Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 8 Part 2)

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Tanya stepped out of the car, mesmerized with the shinning mansion standing in front of her. The chilly January breeze messed up her neatly curled hair resting on her hip, comforted by the soft red fabric sticking to her skin. The dress itself was quite rather elegant, matched perfectly to the theme of the party.

People were scattered in all directions, busy talking to each other about their own matters, too busy to notice Tanya walking in. The air inside was quite thick due to the jovial atmosphere. Tanya glanced at the board that probably said who the party was for, she needed to know the name of Anirudh’s mom to greet her, her surname would do just fine too. She walked across the hall, while her 7 inches, yes 7 inch! heels clinged on to the marble floor making a sharp noise. The room has shiny dark maroon walls with several chandeliers hanging on the top. As soon as she was close enough to read the plate, a hand turned her and broke into a hug.

“You look amazing,” Minisha mumbled as she looked at Tanya, after breaking from the hug.

“So do you, I mean look at yourself,” Tanya admired her friend’s dress, light blue satin cloth layered on top of shiny blue fabric.

She dress was knee length high, with decent blue flats. Perfect to match, she didn’t have any jewelry on, just like Tanay except earrings.

“Thanks, let’s go to the others in the gang, they are on the other side of the hall,” she said leading Tanya to Anisha, Sammy, Sahil, Armaan, Ryan and few other boys she didn’t know the names of.

Both the girls were wearing the same dress as Minisha but in different colors. It’s like they all planned it together, how sweet! The boys were wearing formal shirts and pants with a tie on. They were all laughing over something when Minisha and Tanya joined them.

“Hey,” the boys yelled out one after the other while Tanya let out a light chuckle. What else can you expect from teenagers?

“Hey, you are late,” Anisha whinned fussily pouting at Tanya.

“Sorry, didn’t realize,” Tanya apologetically said, relaxing herself seeing the familiar faces surround her.

“Anirudh called us in the morning and told us to come as early as possible, sounding so desperate like he would die if we don’t show up,” Anisha explained to Tanya, “and look at him now, he is busy chatting with his cousins somewhere in the room.”

“I knew he would do that, that’s why I bought these girls along,” Armaan sarcastically stated, winking at Tanya.

“Smart boy,” Tanya giggled grabbing a glass with coke in it.

“Hey,” a male voice from behind called out, the whole gang turned around to hear the unfamiliar voice.

“Kian?” Anisha said while all the others let out a deep gasp.

“Yep,!” he replied enthusiastically, while the others were extremely miffed with his presence.

“Oh come on! I didn’t do that thing with the room, you should know that,” he said with a hint of hurt in his voice.

“How are we supposed to believe you?” Sammy stated dramatically, glancing at him with boredom.

“Well, here is the video to prove that,” he said handing the gang his mobile with a video in it. It looked like somebody else, they didn’t recognize was doing it and clearly placing the blame of Kian.

All the others accepting his apology and left to meet Anirudh while Tanya stayed behind to keep him company.

Tanya didn’t want to meet Anirudh at the moment, especially after the earrings thing, she doesn’t know if he bought it for her or not. If he did, she didn’t want him to give it to her infront of so many people who might think somthing is going on in between them , when there is really nothing.

If he didn’t, she didn’t want to see him giving her favourite earrings to someone else. Either way, staying away from him was the best option.
Kian smirked hard when all the others left, while Tanya stayed for some odd reason behind. She seemed like she was not ready to go to Anirudh. He didn’t really care why, it was the time he executed his plan, all the enmity would be out in this party, now itself if he could manage to place their identities before them.

“I have never seen you before,” Kian started off the topic.

“Umm…yes I have recently joined the school, I am Tanya,” Tanya politely introduced herself.

“Hey Tanya, I am Kian, I went to the school previously, but now I am back for the rest of the year,” Kian said with a fake smile on, Tanya didn’t know that the person she was talking to was the person she knew the most.

“Oh that’s great! Where did you move to?” she enquired as she took another sip from her glass.


“OMG! I love London, we take trips there quite often,”

“Wow! Nice, so you are good friends with Anirudh?”

“YYess, you could put it that way,” she hesitantly replied, still unsure of her decision.

“What do you mean?”

“We are just dance partners and go to the same school, have the same friends, so yeah,”

“You do meet him everywhere you go, so that counts!”

“Sure, why not. What about you, common friends?”

“Kinda, we were friends before,”

“What about now?”

“I don’t know, we are not as close as before but yes we are still common friends. I don’t really know why he has a grudge against me,” he lied to her. Of course he knew why he had grudges against him.

“Maybe I can help you figure it out, you are going to come to school with us anyways, so why not help you,”

“Geez..Thanks! Really wasn’t expecting that,”

“What are friends for then?” she said beaming with joy. The positivity of friendship was vibrating for every corner of her face, she hasn’t changed one bit at all. For her, everything was about friendship and still is, even after losing her best friend….she didn’t seem to loose hope in it.
Anirudh glanced at his cousins still chattering about some weird things which were completely beyond his understanding. He was only here and nodding his head absentmindedly so that they don’t goof up anything in the party. He watched his friends approaching him and sighed a sigh of relief, now he could actually talk to people and see that his cousins don’t goof up his life.

“Thanks a lot for your company, man,” Sahil teased him as they encircled him.

“Sorry! I needed to stick with them,” he said pointing to his gang of cousins, “so that they don’t mess anything up.”

“Wow! For the first time you are actually taking care of a party,” Minisha mocked at him.

He grinned and said, “I arranged most of it, howz it?”

“What? Are you serious? It is amazing man….” Armaan cheered as he spinned around to see the arrangements again.

“And lavish too,” Anisha added giving him a thumbs up.

“Thanks!!!” Anirudh said with a tint of nervousness as he eyed the gift in his pocket.

“Why are you worried?” Sammy asked with concern. Her drama…. Anirudh thought as he answered, “I just am nervous if my mom will like my gift.”

“Like duhh….she likes it every time,” Ryan muttered, not sure what Anirudh meant.

“Yes, but I was never the person who bought her the gift, my sister brings it and I just give it,” he honestly admitted while his friends gasped. Now he felt like a terrible son, but he didn’t like to go shopping and spend hours for a gift, it was not his thing until yesterday when his older sister forced him to go buy her an actual gift by himself.

“What did you bring her?” Anisha asked him curiously, eager to see his gift.

Anirudh pulled out his phone from his pant’s pockets and opened the image he took of the necklace to show to his sister, “Here it is.”

Anisha grabbed the phone off his hands and all of them examined the gift carefully which was interrupted by Minisha who burst out, “OMG! This is sooo pretty, where did you get it?”

“Bayshore,” he proudly smiled, not sure whether he should take all the credit for it or not.

“Are you serious? That’s impossible, I never saw anything close to this there, you must really have a keen eyes to spot something like this,” Anisha admired the necklace before handing the phone back to Anirudh.

Anirudh shrugged and responded, “Well, Tanya found it, go tell her.”

“Tanya? You went shopping with Tanya?” Sammy shrieked with disappointment.

“How?” Sahil asked the question that everyone wanted to know the answer to, all of them knew his hate to shopping, especially with girls.

“I met her yesterday while I was there to buy my mom a gift, with a ton of persuasion I got her to help me out,” he explained.

“Ohhhh…” the gang stared to tease him while he just brushed out there mock and diverted their attention to the changes in the party.

The music in the room started to change, from the welcome songs to soft melody Indian music. His mom’s choice, she wanted to have a small dance session before cake cutting. So now there was an imaginary dance floor made when the lights dimmed out and melody changed.

He looked around as Armaan pulled Anisha on the floor for a slow dance while Minisha and Sahil went around to get a drink. His buddy, Ryan went on with the boy’s from his school to talk to his cousins. He had no choice but talk to Sammy who was still persuading him to come to slow dance with her.

His gaze was straying through the crowd where all ages from teens to seniors were busy dancing with their partners, suddenly he spotted something he never expected to.
Something that literally stopped his heart beat for a minute, he spotted Tanya slow dancing with Kian in the middle of the floor. Kian was whispering something in her ears and she was silently laughing at it. His blood started to rage and something made him go extremely wild.

How was that? I hope you liked it….I know very less Aniya scenes but next will be filled with theirs only!!! Let’s see what Anirudh does when he sees them dancing. Will Kian succeed with his mission? Who will come to know first Anirudh or Tanya about them being childhood friends? Any guesses?

Also, I have started to write another ff, it is called The Bond Of..? Do check it out, it is very different than this one….you might like it!!!

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