Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.7 Part 5)


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Chapter 7 Part 4

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“OMG! Let’s have a food eating contest,” Anisha blurt out randomly from the top of her lungs as she failed her arms in excitement.

“Yeahh..” Armaan, Sahil and Minisha agreed to her, while Anisha smiled a proud smile. Tanya groaned as she heard everyone agreeing to her, where does this girl get all this crazy ideas from?

“Nooo,” Anirudh and Tanya called out at the same time. Both of them awed by their same reaction while the others chuckled lightly.

Already things were kinda awkward between them, did it have to get more worse? Thinking so, Tanya finally lifted her to gaze to the dark pair of hazel eyes staring at her calmly from the opposite corner of the table.

“Great! You both are going to have a competition between both of you then,” Anisha firmly said which a big wide smirk playing at her lips.

“What?” Tanya asked her dubiously, “Are you out of your mind?”

“We said WE DON’T WANT to,” Anirudh sternly replied enunciating the word don’t a little too much.

Anisha let out a mini cheerful squeal and ranted off, completely ignoring their pleas, “Fine, there will be 3 rounds, whoever eats the most wins, Umm….OH YA, you have to win 2 rounds to win the entire competition, we will choose the dishes and that’s it. Sounds good?”

“Why ask us when you don’t give us an option anyways?” Anirudh muttered gravelly under his breath, while Armaan slapped his arm playfully to cheer him up.

“I know, no one can deny me,” Anisha mocked proudly at herself, while Tanya made sure to give herself a death glare before scanning through the menu.

“This should be hard and fun,” Armaan looked at Anisha while a little blush went up her cheeks, but after all she is Anisha she did everything to hide it and succeeded only to be caught by Tanya.

Something was going on between them, something they were hiding from me…. Tanya thought as she made a note to ask Anisha about this.

“Let’s do one round with pani puri,” Anisha started off her list.

“Why do always bring pani puri in everything?” Armaan snickered at her, while she let out a scowl.

“Maybe because I love them more than anything,”

Anisha face was filled with a smirk, while Armaan looked a little offended. Something was definitely going on between them and Tanya could see what was. She cleared her throat to distract her them both from strangling each other with their gazes.

“Are you okay?” Anisha asked back innocently at her.

Such a drama queen Tanya thought as she replied, “I’m just thirsty,”

“Next round will be lemon pulp,” Sahil suggested while all the 4 agreed.

Lemon pulp? Without sugar……Tanya was going to die by the end of everything.

“Will end it with cheesecake then,” Minisha suggested instantly as all the four left to go talk to the front desk to provide them complete details of the meal.

Tanya face turned a little pale and she uncomfortably fidgeted in her seat, the awkward silence between them and the mention of cheesecake really started to get into her nerves. She started to grow nervous as she could sense the heated pair of eyes gazing at her, demanding her to meet his eyes.

She made sure to avert her gaze from Anirudh as much as possible, she looked everywhere expect the person who was sitting exactly opposite to her. The thickness of the air started to increase rapidly between them as both kept the awkward silence intact. His body seemed to be quick stiffened and frozen too.
“You don’t like cheesecake do you?” Anirudh enquired as he kept staring at the different expression in her face. She was looking on and on everywhere except his eyes, was she scared? or was is just awkwardness?

“Umm…Not at all, I HATE cheesecake, out of every dessert on earth why did they have to choose cheesecake?” she started to open up, her face started to fill with the usual liveliness and her eyebrows were raised in frustration.

She rested her chin on her hand placed on the table and drawled out, “And who is that idiot who decided to make a cake out of cheese,”

Anirudh let out a chuckle, when a person glances at her face he would often get misinterpreted that she was really mature, but in reality her energy, questions, excuses and mindset were no less than a 5 year old. Her face started to glow a little as she noticed his loosened out face, this was the Tanya he knew.

“Wellll, I have no clue who made it but I thank him for it, I love cheesecakes,” he mocked at her while she opened her eyes wide, probably in shock.

“You like cheesecake? How can you eat that thing?” she asked back in disgust as her body shivered thinking about it.

“Hey, mind your language, your talking about my first love here,” he said sounding a little offended.

Tanya blinked twice in bewilderment, and let out a pleasant and light laughter, “Cheesecake is your first love?”

Anirudh eyed the figure laughing in front of him, how she looked so cute when she just let her heart out, her black bangs fell all over her face.

“What’s so funny, isn’t coffee yours?” he asked back mocked and little angry at her continuous laughter.

“Pheww… that was long,” she said as she relaxed herself in her seat and brushed the bangs away from her face.

“I guess so, you could call that my first love but not more than barbie dolls,” she said in a fruity sweet voice as she probably zoned out into her thoughts.

“Earth to Tanya,”Anirudh waved his hand in front of her face making Tanya stumble out of her thoughts.

“I’m gonna die eating cheesecake,” Tanya growled with fake anger and displeasure filling her voice.

“If you don’t, then why you don’t come with me to meet your first love?” Anirudh mocked at her, appalling her to the core when she just stared at him blankly.

“Are you asking me out for coffee date, again?” Tanya said in a confused voice with perplexion covering her face.

Is he? Anirudh thought as he realized what he just blurted out, “Maybe or maybe not.” He didn’t know if he was or if he wasn’t so he decided to reply honestly.
“But..” Tanya began to reason at his offer, while her brain was still in the process of digesting his offer. He was just grinning at her widely, making sure to shadow his gaze so that his eyes don’t give away anything to Tanya.

“Here comes the food,” Minisha said in a sing a song voice as both the twins sat at either side of Tanya while both of the boys sat at either side of Anirudh in the opposite voice.

Tanya still kept looking at his eyes, trying to figure out what was going on in his mind. But, he did a good job avoiding her as she kept looking at the waitress who was placing the food on the table. She took a quick glance out the window, where the sun was just setting and the darkness was fading in.

She grabbed her phone out of her purse and texted Rohan to pick her up from Marriot Hotel in an hour. Rohan first sounded suspicious at her going to Marriot, but then relaxed when she assured him she was with her friends for a treat.

“Oh hello, we know you are busy person, but can we please have back on Earth?” Anisha said casually shaking her shoulders to grab her attention.

“Sorry,” Tanya mumbled as she put her phone back in her purse and looked at the food placed in front of her.

There was a plate with nearly 30 pani puris placed in front of her and Anirudh who looked from the plate to Anisha who smiling mischievously. Before the others were placed an extra cheese Marriott special Italian Lasagna that made Tanya’s mouth water instantly.

“No fair, why do you all get to eat all this?” she asked back angrily.

“Stop complaining, and let the competition begin,” Anisha said winking at her ignoring her question completely.

“3, 2, 1 GO,” Armaan shouted as both Tanya and Anirudh started to chuck the pani puri down their throats. All the other watched them with extreme enthusiasm and sometimes taking a bite of their lasagna in between them. Both of them gave equal competition to the other, both were in the exact speed of gulping down the puris.

Tanya stomach was not full at all, inviting more and more pani puris than she expected. She was surprised to see her gulp in so many, only 2 more left, same with his plate. Woahhh…she was very well than she expected. Tanya quickly tossed the remaining two in her mouth and sagged back in her chair, happy that one round was finally over. She was quite content that she managed to eat them through without choking or dying in between.

“That was a TIE,” Minisha squeaked at Tanya who was gasping for breath. The took the glass of water beside Anisha and chucked the whole glass at one go, relief!!!

“Let’s start the other,” Anisha cheered enthusiastically as the waiter took their plates and presented them with 9 glasses of lemon pulp.

“Do you want to kill us?” Tanya asked back as she saw 9 freaking glasses of lemon pulp placed in front of her, thank god they were small shot glasses which were only half filled.

“Hell no, why would I commit the crime on my dear friends,” Anisha brushed the thoughts of her head.

“I’m gonna pay you back for this,” Anirudh mumbled as he eyes Anisha, giving her death glared from time to time, but as usual she payed no heed and continued to give him a blindeye.

“This is different, this will go one at at time,” Sahil announced as he finished the last bite of lasagna of his place, no fair Tanya thought.

“Tanya you go first,” Minisha said as she held the glass near Tanya’s mouth, this 2 sister would be the cause of her death.

“Fine,” she said rolling her eyes, and taking shiving the liquid into her mouth.

The sour taste took a minute to digest into her body which made Tanya make a bunch of funny faces which the others had a hearty laugh at.

“Ahh… this is not that bad as I thought it was,” Tanya said with pleasure as she put the glass down.

“Now you go,” Armaan demanded, instead of gently placing the glass in Anirudh’s hand, he forcefully put it through his mouth before Anirudh could think about any other excuse.

Tanya chuckled as Anirudh face changed from pale to disgust as the soreness started to absorb his taste buds.

“Woman this is disgusting, how did you find this okay?” Anirudh shouted, as everyone burst into a roar of laughter seeing his random outburst.
Anirudh looked at the 4th glass of lemon pulp in his hand, Tanya had been easily drinking the pulp as if there was nothing to worry about. He couldn’t drink any longer, his stomach hurt and his face was almost turning green.

“I give up,” Anirudh screamed at the bored faces staring at him for an answer.

The girls cheered at their victory, while Armaan and Sahil hit Anirudh on his right arm for his cowardness.

“Loser, Loser,” Tanya rubbed it on him as her fingers made a L right near his burning face.

“I guess you won’t say the same when you see this,” he stated in mock pointing at the a huge piece of cheesecake placed right in front of her.

Her happy face of victory and pride changed into a face of misery and disgust.

“Do I have to go through this round, why can’t we just declare me as the winner and we all go happily GO HOME,” she winned like a child with pleading eyes and bored expression.

“That won’t be fair then, at least try, you can give up later,” Sahil assured her while she just stared with disgust at the cake.

“Ugghhhhh……” she howled as took a spoon and began to eat the cake when I did so.

“This is horrible,” she shouts out after she takes one bite of the cake, Anirudh winks at her horrified expression and keeps on munching the cake.

“Come on, keep eating,” Minisha encouraged her which made her take another bite of her nightmare.

“I give up,” she declared as she rushed to the washroom probably to spit the cake off.

“Damn it, I though the competition just started!” Anirudh laughed at her and kept on eating the heavenly cake in front of him.. Oh, how much he adored the cake!

Tanya came back when the others were ordering their desserts, she took a seat and glared back at him who had a dark smirk on his lips.

“And you, young lady?” the lady questioned sweetly questioned her for her order.

Of course she wasn’t going to order anything, after just having a ton of random stuff, who the hell would eat more?

“I want your special chocolate fudge ice cream cake with extra crunch, more icing, less cherry sauce, and a lot of chocolate syrup on the top.” she gave her extra long order while Anirudh just stared at her in amazement. How will she eat all that?

And she did, Anirudh stared at her, as she took bites and bites of the extra large piece of ice cream cake. Looking at her slim body he began to wonder where all the food went, she kept on eating the whole evening without being sick. This girl sure amazed him every damn time.
Tanya walked out of the restaurant with a heavy heavy stomach, she had lots of fun and got to eat her fav dessert of all time! The challenge as the whole was declared as a tie, as she came out of the restaurant the breeze hit her hard, causing all of her dark black locks to form a curtain in front of her face.

“Guys, we are making a move, what about you?” Armaan asked as the twins and Sahil sat in his car to get a ride home, while Tanya adjusted her hair.

“I’m driving,” Anirudh said as he pointed to his black car he was leaning against.

“Rohan is coming to pick me up,” Tanya said assuring them to leave without worrying about her.

As the car drifted away out of the parking, Tanya looked around the parking. There were beautiful lanterns placed on either side of the cars, and the building of the restaurant was itself lit with colorful lights. The night enraged it’s way through the sky, as the stars started to shine and cool breeze hit them both, blowing them back towards the car.
“Sooo,” Anirudh said, breaking the silence between them.

“Hmmm…:” Tanya softly muttered back, lifting her gaze towards him. His eyes were shining bright just like the stars above, while the creases on his forehead begin to show their way.

“When is Rohan coming?” he asked back worried for her ride.

“Should be here any minute now,” she replied back as she checked the time. “You can leave if you want, I don’t mind staying all alone,”

“No,I’ll wait,” he mumbled casually.

“I won so, coffee tomorrow?” he asked back with a tiny smirk on his lips.

Tanya froze, last time luckily some girls came and she escaped the date. But what could she say now? Her mind and brain were battling as to what to say, yes or no?

“That was an unfair deal, you know I would survive either way,” Tanya defended herself.

“Didn’t seem while we made it,” Anirudh shot back softly, with his eyebrows raised looking at Tanya who had no clue what to say next.

“Oh come on, what could have gone wrong? I would have choked the most, and every one of you knows CPR.” she sarcastically listed all the things.

“True, but you should have thought before you agreed,” Anirudh gently said back.

“I’ll think about it,” she replied, looking into his eyes as she got into the silver car that halted before her with Rohan waving at Anirudh.

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