Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.7 Part 4)

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I just want to let you know that from now for a while, there will be Kian POV in the story too!! What better way is it to understand the intentions of character and their personality than their perspective 😉

Life is really all about what you don’t get. Nobody really cares about what you do have, it’s just all about getting what you don’t have. All about becoming the person in the world who has all the “IMPORTANT’ stuff in the world, money. He wouldn’t call himself as greedy for this desire, it was more about his right to become the richest man on Earth.

Life was pretty harsh on him from childhood, his dad worked as a business partner with his friends who betrayed them to let his dad suffer a huge loss. His dad very smartly made up for the loss but ofcourse he wants to be the best in the world after that. This would only happen when they were leading the top most business in the world. Or at least that’s what Kian was told from an young age. He was guided to take over the world by growing his dad’s business empire which he could, just be eliminating the heirs of the world’s top most business companies, Tanya Singhania and Anirudh Reen.

A dark smirk played on his lips as he followed Anirudh’s car to Marriot Hotel. 5 star hotel? At this point? He didn’t know what they were up to but determination and curiosity filled the layers of his eye. He just had 2 weeks time to reveal each other’s identity in front of them, once it was out, in front of one, the distance that they have between each other would be increased to such an extent that it would be impossible to fill that gap in the lifetime. His timing needed to be right, just right or else all his dreams, aspirations would fall into the drain without thinking once. He couldn’t risk to reveal himself before the gang, especially Tanya. He needed to use some other plan to talk to Tanya, not as Kian Goode but just Kian.

“Hello, I need all the details about Tanya Singhania at any cost by this evening,” he sternly ordered his dad’s private detective.

This would ensure that he would get all the needed info about what happened with her for the past few years, what she did after the NDC and how did she land in Canada. As a child, she hated cold and area farther north, how could she land here? The most astonishing fact was both of them here? How the hell did both of them pursue the passion of dancing, where did dancing even come from? They both were never fond of anything except taunting each other every time they met, but were still quite close. The memories of the wars and pranks of childhood started to drown his mind with pleasure and also the idea of destruction.

He started to remember the time they were all playing with the car and….


The horns from the car distracted his attention to remind him they arrived at their destination.

The driver parked the car near the entrance of the Marriot Hotel and opened the door for Kian to exit.
Tanya walked in the hotel and nodded to staff to get the 2 big tables ready for her friends. Anirudh was ready to give her a treat that she wanted 2 weeks ago for winning a bet. Looking at him, he didn’t seem like a guy with money at all, so she wondered how he would pay the bill in such expensive restaurant.
But who cares? Right? Her eyes met his enthusiastic ones as he glanced around the restaurant to see the boggled looks of people seeing some middle class teens walk in and order a seat.

“Dude, are you sure about this?” Armaan mumbled to Anirudh with concern in his voice and confusion as to what the hell were they doing in the most fancy restaurant in the country.

“Totally,” Anirudh calmly assured him and gave him a wide smile to show him that he was ready to pay the bill.

A waitress guided them to their extra large table closed view table at the end of the restaurant. The restaurant itself was filled with red walls and orange lantern lights all over.The gang settled into their seats and were all ready to place their order.
OMG!! That was toooo short………
Sorry guys! I have exams coming up and I need to start serious prep?? I’ll try to update once more during the week or maybe next weekend for sure, work is taking up all my time!

Well anyways, how was Kian’s character? Weird and crazy eh? I was laughing imagining a person like that, at this point I am kinda diverting the plot from the actual story…but there will be more Aniya scenes and happy moments before another revelation.

Till thenn…..
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Credit to: Mandy


  1. Vivi

    So…kian,tanya&anirudh r childhood frndz…well dis is interesting….waiting 4 nxt part…..
    All d best 4 exams…do well…praying 4 u…tc

    • Mandy

      Yes!!! Keep reading and thanks a lot for all your warm wishes!!!
      Love ya and take care Vivi!!
      OMG! Did I ever tell you tht I completely adore your name….it’s so cute!!!

  2. Lakshmi

    Superb update dear. Kian character was interesting .Small update but it’s ok because ur studies r more important .All the best for ur exams , we won’t forgot u n love u more when u come back.
    Love u ???.take care…

    • Mandy

      Awwww……thanks Lakshmi!!! Thank God you won’t forget me? Just kidding. Thanks for your wishes and Il try to be back soon!!!!
      Loads of love and take care?

  3. manha

    kian is weird n crazy. But we don’t hav to worry coz we r already seeing ani n tanya the super crazy people from long time. lol.
    so they r all childhood friends or foes. Don’t know. But it is very interesting.

    All the best for ur exams. update when u come back. I hope it to be soooooon.
    loveeeeeeeeeeee u.

    • Mandy

      Lol!!! But belive me Kian is way weird that Aniya….more like a pysco!
      Thanks for all you warmay wished dear…hoping to be back soon too…but let’s see!!
      Love ya and take care??

  4. Roma

    Awesome episode, short but interesting, kian’s pov will reveal lots of secrets of past, why were aniya enemy before n what is the real mystery behind kian’s revange…very interesting story, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care, all the best for your exams. ..

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