Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 8 Part 1)

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“Coffee date again?” Aleks exclaimed with excitement while Tanya cursed herself for informing them about it. Now both Rohan and Aleks Akka would tease her to death and finally persuade her to go with him.

“Woahh….this guy sure has guts and patience,” Rohan shockingly said to the pissed off Tanya.

“You should say yes,” Aleks teasingly said winking at Tanya who was already to escape.

“Of course you should say yes, didn’t you already?” Rohan asked her. Tanya hesitantly noded her head in negative.

“What? Why??” both of them yelling at Tanya and dragging her back to the bed. Thank God nobody was at home, or they would have got a heart attack hearing them both yell at her.

“I don’t know if I want to or not,” Tanya finally blurted out honestly. Several different things were going on in her mind, she felt a familiar connection with him, she didn’t know what tho, and something inside her was telling her not to find out either.

“Oh come on, till when will you keep hiding around my back? I can’t always be the only guy in your life, right?” Rohan shook her hard, making her flinch out of her thoughts.

“huhhh….you guys know why I don’t want to do this, then why don’t you understand?” Tanya yelled back in defense.

“Dude, nothing will happen if you go for 1 coffee date,” Aleks said calming her down, while Tanya was fixed on her decision.







“Fine first and last,” Tanya agreed as her cousins surrounded her from both the sides, she knew that both of them won’t give up until she said A YES.

“Finally, the mountain has shaken,” Aleks Akka mocked at her while bringing her phone from the side table.

“I hate you both,” Tanya mumbled with disgust.

“We love you too,” Rohan said giving her a quick side hug.

“Now, you and tell him you are coming,” Aleks said handing her phone.

It’me! I am free the whole day, so whenever you’re fine…..

There, she finally texted him, 1 date and everything will be done. She glanced back at her cousins, who were watching something on the laptop. She turned off her phone and took a seat near them.

After a few minutes, her phone vibrated quite heavily, almost dropping off her bed. Who was it? Tanya thought as she looked at the screen

Anirudh: For what? I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Such a freaking drama king! Idiot…he completely understood what she was talking about. What was his problem? Ughhhh….Tanya rolled her eyes and typed back.

Tanya: I am ready to go for coffee with you.

Anirudh: Sorry, say that again

Came his reply, Tanya’s face flushed with anger, hate him sooo much.

Tanya: I am ready to go on a coffee date with you.

Anirudh: You should have said that before! Come to Bayshore Mall at 5pm then.

Mall? What was going on? First he asks for coffee, now shopping making her confused.

Tanya: I thought it was a date?

Anirudh: It is, a casual one, I would never go on a date with a person like you….

Tanya was suuuuuppppper angry now, he would have been dead if he was saying this infront of her now. Idiot, bastard, Stupid, Savage, she kept on cursing him under her breath as she typed up a response.

Tanya: What is that supposed to mean?

Anirudh: See ya at 5! he replied back, clearly avoiding her question. He would die in her hands tomorrow.

“Good luck, sis,” Rohan cried out as his car vanished from Tanya’s view. She glanced at her watch, 5:10pm, hey! a girl needs time to get ready you know…..

She walked into the huge mall in front of her, BAYSHORE it said with bold letters up on the top. The smell of shopping fragrance hit her nostrils when she walked into the store, who cares if she showed up or not? she could easily spend hours shopping here till Rohan shows up.

She scanned her surrounding quickly and took the escalator to the 3rd floor- the food court. She walked into see all her favourite coffee shops lined together, next to each other. She took a minute to quickly decide which store and ordered a candy cane latte. She took a huge sip of the divine coffee in her hands and relaxed. People say coffee makes people hyper, but it makes Tanya cool down and relax.

She took a seat near the escalator when her eyes failed to find Anirudh in the vast crowd. He was the one who forced her to come, and then late himself. Idiot!
She took another sip from the coffee when a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards them.

By this action, her coffee went flying right in the garbage can. What the hell? She looked back at the frustrated pair of hazel eyes staring at her. Of course it was him. Who else would take the time to hurt her?

“What the hell? First you don’t buy me a coffee in your COFFEE DATE and then when I am drinking mine you throw it away, blo*dy idiot,” she scolded him while he stood there listening like a child.

“Are you done woman?” he asked out irked at her with bored eyes.

“Not really, but I think I want a proper explanation for this before I hit you with more words,” she replied curtly as her face sulked down as she eyed her coffee.

“This girl and her coffee, have you realized there are more things in life than coffee,” he mocked at her while she threw sharp death glares at him.

Tanya opened her mouth to snap back at him, she was the one who should be angry, but of course this guy is always filled with rage, only to be interrupted by him, “Whatever, my mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I need to find a gift and now.”

“And why would I help you,” she asked back folding her hands near her chest.

“Well, 1 because you have nothing else to do before Rohan picks you up, and 2 because you love shopping,” he replied sternly. Hell to his knowledge……how on earth did he know that?

“How did you know that?” she asked him dubiously in a low voice.

“I have my own ways,” he chuckled back. He sure does have too many mood swings. Even Tanaya doesn’t change her mind so much as him.

“Fine, what does your mother like?” she asked him, agreeing to help him with his shopping. Like he said, she didn’t have anything better to do anyways, so why not help this poor kid. Poor Kid? Who was she kidding when she called him ‘poor kid.’

“She likes flowers, her family and work,” he replied hesitantly, dragging Tanya from her train of thoughts.

She looked at him with shock, what was he saying? Flowers, family and work?

“I need to think in more depth, don’t I?” he asked her a little embarrassed.

“Yep,” Tanya answered immediately, still in shock with his answers.

Tanya looked at the face a few inches from her, she was still caged by his arms, which were held to the railing on either side of hers, while he was lost to figure out what his mother likes. OMG!He was a very very bad son, he was worst than Rohan.

“Never mind,” she finally sighed at his failed attempts, “tell me what do you want to buy.”

“Umh…well I want to buy her some flowers, chocolates, and a card,” he replied enthusiastically with pride.

Tanya froze due the heart attack of shocks he was giving her, “Is it the first time you are buying your mother a gift?”

He froze for minute, before taking one of his hands of the railing and rubbing it through his hairs, “Yeah,why are you so shocked” he answered in a low voice while his gaze quickly averted hers.

“Well maybe because you are telling me you are going to buy valentine’s gifts,which you normally give your girlfriend,to your MOM ” she sarcastically yelled at him, making a few people from the court look at 2 teenagers in the corner talking to each other.

“My sister always brings her something from my side too, so I don’t really know,” he mumbled back embarrassed, “And also I don’t have a girlfriend anyways to tell me that they were valentine’s gifts”

“You never had a girlfriend?” she asked him trying to hide the shock in her voice, but of course it escaped.

“Why are you so shocked?” he mocked at her while she pushed him a little and lead the way to buy his mom a gift.

“But I am looking for one,” he yelled out to Tanya in a flirty tone. Tanya was quite shocked with his flirty, lost and jovial behavior.

“Woah, woah, wait,” he cried out as he jogged a little to keep up with her.

“So what are we buying my mom?” he asked her casually, eyeing all the gift sets in the store they walked into.

“What about a jewellery set,” Tanya pointed to the beautiful silver chain set with a rose as a locket. She would be the happiest person on Earth if anybody bought her that. They both had just walked into Pandora, a pretty expensive yet cool shop.

“I think my mom has already too many jewellery sets,” he exclaimed, his expression showed that they would faint if they stayed there any longer. But Tanya ignored his silent signals to get her out of the shop.

“A woman can never get enough of jewellery!!!” she happily chirped as she scanned through the sets to find him something.
Anirudh glanced at the attendant who was helping Tanya find something, while Anirudh gazed around the room with sparkly sets. He hated shopping with girls, they go all gooey over a sales, clothing, jewelry. There was only one person in the whole wide world he would never resist going shopping with it, but alas she wasn’t going to come back to him or ever going to meet him again. He sighed deeply remembering his childhood incidents when he used to love to shop with her, going through malls and malls, without even bothering to eat. They probably made the world record of child shopping in a day without a break.

“Let’s go find her something else,” she concluded with made his spirits rise.

But at the same time, he opened his mouth to ask her whether she was actually done looking at the sets in the whole shop, it had been only 5 minutes. He didn’t bother to as the only thing he wanted was to leave, so why pull her back into this, so he silently nodded and followed her to the next shop.

“Buy her a watch,” she demanded as she showed him 10 different watches which were all in different colors yet looked the same to Anirudh.

“Are you sure?” he asked her, as he was trying to make his mind up between a black watch or a red watch.

“Yes, who doesn’t like watches?” she asked surprised.

“A woman who was around 70 different watches,” he muttered as he finally decided to pick the black one.

She giggled lightly and said in an unbelievable tone , “Who is that?”

Anirudh checked the price of the watch, $30, decent deal, “My mother,”

“Never mind then,” saying she grabbed the watch out of his hand and dragged him outside the store.

“Woman, why did you pull me out when I finally made a choice? and why did we have to go there in the first place?” he questioned her in disbelief.

“You never told me your mom had frecking 70 watches,” she shot back at him, dragging him to another shop.
Tanya sighed as they walked out of yet another shop but failed to find anything. Anirudh angrily eyed the 4 huge Old Navy bags in her hand. What getting a little distracted wasn’t mad right? She found new tops and skirts which went perfectly with each other, so she bought all the colors they had.

“We are not going to find anything are we?” Anirudh blurted out completely exhausted by this shopping which has been going on since 2 hours straight.

“Oh my gawd, that’s it, that is what I am looking for!!!” Tanya screeched on top of her lungs as she pointed to a girly shop to the corner of the store.

“What?” Anirudh looked around confused as he didn’t see anything except some normal necklace. It looked like an antic piece with the glass surface. The glass surface had pretty pieces of crystals arranged like a flower on it.

“Look at that necklace, you can open it tooo,” she said in a childish tone as she showed him a brief demo.

“So?” he asked her bored, unsure about what she intended to say.

“So, you can get her name and special message carved for her,”

“Not bad!” he admitted honestly taking a glance at the necklace itself.

“Not bad, you fool…..this is amazing. Get her one before the mall closes,”

“Fine, fine, angry woman”he angrily hushed her “What is the guarantee that she will like it?”

“I will give you all the guarantee that you need, women like simple things that touch their heart, not diamonds and shiny glitter, etc,”

“What? English please,” he pleaded her to use more simple words than all those quotes she just ranted.

“Just gift it with love, she will love it,” Tanya concluded.

“1 of this necklace,” he told the attendant behind the counter.

“Any special message?” she asked back in a melodious voice.

“Umhh…yeah,” he hesitantly said when Tanya behind was nodding vigorously at him.

“Here write it here,”she said back sweetly handing him a piece of paper.

“Great!” he sarcastically said eyeing at Tanya who was jumping with excitement.

You have made sure to give me all the things I have ever needed, here is a small token of love and gratitude from my side,
Love Anirudh

“Awww…..too cheesy isn’t it?” Tanya said looking at his note

“Whatever,” he mumbled under his breath while the lady carefully carved the message inside the necklace.

“Wow…” Tanya muttered under her breath as she looked across to see a beautiful pair of, seemed like diamond earrings to her. They were gorgeous in every angle, which portrayed burning flames.

“huh?” Anirudh asked her as the lady handed him back the bag with the necklace.

“Nothing, let’s leave before I spend all the money in my card,” Tanya said still eyeing the beautiful earrings.

“Are you sure?” he said, probably noticing her dreams.

“Like duhhh…” Tanya sarcastically said and averted her gaze from the set.

“I want to go to that shop over there?” Anirudh declared as they walked out of the store, pointing to Sephora, the store with the earrings.

“You sure? That is a girl’s jewelry shop and way expensive than Pandora too,” Tanya said in an alarming tone, warming him for his actions.

“Comeeee…..” he said, grabbing her wrist and dragging her in.

“Hey, I want that pair of earrings,” he talked to an old lady, proabbly in her mid 60’s who was well dressed in black formals with her hair in a bun at the back.

“Don’t you want to know the price though,” she asked with a hint of shock in her voice, as she watched 2 teenagers walking into the most expensive jewelry store in the mall.

“Nope,” he said brushing off her words.

“What are you doing?” Tanya asked him under her breath.

“Wait and watch,” he replied with a huge smile, winking at her.

“Sir, how are you going to pay, credit, cash or debit?” the lady countered again, as she packed the earrings set.

“Debit please,” he said, giving her his card.

Oh no, he wasn’t buying this for her, was he, if he was, she sure does need to stop him.“Anirudh, who is this for?”

“Someone special,” he replied softly winking at her again. Special? then not her at all.

“The price is 6..” the lady started to call the price out again.

“Please pack it as a gift,” Anirudh interrupted her and pointed to the gift boxes.

“As you wish,” she sternly responded, probably pissed off at his behaviour.

“Are you mad, nuts or dumb?” Tanya shouted at him when they walked out of the store.“Who is this for?”

“You’ll know tomorrow,”

“Me and how?”

“You are invited to my mom’s birthday party,”

“But I thought it was for close family friends only,”

“Well aren’t you one?” he nudged her shoulder flirting with her.

“Not again,” Tanya mumbled rolling her eyes.

“What?” he tried to ask confused.

“Come on, you know what I am talking about, so stop blabbering,,”

“Lol! You’re coming right?”

“Why not? You are just inviting trouble by yourself,”

“And how so?”

“Well, now I can easily complain to your mother all about your annoying mischief…”

“Oh boy, you’re on!”Anirudh boldly replied.
How was the sudden change in Anirudh’s behavior? A long update for making you wait….I should be regular from now on!!
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  1. It was so gud n very funny. Aniya they r superb. Tanya is comparing his mood swings with tanaya. That was very funny. I loved this ani, like complete change. Flirting, joking n all. Huh now coffee date turned into shopping. Hmmmm anything can happen when its aniya. lol.

    Every thing was soooo gud. Both remember their childhood days. Oh i wish there was not a very bad past. Really ani’s message for his mom was tooo cheesy. I just loved it. waiting for the next one.

    1. Thanks Manha!!! You didn’t expect a coffee date just yet..did you? Don’t worry they will have a proper date later on!! You are right….there past is not letting them completely open up with each other.

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