Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 9 Part 3)

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FLP(Ch. 9 Part 2)
Anirudh sighed as the parts in his body started to tense up as he couldn’t find the picture anywhere. It was the childhood picture of the day of Rohan’s birthday. The day that changed his life forever. The thought of all these started to hurt his head.

He slammed his body on to the mattress and the moments of his childhood flashed right in front of him. The picture was his reminder of that incident, to remind him his search for Tanya Singhania, someone who destroyed his life.

She was the sole person who screamed jail when people blamed his father for the kidnapping Rohan when his dad clearly was innocent. Who knew with the uttering of a little girl’s word would lead to the police coming in the next 10 minutes to arrest his dad. He hated her to the guts.

They had to move out of the country, leaving everyone behind due to the constant torture by the media. Coming here and adjusting here was no easy either, they had to keep their identities a secret and live a normal life, without any sign of luxury for precautionary measures.

His heart was saying something else though, every since the beginning of the year he felt her presence by him every single day. Was she here, hiding her identity just like him? A weird kind of excitement buzzed through his body thinking about all the possibilities of her coming here. How was she?? Where was she?

Incidents of childhood flashed in front of his mind as his eyes began to go into a lazy slumber, his mind started to rewind the incidents where they promised to be there for each other, the moments where they promised to fulfill their friendship, the minute where everything broke apart, the hatred in her eyes, the last touch, with all these sour memories he cozily drifted of to sleep.
Tanya headed downstairs with her eyes half open, her hair was all over the place while she gripped onto the railing to not fall over.

“Tanu, what is all this?” one of her aunt’s chirped as she put her head against the surface of the kitchen counter like her life depended on it.

“I need sleep,” she whined as she remembered her state of vigorous crying last night with hardly 2 hours of sleep.

“When do you not?” she heard Rohan’s voice from behind who in a fraction of a second clutched her and shaked her with immense force, snapping her back into the world.

“Your welcome,” he flashed her a grin as he took his keys and raced out of the door before she could stand up to get him.

He was just back to his normal self again, will it be right to tell him Anirudh is back?

“Nani, tell Ma that I am leaving early and will talk to her about my dress in the evening,” she told her nani as she blew a kiss to her little cousins and left before the house crowded with people.

She walked to school for the first time with chilly wind of January blowing more snow over her frozen heart. The place glittered with snow at every corner possible. Why can’t everyone’s life be so glittery and shiny as this snow? She needed to ignore him, ignore him no matter what. The only place for him is the hatred in her heart.

As Tanya walked towards her locker to remove her long winter jacket she saw Anirudh leaning on it, texting someone on his phone. Her heart started to beat rapidly, while her blood turned even colder, a new type of nervousness filled her body. Almost after 10 years, she was going to see Anirudh Reen again. A part of her body wanted to go and hug him, no matter what she thinks, she did miss him. How was she supposed to ignore him when he was waiting for her by her locker?

Control, Tanya, Control! Her brain started to chant while she met the pair of hazel eyes which flashed hundreds and hundreds of memories in front of her, freezing her right at the spot. How is she supposed to talk to him now? What was she supposed to do? As soon as he saw her, he flashed a boyish grin, his smile was still the same, even his hair, still in a mixture of curly and straight hair.

“Hey,” he said casually as he looked at her as she opened her locker.

“Uhh..hi,” she said, trying her best to avoid her nervousness and stuttering.

“You are very good liar by the way, I came to know your little secret,” he stated firmly with his eyebrow’s raised and his face leaning in.

Her muscles stiffened, her lungs shut down for a second, before realizing she was panting her breath, how did he know? Was she supposed to be happy that he knew? It is easier to ignore and fight now right?

“Huh?” she asked like she knew nothing with her fear still written all on her face.

“Come one, don’t pretend like you don’t know anything, I know everything,” he snorted in a low dangerous voice. Did she slip anywhere that she was Tanya Singhania, how could he know when she herself came to everything yesterday?

“What?” she let out a faint gasp when he looked at her with anger and arms across his chest. Oh no!

“How can you switch sides so easily, first you were with me and then against me?” he mocked with seriousness.

“Umm..actually..I didn’t,” she started to stutter, what was she supposed to say now?

“What are you saying?” he asked her sternly with a perplexed face.


“Why do you look so scared? I was only joking to be angry, Armaan told me that you helped him get the picture and it is with you,”


“My photo, can I have it back please?”

“Right,” she said as she breathed a sigh of relief, while anger took over just about instantly. He almost killed her with his stupid pranks. “here,” she stated firmly handing it back.

“Thanks! I was so scared that I lost it,”

“Important memories?”

“I guess you can say that,”

“Looks like your childhood friends,”

“Nice guess, they are my childhood friends,”

“Ohh..should be special is you still have the photo,”

“Yeah, it is a reminder of some incidents and their consequences,”


“Nothing, it’s just to remind me to take revenge on them without fail,”

“Revenge?” she said as she gulped hard, why did he want to take revenge on her? She was the one who was supposed to that.

“Why are you so worried, I am not going to take revenge on you, on them,” he mocked at her.

“I know, but why?” she asked confused.

“They both stole my best friends from me,” he stated in a cold tone.

What was he saying? When did she steal his best friends from him? She was his best friend right? “Weren’t they your best friends?”

“Long and complicated story, I will tell you later, we need to hurry for class,”


“I’ll see you in lunch then?”

“I am going to the library to do some work,”

“No issues, after school it is,”

“Oh ya, I can’t come to dance after school as I need to go and check on last minute arrangements for my birthday party,”

“Oh okay,” he said with a sad, hurt tone.

Oh god! This was harder than she thought, it was impossible to not see him for the whole day. She couldn’t show any hatred or anger on him or else he would know something is wrong. How was she supposed to hide from him when they both are dance partners? She opened her locker and got out of her binder, her birthday was marked in bold letters. This was going to be a great birthday, she thought sarcastically.
I know that was not upto the expectations at all… was a filler up for the next one! I tried to write a little on Anirudh’s side of the story, but of course the emotions are not the same here so it will be different. When the truth comes out in front of him, then all the intense emotions will come out and it will be more easier to understand then now when he is all calm and forgot about most of the incidents. SO, keep reading to see how her birthday starts and goes, will she able to hide from Anirudh or not.
And also, try to guess on how Anirudh will come to know the truth….
I will try to update as soon as I can! Till then
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