Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 8 Part 2 Contd.)

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Part 2
Anirudh’s heart literally stopped for a whole freaking minute while his nerves started to fill with anxiety. He didn’t understand what has gotten into him when he pulled Sammy onto the dance floor. He made sure not to meet Tanya’s gaze even though she was trying to talk to him. Sammy on the other side was extremely happy with him dancing with her, she eyes him dreamily and continued to pull him to the music. His mind was wandering into various thoughts, why was Kian here? did they even know each other? why are they dancing?
Tanya gave her hand into Kian’s to go on a quick dance with him, she saw Armaan and Anisha slow dancing while Minisha and Sahil went around to see the food. At this point, she really wanted to meet Anirudh to ask him whether he gave his mom her present or not. But, alas that kid was nowhere to be seen. So, she decided to dance with Kian in the centre of the crowd so that she could get a better view of the place to find Anirudh. The melody changed to slow Aashique romantic songs, setting in the mood of the party.

“This is so embarrassing, you are so good and look at me, I dance like a zombie,” Kian stated sarcastically as he moved around the floor.

Tanya let out a small chuckle as she heard this and directed him to follow her. Right as Kian started to get the hang of dancing, Tanya spotted Anirudh dancing with Sammy who was lost in her dream land. At last, he finally gave Sammy the importance she needed, but for some reason Tanya was more hurt than happy. She turned her postion around and called out for Anirudh, he was wearing a black formal shirt and pants with a red tie. His shirt was shaggy, his hair was pretty dishevelled but still he managed to look handsome with a tone of attitude to ignore her.

“Anirudh..” she called out in a whisper again, he wasn’t going to pay attention to her, was he? Idiot. After all the help she did, this is such a nice way to thank her.

“Excuse me,” she said to Kian and moved on to Anirudh to gain his attention. This was really pissing her off now, she hated being ignored. She moved closer and tapped his shoulder, instead of turning around and greeting her, he completely turned around, making Sammy’s back face her.

“Hey,” he greeted in a curt voice.

“Umm..hi,” she stated back when both of them threw death glares at her. She looked a little confused when Anirudh decided to turn her invisible and stare back happily at Sammy.

“Do you want something?” he asked her in a disgruntled tone, throwing her aback as she stood there staring blankly at the couple dancing.

That’s it she was out now, she noded in a negative. Her mind swayed her in a bunch of different emotions, she was angry, hurt, embarrassed, upset, nervous, confused, and much more. She didn’t understand anything and didn’t even want to stay in that party any longer, she was dying for some air, some fresh air to bring her out of the moment. She texted the driver to come and pick her up in 30 minutes and was about to click the send button when Minisha hailed out to her.

“Yo, come one, why are you here?” Minisha said dragging her back into the hall from the entrance.

“Umhh… I need to leave you see, er, Tanaya is making a fuss and…” Tanya trailed off, hoping Minisha would understand her uncomfort at the party.

“No way, not now, you still have to meet Anirudh and wish his mother,” Minisha said with a frown. Anirudh, that was the one person she came for, but now she didn’t want to meet him at any cost.

She need to leave before her discomfort turned into hatred and anxiety. But Minisha was not in a mood to listen to her, instead she dragged her back to the gang.
Anirudh was still feeling a weird type of negative vibes coming from Kian who was happily chatting off with the others in the gang. He gently took off the diamond earrings box from his pocket and looked at it sadly.

“What’s this?” Sammy asked grabbing the box of his hands and unwrapping the present.

He tried to stop her but she brushed off his pleas and continued to unwrap the present. He couldn’t even pull it off her hands due to the guests all around. What a good fate he had? Could it get even worse? And it did, the minute Sammy opened the box and found the earrings, Tanya walked with Minisha and froze when she saw Sammy with the box and wrapper all around.

SHIT SHIT SHIT! What a timing, like what a timing! He told her that it was for someone special and then he gave it to Sammy, she was glaring at him with a ton of mixed emotions in her face. She seemed like a stir of emotions all mixed together, both of them locked each other’s eyes, with such intensity that neither could take it off. Anirudh could tell she was upset that he gave her fav earrings to Sammy, guilt started to prick him off.
blo*dy hell!

Their gaze was disturbed by Sammy who shriked, “OMG! This is $600? I love it!”

He saw Tanya let out a gasp and said, “I need to go , I’ll catch you guys later.”

“Wait what? already?” Anisha said not letting her go.

“I really wanted to stay, but the circumstances are not letting me,” Tanya blurted out, passing taunts to Anirudh indirectly. She quickly hugged the twins and made her way to the entrance.

Anirudh felt awful, but he didn’t know how to stop her. He wanted one chance to explain her what exactly happened and he was going to, as he pulled the box of his hands and followed Tanya.
Tanya literally ran out of the hall, she didn’t want to stay in that awkward situation anymore.

“Wait,” Anirudh called her out from behind. The guilt was seen in his eyes.

“What do you want now?” Tanya asked him in the same tone he did before.

“Umm…actually, I wanted” Anirudh started to explain, choosing the right words.

“Yes, go quick, I really need to leave,” Tanya rushed him up.

“Look I didn’t mean to get mad at you, it was just that you were dancing with Kian, so” Anirudh stuttered, rubbing his hand through his hair.

“So?” Tanya questioned confused.

“I don’t like him at all, and my friends don’t even talk to him and there is you who is dancing with him, I didn’t even invite him so I thought you brought him,” Anirudh said, turning red with embarrassment. His tie now was perfect match to his outfit.

“I don’t even know him,” Tanya dryly reasoned, annoyed at his stupid excuses.

“I forgot that, I..I am sorry,” Anirudh apologized as softly as possible.

“Sure, I need to go ,” Tanya stated, not wanting to melt by his words.

“Also, about that earrings, this is for you,” Anirudh said handing her the box.

“Huh? Sammy?” Tanya countered completely taken aback now. What was happening? Was she so special all of a sudden now?

“She was just opening it to tell me whether it is a good gift or not, I bought it for you,” Anirudh explained her.

“I can’t take it,” Tanya said pushing the box back.

“Why? Is it because of Sammy, it was for you. I swear,” Anirudh forced the box into her hand.

“No, it’s just it is $600, I can’t accept it,”

“Oh come on, it is a small token of gratitude for helping me,”

“Small? Dude $600 is not really a small amount, you must have spent months of pocket money on it,”

“Actually all the money I ever owned,”

“No way then,”

“Let’s make a fair offer then,”


“Come dance with me instead,” Anirudh said with a wide smirk on his face. Tanya face flushed pale, no way, not anymore.

“I can’t, actually, er, Tanaya iss..” Tanya started to build up an excuse.

“making a fuss and Rohan can’t manage her,” Anirudh completed for her in a sarcastic tone

“Right!” Tanya concluded, turning to leave.

“Come on, one dance won’t hurt,” Anirudh called out again.

“Sorry! I can’t. I need to go,” she reasoned again.

“Fine, I tried to pay you back tho,” Anirudh said with his face clearly showing that he was upset. He looked at her while she gave him an apologetic smile and walked to the car.

Oh ohhhhh, she felt extremely bad now, the guilt she saw in his eyes were transferring to hers. She felt bad and guilty now. Shit! She couldn’t live like this.

“Fine fine, let’s go,” she stated back which made his face lit up.

“Really?” he asked confirming her acceptance.

“Sure,” Tanya quickly said with a little displeasure, she wouldn’t fall asleep with the guilt in her anyways.

“What made you change your mind?” Anirudh mocked as she came closer to him. His face was glowing like a LED bulb, bright with happiness.

“I don’t know, let’s go before I change it again,” Tanya said giving her hand in his. The magical touch she felt on the first day of school, the anxiety and nervousness of the stomach started to return, while he led her back to the party.
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  1. It was gud. Finally their differences r gone for the night. N now dance. Sammy is heart broken yaar. Ani face like LED bulb. lol. that was funny. Really if he knew it earlier then there was no need to spend money on lighting yaar. His face would have enlighten the party. god see my weird thoughts. haha. Both r being jealous, oh this is a gud sign in all. I’m sure u r planning some suprises n shocks to kill me in this party. I would love to see that. waiting for the next one.

    1. Hahha!! Your thought are not wierd at all!! Everything is set! Don’t worry Manha…..I am done with the twists for the update….no more new random jhatkas! ??

  2. Pls updt nxt part 2day nly. . .nt 2mrw. . . Pls. . .pls. . . N u turnd the story into a vry difrnt way than i expctd. Luvd it dr 🙂 n luv u 2. . . 😀 😉

    1. Lol! I always do something completely off what I plan earlier! I would love to update today itself bUT I have assignments that I need to finish! Sorry?

  3. Hey….really vry sorry…..dat i couldn’t comment on last 2 chapterzz…i was waiting 4 ur ff….its good to c both r having conflict wid der emotions…..i was really hurt wen sammy took earring….but thank god arjun cleared d misunderstanding….plz tell more about der past too….y does kian n arjun hate each other…wat did tanya do to arjun…. Update sooon… you so much….

    1. It’s okay Vivi! No worries! Everything is set in the party! I just wanted to give you all a break fromy their past… a few days a few more revelations! So before that I didn’t want to give you guys any more heart attacks! ?? Anways, thanks!! Keep reading and love ya!

  4. Wowww both r unbelievable persons ha ha ha

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  6. Superb Mandy. So they r going to dance in the party. Waiting for next update.

    1. Hi Lakshmi….how r u? Thanks!! Keep reading!!

  7. Wowwww awesome episode, mandy it’s really very interesting. ..both r jealous n now feeling guilty for not understanding the fact…I’m glad they realized n now agree for dance together. …so sweeeeeet. …so excited for this dance…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Thanks Roma!! both have realized something is between them but they are still in the thoughts of friendship…I hope the dance lives up to your expectations.

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