Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 6 Part 3)

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Anirudh mind bursted with excitement as he heard her say those words, I AM THE DANCER!!!! His eyes widened with joy and the blood circulating around his body was dancing with pleasure.

“I was there whenever you saw ‘the mysterious person”, she started to say, enunciating the mysterious person a bit too much, “so, you think I am her.”

“Yep,” Armaan nodded in postive while Anirudh tried to figure out what she was up to.

“So, if there was Anisha in my place or Sammy, you would think it is them?” Tanya asked back sharply, staring right into Anirudh’s eyes, he tried to search for any hint of guilt or hesitation. He didn’t find any, making his excitement sulk down, she was as confident as she was the first time he had met her.

“Probably,” Anirudh said a low whisper, Tanya’s eyes glinted snapping back at his in extreme pressure.

“How dare you through accusations at me when you have no clarity about your so called investigations,”she roared out in full rage.

Anirudh scanned her face once more before answering back in confusion, “Accusations?”

“You just accused me that I am that mystery person,” Tanya said like it was extremely obvious. When the hell did he throw accusations at her, he just said so.

But now he had to prove his investigation right, so he determinedly said, “Because you are,”

Tanya clapped her hands, her eyes still in rage, and strongly blurted out,“First I thought you were weird, but now you proved my wrong. You’re psycho too.”

“Oh hello, you should have thought twice before dancing in the forbidden dance room then,” Anirudh shot back at her, making her face grow a little pale before she came up with another reply.

“I DID NOT,” she screamed at the top of her lungs, she was standing only a few steps away from him, digging through his eyes to search for any more suspicion.

“Am I supposed to believe that?” Anirudh cooly said, with a tiny hint of sarcasm hitting her hard.

“Okay then, Am I supposed to believe the fact that you are the only person in the whole damn school who sees a girl dancing at 6. I wonder how believable that is,” she mocked back at him, making his face leech of the extreme confidence he had. She smirked in victory and raised her eyebrow for an answer.

“It is the truth, I saw her, but she escaped and I chased her to get hold of her ghungaroo,” he protested back with an appealing voice to make his statements clear.

“Unhuh? What else” she sarcastically asked, eyeing him with disgust.

“And the only person it fits is YOU. So who is more believable now,” he asked her back while she gave him the ‘like duhh’ look.

“Dude, there are millions of people with the same shoe size or a matching size of legs in the world. That does not mean that every person who fits the ghungaroo is her,” Tanya curtly said back.

“Actually, I talked to professional, he said that this was specially designed to fit the size of one girl,” Anirudh voiced out his case again.

“When will your drama end? This is going on as some daily soap, I saw a mysterious person, it’s you, tell me the truth.” she teasingly asked him. “Really Anirudh?”

“How come no one believes me?” Anirudh looked at everyone else’s faces who looked at him in a disapproval, not seeming to catch her point.

“Maybe if show more evidences that just claiming stuff, people might believe you,” Tanya innoncently said.

“Oh come on! You were there both times when I saw her, after you left, she popped up. And then this gold plated fits you, how much more proof do you guys need?” Anirudh argued back

“Well, he has a point there,” Armaan said, supporting his friend.

“Okay, I agree but they really prove nothing. Tanya is right in the fact that they are all just claims,” Anisha shot back.

“Meaningful claims tho,” Sammy said.

“How much ever the claims are meaningful, they need evidence to prove them,” Anisha said.

“Guys, I am the eye witness,” Anirudh randomly said, not sure what that will do.

“Then I am the eye witness to prove that ghosts really do exist, will you believe me?” Tanya questioned him with the same low tone as him

“Ofcourse not, but this is a different story,” he replied back

“Not really,” Minisha mumbled, who was standing quietly for the past few minutes.

“Even you?” Anirudh said shocked by her change of sides.

“Sorry,” she said giving him a tight smile.

“Fine, I’ll believe everything you say if by the day after tomorrow you provide me one more piece of evidence that there is a mysterious person and who it actually is,” Tanya concluded the super long discussion

“What?” Anirudh asked her? She literally just flipped the complete thing to her side. Boy, she was good in arguing.

“Open challenge, take it or leave it,” Tanya shortly said.

“You’re on,” he said with confidence.

“1 day,” Tanya said in smirk as she left to talk to Via.

1 day he thought and he would destroy her confidence once and for all.

Next: Step 4: Planning the mystery

I know I know, you guys are going to kill me for dragging this………but I really want you to see the arguing, and Anirudh’s new plan which will ultimately lead to revelation of many things. Without this, nothing will be solved, although both Anirudh and Tanya are studying to pursue business, I think Anirudh could be a private detector, spy, cop, investigator, etc while Tanya should be a lawyer…….what say??
Also, you should know my now that I love to see all of you in suspense! LOL!!

Take care 😉

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  1. Mandy you broke my heart I was so happy to find out it was Tanya but you…anyways update was superb there argument was like u had any evidence then only say it…NYC update and again suspense ….waiting for next update dear

    1. SORRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Evidence is extremely important when talking to Tanya 😉 😉

  2. U r absolutely right dr if tanya lawyer ho na samne wale lawyer ko fiver ajayega uska argument dek ke…. she is the dancer anirudh was right but she is arguing anirudh mat chodo

    1. Haina?? Maine socha ki I am the only one who thinks that!
      LOL!! I guess who can say the same things for me too…..I am the master in arguing, which you can tell by the arguements I keep having in my story!

      1. Oh thats so sweet buddy….. but i am soft mujhe argument se bahut dar hein yaar… dont know why if anyone try to tease me or try to argument with me i will be silent in that time….

  3. Mandy really u r superb dear. Aniya argument was nice.Both r not ready to accept others words. Waiting for next update.

    1. Thanks Lakshmi!!! you are right, both have their own egos in their way to stop them from trying to see each other’s POV,
      Keep reading! 🙂

  4. Great. Interesting update. Wish that mysterious person is Tanya. Update the next epi soon

    1. Thank you :)…………will send the update as soon as possible!!

  5. Another investigation…getting excited….still hoping its tanya….plz update ASAP!!!!

    1. Keep reading!!! Sending the update for review now…….

  6. Omg mandy, it’s superb…loved the accusations n arguments by Tanya…Anirudh is determined that it’s Tanya n me too totally on Anirudh’s side…lets see his plan to solve this mystery…can’t wait for the next episode. ..plzzzz update sooooon. you loads and very tight hug

    1. Thanks Roma!!!! Looks like everyone is on Anirudh’s side here….let’s see whether you win the case or not ?
      The update is already posted….have a look!!! Loads of lovr for you tooo!!!!

  7. Lol. Really this was super gud. I love arguing. N when it is aniya it is much more fun. Haha. Right u r. If they r nt happy with their business careers. They can easily shift to other ones without any prblm. Lol. They hav more experience in their alternative one than business. Haha. So who’s going to win. Oh ofcourse it would be ani. But we can’t underestimate the great lawyer tanya here.

    1. Thanks !!!! Exaxtly….they are concentrating on other paths more than theirs!!
      Let’s see if investigator Anirudh wins or lawyer Tanya??
      Keep reading!!!

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