Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 11) (Last Chapter)

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I know a HUGE SHOCKER, but I am ending all my ff’s as I have my exams right around the corner and I am nowhere close to being prepared. More info at the end.
Tanya growled heavily as her ankle twisted while she saw Anirudh run away from her. The pain clutched her heart as she tried to move her ankle, oh no, this was where she got her accident before. Before she realized what the hell was going on, she saw a black chevrolet come towards her and smack her right on the hurted ankle, tossing her to the grass on the side.

“Tanya,” she heard Anirudh cry in shock while she winced as she the blood oozed out endlessly on the green grass, submerging it red blood.

“Ouchhhh..” Tanya whispered to herself as her head started to spin and moments later darkness hit her as her body began to grow numb.

Tanya woke up with a banging headache and blurry eyes. She thought she had a long sleep after a nightmare, she shaked her head to get a clear vision. The walls around her looked unfamiliar, they looked like hospital walls. She stirred up boggled and looked at her right leg wrapped in a giant blue plaster, “Where am I?”

“Tanya, are you okay?” she heard Aleks Akka ask her with immense concern as Tanya rubbed her hazy eyes to clear the darkness.

“I guess so, what happened?” she asked with confusion as she eyes the plaster kinda thing wrapped around her leg, that’s when realization hit her. She met with an accident, again.

“Well, for starters nothing happened to your ankle luckily and second of all why did you disappear?” Aleks Akka asked her with a frown as she checked her temperature while Tanya could feel a lump form in her throat.

She ignored the question and smartly diverted the topic, “Where are mom and dad?”

“They are filling up the forms,” Aleks Akka replied back with a heavy sad sigh as she continued, “I think you should forgive Anirudh,”

“Wait what? Where did he come from? And how do you know- wait did you meet him?” Tanya blurted out everything at one go as she suspected Anirudh trying to win everybody over.

Aleks Akka snapped her out of her thoughts and sternly said, “Tanya, he was not at fault, no matter what what you think I know the truth and I assure you that he has nothing to do with anything,”

Tanya rolled her eyes in disbelief and sarcastically stated, “Yeah right. You all can forgive him but I can’t, he took away everything I had, from a brother to happiness,”

“But he gave you dance,” Aleks Akka reasoned.

“What’s the use? I am quitting it anyways after I know he is in the team,” Tanya countered back.

“Tanya, don’t be so hard on yourself,”

“ I am not, I can’t forgive him after what Rohan went through,” tanya said with her voice cracking as tears started to blur her vision.

“Ah, Rohan, he forgave him too,” Aleks Akka beamed with excitement while Tanya broke into a fit of coughs as she choked on her saliva.

“What?! How long was I asleep, a day or two?” Tanya shrieked with horror as she gasped at all the things that happened.

“An hour,” Aleks Akka corrected her which made her gasp once again.

“And all this happens in an hour?” she squealed with dismay. So basically everything gets sorted in AN HOUR??!

“Tanya, look, all of us are ready to start over, but I am not sure why you are still stuck at something that happened so many years ago. No matter what you say, we owe him one for bringing you here at the right time,”

‘Bring him here,” Tanya voiced out quietly as she fidgeted with her fingers.

“Huh?” Aleks Akka asked her confused.

“I want to talk to him,” Tanya said back in a mere whisper.

“I knew you liked him, be right back,” Aleks Akka said jovially as she gave her a quick side hug and left the room.

“What? I don’t remember saying that,” Tanya cried out annoyed but it was too late. And that was her family,wierd.

Tanya started to huff and puff with anger when she saw Anirudh walk in with an exhausted look on his face when he asked her with concern, “Hey, you okay?”

Tanya gave him a tight smile and said stuttering due to the extreme awkwardness in the air, “Umm, yeah, err…thanks for bring me here, I guess,”

“No worries,” he said back to her as he flashed her a perfect ear to ear grin while she rolled his eyes.

In a flash of a second after she did that she faced him as his eyes locked her with an intense swirl of emotions running through them, “You know who did it, don’t you?”

“How?” she asked him with a hacked breath as she saw his breath grown closer and closer as his face grew murderously angry.

“I saw you staring at the car as it was going with shock, who was it?’ he gritted with frustration and immense anger radiating through his eyes.

“Why am I going to tell you? Who are you to me?” Tanya roared with anger as she jerked his hand off her chin.

“Tell me who it is, doll,” he said to her in a dangerously low voice as he called her by her nickname. A part of her jumped with joy while the other feared away.

“Anirudh, go away,” Tanya scowled as she pushed him off backwards to gain air.

‘Who is it?” he asked her again, trying to keep his heated anger in check.

“Why do you care?” she spat with disgust and hatred as memories began to make their way back to her.

“Because you are my best friend and I have no freaking idea why you are so mad at me but I know you are not going to forgive me as you are stubborn as hell but I know that no matter what I missed you and will keep caring for you inspite for your cold behaviour,” he replied coolly with intense emotions of regret crushing him down.

“I am not stubborn,” Tanya retorted with frustration.

“Take it from me, I have practically known you my entire life,” he argued with a chuckle as he started to move closer.

“I have known myself more than you, I am not,” Tanya replied back as she wiggled to get off the bed.

“Sure, now tell me who did it,”

“I was still in shock to see, now shoo away,”

“I am going to find out, one way or the other, doll,”

“Anirudh, please go away,”

He sighed and started to leave when he said as he leaned near the exit to explain irked, Tanya, why are you so hard? I really didn’t know what I did, even you know it was not my fault. Can I please get my friend back now please? It has been ages since we met, why can’t we forget everything and get back to being besties?”

Tanya kept on gazing at him with bored eyes while he ran a hand through his hair and turned around defeated while Tanya mumbled his nickname, “Cocky much, rockstar,”

“Oh my gosh, are you serious?’ he exclaimed with immense joy and happiness pentrating through his eyes while Tanya nodded at him as she rolled her eyes.

The next minute Anirudh came towards her and pulled her into a warm embrace that she was dying for years but he began to squeeze her in a second which made her say, “Can’t breathe,”

‘Sorry, I missed you so much,” he muttered with delight as he pulled away and smiled at her gratefully.

“I know, who can resist moi after all,” she flawned herself while he chuckled.

“Arrogant much but let me enlighten you, the world doesn’t revolve around you but it revolves around my hotness,”

“Oh please, I really think you need a mirror, like now,”

“Excuse me, I am hurt,” he remarked dramatically as he placed a hand near his heart and faked hurt.

“Mission succeeded,” she shot back with pride.

He scowled at her before launching forward and tickling her waist which basically was her soft spot. That idiot even remembered that, “Wh..wha..t d…”

“Mission succeeded,” he commented back her line as she continued to laugh hysterically, avoiding him.

“Idiot, go away,” she scowled again as she tried to free herself.

“Who did it?”

“Kian,” she replied nonchalantly as she continued to laugh with her waist feeling ticklish.

“What did you say?” he asked her with his voice low and steady.

“Kian did it,” she repeated as she managed to get rid of his hands and wiped her tears to meet with her murderous face.

“That brute, he is going to get it,” he sternly said as he started to walk out of the room.

“Don’t-” Tanya started to voice out.

“I have some old scores to settle,” he replied to her once more before storming out of the room, ready to kill somone any minute now.

“Anirudh-” Tanya attempted to stop him but he already left by then, leaving her all with fear.
“That was you?” Tanya shrieked with royal pleasure as she found out that girl who was helping her through her dark times when she met with the accidents was none other than Madhuri Akka, Anirudh’s sister.

“Yep, all along,” she replied with a bright smile on her face.

“OMG! I love you, you are the best!” Tanya beamed with enthusiasm as she hugged her from her hospital bed.

“Glad to hear that after a long time,” she said back as she patted Tanya on the back.

“I am worried, can you text him?” Tanya asked her for the millionth time as she remembered how Anirudh stormed out of the room.

“He will be here in awhile,” Madhuri Akka said back with a tight smile while Tanya suspected something wrong.

“You have been saying that for an hour,” Tanya retorted restlessly, it has been an hour and Anirudh was not back yet. All her family members were in the canteen to get food while Madhuri Akka stayed back to fill her on her life.

“Tanya, quit thinking about my idiot brother, he will be fine and I promise we won’t see him in jail,” Madhuri Akka snickered while Tanya shot her tongue out in return.

“Uhh..but still,” Tanya said back when she saw Anirudh walk in hurriedly, his hands has several scratches and some of them even had bleeding wounds. This hair was messed up and a pride look on his face.

“What the hell?” Tanya said back with shock.

“Are you okay?” Madhuri Akka turned on her emotional mode as she inspected his wounds.

“Akka, chill, I am good, just some minor injuries,” Anirudh brushed her off and made his way to Tanya and tossed his phone on her lap.

“That’s for you, doll,” he said to her with a wink, Madhuri Akka chuckled and quietly exited the room while Tanya stared at him with confusion.

“Huh?” she asked him with confusion.

“Look at it,” he indicated the video which was playing.

She sighed and clicked the play button to reveal something that was completely unexpected from Kian, “Tanya, I am sorry for being the cause of your life. My dad was behind the major argument, behind Anirudh’s dad’s arrest and also your business loss. My dad was behind your accident and I was behind the one for today, he wanted me to become the world’s best businessman which would only be possible if both of your business empires came down, I didn’t realize I was hurting my best friends and some innocent dreams in that process. I am not really eligible for forgiveness, but please, if you can, forgive me,”

“He did…how did…what?” Tanya stuttered with awe.

“His family was behind this, I threatened him to spill the beans to police and ohh..punched him for this,” Anirudh hesitantly said while Tanya’s face fell ashamed.

“I am sorry,” she replied feeling ashamed of her behaviour.

Anirudh wrapped his hands around her and gently said, “You are forgiven, doll. I was never really mad at you, I was just angry till I came to know that Kian was behind this. You are the best friend I could have ever asked for and I plan to give you back all the childhood in the next few years,”

“Anirudh,” she asked him as a new feeling of tingles rose in her chest.

“Hmm,” he asked her soothingly

“I might be falling for you,” she said back in mere whisper as a fear of rejection went through her body while she stayed still in his arms.

“You already have, doll,” he replied back which made her heart spin.

And that’s when she realized, she had everything that she valued the most in her life now- Friendship, Love and Passion.
DOn’t kill me , I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRYYYYY!! But can’t help it, I had a whole plot, everything planned for this but I have NOO TIME. Life is sooo unfair with me, I have exams coming up in like 2 weeks and I am soo lost. I am ending Swaragini, FLP, and not sure of The Bond Of..?

Anyways, this book was sooo close to my heart , it was my first story and I met sooo many amazing ppl due to this! I can’t ask more for all of you, you have been the most kindest and amazing readers EVER. I did face a ton of issues due to this story but I managed to complete it.

I miss Aniya already but I can’t help it, I am almost in tears now….I am going to MISS YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH. All the characters here were real people, except for Tanya who was a mix of 2 people. Most of this story was based on a true story but there were a few imaginative scenes too. I loved my time to write this story, it taught me soo many things and def made me a better writer.

If anyone of you are left, do comment for a last goodbye! I might be still available at the Bond of..? So, talk to me there! AND PLS DON”T BASH ME, I had a proper reason now.

I am not going to name people as ALL OF YOU, INCLUDING SILENT READERS ARE EXTREMELY SPECIAL TO ME and TONS OF TONS OF THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME!! Love you all, I wish all of you a very best of luck, stay happy and tc!

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  1. wonderful part..
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    1. Thanks a lot yaar!thats soo sweet of you but my work semester starts after this so I wouldnt be able to keep writing no matter what. I thinm I will be there for the bond…meet me there! Will miss you too!! Thanks for all the support, tc!

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    1. Hiii liya! You have been supporting this ever since the start and I thank you wholeheartedly for that!! But the thing is that my work semester starts after this so I cant write during that either as I will have my hard core training. But anyways, thanks a lot for everything, do stop by the bond to talk to me sometimes! Loads of love, tc!!

  3. That was a great end yaar…but it is sad that u ended it so soon…anyways the episode was awesome, amazing and excellent…. I will miss this ff and even the swaragini ff… was awesome….. U r an awesome writer….. All the Best……

    1. Sorry yaar!! Cant help it, no time in the near future at all! Thank you sooo much for all your support, I wouldnt have been here without you all! You are sooo sweeettt! I will seee you in the bond right? Thanks again!! Loads of love and tc!

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  4. amazing episode dear …………………. i’ve already said you are an awesome writer………..your writing skill are fantastic ……… loads of kisses and bear hugs for you ………… but that doesn’t mean that i ‘m not angry at you for ending it like this ………. but you are forgiven since you have your own valid reason ……….and moreover studies are more important ………i wish you best of luck for your exams / assignments coming ahead ………..will miss aniya a lot …….. and if possible after your exams think about flp season 2 ………….. luv you loads ……….stay blessed

    1. Thank you sooo much dr!! I am soo sorry to end that. Glad that your highness accepted my apology 😉 You all have been a great support and to raise the self confidence in me that I can write well too! That would be great, but my work semester will start after that soo I can’t do that! Sorry….loads of love, tight hugs and thanks a lot!!

  5. O my mandy….I totally understand ur valid reason of ending this story…I must say even it was your very first writing but you did phenomenon job. …. I always felt connected from this story from very first episode. …then aniya became my favorite pair, the friendship, jokes, teasing, plots, love, passion, revange, dance, n the mystery of the enimity of two best friends….Overall it was a package of all the entertaining elements. …I’m not going to forget you ever in my life as we now share very lovelyyyyyy bond, the pure bond of friendship ….and your the bond of? is still there so I’ll meet you there….I’ll pray for your Excellent result in ur exams…n bright n successful future….keep it up honeyyy. …all the bestttttt my sweeeeeetuuuuu….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. thanks for understanding!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!! I am so happy Aniya made it to your heart….and I thank you from the bottom of your heart for the extreme support you have given me! Yeah yeah, for sure we will meet again and I am soo thankful to this ff to meet you. Honestly, love you loads!! Thanks a lot again…hope my exams go well!!

  6. Hi Mandy, ths is Kavya. OMG u r jst awesome.. I came through ur ff yesterday evng. Nd i started reading it.. I found it very interesting and i dont believe myself tht i read the whole story till now without sleeping… Before starting every chapter i thought to sleep after completing that chapter but ended up completing te whole story. I thoroughly enjoyed every single part of the story. Ur depiction of incidents, characters and everything was so say in simple terms i became a big fan of yours. 🙂 my fav till now are Sindhu akka and Roshni.!! Now u too 🙂 i am in love with u and ur stories. And yeah i came to know about ur another ff.. I will surely go through it 🙂 R u from AP or telangana? If yes then I am also from AP.. And i must say that u have a great future in this dear.. With lots of love 🙂 🙂 all the best for ur exams 🙂

    1. Hii Kavya, first of all…WOW, you actually did that?! I never knew my story was worth staying up and reading through the nights….was not expecting that at all. I went to the bond of comment to know that you commented here too….thank you soooooooo much! But I am kinda sad that I am meeting you at the end, but it is okay, you will be with me on the other one right? aww…that’s so sweet, you are soo nice!! Future in this? lol, not sure on that, it is just a past time , nothing more than that but thats so kind of you to tell me that. I am from telenagana but I dont live in India. Wow,so be my new telugu friend!! Loads of love to you too, tc!

  7. My goodbyes to the story it waz alwayz awesome wish i had anirudh 4 a friend, nice end. as ur future depends on those papers keep ur concentration up n all the best in your exams nway keep writing bond of

    1. Thank you soo much!! haha…well, I am sure you will find someone like that in the future! Will try to update that as soon as possible, bye!

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