Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 8 Part 3)

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Anirudh let Tanya into hall with his eyes sparking with an idea to make her accept the earrings as a gift. After all he was Anirudh Reen, nobody could resist him! He bought her to the dance floor where people all around were doing various styles, some were slow dancing, others were ballroom dancing while some others were doing some waltz steps, salsa was going on in the side too. Why doesn’t everybody just do one thing? So what do they do? He looked up to Tanya who was also looking lost, her eyes wandering with nervousness.

Okay, this was the last second song, they better get something going on or he would fail yet again. He grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards him, her arms were failing over his neck, while he rested his hands on her waist. Well, the style has been determined, they were slow dancing. Tanya looked up and raised her eyebrows as to why he did that. A smirk played on the corner of his lips while he simply shrugged and started to swirl her around.

Now is the time, he thought when he moved her hair from the right side of the ear. He kept swirling her, he needed to be quick while removing the earrings or she would faint with dizziness. He slyly took out of the earring from her right ear, thank god she didn’t know and it was a hook on so it made his life way easier. He stopped to swirl her and bent her down, with his eyes locking hers and placing the diamond earring onto her right ear to replace the weight of the earring. OMG! One is down, one more to go.

He lifted her and pulled her closer to see how the earring suited on her. She did have a great choice after all, this was an amazing pair of earring and looked quite good on her. Fine, it looked awesome on her. She averted her gaze and looked at someone behind him and a wide smile went on her lips. She did see Kian again? He spinned her around, her back to the people she saw so that she could see who she was talking about. She let out a little sigh when he looked over to see Anisha and Armaan swaying around the floor, flirting and laughing with each other.

“I never realized how cute they looked together,” Anirudh whispered in her ears, while she smiled widely and nodded her head.

“Do you see something cooking between them?” she asked with happiness of something filling her eyes.

“Umh…do you think they are making up new plans to torture us?” he joked, not sure of what she was expecting.

She let out a silent giggle and said, “You are kidding me right?”

Now he had no clue what to say, “Maybe, maybe not.”

She rolled her eyes in disbelief and said, “You have no freaking clue what I am talking about do you?”

He shook his head in negative, while saying, “You know me too well.”

She let out a small chuckle at his expressions and explained, “I think there is something going on between them. We should bring that out in front of people,”

“And take our revenge for the food fight,” he concluded with a dark smile while she nodding vigorously.

“Do you have a plan?” he asked her curiously.

“Sure, why not?” she replied, beating around the bush a little.

“Tell me NOW,” he asked her harshly, with his grip tightening a little on her waist.

“Not now,” she brushed him off, smiling when Anisha made a look at them.

“Why not?’ he whinned like a little child, needing chocolates.

“Why would I? So that they could hear us? That girl already has sharp ears, I’ll text it to you,”she slowly said, faking a smile when Anisha kept looking over at them.

“Fine,” he said rolling his eyes in frustration.

“Finally, you understood,” she mocked at him, rolling her eyes at him.

“For starters I don’t have a girlfriend, so I don’t know stuff. Second, unlike you girls I don’t mind other people’s businesses.”

“Hey, I don’t mind other people’s businesses. She is my friend and all I want now is revenge,”

“You are not as innocent as you look, are you?”

“Not at all,”

“You still didn’t answer me why you don’t have a girlfriend?”

Yep, now is the time he thought when the light dimmed out even more and the last verse of song started to play. If not now, then not forever. He swirled her again, while moving her out of the way on her other ear and gently took over the earring. He placed the earring in his pocket and tried to place the diamond one, while he was swirling her.

No, he failed miserably, he bent her down, with her hand on her waist, and carefully tucked the earring in the whole without her suspicion. Man, he should seriously consider becoming a detective or spy. He mentally gave himself a pat on his back and lifted her up. The earrings went well with her dress, giving her the final touches to her dress. A wide, genuine smile crept his lips while his face started to glow up as much as possible. He was so happy for some reason, he felt like he did something good after so many days. The lights started to brighten up, indicating the time for the cake cutting, he needed to go and see where his sister was.

He turned Tanya around with her back to his chest and whispered, “Beautiful” in her ears, while stroking the diamond earrings. She touched the earring and let out a loud gasp, with shock filling her face. She turned around and blinked at him several times trying to comprehend how did it happen.

“How…what…when?” she stuttered still touching those earrings.

Anirudh simply winked at her with a smirk on his face and left the place when Anisha came up to her.

“OMG! That’s so pretty on you, did he give it you?” Anirudh heard Anish shriek from the back of the room while he left to go find his sister.

“He sure did,” Tanya replied with pride, which made him even more happy.

“Akka, where is the cake?” Anirudh asked his sister, Madhuri, who busy chatting off with people from her university.

“You didn’t tell me where you put it,” she answered in a low tone.

“What? Put where? You were supposed to get the cake,” Madhuri exclaimed with a like duhh look.

“No you were, it was on YOUR list,” he replied, emphasizing on YOUR a bit too much to prove his point.

Madhuri just stared at him with anger , crossing her arms around her chest and giving him you are in trouble look, while he looked on blankly.

“It said nothing like that in my list,” he firmly said, sticking to his point as he pulled the list he gave her from his pocket and pointed to it.

“Anirudh, what is this?” Madhuri said, turning the list, there were CAKE written in bold letters.

“Wait, there was a BACK side to the list,” Anirudh asked in a most awed tone ever.

“Are you kidding me? It’s our mom’s birthday, millionaires from the whole world are here and we DON’T have a cake,” Madhuri said sarcastically, fidgeting with her knuckles which she only does when she is tense and freaking out.

“Stop freaking out, let me arrange something,” Anirudh directed her, asking her to believe him.

“Yeah sure. The last time you said that, when you didn’t bring present for Aliya, you bought her a box of cookies,” she snickered at him.

“I thought she liked cookies!” he defended himself in a childish tone.

“Forget it, you take care of the guests and I will arrange a cake,” she instructed him to and tried to call someone up.

“Not sure, how I am going to do that , but okayy,” he admitted honestly.

“I’m gonna kill you after this,” she yelled at him with frustration.

“I love you too akka,” he grinned and replied innocently. She hurried quickly up the stairs to probably grab her car keys and find a cake store that will make a proper cake in an hour.

“Hey, is everything okay?” Tanya asked with concern as she approached him
“Yes, why?” he asked casually like nothing even happened, putting on a fake smile.

“Nothing, you just seem like you are tensed about something,” she replied, playing with her fingers.

“Not at all, I am fine other than the fact that I forgot to bring my mom’s cake, everything is just great,” he sarcastically stated, freaking out like a mad man inside. How was he supposed to keep the crowd of 200 people entertained for a whole hour?

“You forgot?” she replied in a disbelief tone with her mouth hung open.

“Yes, all thanks to you,”

“Me? What did I do?”

“Well, I spent the whole evening trying to find her a gift, I forgot about the cake,” he said with a little embarrassment.

“You know that you are making no sense right?” she said with one of her eyebrows raised.

“Sure, but I need a distraction,” he said in a tense voice.

“The dance team is here, you all could perform our latest song,” she said, giving him a brilliant idea.

“Yes! Why didn’t I think of that,” he enthusiastically burst out.

“Maybe because you are not as smart as me,” she said with pride in a flattery voice.

“Come on , don’t fly in colours already,” he mocked back at her.

“Whateves, you all have fun,” she said, turning around.

“What do you mean with you all?” he asked confused, picking up on her words.

“I can’t sorry, I need to go. I was just here cuz of the dance, now Tanaya is really out of hand,” she said giving him an apologetic smile.

“Ohhh okay,” he said trying to hide the fact of him being upset as much as he could.

“K, I need to run, bye!” she said in full speed, and basically ran out the door. He watched her enter the car and disappear, he let out a deep sigh and called his gang.

Tanya lay on her bed, tired after the whole day’s happenings. After she came back home, she had to make Tanaya eat her dinner. Her sister was exactly the opposite to her, she didn’t like to eat anything, it was quite a task to get her to finish her food. By the time Tanya got home, Rohan and Tanaya were literally running around the house with the bowl of food. Aleks Akka had a night shift for some odd reason, so Tanya and Rohan spent 2 hours convincing Tanaya to eat her food, finally settling on buying her a new glitter pen set she wanted. Her sister sure knew how to get people to get her the things she wanted.

Tanya took out her phone and messaged Anirudh to thank him for the earrings.

Tanya- U awake?

Anirudh- Hello to you too, Tanya. What’s up?
Her phone vibrated after 20 minutes, so she decided to ignore him for 10 minutes too, why should she reply so early. Let him be waiting for her too.

Tanya- Thanks a lot for the earrings 🙂 🙂 !!

Anirudh- I need to be thanking you, you saved me and my party. My mom loved the gift and the dance entertained people till the cake got here. 🙂

Aww….how sweet? Tanya thought as she typed up a message.

Tanya- I know, I am the best! ?

Anirudh- There we go again… flattering yourself.??

JERK JERK JERK, she thought. How could she call him sweet? “Sweet my foot,” Tanya mumbled changing her mind.

Tanya- You are so annoying….your mood swings are worst than my sister.?

Anirudh- Mood swings? What the hell are you talking about??

Tanya- You know what I am talking about, sometimes you are an angry young man who is yelling at me, then you are flirting with me, other time taunting me. What happened a normal teenage boy who acts THE SAME ??

Anirudh- I am special, then how can I be normal????

Woahh..that was actually a good counter back. What was she supposed to say now?

Tanya- Look who is flattering now??

Anirudh- Me? Who else? ?

What was he talking about? She was in no mood to argue with him over the phone too.

Tanya- Be at school at 7, I have a plan

Anirudh- That was the worst comeback ever….??????

Such an idiot, Tanya eyes closed a little, indicating her to be tired.

Tanya- Whateves..see ya at 7!??
And she shut off her phone and fell asleep before even looking back at his reply.

Hey guys, how was that? Finally they are getting along….I am done with their fight for a little time, but you know me, in few days Im gonna be big with another bomb! Anways, stay tuned to what Aniya will do for revenge against Anisha and Armaan.

Keep reading, and share your view with me!!

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  1. Both r equal idiots

    1. Lol! I just loved the way you said that!

  2. Thanks dat der was no kian bomb at the party 🙂

    1. Hahahha…enough of him for a while!!

  3. He chose different way to make her accept his gift..great idea.Their dance is nice n he forgot to bring cake…wow, he’s really amusing yaar but What can we expect from him who don’t even know how to buy a gift on his own for his Text msgs were funny. Oh What will be their plan to take revenge on them. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care..

    1. Thanks Lakshmi…I am so happy you liked the epi!! Keep reading…their revenge will be totally out of the world.

  4. Finally ani is thinking of our views of becoming spy. lol. It was one sure gud shot. The earrings scene was awesome, sure need to see on screen. Will it be that precise as we r reading or not??!!! But it was in a way romantic too. See mandy i told u money for lighting is waste. Now see his face could lit up the whole hall easily yaar.

    Forgot cake. wow. Tanya is always smart. The Msg convo was superb. Counter backs. lol. They were funny. Waiting for the next one.

    1. Lol!!! On screen? Idk.about that…but I am.honored that you said that! Means a lot to me!!
      If my friend’s ever become a director, I will ask them to make a film/drama out of this story ONLY FOR YOU! I will direct it and make it exactly like this…Im dreaming way too much right??

      Ur right…his face could lite the whole room up!! Lol!! Love the way u said that…
      Thanks a lot again and loads of love!

      1. Life is full of surprises dear. Who knows u may become director urself. No one knows what will happen. So let the dreams be dreamt. Love u n take care.

      2. Just saw ur reply…how sweet!! I am soo glad to make a friend like you!!! Tc and thanks again!!

  5. Awesome, marvellous episode Mandy dearrr, the way anirudh made her wear earrings was outstanding n she didn’t even had a…when…lol…. so lovely scene….oh my goodness, he forgot cake for bday party…lol…n blaming Tanya for it…tooo smart…but our Tanya smarter than him…gave very good idea to keep the guest busy with dance until cake arrive…kudos to tanya…the perfect jodi…thank God, kian didn’t do anything bad in the party…texting was quite interesting. ..revange! wow new mission!!! 😉 I’m so excited. ..keep it up honeyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads 😉

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much Roma!!!! Lol…Tanya is wayyy smarter than him! ☺☺☺ New mission of revenge!! Keep reading!! And loads of love!!!

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