Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 9 Part 2)

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Tanya peered into her house through a slight creak of the door, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement for her birthday. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated very grandly in the Singhania family with friends and extended family arriving to cherish the moments. At the moment, her house was filled with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who were all making preparations for her birthday. As she stepped into the house, her little cousins aged 3 and 5 were running around the living room with Tanaya and her other cousins, Stuti chasing them around.

“Tanya akka, Tanaya is being rude,” her little cousin complained as she hid behind her legs.

Tanya let out a chuckle and warned Tanaya, “Again? How many times am I supposed to listen to the same thing?”

“I didn’t do anything, she is been complaining ever since she got here a week ago,” Tanaya fussed.

“Nia, why don’t you go and play with Tina only, leave these both akka’s alone,” Tanya explained to Nia and gently pecked her cheek.

“And you, leave the children alone and in few minutes the boys will be here so please for sake don’t start your fights with them,” Tanya warned Tanaya and Stuti about their other cousins, Amit and Ayansh, twins who were the same age as the girls. From childhood, they have never ever gotten along other than performing pranks on people. The house would be upside down when they arrived and clashed with these 2 girls.

After Tanya mumbled hi and hello to around 50 people around the house, she managed to get into her room with a heavy sigh.

“Hey sis, whatcha doing?” Rohan chirped at her when she entered the room to find him on her bed.

“Rohan, go back to your house,” Tanya drawled to him in the most tired tone possible.

“Ouch, that hurt,” Rohan acted like he was hurt.

“I am so not in a mood to argue with you. I have exactly 30 minutes till the twins show up. I need to finish my science and history assignment so get out,” Tanya said in a tiring voice.

“I would love to but as we have more than 60 people scattered in the house, there is no where to go except here,”

“Yeah, but you have a house too,”

“I know, but there are people there too,”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, the other side of the family is there. They arrived awfully early this year,”

“When are our parents coming back?”

“Today night, tomorrow morning..something like that,”

“Rohan, before I kick you out myself, please take the patience to LEAVE,”

“Nope, I won’t,”

“Ughhh…fine then don’t just sit there watching TV. I need to finish my work,”

“Oh, how was your day,”

“Terrible. We had to do dance workouts because Mrs.Green was pissed,”

“Dance what?”

“Never mind, yours?”

“Same as usual,”

“Tanya akka,” a voice shrieked from outside, making Tanya sigh with frustration.

“Great, now what?” she looked horrified as 10 children surrounded the front door to her room while Rohan kept watching TV. Her life was complicated as hell, why did she have to be so friendly with kids.

“Amit and Ayansh are here and they are pushing me,” her cousin complained.

“Rohan,’ Tanya called him while he looked like he was going to die any minute now.


“Pretty please,”

“You don’t even have any homework, but I do. So go and control a bunch of children,”

“Nah,” he replied casually, ignoring her pleas.

“Stop acting like a lazy old man and get your butt moving,” she snapped in rage.

“Woah, somebody is snappy,” he muttered as he got off the bed and left with the kids. Finally, some peace.

Tanya opened her computer and within the next hour she was done with her assignments. Now, family time she thought as she picked up her bag from the corner of the room. The photo that she took from Anirudh fell down from her bag back towards her, she placed all her binders in her bag before she picked up to see the picture.

“Tanya, we are not ordering coffee,” her grandma started to tell her.

“You know I need coffee to function and besides it is my birthday,” Tanya innocently pleaded with all her might.

“No dear, not this time,” she brushed away her pleas gently.

“Nanniii,” Tanya pouted as she failed her arms in anger.

“What is this?” her grandma asked, taking the picture from her.

“A photo I found…umhh…in the cupboard…er…by the store room,” she lied, she probably wouldn’t know all the people in the picture anyway.

“How cute you look in there,” she admired her photo while Tanya was caught off guard.

“What? I am in there,” she asked with extreme shock, her mind was flying in thousand different directions as she tried to figure out how she was in the picture.

“Ofcourse silly, this is you, Rohan and your best friend, what was his name?,” her grandma told her, pointing to the little girl in the picture. Indeed it was her, the girl with hazel eyes, long hair, cute dimples and a pink gown.

“Anirudh,” she faintly said as realization hit to her. Immense pain clawed into her mended heart, breaking it all once again. Her eyes widened, while her limbs went numb, and brain started to revive all the flashbacks of childhood in rapid speed.

“Correct, Don’t you remember this pic that we took on Rohan’s 7’th birthday?” her grandma happily ranted while each and every detail stung her with poison.

“Rohan’s 7th birthday?” she said again with hesitation. She didn’t know what to think, her stomach cringed in pain.

“Last time we saw the poor kid. Look at you both, how happy you both are but-” her grandma started to say.

“Everything changed after that day,” Tanya concluded in brittle voice due to the cold blood running through her body, pricking her at several places, especially her heart.

“Dear, is there something you want to tell me?” her grandma said gently, patting her back for relief.

“Nani, you know I don’t want to talk about this,” Tanya coldly blurt out, with various emotions striking through her body.

“Nannniii,” somebody called from outside the door in extremely loud voice.

“Tanya, hide this, I don’t want Rohan to see this, if he does than he will start to go back into depression,” her grandma quickly gave her the photo tensely looking at her black expression.

“Yeah Nani, give me a minute, I will be down with you,” Tanya said in a tight voice, unable to let out anything except tears.

“Okay,” she whispered and gave her a kiss on her forehead lovingly before she left.

Tanya felt on her knees with shock. Her eyes were battling a stir of emotions, shock, sad, hatred, pain, anger, friendship were all mixed in there somewhere. Her breathing turned hacked, her eyes blurry due to the hot tears escaping her eyelids. Her limbs were senseless and her brain was scattered in multiple directions. Tears were flowing endlessly as she began to think what was happening.

How could she not realize his familiar touch, his name, his looks? How could she let him make room for himself in her heart, again. How could she let him break her heart again. He was not just any Anirudh, he was the Anirudh Reen. The person she wanted to destroy since she was 7, the person who lost all respect in her heart and eyes, the person she tried to avoid as much as possible for so many freakin years. How the hell did he end up here? She ran her hand through her hair and yearned for some comfort.

She let him do it to her again, become friends with her and leave with no hesitation. How could she not realize he was the same person who was her best childhood friend. Her friend who was practically born with her. His laughs, his care, his taunts, everything was could be clearly seen in his teenage form too. Her heart started to yearn for his hug, his warm hugs, his caring smiles. She hated to admit it, but she did miss him. She missed him more than anything in her life.

But he was the same person who was the major reason of Rohan’s kidnap. The major reason behind the depression he went into. The major reason for all her bad luck and troubles ever since. The sole indirect reason of her broken ankle. The reason behind all her tears, grief, and sorrow. Her brain started to reason logic with her heart.

For the first time, Tanya was standing in between the major battle between her heart and brain. Life made no sense to her anymore, she felt like her world being torn down all over again. The throbbing pain from the past started to ache clear again. He was the reason his uncle decided to kidnap the 7 year old Rohan so that Anirudh could receive something that she didn’t understand at that time. Due to him, she lost her precious memory. Due to him hers and Rohan’s childhood was dark and miserable.

Tanya let her heart pour out as she remembered how it took Rohan almost a year to come out of that trauma and back to his original self of fun and mischief. She remembered how her parents couldn’t stay in India anymore due to all the newspaper scandals and rumours with the media. How all of them had to leave their extended family and friends and move their business due to that one person. Anirudh.

Tears and hatred started to fill her body as she looked back at that picture, “Why did you come back into my life? I was all happy with you. I nearly forgot you, but you…you dusted all the memories to new. Why do you always give me so much pain? What did I ever do to you? Why did you do this to me? Is this what I get for being the most best friend ever?” she whispered harshly to the picture as she went on to cry bitterly, relieving her body from the all the tears she held back for years together.
“I can’t forgive you ever, I mean ever Anirudh Reen.”
FINALLLYYYYYYYYYY………the past is out!! How will Tanya face Anirudh when she knows who he actually is? Will she tell him that she is Tanya Singhania or keep it a secret? Will she take revenge for his deeds or hear his version out? Keep reading to know!!!

Most of have already guessed most of it out by now as I keep throwing in chunks in between chapter 7 and 8. Anyways, here is the whole thing. I hope you understood what happened according to Tanya. Anirudh will definitely have a different version of this as he is in the opposite side of it and they were 8 when this happened, so they hardly remember properly anything about it before both of them jumped into conclusions.

Do you want me to write another part about Anirudh’s side of the story now or later when they actually come face to face? Either is fine with me so please do comment and tell me what you would prefer.

Till then….
Take care 🙂

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  1. Write it now , i think that kian & this dad is behind this !
    Anyway super going .keep writing !
    Love u a lot Mandy ?

    1. Thanks!! Will write the POV now itself then!!

  2. Anirudh also hates tanya but why because koi reason hotoh plm hotoh ek side mein hogana yaha tho 3sides mein hein

    1. Lol! Yeah…but Rohan and Tanya have the same understanding of the situation. So the main two sides are Anirudh’s and Tanya’s!

  3. whoaaaaa after long wait here is the glimpse of the past. So sad n very emotional. Friends, business, rivalry, drama n revenge. super mandy. i love this. The past n present natures n her feelings r well coordinated. Anirudh’s pov. I will prefer now. As it will give a clear briefing how both r feeling. I will go with it. else ur wish.

    well well looks like so much has happened in the past n every one has their own pov for it. cool. i’m loving it. waiting for the next one.

    1. Thanks!! If you want it now then no problem…..I can have the next episode as that so that you will know deeper! Basically most of the past is childhood memories and this…so yeah…there is quite a few things to touch! Keep reading!!

  4. Let it happen face to face. By the way brilliant update. Lived it. Update the next one soon

    1. Thanks!! Okay, now I am confused whether to write it at face to face or not. Let me see, cuz some want it now while others sometime else. Will update soon!

  5. Great part,yaar,,,really loved it,,,
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    #stay blessed

    1. Thanks a lot yaar!! You guys have been patient since the beginning and encouraged me soo much, so that was for you all! I am truly honored by your humble words…it made my day! Thanks a lot again!

  6. Awesome episode Mandy dearrr, finally. …past is out, n as I guessed Tanya got to know first…very interesting plot n I prefer to read Anirudh’s pov first…love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Thanks!!! It is out!! Okay…because most of you want me to write it first, the next one will be Anirudh’s POV! Keep reading!

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