Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.6 Part 4)


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Anirudh glanced back at his plan once more before he sat in front of his computer to see the forbidden dance room through the camera he placed y’day. His macbook was placed on the couch in front of him with a cup of black coffee in his hand to control his excitement. His guts told him that she would come to that very room at this time. His phone vibrated in his pocket which flashed Armaan’s name on the top.

“Bro, I’m at school,” he heard Armaan speak through the phone,

“Cool, stay there, till I send you a message,” he replied in a low tone, watching the dance room.

“Is she there yet?”

“No, not yet, but very soon,” Anirudh said risking his choice. He had a good feeling she would come, but even if she didn’t, he had a plan B to track her down.

With extreme difficulty, he convinced Mr.Vy to plant a hidden camera in the dance room, if this didn’t work out, there would be problems with the budget for the dance costumes later on. Anirudh was ready to take the risk to prove to everyone it was Tanya, she is the only dancer who had the ability to perform in National Dance Competition.

He took another sip of the coffee, the bitterness bursted in his tongue, and a new energy filled his muscles. Anirudh’s face widened and curiosity traveled through his blood, as he spotted a dull black figure in the dance room. It was her. His mouth pursed together while his eyebrows narrowed to see her opening her back to get her ghungroos out. She was facing away from the camera, the other side.


Anirudh whispered angrily, losing his patience as she wouldn’t bother to turn around.

“Shoot!” she said in a very unfamiliar voice, Anirudh started to rethink his claim about her being Tanya. Her voice was pitched and screechy at the same time.

“Where is my other ghungaroo?” she whispered out again, YES!! everything was going according to the plan.

She placed her bag to the other side, and started the music on.
She still faced the other side, like she knew that there was a camera behind her. How silly! How would she know that.
She finished her warm up, and proceeded to the other side horizontally, away from her bag.

This was the time, Anirudh thought as he called Armaan to execute their plan. In a few minutes, Armaan ran through the hallways screaming FIRE like a madman.

At first, this girl didn’t bother to do anythings, but then when the Armaan placed a siren of the fire alarm in his phone, alerting her of the fire. She picked up her phone and ran out the door as fast as she could, Anirudh watched as Armaan slyly came in and grabbed the other ghungaroo from her bag. He ran back quickly as the door opened again and the girl came back to fetch her bag, blindly taking it, without looking through the contents in it.

Anirudh sighed relieved that his plan succeeded when Armaan came in front of the camera and showed a thumbs up sign to his friend. Anirudh drank the remaining coffee in his cup and called Armaan.

“Look we have another 2 hours before school starts, let’s go and give these to Uncle Giel so that he can find out all the information about them by the time school ends.” Anirudh told Armaan asking him to meet him in Uncle Giel’s shop.
“So, you want me to find all the information about these by 3pm?” Uncle Giel asked Anirudh and Armaan who told him all about them.

“Yes,” Armaan and Anirudh both said together.

“What kind of information?” Uncle Giel asked confused.

“Anything is fine, we need everything we can find out about them,” Anirudh calmly replied.

“Fine, be back by 3 and the information will be yours,” Uncle Giel said, as the boys waved back at him leaving the shop to go to school.

Anirudh couldn’t wait for tomorrow, just a few hours and then he would know how to make Tanya accept the truth.

“I can’t wait to see her accept the truth,” Anirudh said to Armaan as he drove the car back to school, pictured her pale and shocked face

“Bro, are you sure it is her?” Armaan asked him dubiously,

“I guess so, what do you think?” Anirudh asked for his opinion as he knew both of them were on the exact same page.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think it is Tanya, the figure and voice I saw didn’t seem to match with Tanya’s,” Armaan replied back.

“We will find out who it is tomorrow for sure,” Anirudh said as he parked the car in the parking lot.

“This is a very unusual piece of gold,” Uncle Giel started to explain the boys about the research he had done.

“Why so?” Armaan asked curiosly as the their most awaited moment had finally come.

“Well, this gold can burns into thin ashes if you flame it,” Uncle Giel told Anirudh.

“And?” Anirudh asked.

“And it is made in India, northern part mostly,”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, this was made around 2010, when the National Dance Competition took place,”

“Thanks a lot Uncle Giel,” both the boys thanked him for all his efforts.

“Let’s me put in a bag for you,”

“All these clues lead to Tanya again,” Anirudh mumbled to Armaan

“But what do we do with this information anyways,” Armaan asked uncertainly with the confusion of why they were doing all this.

“I have a brilliant plan to get the owner of these to come to the front,” Anirudh stated smirking as his eyes sparked with the idea.
Anirudh laid on his back on his bed, snuggling into the covers of his mattress. His mind started to grow restless with the various thoughts in his mind, Was it really Tanya? He pictured the innocent eyes of her when he accused her to be the dancer, then who was it?

The anxiety was growing as his mind wouldn’t oblige to rest for the nights, leaving him with no choice as to think about the possibilities.

Maybe it was some other girl who was there, but why? Was this all planned by any chance, does this have to do with anything related to his past?

He had a pretty bad past too, separation of friends, his dad in jail, his understanding of complications in the situation made him remember the little face of the girl, innocent eyes with wide smile on her face. Where would he find her again to explain her the miseries she gave him? Did he ever forgive her for sending his dad to jail? He didn’t know, right now he hoped that the day he meets that girl is not near, as he had many other problems to solve before he faces her.

Next Step 5: Solving the mystery!
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  1. What becausevof that girl anirudh father in jail oh god such a big twist yaar

    1. Yes…big twist!! You will know in a few days!

  2. Update was nice so that’s y Anirudh hate that girl….and dont feel bad for it…but what happened suddenly that u won’t b able to update …just asking

    1. Thanks!! It is just that I have a lot of work by the weekend and other activities I need to go to!!

  3. i think mandy u really hav a gud career in investigation yaar. what plans u r giving to ani. oh god they r just superb. so aniya hav a bad past. n hav a very bad present tooo with all the plans n mysteries. lol. but this story is toooo gud. waiting for it eagerly. plzzzz update soon as u get time.

    1. Lol!!!! Thanks Manha… have no clue how much I had to think about the plans, but finally came up with ones!
      Both of them had bitter pasts that they are trying to escape…let’s see what happens!!
      Will update as soon as possible!!

  4. Anirudh was too intelligent in investigation. She is really mysterious. Anirudh’s dad was in jail that too because of his childhood friend. Tanya also remembered that all accusing her for something in our past updates. Really u left us with more suspense but it’s OK enjoy ur weekend. Will be waiting for next update.

    1. Sorryyyyyy..,,,the story itself has lot of mysteries interlinked to each other, if I reveal one then I wil, have to reveal a few more. Have a nice weekend too!!! Will update as soon as I can!!

  5. Tooo much of mysteries…
    Can’t digest anymore of it…the investigation was brilliant…so its not Tanya..i guess..i wish the mysterious dancer was her…plz update fast…luv ya….

    1. Sorrryyyyyyy!!!!!! I keep overloading the mysteries….but there is so much of the story!! I promise to solve them all and give most of the details you want!! I will definitely unburden you from all this very soon…..

  6. Hi mandy dearrr, awesome episode, Anirudh’s planning was really nice. …looks like Anirudh n Tanya have same bad bitter past n both are connected thru that…which will reveal soon with more mysteries. ….I’m totally immersed into this story…uncle giel’s role is very interesting….I still hope that the mysterious girl to be Tanya…n like to know more about their bitter past which put Anirudh’s father in jail…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and have a nice weekend. ..take care

    1. Thanks!!!! I know toooo much to know….which you will very soon!!! Anirudh and Tanya’s past will shape their future of their story which is why I am giving so importace to it….
      Love you loads and hope you have a good weekend too!!!

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