Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.7 Part 3)


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Tanya quietly went to the dance room after school. She entered the room to find all her friends welcoming her.

“Guys, just because I told you all this doesn’t mean you give me VIP treatment,”

“Okay, okay!” all of them obeyed her like little children to their parents.

“We have so many questions in our heads,” Anisha started

“Ask away then,” Tanya said taking a seat on the chair.

“Wait, so what it exactly wrong with your leg?”

“Frankly, I have no idea, my parents still refuse to tell me. I don’t know why, I don’t know whether I broke my leg or simply fractured it,”

“So you quit dancing?”

“Till I joined your dance team, yep!”

“OMG! That would have been hard for you right?”

“It was terrible!,”

“Why did Nia want revenge then?”

“Oh, that girl, she is weird. She wants revenge as I couldn’t compete with her and told her to hid the fact that I am her friend and my identity from everyone.”

“WHAT?? Isn’t she your enemy?”

“Ofcourse not, she is my best friend. She only did that to bring me from the cave I am hiding from. I have been away from the world of dancing, and media for a good few years now. She doesn’t want to me to do, she wants me to show the world who I truly am,”

“Ohhhhh……….life makes sense now, What happened after that then?”

“I fell in depression for a few months but my family was able to get me out. After that, I decided to do something different that none ever in the world has to go through the same phase as me. So I started the LIVEIT campaign, where I counselled over 1000 people from their fears, giving them the courage to move in life and achieve their goals. But in that process I forgot what mine was, what my passion was, until I met all of you who gave me another chance to move on in life.
SO, I should really be thanking you guys,”

“Oh come, what are friends for?”

“How can we really believe you are a National Dancer, any proof?” Sammy called out from behind.


“How should I believe it is you?”

“Just give me a minute then,”

Tanya opened the laptop and pulled up youtube. She typed in her performance name for the entrance level and played the video. Her face could be easily identified, as nothing much changed in her physical appearance for the years. All of them scattered around the laptop to witness her dance, she walked a little behind as she was pulled out of the room by a hand on her bicep.
Tanya was dragged out of the room, and hit hard against the wall. Her eyes were layered by curious ones, who couldn’t wait any longer to know the answers it wanted. His arms pressed hard against hers, as she simply looked into his. A heat of electricity passed through her body as he leaned in closer to whisper against the right ear.

“Why didn’t you forgive me yet?”

Tanya was surprised by his words, how did he know she didn’t forgive him. She made it seem like she did and after all she was a good drama queen to put up plays. He pushed away from her ear and waited for a reply,

“If you know that, you should also know why,”

His eyes turned cold yet patient with the determination to get something. But what? she didn’t understand.

“I guess I do, but are you thinking what I am thinking?”

“What are you thinking?”she shot back trying to diverting the topic.

“My question, you answer,”

She looked back at his face filled with a modest mix of emotions, she needed to go inside before they see something she didn’t want to see.
“Fine, yes, we both are thinking the same,”
“I can’t forgive you for the pain you put on me, and I don’t think I can ever,”

He let go of her hands and shadowed his face, far from her sight. She quitely made her way to the room, stopping right at the moment where they were about to announce her name. She closed the window and said, “How was it?”


“OMG!! I can’t believe you are my friend,”

“Me neither…..JK!”

“This calls for a treat from my side then!” Armaan happily announced.

“Why?” Anirudh asked him confused.

“I want to eat and I can be nice at the same time too. Double offer…not going to miss it,” Armaan stated grinning wide
Kian walked into the room right after the gang left. His smirk changed quickly into fierce anger as he saw the trap he had laid in the front of the pavement failed. He was going to destroy Anirudh sooner or later, how much he would try, he wouldn’t be able to escape his sight.

He had to know more about this new girl, Tanya. He quietly wandered across the room and slyly opened the laptop and opened the last closed window. Within minutes everything was going to be out. The video of the girl dancing popped up on the screen again. She looked very familiar to him for some reason. He fast forwarded the video to the last part where he saw her stop it near the end, her hand was trembling and her face relieved from the tightening after she closed the window.

“This performance was of…” the announcer announced in the video. Kian clutched his fist in rage, what would her name give him. Who cares what her name is?

“Tanya Singhania,” the announcer cheered out, shocking and freezing Kian in the posture he was in. His eyes turned wide and his stomach started to fly in joy.

The girl was Tanya Singhania, as in THE TANYA SINGHANIA. The girl who was second in his destruction list just because he couldn’t find her, but he did. She disappeared after her leg injury, even the Singhania business was kept close for a while.

He looked out the window at the gang, waiting at the parking for someone anxiously. He witnessed where Tanya and Anirudh high fived each other, they did what? Kian thought, it was pretty clear that both didn’t know about each other’s identity which is why they are so close. The image of their rivarly popped up in the mind, hitting him with an idea.

His work has gotten way simpler than before, all he has to do is ignite the spark between these two. In that process, one will get burnt by the flame, and then all he will have to do is spread the flame to the other, giving him the victory his dad wanted 8 years ago. Their misunderstandings, their rivalry, their sense of betrayal, their ego will definitely destroy the other, all he has to see now is who destroys whom. The other will be in treat for Kian’s big flame.

Once that victory comes to him, the whole world will be his. A dark smirk appeared in his face, as he called the driver to bring the car up to the front.
How was that?? Are you guys able to figure the story out??

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  1. Hey Mandy..!!! Hw r u..!!?? Hope u remember me… Its been long time tht I commented..!! Since I had exms I couldn’t follow up with d recent updates… Just now I read all at a single breath…. OMG…!!

    Sooooo many twists n turns…
    I’m going speechless and a also senti…
    Tanya had gone through sooo much…
    And whts d past btwn Anirudh and Tanya….hope 2 know it asap…. Eagerly waiting…

    And u told us that its a real life story na… Its just amazing…
    And by any chance if the sequence is made into a movie… It definitely turns out to be a super duper block buster for sure dear…
    Its that amazing…!! I’m totally in luv with it…
    And ur writing has no words to say…
    Since the first episode to till date ur becoming more and more a good author…
    Keep up ur gud work and stay in touch with us…
    Happie pongal Mandy and all d fans of FLP…!!

    1. Heyyyyy…..
      Of course I remember you….how could I forgot my amazing friend 😉
      I was actually going to ask where u were in the next update!! How did the exams go??
      Ur ended…mine r going to start…ufff!!
      Hahaha….I know right tooo much suspense and twists!! Love the way all of u enjoy it!
      Awwwwww…….thanks a lot!!! Means a lot to me for saying it is a comparison to a movie!! Thanks a lot for seeing the change in me….it has been an amazing time with u all which motivated me to write more!!
      I can’t believe I wrote some updates when I read them through…..THANKS A LOT TO EACH AND EVERY ONE WHO HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO COMMENT AND ENCOURAGE ME FOR CONTINUING!!
      Definitely will stay in touch!! And HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI TO YOU!!!! Have lot of fun and love u loads for all ur dear words!!????????

  2. Awesome episode Mandy dearrr, it’s superb, Nia was her best friend. ..Anirudh n Tanya have something between them from very long ago…both r anaware…im very curious to know. .n this kian, I hate him to the core…now more revealiations…it’s getting interesting more and more with each update… keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug. ..

    1. Thanks Roma!!! Keep reading to know more dear! You will know more about Kian and Aniya later on….

  3. Oh god then tanya anirudh are rivalries no way plzzzzz yaar another fight…. who is this bullshit kian

    1. Hayati…..wait and watch what happens!!!

  4. so tanya is the girl ani is searching these years n wants revenge. ohh this is turning into a super film story. so many twists , so many turns, super cops, arguements, detectives, passion, friendship, hate, love, oh god so many elements in one. i’m waiting for the next one hope their past is revealed.

    1. Kian is searching for Tanya since a few years but ended up meeting with Anirudh. Now, both his targets are the same place……makes the story interesting!!
      Thanks a lot!! haha…too many elements in one story!!!
      But there is sooooooo much more to say, don’t know where to start and where to end!

  5. Superb episode Mandy Anirudh knowing she has not forgiven him…gang to appreciate her for her skills…truth revelation…nice..waiting for next episode

    1. Thanks Neha, keep reading!!!

  6. Superb update mandy..n story was really amazing with many twists n turns.So tanya,kian n anirudh knew eachother before only..Will be waiting for next update..
    love u ..take care..

    1. Thanks Lakshmi!!! Keep reading! Love you loads!

    2. Thanks Lakshmi!!! Keep reading! Love you loads!!!!

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