Friendship, Love and Passion Part 2


This is the male protagonist’s view of the first day of school, so that you get to know both the characters from each other’s thoughts. For the first chapter “Start to school”, I will be alternating with the male and female version. After that, I will combine both of them together!!! Hope you guys like it!!
Also, ‘ ‘ are used for thoughts and are not to be confused with ” “.
“Hurryyy up,” she yelled one more time before deciding to ditch her brother and going back to sleep. He was taking so long and she did not understand why.
A boy in the room upstairs was shuffling through his desk, “Where did I keep it?? It is so important for the first day of school.” He had been searching for his lucky key chain, all this while……it was a new day, new year and the first day of school. His sister, in university, was probably counting sheep while waiting for him.
“Yikes,” he frowned as he saw the clock, 8:30 am it read. He ran through the stairs, grabbing his bag and phone and stopped at the angry look of his sister.
“And I thought girls take time to get ready,” she sighed, she was ready to drop him to school, if he ever wanted to go!
“Let’s go and fast.” he said, racing out the door and into the car. Within minutes, his sister pulled the car out of the driveway and headed in the direction to his school.
He looked at his timetable and smirked, ‘better and balanced than most of my friends,’ he thought. The school was not even 5 min drive from his home, but he wanted to get there early so he can make plans for lunch with his friends. He was the most popular boy in the school, and this really took over most of his decisions, he had to think wisely before committing to anything of any sort.
“Sorry, have to drop you at the intermediate section,” he heard his sister call out. ‘OH NO!, not today. The whole intermediate hallway will be crowded with students trying to find their classes”
“Fine,” he said and got out of the car. He turned around and walked into the school. As he thought, the whole hallway was filled with people, on either sides blabbering and waiting for their teachers.
‘What a nice start to the new year’ he thought rolling his eyes. His phone buzzed and he casually took it out of his pocket and it read 15 messages from Ryan. ‘Oh Ryan, he is probably looking for me.’ He hurried up and looked down to place his phone back in his pocket, when he hit a girl, and her phone went flying. He immediately, rushed to catch the phone before it smashed into the ground. He turned around to give it back to the girl, she was standing there, her arm stretched out slightly underneath. She had beautiful wavy hair and a good dressing choice compared to the others in his grade. But, she was facing the other side, he didn’t have time for all this, he quickly put the phone in her hand. His hand brushed hers, as he placed it. Her touch was soft and delicate, it was like no ordinary touch…there was something special about it. He turned around to get a better glimpse of her, but Ryan grabbed him by the arm and both of them raced to the 2nd floor. ‘Who was she and when will I see her again?’
“Anirudh, what happened??,” Ryan asked worriedly seeing his friend in deep thoughts, Anirudh just shook his head and proceeded to class.
I’ll break the suspense and tell you the name of the female protagonist: Tanya.
Pls do tell me if you guys like it, after the 1st chapter….the actual story starts. This is the basic intro to the settings and characters!

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