Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.7 Part 2)


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The bright walls of the hospital, the tranquil atmosphere or the care she was receiving didn’t make Tanya feel any better. The whole night in the hospital, she could hardly sleep, her idea of sleep was on a comfy mattress, snuggling into her blanket, twisting and turning the whole night. Instead, she sobbed the entire night, with her mother beside her, she couldn’t twist or turn with the cast on her leg. Lacking sleep sure made Tanya cranky as she yelled at one of the doctors to send her home. Tanya didn’t want to do anything at the moment, she needed to go HOME and think through all this. A lovely image of her best friend popped into her head, where was he? What would he do if he saw her? Whatever, she hated him for not showing up at the moment, so she decided to ignore all her thoughts and watch tv.

Tanya saw an image approach the door, it was a nurse. She was dressed in her usual clothes, bluish-white with a red cross on her pocket of her dress. She smiled a warm smile of hope and comfort, handing Tanya a bunch of letters from her hand.

“These are for you,” she humbly said, as she filled her bottle with juice, and asked, “Do you need something to eat or drink?”

“Umm…can I get some chocolate please?”

“Absolutely,” she replied softly making her way out the door to grab Tanya chocolates.

Tanya sighed as she left the room, great, now she could see the letters all by herself. She needed to be quick before her mom arrived back from the doctor in the third floor, they were expecting Tanya to discharge today.

She went through the letters, some from her relatives around the world, some from her friends, Nia, Sam, Cathy, etc. And then as she reached the last one, she found a letter with no name.

“That’s interesting,” Tanya mumbled as she opened the letter to see who it was from.

I heard about the accident, how are you?
Knowing you from childhood, I know that you will fight against this like you did throughout your life. Life has been very tough and challenging for you, but I have the confidence to know that you will be fine within days. It is because you that I can proudly say that this injury will be nothing but a turning point in your life which will only make you stronger and confident.
Take care dear,
Lots of Love to you, Tanaya and Rohan.”

WHAT?? Who was this?? Who knows her from CHILDHOOD? How did this person know about Tanaya and Rohan? But the words sounded extremely familiar…where had she read these before?
Her thoughts were halted by her mom who grinned widely at the discharge papers in her hand as Tanya tugged the letter in the pile of files on the table.

It had been a few years since Tanya had the accident now, all seemed to have got to normal except her passion for dance. the only ray of light that got her through were the words on that letter which helped her come out of that depression, bringing her back to the reality she was living in. She needs to take care about her right ankle as much as she can, or it would have more severe effects on her future.

Therefore, the never again thought about competitions for dance again, she moved on from her past and lived a new life in India. She found interest in painting, as the creativity in her started to explode on paper. She had fun time with her siblings which made their bond even stronger. As Tanya was painting another scenery from the top of her mind, she heard the news of moving to Canada over the summer to a fresh beginning.

Over the past years, her family constantly kept moving from London and India for every 3 months. Rohan, Tanya and Tanaya had to go to home schooling for the matter. Now, both the kids and the parents were tired of the constant travelling, so they decided to settle for a while in Canada. Why Canada? was a question in her mind, but she knew that they had a house in Canada for some odd reason.
She didn’t know why her parents would go buy a house in the most coldest place and in the middle of ice. She never really asked them, instead just silently agreed to move to begin a new future, away from her past.

A hot tear escaped Tanya’s eye as her stray at the window deflected to face her friends who were all shock and emotional at her revelation. The twins came up to Tanya and gave her a warm hug of comfort, “Guys, now I am fine,” Tanya replied softly as she saw the emotional eyes of her friends.

“You are a frecking superhero,” Armaan yelled out from nowhere.

“Feels so good to hear that,” Tanya mocked back with a light chuckle.

“Guys, we need to get to class in 2 minutes or we are late, HURRY UP!!” Sahil said as he looked at his watch
“We’ll talk about this later,” Tanya told everyone as she grabbed her bag from the end of class. How long had she been telling the story? No wonder her throat is so sore and lumpy.
“Wait, what do we have?” Anisha asked her as she looked through her bag, probably searching for something.

“History,” Tanya replied, pulling her out of the room and dragging her to history while she kept on searching for something in her bag.

“Hello Mr.Soto, what’s with the all those chairs,” Anisha asked Mr.Soto, their history teacher who was seated on his chair, behind the desk in the middle of the class. The class was filled with desks and chairs scattered all over, there were more than the class needed.

Anisha finally pulled out the headphones from her crowded bag and waited for Mr. Soto’s reply.

“Visitors,” he announed to the class, as both the girls took a seat in the first desks they spotted.

“Cool!” she said back as she waved to someone. Tanya didn’t bother to lift her head up, her head was weighed with all kinds of thoughts running around.

The desks were lines up in a huge semicircle spreading across the class, with Mr.Soto and the projector at the centre. They were learning about WWII, Tanya was too emotional to listen to the class. Although she was physically present, nodding at Mr.Soto who stood right in front of her to explain the class, her mind was drowned with various thoughts and emotions which builded one on top of the other.

Twenty minutes in class, she finally decided to stop from her thoughts and pay attention, she leaned hand on the table with her chin on top of it, facing only the smart board and Mr.Soto. He was an amazing teacher, he was extremely funny and explained the concept thoroughly to make them understand history and link it to their real world. History wasn’t her favourite subject but the teacher was.

“Do any of you remember the causes of WWI,”

Tanya raised her hand and explained the answer the best she can, showing that she payed attention. She normally would laugh at his jokes, answer questions and be extremely involved, she could tell Mr.Soto, was not sure if she payed attention or not.

Her phone on her desk vibrated as Mr.Soto walked to the middle of the semi circle and faced towards the other half, Tanya cautiously opened the flap of her phone and read the message,

“Sorry,” it read and was from Anirudh. Anirudh? For what? After almost half of the class through, Tanya faced the other side of the class, to stare at the window actually.

He was staring at her with pleading eyes, and a very naive face. How did he reach in her class? She looked around the entire class to realize that the classes were grouped, there were 2 classes. That’s who Anisha waved at when they walked into class, how could she not realize.

“For?” she texted back silently, as she closed her phone and looked back the board, avoiding his gaze.

Her phone beeped again, and read, “For blaming you and putting through the pain again,”

She stared at those words blankly, was she talking to Anirudh? IS IT EVEN HIM? or some twin of him saying SORRY to her.

“Surpised eh?” he texted her back in immediate response. How did he know? Well, probably because he was keenly observing her facial expressions from the opposite end.


“Where were you lost?”

“No where, why?”

“Nothing. Is that mean you will forgive me?”

She gazed back at those pleading eyes, with a tight smile on his face, his hair was quite shaggy, he was leaned back into his chair. There was nothing on his desk apart from his phone, he was sitting next to Ryan who was busy discussing about the war which they were supposed to.

She gave him a quick nod to indicate his apology accepted and turned to face Anisha to discuss the war with her. A feeling of trickle went through her body, like a zap of electricity, she didn’t understand what it was just yet. The rest of the class, nothing really happened, Tanya was just chatting with Anisha, unburdening everything of her chest.

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  2. friends r always there for her. i knew it. N she was shocked for ani asking her sorry. that was quite funny. but it was superb. waiting for the next one.

    1. Well that’s why friends are forever….
      Sorry part was quite shocking but it is the unpredictable Anirudh!? Keep reading to know more!!

  3. Nice episode dear.What about that anonymous letter ? Ok To know that i’ll wait for next updates.

    1. Thanks….the anonymous letter will be after a few months. Don’t forget about it tho!!!

  4. Nice…..

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  5. Sorry !! from Anirudh!!!! Sounds ridiculous..waiting 4 d next…thnx 4 d 1st upd…it was Great l should say…STAY BLESSED

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    1. Kian is the other character I mentioned before during the Dance Mania performance. Here is the link to that..

      More will be told in the next update!

  7. Awesome episode Mandy, aniya moment was really good…this hidden truth brought the pain in Tanya’s heart n Anirudh asking sorry for it, was really cute, n she accepted his apology…wowwww lovely episode…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks Roma….. You don’t how much your comments make me happy!
      Keep reading dear! Love ya

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