Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.6 Part 5)


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The day he had been longing finally was here, the day where everything was wrought to come into a shape, a day where he was willing to do anything to know the mystery amplifying deeply in his chest. He was on the way to school, hoping to end this mystery once and for all. All the necessary arrangements had been made to get the suspense to an end. He parked the car in the last row, adjacent to the school after his ruthless driving through the streets showing the distractions in his mind.

The space by his locker, which was in the next hallway to Tanya’s was loaded with chunks of people waiting for his plan. The other when he had shrieked at Tanya, unknown to him that a whole herd of people had been listening to their conversations outside the room, making the matter spread in hours. Anirudh casually flung out his phone from the back pocket of his torn jeans, dialling Armaan’s number in to see where he was. A hand fell on his right shoulder, making Anirudh turn around to see his friend standing there in a grin with Sahil and Ryan by his side.

“Everything is done,” he slowly said to Anirudh in a low toned voice.

“Awesome, we are just waiting for the right time then,” Anirudh said back avidly, with obsession for full-filling the mystery took over his body

“We can only use the kitchen for 20 minutes though, after that we will have to leave, solve it or not,” Sahil reminded Anirudh of the deal they made with Mrs.Cook, the teacher in charge of the kitchen.

“Do you actually think this will work,” Ryan questioned Anirudh unconvinced by his plan

“I don’t know, but you never will know unless and until you try it, right?” Anirudh admitted, having no clue to what was going to happen within the day.

“What if we fail?” Armaan hesitantly asked,

“Well, do you know that Einstein failed 1500 times before he succeeded?” Sahil instructed them with a piece of quote to cheer them up.

“See, I won’t be the only one then,” Anirudh joked around, lightening his mind from the tensions playing around.

“But we don’t have 1500 minutes in the kitchen to keep experimenting like Einstein,” Ryan mocked back at them.

Anirudh chuckled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t need to. I’ll make sure we succeed the first time through,”

“Guys, Tanya is here,” Anisha stated as she ran to her locker situated next to the boys’.

“Great! Let’s go then,” Anirudh said, taking a few steps forward to take the lead.

“Woah, woah, you know that we have the kitchen in the break right,” Sahil called out from behind, halting Anirudh to a sudden pause
“WHATTTTTTTTTTTT? I swear I’m gonna die with suspense till then,” Anirudh exclaimed and frowned profusely.

“Okay, everyone meet me in the kitchen at 11:40, and Anisha you get Tanya there first,” Anirudh said as he walked back to his locker to get his binders to head to class. Anirudh saw from the corner of his eyes, a hesitant look on his friends’ faces.

“What now?” he asked back as he rolled the combination lock to open the locker.

“Umhh….the room will only be available in the last 20 minutes of the break,” Armaan said drawly.

“Will you all stop giving me heart attacks?”Anirudh whinned, as Anisha burst out into a giggle from behind.

“Sorry!”all his friends replied in a unisang, lightening the situation completely. Anirudh began to wonder how he would go through 3 hours of class without being anxious of the unsolved mystery.
Everything was set, the kitchen was in their control, a crowd was standing all over the massive kitchen room, and out through the hallway. The kitchen had white enclosing walls, with many electric stoves and ovens placed on either side of the room. There was only one gas stove available, which Anirudh was kneeling against. The only person missing was the centre of attraction, ie Tanya.

God know where she was and what took her so long, as he was wondering that. Tanya walked in talking to Anisha with a patient look on her stubborn face, she was wearing a white knitted sweater with a dark red scarf wrapped around her neck and matching pants.

The heeled high boots on her legs, clinged to the ground with every step she made. Her eyes wandering through the crowd that stood there waiting for her, and finally met his gaze. Her eyes turned cold and stubborn once again as she walked up to Anirudh near the front.

‘So, you finally have found evidence to prove everything?” Tanya sternly asked him in a dangerous low voice.

“Yep!” Anirudh said back in the same tone as her.

‘Everyone knows that I have seen a mysterious girl in our school, these ghungroos here belong to her, well I came to know that these ghungroos burn into ashes when lit up. When no one is really owning them, I thought to burn them, before somebody steals them,”

He looked at the crowd who were nodding their heads in agreement with Anirudh, which builded up with confidence. He looked back at Tanya who seemed surprised by his out of the world plan, and whispered something to Anisha, making them both giggle. She was neither scared nor guilty, she was enjoying this whole plan like a setup play.

“This is the last chance, if anyone here is the owner of these, then please come to get them,”

“So, noone owns them, I see then, here we go,” Anirudh irked said, as he turned on the flame of the stove, and slowly advanced his hand to the flame almost hitting the ghungroos with it.

“Last chance, before I totally burn them,” he announced loudly to expect Tanya to beg him to stop and accept the fact that it was indeed hers. But to his surprise, he heard a girly, low voice which he heard on the camera the other day,

“It’s mine.”

Anirudh instantly turned the flame off, and turned around to see the crowd gasping as he saw a tall, lean figure wearing a baggy hoodie, light blue jeans and with extremely long hair approcahed him.

Anirudh’s heart halted to beat, it was not HER? it was actually not Tanya? WHO THE HELL IS THIS NEW GIRL??

In shock, he handed her back her ghungroos, she took with a tight smile, while the crowd were totally lost as to what was going on.

He looked behind at Tanya whose face was paler than ever, it seemed like there was hardly any blood circulating from her body.
Tanya had a brain freeze, her heart sank and stomach tightened into a very tight knot. Her muscles failed to move and her feet went numb. The memories of the National Dance Competition flashed in her head, the long braided hairs, the innocent eyes, the baggy dresses, it was her.

It was actually, “Nia,” she let out a faint word out of her voice.

Anirudh stared back at her, continuously observing her every action, she didn’t care what he was thinking about her mouth hung out in extreme shock. She gulped hard as the saliva in the throat choked her hard, but she didn’t care, the past she tried to hard for so loong, it going to come out in span of minutes. Her whole life just turned a complete 180 degree twist now. She deflected her stray from everyone else except Nia.

“Oh, look who is here, hello OPPONENT,” Nia blurt out the words one by one with extreme caution.

“Nia?” Tanya said a very very low tone, close to a mumble.

“Who is she? Do you know her?” Anisha asked her from the side, but Tanya payed no heed to her.

“She is my one and only opponent in the junior National Dance Competition, right?” Nia answered back sternly for Tanya.

“National what?” Anisha looked on boggled at Tanya, who was still bewildered herself.

“I wonder how all the proofs got pointed towards you,” Nia said winking at Tanya.

“You wouldn’t,” Tanya said in a gravelled voice, ofcourse.

No wonder every time Nia was seen, so was Tanya, the match of the ghungroos, every single move was planned. Very well planned, as all the thought came to a realization to Tanya.

“You know me baby, anything for revenge,” Nia said in a dangerously low voice.

“But after so loong?” Tanya asked back profusely.

“Nothing is better than rewinding the past,” Nia mocked at her with a smirk of pleasure.

“Niaaaa,” Tanya whinned at her, annoyed at her behaviour.

“Sorry baby! I had to… You left me no other choice,” Nia admitted honestly. Tanya hung out her mouth again, what was she saying. Couldn’t she have taken any other way.

“I thought that when they blame you my revenge will get sweeter, but your boy there is quite smart than I expected,” Nia explained, pointing to Anirudh who stood their with the same sense of realization as Tanya.

“See ya babes, meet ya later,” Nia waved at Tanya as she made her way through the crowd.

“Tanya, what is going on? What was she saying?” Anisha questioned her with confusion, she saw the doubt in her eyes. Armaan and Sahil cleared the crowd from the kitchen, giving space for the team to talk.

“You participated in the what?” Minisha asked her again, as she took Tanya’s upper arm to turn her to face them all.

“Tanya,” Anirudh’s low, gentle voice came next, “Who are you?” he questioned with her layers of doubt filling his eyes, and a perplexed expression on his face.

That’s when Tanya realised that Nia hit her harder than she ever imagined, now her truth was bound to come out. She decided to tell them all the truth before she could see the cheat in their eyes for her. She didn’t want this to be out this way, she didn’t want to tell them like this, but she had no choice either. Here we go then!

Next: The hidden truth

How was it?? FINALLY….one truth revealed!! 😉
Sudden shock eh?? Lol! After all, it was not the dear Tanya you were all thinking off! BUT, this does relate to Tanya’s past which will be revealed tmr for sure!
Don’t be mad, I didn’t want to overload you with too much info, take a day to digest this and I will load you with more tmr 😉 The whole week will be filled with revelations for you!!

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    1. Will update sooon!! And also reveal everything one by one!

  2. Oh she’s not Tanya n enemy or opponent who ever she is .I’ll be waiting for next update. And ha anirudh’s plan worked but he was in shock too.

    1. She is not Tanya!! Keep reading to know about Nia and Tanyas past!

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    1. Let’s see what happens!! Keep reading!!!

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