Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 8 Part 4)

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Tanya’s threw a wide smile on her face as she examined the plan she made once more, before placing the large white sheet on the chair.

“Everything is set!” she enthusiastically exclaimed as she fixed the collar of her jeans jacket. Her fish tail braid hung low on her left side, while she pushed her bangs aways from her face.

“And you positively believe all this would work?” Anirudh asked her with disbelief.

She sighed at his question, and scowled, “Dude, this is literally the 100th time you are asking me. Of course it will work, and do you have any better ones?”

He remained silent, still looking at the chair with one of his eyebrows raised and his face demented.

“Exactly, you don’t have one, so why don’t you shut up and listen to me.” Tanya dryly mocked.

“Well I do have one, but it will be fun to see you try, fail and I will take the revenge in my way,” he shot back in a low tone with a smirk.

“Keep dreaming, lover boy,” Tanya stated with much thinking.

“Lover boy? What was that?” he asked back in vague tone.

“I don’t know, maybe because you keep flirting with me so much,” she flatly replied with an exaggerated voice.

“See, I need a good trial before my actual performance,” he firmly said, tugging her arm with his and leading her to the glass windows.

“Look at all those girls, waiting for a chance to witness my true charm,” he said with a dreamy voice and looked at her with bored eyes, “So be thankful for your chance, for sake.”

“I am very thankful,” Tanya replied sarcastically and pulled her hand away and ordered “We are going to this in lunch, so don’t mess up.”

He was too busy looking at the glass window and fixing his hair with the faint and unclear image that was projected. Jerk much! Tanya felt her blood starting to boil up seeing his ignorant behaviour, COOL DOWN, COOL DOWN, she thought to herself, plastered a fake smile on her face and walked away.
“Kay, so ready?” Tanya asked Anisha as she strapped the lie detector device on her left arm. Anisha voluntarily nodded her head and fidgeting in the chair to get comfortable.

“You made a lie detector machine for computer’s fair and you want me to answer the questions to see whether it works or not” she confirmed once more.

“Yeahh,” Tanya muttered as she turned the knob of the lie detector on.

Ebay makes her life so easier, Tanya thought as a fairly big crowd gathered around the chair to witness what was going on.

Anisha was sitting on the chair which Tanya arranged in the middle of the atrium. She agreed to help Tanya quickly than Tanya had expected. The crowd formed a huge circle, much similar to the dance off circle before. Anirudh and the rest of the gang were standing just a few steps away from the chair, all looking boggled except Anirudh who was grinning widely.

“Anisha, you need to try to say the truth, otherwise, it won’t work. Don’t try to act oversmart by purposely lying to see if it actually works,” Tanya warned Anisha, who pouted upon hearing the rules.

The mischief glares in her eyes started to disappear and smirk to started to faint off.

Tanya shook her head at her sudden changes and showed a thumbs up to Anirudh. He had a red button in his hand to control the lie detector, he was the person who would choose whether the lie detector would say yes or no.

“Okay, let’s start!” Tanya announced to the vast crowd, who broke into a thundering cheer.

Tanya pulled out a bunch of cards and a pen to make it seem like she is noting down the changes.

“Red is your favourite color?” Tanya started off.

“Yes,” Anisha boldly and confidently replied. Anirudh had pressed the button once as the lie detector flashed the light green, indicating the answer was right.
“Right it is!” Tanya announced playfully, slowly moving towards Anirudh from the chair.

“Next, you don’t like water at all,” Tanya questioned her.
“OMG! My machine is working!!” Tanya let out a fake excitement.

“You love to hang around your friends”
“Again right!”

“You will do anything for your sister,”
“False,” Minisha shouted from the back, which made everybody let out a chuckle.
“True,” Anisha answered confidently.
“And that is right,”

“You don’t know how to surf,”

“At the moment you don’t like anyone,” Tanya asked her mystery question. Anisha’s face lost all it’s color, the blood completely drained from her face which was looking back in awe.

“True,” Anisha said with a little hesitation, clearly evident in her voice.

“Anisha, that’s wrong,” Tanya told her pointing to the sound the detector made and the red light flashing brightly.

“What? Your machine is not working,” Anisha argued back, a little take aback with the question.

“The question was that you don’t like anyone, there is no one in the school that you would like to date,” Tanya explained her innocently.

“I understood that and I did answer the right thing,” Anisha countered back stubbornly.

“Yeah, but it is saying that your answer is false, it was working perfectly till now,” Tanya said removing the strap of her hand and examining it.

“Let’s try it on someone else than,” Anisha suggested naively , “Minisha, you go..”

Minisha rolled her eyes at her sister and walked over to the chair, strapping on the band on her right arm.

“Umhh…do you know the person your sister likes?” Tanya questioned her. Anisha let out a gasp from behind when the lie detector turned green.

“Anisha, it’s working perfectly fine,” Tanya mumbled taking off the strap from Minisha’s hand.

“Armaan, why don’t you go?” Anirudh insisted Armaan from the back.

“Sure,” Armaan stuttered a little. His face turned a little pale while Anisha’s eyes widened from the back.

“I want to ask the question,” Anirudh came forward, snatching the strap from Tanya’s hand hastily and slyly planting the button in her hand.

“Go ahead,” Tanya mumbled as his hands brushed her tender ones and shoved the button deep behind the cards.

Anirudh carefully strapped the detector in his hands, while Armaan had a small tight smile in his paled face.

“Do you hate me?”
“Right it is!!”

“I am crazy”

“Tanya is crazy”
“Right again”

“Everybody in the room is crazy except you,”
“Right again,”

“Armaan, do you know the person who Anisha likes?” Anirudh questioned him with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“No,” he replied, trying to sound as confident as possible. Tanya hesitated a minute before clicking on the red button twice which made the light change to red and Anisha to slap her hand on her forehead. To save both of them, the lunch bell triggered on top, making the crowd disappear.

Anirudh gently took the strap of Armaan’s hand and handed it back to Tanya with a wink to define their success. Tanya mouthed a I told you so before going to Anisha and whispering, “This is not over yet.” stiffening her to the core.

LOL!! That was a very different way of doing things right? Okay, I do have a very imaginary mind, but it worked!! They managed to bring out fresh gossip infront of everyone very slyly, now let’ s see where this will go. With Tanya and Anirudh on board and Mandy as the sailor, you never know what will happen next 😉

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  1. Superb episode Mandy. Lol.. Really different way to take revenge. Anirudh n Tanya r awesome as always. It’s true Mandy being sailor we can’t expect what’s going to happen next?. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ???..take care…

    1. Thanks!! Lol!! Keep reading….take Care ☺☺☺

  2. Both r idiots yaar awwww poor love birds

    1. Lollll!!!!

  3. Wowwww awesome episode, both can get a very good team of detectives…they both should join this profession for sure…..lie detector machine…lol…anisha n armaan…poor guys…you’re amazing mandy…..aniya so lovely plan to take revange….funnyyyy. ….loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh. .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Thanks!! Such a delight to read your pleasant words…lifts my spirits up!! Thanks again!! Keep reading!! They should sure join the profession!!

  4. aye aye captain. lol. It was super fun. Really ur brain is creative n imaginary. But they r awesome. I love the epi. New gossip. Ha it was worth it. Anisha n armaan two r booked now. Why do they hav to get caught in the eyes of two most dangerous people. What can they do?? Their luck is not enough. N now see aniya is making some dhamaka. Ani saying u should be thankful coz he is flirting with her. lol. That scene of aniya was superb. Waiting for the next one. Sorry for the late comment. Loveee u .

    1. Yay!! Manha is on board!!! Lol! Luck doesn’t support them at all…..nothing can escape from aniya!! No problem…glad to see that u took the time to comment!! Love you too!!

  5. Awesome epi.

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  6. It’s been really long since you last updated. Everything fine?

    1. Thanks for your concern! Very sweet of you…..just a little busy with assignments. Will update on Monday for sure!!

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