Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.7 Part 1)

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“Tanya, what is going on?”

“We need to go to class now,”

“We have it to work on our dance routine, so a spare, I guess,”

Tanya couldn’t meet the eyes of anyone as she felt the heat that all of them were staring at her, the heat was boiling through her skin ashamed of the fact she hid the truth from them all.

“Tanya go on,”

“I am the last finalist of the Junior National Dance competition, I had a passion to dance from the very beginning. I learned several dance forms, from ballet to kathak, I know them all. We used to live in London when I first participated for the entrance, amazed by my talent in acrobats, they selected me instantly. I moved on one level to the next, competitions were always part of my life. They never really scared me or effected me. But this National Dance competition changed my entire life, my dream about living like a world dancer was distorted, my dream of dancing itself was shattered completely, throwing me to darkness forever.”

She looked back the faces of her friends, who were amazed by her disclosure, yearning to hear the complete past of her life. She strayed her gaze to Anirudh’s who was looking at her intently, nodding at her to continue.

“I’m gonna go grab an ice-cream for myself,” the young Tanya pleaded her mother to go to the shop at the end of the street as a treat for coming to the last stage of the NDC.

Her eyes sparkled with excitement as her mother gave her a five euro bill to go get as much as ice cream she wants. She looked at the shiny bill in her grip and hopped to the small ice cream store at the end of the massive street.

“Come back quick,” her mother humbly said to her, as she continued to talk to the mother of Nia, her other opponent in the NDC.

She rushed to the open the door of the shop, and her little eyes were fascinated by all the flavours she saw through the glass window. Strawberry, Chocolate, Candy Cane, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip, Cookie and Cream, etc all her favourite flavours were there in the shop. Her tiny mind fidgeted over which flavour to pick, seeing her wonder with confusion.

The person at the back of the counter said, “You can choose 3 flavours for the money you have,”

“Really?,” Tanya’s little face filled with a warm grateful smile at the old man and choosed, “I want cotton candy, strawberry, and red velvet

The old man scooped big chunks of ice cream into a big paper bowl and handed it to Tanya.

“Here you go, young lady,”

Tanya giggled as she took the bowl and carefully handed the note from her hand, leaving the place with a handful of ice cream with a wave at the nice old man.

Oh boy, she couldn’t wait to show her mom all the ice cream she bought, and how nice the old man was. As she opened the door and took a big bite of her cotton candy flavoured ice cream, she spotted her mom’s coat on the other side of the road.

The street looked quite deserted from her view, she didn’t bother to check sideways to see if her mother was there at the side of the street where she stood earlier.

She knew the lady opposite to her was her mother as she had the same dark black coat as her mom, and was talking to some lady she didn’t know. She took another scoop and crossed the street naively, making sure to look left and right as her mom instructed her to do once. She stood in the middle of the road, when a speedy bike raced towards her from the end of the street.

“TANYAA, MOOOVEEE,” she heard her mother yell at her in shock as she ran to her, confused as to why her daughter was on the middle of the street.

Tanya was frightened to death, she didn’t know which way to go, she hurried to the other side of the street as fast as she could, but the bike purposely moved it’s way too, aiming it wheels right at her right foot, slamming the corner of the tire right into her leg.

Due to wind, speed and force, Tanya fell to the floor in a thud, her ice cream bowl went flying and landing on to the other side of the street, Her delicate skin in her right leg, slammed right through down the rugged, brittle pavement of the road.

“Mom,” she yelled as her mom, came running her, breaking into a hug.

Hot tears rolled down her eyes, as she noticed the immense blood dropping from leg, her leg felt lifeless, it felt numb, she could no longer feel her right leg anymore. Blood dropped continuously from her ankle, which felt like it was ripped apart by the rock she hit into, the pain started to ache all her body, shivering her to the core. She had no clue if this was a dream, reality, what happened, all she knew was she was shell shocked with this trauma.

Her mom quickly called the ambulance and her dad, panicking about the situation. Tanya saw the fear, care and shock in her mother’s eyes, making her sob excessively, before she closed her eyes in dizziness, collapsing on the lap of her mom.

Tanya woke up with a banging headache and blurry eyes. She thought she had a long sleep after a nightmare, she shaked her head to get a clear vision. The walls around her looked unfamiliar, they looked like hospital walls. She stirred up boggled and looked at her right leg wrapped in a giant blue plaster, oh no it was a cast.

So the nightmare was not a nightmare, it was reality, she did meet with an accident, what happened to her right leg? Was it broken?

No, no, her final round was in a week, she didn’t have time for this. Her eyes started to tear up and the her retina started to swell at the constant downpour of the tears.

She saw her parents faces talking to the doctor through the room’s window, her mom’s pretty face was all dark and swollen. Her dad’s was expressionless, she wondered where the others were? Where was Rohan, Aleks’ akka and Tanaya.

Her mom noticed her staring through the window, and immediately burst into the room, giving her daughter a hug of warmth and comfort.

“Mom, what is all this?” Tanya asked with a pale face, frightened by the trauma that she just had,

“Tanya dear, you badly injured your right ankle,” she stuttered to Tanya. The pain started to claw in her body as she tried to move her leg slightly. She broke down in her mother’s arms and asked,

“Can I dance,”

Her mom’s warm tear fell on her cheek, preparing her for the worse.

“Dear, maybe not. Doctor said you need to rest for at least a 1-2 years to get back to normal.”

Tanya’s glare blackened, still in the hug of her mother, her life just completely shattered right in front of her very eyes.
I thought to give you a big update, but I think I’m gonna split it into chunks. FINALLY!! A part of her truth revealed about the dance!! How was it?? O fcourse there is MORE…the dance one will be completely revealed in the coming days. Other than that, Anirudh’s past will be revealed as the story proceeds!
Till then,
Take care 🙂

Credit to: Mandy


  1. Roma

    Awesome episode Mandy dearrr, ahhh so much pain for a little girl n her family. …so she was a great dancer…loving this flashback…unfolding the mystery slowly…your narration is outstanding. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    • Mandy

      Thanks a lot Roma!! the past is finally out…she was an experienced dancer!
      I am so happy that u all r enjoying the story!! stay tuned for the more twists and turns in the story! Love ya!

  2. manha

    so much pain in the past. i think that nia is responsible for this. the truth is yet to be revealed. ok i will wait for next.

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