Friendship, Love and Passion (Chapter 10 Part 1)


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The next week blew in a breeze as exams came for the all the gang. Busy in preparations and anxiety filled the air in the school. A part of Tanya was happy that Anirudh didn’t show up on her birthday celebrations but the other one was furious that he was so dumb that he didn’t even recognize her. How could a person be so dumb that he couldn’t understand that she had the same name, same birthday, same age, everything about her was the same as it was in childhood. But still, that idiot couldn’t comprehend that she was TANYA SINGHANIA.

“Who are you waiting for?” Tanya asked Rohan who was leaning against his car.

“You can go and besides my school starts an hour later than yours,” he said to her.

“Yeah, but tell me who you are waiting for,” she snapped curtly at him with irritation.

“Aww….finally the bossy and arrogant Tanya is back,” he snickered at her.

“Yeah, I finally decided to bring back my true personality, any problems?” Tanya arrogantly said with wink.

“Not at all, doll,” Rohan mocked at her while he chuckled at her widened eyes and dropped jaw.

“OMG! Not again,” Tanya scowled as she rolled her eyes.

When she was a little girl, she apparently looked like a doll so everyone called her doll. But Rohan and Anirudh kept calling her that even when she was 8 and didn’t look like one. The childhood memories made Tanya cringe a little with pain.

“Yo man, sorry to keep you waiting. I was busy with soccer practice,” she heard a chirpy voice from behind making her drop her jaw again.

No, no not him, not him, Tanya chanted with crossed fingers and turned around to face him, Anirudh who was grinning cheekily at her.

“You were waiting for him?” Tanya shrieked as she realized they might come to know each other’s identities and stuff.

“Can you see anyone else?” Rohan taunted as Anirudh stood beside her with his blistering gaze on her which made her gulp hard.

“But why him? Why didn’t you tell me? Why are you meeting him?” She bombarded Rohan with questions and panicked.

“You are talking as if I am meeting some criminal,” Rohan brushed her off lightly while she could sense Anirudh looking at their fight with amusement.

“Once you know who he is, then you will regret your words,” Tanya mumbled to herself with irritation.

“What?” Rohan asked at her confused.

“Nothing, end this convo quick,” Tanya finally let out with a heavy sigh.

“Sorry, she is having mood problems since childhood,” Rohan said to Aniurdh who only smiled in return.

“Yeah, you stay only in one mood the whole entire day right?” Tanya sarcastically stated as she placed a hand on her waist to ask the boys to finish this quick.

“Can I do my work? I am getting late for your kind info,” Rohan pleaded her to shut up.

“That’s what I am trying to tell you, you are getting late and you should go,” Tanya told him with excitement as she shoved him into the car.

“Shut up Tanya,” Rohan scowled at her and took out a folder from the car.

“So, couch looked at your application and he was very happy for your transfer,” Rohan said to Anirudh while Tanya looked on with frustration.

“You are switching schools? When?” Tanya asked with utmost excitement.

This is amazing, if he doesn’t even stay here then he won’t know who she is. Enthusiasm started to flow through her blood instead of air and her face lit up instantly with a big smile while Rohan and Anirudh stared at her with bewilderment.

“Shut up Tanya,” Rohan retorted sharply at her.

“He wouldn’t mind you transferring to our soccer team for the year,” Rohan continued to explain after giving her a death glare.

“Wait what? You are not switching?” Tanya asked with disbelief and sadness in her voice while both of the boys looked at her with sigh.

“ I mean why are you switching teams? This school needs you and do you know that while your at Woodsworth, you cannot be the captain. Also, what will this school do without the star player? And how can you even play on Woodsworth team when you go to this school?” Tanya ranted out in fear.

What if he told Rohan about who he is, then Rohan might go into depression again.

“Will you stop with your interrogation, instead of a businesswoman you should become a lawyer or a cop,” Rohan teased her while she hit his arm.

“I know right. I am so multi-talented that I can be anything. All doors open for me unlike you, who just wants to become a soccer player,” she flaunted herself while Rohan chuckled at her boatsing

“You need skill for that and not everyone can qualify for that,” Anirudh mocked at her which made anger burn inside her.

“So? Even I know soccer okay? I was the one who made you win the last match. I don’t want to ruin your chances which is why I cut the career off, or else I would have been way better than you,” she boasted with an exaggerated, dreamy haze

“You know that we try for the male teams and you try from the female team right?” Rohan taunted her while both of them burst out laughing.

She glared at him with anger and embarrassment running through her spine when she yelled at him, “Did you finish your work? Now leave,”

“Okay, okay, I am going. Why are you so adamant in kicking me out of the school,” Rahan asked her irked while Anirudh waved at them and left the place.

“Don’t ask, long story. Now get out,” she snapped hotly at him and shoved him into the car.

“Am going, woman,” Rohan said annoyingly and left the place.

Tanya let out a heavy, displeased sigh when she glanced once more at her timetable, she had Civics now and she had HIM in her class. Why did they have to change classes every semester?

“TANYA,” she heard a loud yell as she entered the room. Goodness gracious, the ENTIRE gang was sitting in the front, talking to the teacher.

Wait what? They were all in the same class, this semester was just going to be way more harder than she thought.

“What are you doing there girl, get here,” the teacher snapped at her while she flinched out of the thoughts and she reluctantly nodded and took a seat next to Anisha.

“What’s with him?” Tanya whispered to Anisha as she took out her binder from her bag.

“Long story, don’t ask,” Anisha muttered as she put on a smile to hide her talking.

“Hey,” “Hi,” “Yo,” was all Tanya could hear as 5 other members and a few people from her other classes started to greet her.

Tanya avoided Anirudh’s eye contact as much as possible and he made no contact either. Maybe he was as mad as she was. Who knew? He was sitting on the other side of the class with 7 people between them. Anisha,Minisha, Lia, Sammy, Sahil, Armaan, Ryan and him.

“Class, we have less time before you switching into careers, so for the first assignment, I want you all to go into groups that you will select. The leaders who get to choose are Tanya, Micheal, Anisha and Farzian.” The teacher announced.

“Lucky us, who are you picking?” Anisha chirped happily as both the girls made their way to the front.

“I don’t know,” Tanya honestly said as she eyed the small class. There weren’t as many people in here as in her other classes.

“Just go with the flow then,” Anisha suggested while Tanya bit her lower lip.

“Tanya you first,” the teacher declared.

“Umm…Minisha,” she chose.

“Anisha your turn,” the teacher said to Anisha.

“Armaan,” she said with a shy grin.

“Micheal your up,” the teacher said.

“Ryan,” he chose.

“Farzian, who do you choose?”










“Tanya,” the teacher said to her, asking her to choose the last person left

“Anir-” Minisha started to say as there were only 4 people left.

“Kian,” Tanya cut her off which made all the gang stare at her with their eyes wide open.

“What?” Minisha asked confused.

“Anisha, who you want?” The teacher asked Anisha who was still staring at Tanya.

“Anirudh,” she said, still glaring with perplexion at Tanya.

“Why did you do that?” Minisha hissed when they she went back to her seat.

“Huh?’ She asked innocently, like she didn’t know what she was talking about while Minisha glared at with a raised eyebrow.

“Why didn’t you pick Anirudh?” She deadpanned her finally after giving up when Tanya did nothing except stare at her face blankly.

“I thought he might enjoy more with Armaan and Sahil than us girls,” Tanya defended sheepishly.

Minisha’s jaw dropped while she glared at her friend with complete dismay and mumbled, “That was the lamest excuse I have ever heard,”

“Fine, I…I became friends with Kian so yeah,” Tanya lied with a confident expression on her face.

Minisha choked out badly and started to cough and then slyly said “You are kidding me right?”

“Nope, he is not that bad, really,” Tanya partially said the truth, she figured out that Kian was in her class from one of the people outside.

“Whatever,” Minisha mumbled with displeasure and focused back to the teacher’s notes.

“You are coming to dance practice right?” Anisha asked out of nowhere at the last 10 minutes for the class to end and then FREEDOM for Tanya.

“Totally,” Tanya instantly said with a smirk as she pulled out her phone.

“Why won’t she, we have couple practice and we need her to be there,” Armaan stated with a wink while Tanya’s breath hitched in her throat.

“Umm…actually I need to go and talk to my math teacher at lunch, so yeah,” Tanya trailed off while all the others gave her death glares but nodded later on.

That was a narrow escape…..

Anirudh hurried to her locker to await a confrontation. Her silence was killing him, much more than he ever expected. He needed a few answers from her, her weird behaviour, her constant mood swings did effect him.

He saw her slamming her locker shut and leaning against it. He grabbed her wrist in a deadly grip and dragged her to the classroom next to her locker which was free at the moment after all the people in the school left and only the janitors were left to clean up.

“Why the hell are you avoiding me?” He hissed at her while she winced when his grip got tighter as she shoved her into the room.

“What did I do?”she snapped back as she rubbed her wrist when he let her free but blocked the way to the entrance.

She was glaring the most blankest glare possible at him while the rising anger in him started to burn his soul. “For starters, you changed partners with me in civics, then didn’t attend the dance practice,”

“Look there is nothing like that, you might be having a few misunderstandings” she brushed him off casually as her eyes snapped back into his.

“Me? Are you sure it is me and not you?” He roared at her with extreme anger raging through his body.

“Anirudh, I really don’t know what you are talking about,” she retorted flatly.

“Oh yes you do, tell me what’s wrong,” he deadpanned her hotly while he saw her gulp down.

“Why should I?” She responded curtly with a smirk.

“Because you are my friend and friends have a special place in people’s heart for care and concern,” he drilled his words harshly into her head.

“Friend?” He heard her blurt out, followed by a bitter laugh“You broke that relation when we were 8, do you still consider me as your friend?”

“What?” A faint word escaped his mouth. No, no, no this can’t be true. Anirudh’s legs went numb and visioned blurred, he wanted to escape this place before he heard more of her words.

She smirked and continued“I am Tanya, born on Jan 27, with a sister names Tanaya and a cousin brother names Rohan and a sister names Aleks. Did this ring a bell?”

Anirudh’s brain frooze while his eyed widened with shock. An immense amount of clawing pain swirled in his heart as he took a step back. She can’t be her, she just can’t. The familiar pair of brown eyes, the same arrogant, boastful behaviour, the same coloured silky black hair. Holy crap….it was her. Her thoughts convulsed his face in deep pain

“Still no. Don’t remember me? Your best friend, only one who knows all your secrets, the only person in the world who you say sorry to properly. The only person who can catch your lies, the only person who you used to trust.” She kept going on in her acidic tone, adding more salt to his wounds.

“Shit,” he let out in a mere whisper as he saw a soft sob escape her lips.

NOO, he wanted to yell out as he just stood there with a pained expression and not the courage to escape. His friend, his enemy, at one point even his life was standing in front of him. He didn’t know what to do, cry, laugh, smile, smirk….what should he do? His stomach turned into the most twisted knot possible, memories of them smiling, playing, caring for each other, playing pranks and lastly crying on Rohan’s birthday flashed in front of him while he saw her lean back to the wall behind her to support herself.

“I should have known it was you. I should have known when I felt your touch on the first day of school. When I first saw you, a familiar image of a boy playing cars popped up in my head but I brushed it off thinking it was an imagination. I should have known it was you when I heard your name. I should have known when I saw some of your cousins in the party, when I sensed a familiar smell in your house. How could I not know it was you,” she ranted on with regret as he saw her eyes turn glassy with water and wave of guilt over her face.

“You can’t be,” he whispered again.

His face turn dejected as more of childhood memories flashed in front of him, he wanted to scream at her to leave, he wanted to shut these memories of his mind, he wanted his answers. His barbie doll was in front of him after 10 years and he couldn’t do anything but stand there dumfounded and watch her snap at him. Talk about perfect meeting. His eyes were still glued on to hers, while she looked back at him with stir of mixed emotions.

“Unfortunately I am. Honestly, I am surprised, never thought that my stupid friend will turn out to be so stupid that he doesn’t even remember me. You had so many clues to figure out but you didn’t, if you would have told me about Madhu akka or any of your cousins, trust me I would have guessed immediately,” she fulminated continuously without a breath with disgust in her voice.

Anirudh honestly didn’t know what to respond. What was he supposed to say to her after all the rant she put on? Should he defend himself? A brisk patronising anger shot through his lungs while his eyes flashes seethful anger at her words.

“Still shocked eh? What else can I expect from you?” She mumbled sarcastically after rolling her eyes.

“But asking me something about why I am ignoring you and friends have special place in heart or something like that. Let me tell you one thing, you will always remain in my heart in the corner of hatred.” She spat out with disgust as she snapped her eyes into his.

He clenched his fist in anger and watched as his chest heaved up and down. Control, control was all he could chant to himself.

“Now tell me, after you know me, will you give me the same place as you gave DOLL?” She questioned him belligerently

He remained silent at her words, unsure of the answer himself. Would he be able to give her back the place in his heart which was truly his? Would he ever be able to open that place for anyone?

“Will you give me the same place as you gave just Tanya?” She questioned him again in the same tone.

He remained numb again…what was he supposed to answer?

Noticing his silence she questioned him again, “Will you be able to give me some other place, other than hatred?”

Would he be able to do that? After how she broke him into pieces, how dejected he felt after parting ways, how much he got haunted with her memories for years together. After all this, would he still be able to forgive her and give her the place which was truly hers??

“In the same way I can give you only the place you deserve Anirudh Reese!” She exclaimed in the most harsh way possible and a hot tear rolled her cheek.

“How did you find out?” Was all he could manage to blurt out.

She fiercely rubbed the tear and curtly informed, “The picture, the picture the other day had yours, mine and Rohan in it,”

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, blo*dy crap, what was he supposed to do now? What was he even supposed to say? Confusion took over him as he noticed her glancing at him with the expectation to say something while his brain was all blank.

“You know what, I have moved on and your silence tells me you have moved on too. So, let’s start all over again. I am the Tanya Singhania,” she said arrogantly as she walked forward and forwarded her hand in front of him with a tender face, the same big brown eyes, the same black hair.

Was he willing to move on from all this and start all over again? Forgetting what happened a few months ago, was he willing to take her as Tanya Singhania, forgetting all about the plain Tanya he met at the starting of the year?

He never thought he would meet her again like this, never thought she would have as much hatred for him. Why did she? Was he supposed to be the person who is angry and snappy, after what she did to his dad? What the hell wrong did he do?
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