Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch1. Part 4)


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Here is the next update….. this is a REAL story, which involves Friendship, Love and Passion. We already saw that the friendship is taking too many twists and turns. The passion will kick in NOW and from all these, slowly will start Love

In the morning, his friends popped up and asked him about the dance auditions. Dance was his passion and sports his career. He gave both of these a lot of priority in his life. He had volunteered to run the auditions this year and he needed help with conducting them.
“Yo, can you get me a list of all the experienced dancers in the school by the end of the day, today?” he drilled the thought into his friend, Sahil’s head, who was leaning against the door.
“Sure dude, why not” he replied and left before Anirudh had a chance to give him more work.
“Arman, how do you think we should sort out the groups for auditions, I am thinking to give one person cultural dance and the other western/free form. What say??” he questioned, Arman, who took a moment to cautiously examine the question and then spit out
“ Cool idea, we should have a group take care of that, and another take care of making arrangements of rehearsals, competitions and permissions.”
“Why don’t you take care of that, and also in that process, confirm the compulsory members from Ms.Green,” he instructed, so that all the arrangements can be made by Wednesday afternoon which was 2 days away. ‘Only 2 days.’ A desire just creeped into his heart as he once again thought about that girl, OMG this really was getting into his head. He quickly let the thoughts get evaporated into the air and left the place.
This auditions, was for the members for the school dance team. The school’s dance team was the province champions, and were all set to go to the national’s this year. Their principal, offered to have new interested students join in to replace the members going to the nationals for in city performances. The compulsory members, will all be practicing for the national competition.
By the end of the day, he had a list of compulsory members, it read:

“What?? are you sure this is what she gave you,” he astonishingly said, they had an odd number of people. Arman immediately replied, “I know right, that’s what I asked her, she said in this audition we also need to find a final girl to complete our dance team to the nationals.” ‘Oh God, what is this….this audition was more serious than he thought’
“Great, more work.” he said writing a note in a piece of paper and excused himself to go the washroom and left.
“Sahil, where did he go?” Arman asked confused, this was the first time Anirudh did not tell him anything and just left with a piece of paper.
“He went to tell Sammy to come to judge the auditions.” He assuringly replied.
Arman chuckled at the thought. Anirudh and his friends would receive freedom when this girl, would just go away. His mind went all blank on the word freedom, something which only some other girl, who magically could come in Anirudh’s life could give them. He sighed at the thought and continued to work on math.
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I just want to clarify some things that, Tanya and Anirudh will take a little time to meet, and to realize who they are.
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  1. Where us our girl tanya…..

    1. It is Anirudh ‘s POV!!! Next is Tanya’s!!!

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    1. Will come in next update…..Keep reading!!!!!

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    I would like to read more about anirudh and armaan character iin upcoming episodes. dear.

    Loved it properly keep updating.

    Happy diwali to my sweetheart mandy. Loved u to the core of my heart.

    1. Thanks!!! Tanya will be there for the next entry for sure !!!

  4. Today’s episode was nice.Small update though it is,it is good.

  5. Nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up buddyyy

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