular again.
Tanya: Come on, you are over reacting, she won’t be with you if she wanted to be popular and does not care about friends…
Akshaya: YESSSSS…..we r her key to popularity!!!! Didn’t you see how she was screaming at me today, when I was trying to help her by not telling her the truth………Friends don’t do that
Tanya: Then just tell her the truth…
Akshaya: I can’t, i just can’t. She took a ton of time to come out of the trauma of her friends. She will torture us for that thing….
Tanya: WHAT?? she has the right to know…she will keep having hopes for stuff that is NOT going to happen
Abby: Guys, I sent Sammy a mail:
what is wrong with you?? we r not saying anything to u as we care about u…why don’t u understand that. Even Ryan, understands that, but u don’t?? We never say anything to you we you call us b****** and also when you yell at us for no reason. And Tanya..why r u so rude to her?? what has she ever done to u?? She is soo nice..even for u being rude to her….
Akshaya: yep, my sister is totally crazy….why did u do that??
Abby: she needs to know, one day or the other! Like duhhh
Tanya: ya…she is right. But abby, is was kinda harsh.
Abby: don’t make me feel even worse…I got the a reply.
Akshaya: Great, what now??
Abby: yes, you’re right, I am rude and arrogant. It has definitely affected my relations in the past. I am jealous of Tanya, as she has an approachable vibe, she is kind and smart that I don’t. You always laugh around her and she makes you both feel good about yourself. Ryan, is because..he does many things that hurt me and says rude things on my face. I am very angry at him, and will never forgive him. I am truly sorry about my behaviour towards u…
Akshaya: OMG!!!!!!!
Tanya: IKR!!!!
Abby: I will say:
See, we have no grudges against u at all…We are really sorry if we hurt u…but we were just being honest. We really want you to be our friend. pls tell me how to fix all this…
Akshaya: OMG!! i am out. My brain is going to explode if I stay longer….
Tanya: Bye!! Abby…send it….
Abby: k, i’ll talk to u tmr afternoon!
Tanya: BYE!!!
So..howz it?? Ignore the typos if any!!!!!!!!!!!! and tell me how it is….the protagonists will definitely meet by Monday!!!

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  1. Wht sammy behaves like this……

    1. Yes!! And the most important part is that there is a girl like this in real life….Imagine dealing with her .

  2. 1 dout, wats the name akshaya’s twin? N hu is abby. . . I read ur updts reglrly, stil i hav dis douts, manha can u pls reply. . Pls. . . N i luv ur stry, evnthou der is sum confusn bt its on charactrs, nt on stry. .. =>3

    1. Abby is abhinaya nick name i think. The other twin sis.

      1. Yes…Abby is Abinaya , the other twins name!!

  3. Hey liya dear, the writers name is mandy.

    1. Oops, sry dr its my mistk. N thank u 4 ur reply. 🙂

  4. I know so many people, and all in groups. One doubt do they all study in one class all boys n girls.

    1. This is in a different country….so the system is like the classes keep switching!!! Everyone has a different time table….so they have some classes with 1 person and some with another!

  5. I loved today’s episode.I guess Akshaya must tell her coz afterwards this things only break us.By the way,Great work Mandy.

    1. Not really….watch what happens next!!

  6. nice epi dr

  7. Nice episode dear Loved it dear. Keep continuing.

  8. Awesome episode mandy….

  9. Nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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