Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 9 Part 1)

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“So?” Minisha asked in a threatening tone to Anisha who was avoiding eye contact.

“So?” Anisha replied nonchalantly.

“How long is this going on from?” Anisha questioned in a determined voice.

“3 weeks,” she whispered in a slow drawl.

“Girl, 3 freaking weeks? You didn’t bother to tell it to your sister?” Anisha snapped in a flash.

“Clearly not,” Sahil answered for her, while Minisha threw him a death glare to shut him up.

“Sister’s talk only,” Tanya calmed him down. Anisha and Minisha were fighting back forth for the past few minutes with Anisha acting like a complicated, non agreeing sister.

“Come on! Mini, you know you would never agree to all this,” Anisha whined at her with a pout.

“What? Why?” Sahil interfered again curiously, receiving another death glare from the the gang.

“Shut up,” Minisha scowled at him.

“And you young lady, you are in bring trouble today,” Minisha said in a demanding voice over her sister.

“Now you sound like mom,” Anisha retorted back firmly while rolling her eyes.

“More like an overprotective mommy mode,” Sahil stated profusely again.

“Shut up, will you?” Minisha curtly shushed him.

“Chill, you are acting like I committed a crime. Besides, you should be happy,” Anisha questioned her sister.

“And why would I be happy?”

“That your sister found a guy she likes,”

“I agree with her. From kicking guys and constantly yelling at them, I never thought she would like someone. She made huge progress though,” Sahil again sheepingly stated clearly not caring about Minisha’s glares.

“See, so stop acting like an over possessive chick, sis,” Anisha warmly assured her.

“Yep and you have known Armaan since like…” Tanya started to say, looking at Anirudh for help to finish the sentence.

“Kindergarten, so relax,” Anirudh concluded for her.

“Wait, why didn’t you tell us though?” Minisha asked confused.

“Yeah, not like we are gonna eat you up for this,” Sammy finally spoke up from behind.

“Cause I didn’t want any public attention on this matter or you all to tease me,” Anisha said in a low tone.

“But these two are way clever than we thought they were. They made it a public topic without anyone knowing,” Armaan finished for her.

“Not bad eh?” Anirudh asked with a proud smile.

“How did you know there was something between us?” Anisha asked curiously.

“Professional guider standing here,” Tanya responded pointing to herself.

“Right! You did help people with their family and love issues,” Armaan said more to himself than the gang.

“Exactly and Ebay was a huge help too,” Tanya said with a wink.

“I hate you so much. Now this is the number 1 gossip of the week,” Anisha said with displeasure.

“Your welcome,” Tanya cheered back.

“Doesn’t solve the issue,”

“And you…I agree she had a doubt and stuff, but you being my childhood friend decided to do this to me in front of so many people,” Armaan said to Anirudh by his locker.

“You are exaggerating, there were hardly 100 people surrounding us. And I did do good to you,” Anirudh said in I-don’t-care-what-you-say voice.

“And how is that?”

“Well, now you don’t have to hide anything anymore and next we convinced her too,”

“Again, how is that good. I would rather hide it than have the whole school tease me for this,”

“How cute!” Sammy said to him by pulling his cheeks which made the whole gang burst into laughter.

“Anyways, practice in 5. Catch you there,” Anirudh told them as he made his way to the dance room from his locker.

“I need to go to my locker,” Anisha said ,walking a few steps ahead to reach her locker. They were hardly any lockers apart.

“I am sorry! Don’t be mad…it’s over.” Tanya tried to apologize to her friend who clearly looked pissed off.

“I am not going to forgive you,”

“Be a nice sweet friend,”

“I was never a sweet friend,”

“True, but come on, let’s be besties again,”

“Not happening,”

“Anisha you are not serious, are you?”

“I totally am,”

“Ughhh…this girl and her drama,”

“Tanya,” Armaan called her from behind and gave her the same look of displeasure.

“What now? If you are going to give me lectures on how I did wrong, believe me, no intention to hurt you. I am sorry and for more information please email me at [email protected],” she replied with a dry mock, tired of all this.

“Are you okay? I am not going to yell at you, so please take a breath,” he said making Tanya inhale to calm her down from the weird things she was blurting out.

“Really? Cool then what’s up?”

“I can get Anisha to talk to you if you help me take revenge from Anirudh for this,”

“And why do want my help?”

“Well, he won’t doubt on you and because you are extremely good at taking revenge,”

“Sounds like a plan,”

“Awesome then! Let me go talk to your pissed of friend,”

“Can’t stay away from her huh?”

“Shut up!” he shushed her and both of them made their way to the
Finally after the massive practice, Tanya sagged back with sweat dripping down her body like a shower. She looked around to see everyone in the same position as her. Mrs.Green was in a terrible mood today, so bad that she decided to get them to do intense dance workouts. Dance workouts….never heard of them eh? Neither did she until today, they were worse than regular workouts.

“I she had a fight with her husband and decided to get the anger out on us,” Anisha mocked at their teacher in a tired voice.

“Help me,” Tanya whined, forwarding her hands for the twins to help her get up. Her body was aching from all sides possible. Great life she had there.

“Oh and by the way, day after tomorrow at my place at 7,” she announced in a happy voice.

“Why? Are you giving us a treat for being together?” Armaan said eyeing at Anisha who stack her tongue out in response.

“Absolutely not. It’s my birthday, so a small party,” she cleared their doubts. Small, more like a gigantic party, should be larger than Anirudh’s one, but she didn’t want to intimidate them so they wouldn’t attend at all.

“Wow!” one after the other said, “We will all be there,”

“Great!!” she cheered leaving her bag on the floor of the sweaty floor. She needed a super long shower to remove all the sticky sweat attached to her body. Yuck!

“Tanya, ready?” Armaan asked her.

“Yes, go quick,” Tanay assured him while she made her way to Anirudh distract him.

“Anirudh…what courses you have again?” she started the convo.

“Math, Science, French and English, why?”

“I needed something for science, can you give it to me?”

“I am gonna kill you. What do you need?”

“The periodic tables that the teachers are handing out,”

“And why didn’t you get one,”

“I was not there and then they ran out of copies,”

“You were here every single day for the past month,” he interrogated her. Detective much she thought as they made their way to his locker with Armaan hiding behind the corner of the floor.

“I was talking to the guidance counsellor in that period and can you please stop interrogating me for this?”

“Just checking,”

“Yeah, so here is the table.” he told as he handed her a bunch of papers after opening his locker.

“Umm…thanks er.. why don’t you come and show me the other one too near the light by the window. Can’t really see from here,” she tried to move him so that Armaan could get what he wants.

“You sure you are not blind?”

“Yes, totally. Now come,” she dragged him, facing towards her so he could not see Armaan playing around her locker.

“Okay, so this is the one which is needed for the first few tests and then we need this one. Which test are you at?”

“Third,” she blindly answered, looking at Armaan who miserbly failed as he dropped Anirudh’s binder on the floor.

“What was that?” Anirudh questioned as he almost turned back.

“My phone, my phone fell down. Now tell me what is more beneficial,” Tanya asked as she leant down to get her so called fallen floor.

“You are asking me? You are way more smarter than me, I hardly remember what I learned yesterday,”

“No, I am listening…keep going,” she responded while Armaan showed her the picture he got and went back into the corner.

“Listening to what?” Anirudh asked Tanya who breathed a sigh of relief for finishing her part.

“Nothing, I’ll take this, now put the rest in your locker,” she told him abruptly.

“Armaan, what’s up?” Anirudh asked as Armaan came out of the corner with a smirk.

“Look I think I found something. Yours?”

“That’s my most precious picture, give it back. Where did you find it?”

“Never, until you look for it yourself and pay for your little act,”

“What the hell? Armaan, I am serious….give it back. It means a lot to me,”

“Great then, that will make it sweeter,”

“Wait, why doesn’t she have to pay?” Anirudh asked pointing to Tanya while she shrugged like she knew nothing.

“She already did in another way,”

“Give it back,”

“Tanya come,” Armaan said grabbing her hand and breaking both of them into a sprint while Anirudh followed after locking his locker.

“Quick, I’ll place it in your bag, give it to me tomorrow,” Armaan said putting the picture in her bag.

“Sure, fast go,” she told him as he escaped into the nearby washroom. There were a few people who were looking at them like they were some crazy kids.

“Where did he go?” Anirudh asked with panted breaths.

“Sorry, my lips are sealed. Mr.Detective go and find your precious picture,” Tanya said to him with an apolegtic smile as she grabbed her bag and headed to her locker. What was so important in that picture? She needed to go and check as soon as she reached home.
How was that? Not that much eh?
What was in the picture that Anirudh treasured so much? Will Tanya know about it?

I think the fun times are done for now, another big revelation ahead which should clear all the past of everyone out. Nothing should be hidden anymore after the next 2 episodes other than who is the actual culprit!! Stay tuned for the major drama ahead!!

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  2. I love this gang so much. They r just awesome. Teasing, playing, revenge n all. The twin sis convo was quite enjoyable n in between sahil’s interference made it lively. so now everything is alright. Armaan wants revenge frm ani now. god what a friendship. one friend buks another infront of hundred people n other wants revenge for it n tanya is helping both. lol. It was gud. Tanya tricking n distracting ani. that was gud. Picture i’m sure it is aniya pic. But don’t know what my detective brainy is cooking in her mind. waiting to watch it. loved it mandy. awesome. update soooon. loveeeee u my dear.

    1. Lol!!! Such a delight to read your comments!!! Lets see whose pic it is and what havoc it will create in the lives of aniya! Keep reading and loads of love to you!!!

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