Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 6 Part 2)


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Chapter 6 Part 1


As Anirudh left the shocked Tanya standing near the Forbidden Dance Room, and proceeding to the first floor, he heard the voice of the ghungroos again. There was no limit to his happiness. He walked backwards to see if Tanya was there, but she had already left through the other staircase. The hallway in front of him was filled with the band, at least that’s what he assumed with the loud noise emerging from the left side of his. He turned to the hallways facing him, and the band was there. Nearly, half the hallway was filled with the people from the band. Anirudh walked slowly towards the room, only to notice her putting her ghungroos in the bag.

“Wait,” he called out after her, making her run away from him after being noticed.

Anirudh ran behind her, as fast as he can. She quickly disappeared as she mingled into the crowd of the band. Anirudh raced through the crowd, catching a glimpse of her side bag. He stretched his hand to catch her bag, preventing her to escape. He caught hold her ghungroos in the bag, and pulled it towards him. She turned in a sharp turn, through the crowd, Anirudh was slowed down by a random person blocking his view. He pulled the ghungroos as hard as he can, to stop her from escaping.

Instead, of stopping her, he got hold of her ghungaroo. He slowed down, as she hurriedly ran upstairs, exiting the building. He looked carefully at the ghungaroo in his hand and panted for his breath. The ghungaroo said National Dance Championship inside the side of a bell. The thing itself was plated gold with bells on either sides clinging on to his firm hands, jingling every minute he took the step. He headed to his locker and gently tossed the ghungroos in his bag, hoping to find more about it from Giel Uncle.
Anirudh and Armaan opened the doors of the shop where they come often to buy Dance costumes. Due to the frequent visits, they have become great friends with the owner, Giel. He was a very funny, and loud man who loves to spend time with Anirudh and Armaan. Anirudh knew he was the only person who could provide him all the details about the ghungaroo he found, which he safely tucked in his bag, slinging on his side shoulder.
The store was a pretty big store, surrounded by dark orange painted walls. There were various music systems and instruments placed out for display at the entrance of the store. The rest of the store was filled with dance props and dance costumes hung on the wall. There were hardly anybody in the store, except a few people on the corner right hand corner.

Uncle Giel was hanging a glowing white costume up the wall. “Look who is here,”

“Hey Uncle Giel, how are you?” Anirudh asked gently, slipping his bag on the counter.

“By the way you are seeming, I think I am 100% better than you,” Uncle Giel replied after seeing Anirudh’s worried face.

“Uncle, have you ever thought about being a mind reader?” Armaan asked sarcastically

“Actually I have,” Uncle Giel responded, astonishing the boys.

“Really?” Armaan asked back.

“But, my dad threw me in this store,” Uncle Giel started to complain again.

“And said take care of it, clear depths and make lots of money” Anirudh and Armaan both unisang to say Uncle Giel’s famous lines.

Uncle Giel laughed loudly, and questioned, “Anyways, what brings you here?”

“Umh..actually I want to know more about this ghungaroo I have found” he said handing him the ghungaroo.

Uncle Giel examined it closely, and said, “this is very expensive and looks like it has been made by a professional, and..”


He walked up to the counter, and turned on his computer, and continued, “Exactly what I thought, this was specially made for their size. So, it won’t fit many people, it will fit only the people who are exactly the same size. This is totally gold plated and very expensive,”

“Thanks a lot Uncle,” Anirudh thanked him

“No worries, dear, but where did you find it?”

“I found in our school from a girl,”

“Ahh….she must be a very professional dancer to have such equipment,”

“Uncle Giel, can you do me a favour?”

“Anything for you my boy,”

“Can you please make me another one, exactly the same size, and color. Gold plating is not required.”


“Tomorrow morning,”

“Let me check in the storeroom for the equipment,”

“You have something cooking in your head, don’t you?” Armaan asked Anirudh as soon as Uncle Giel left the place.

“I sure do,” Anirudh said determinedly,
Anirudh stood there watching the girls stretch for the dance rehearsal. He asked Sahil and Ryan not to come, while Armaan was standing beside Anirudh, and arguing with Anisha. Via made it to the rehearsal after Tanya’s pleading. Both of them were standing in front of the huge mirror on the wall, and deciding the routine.
Tanya seemed like she was very familiar with the classical dance, as within minutes she started to set the songs right with the music.
Sammy and Minisha on the other side were chatting about their dislike for classical dance, and trying to persuade Tanya to change her mind. She kept ignoring them, and ranting about the benefits of classical dance. This was his chance. He picked up both the ghungroos from his black bag, and gave one to Armaan , signalling him to execute their plan.

“Guys, we have one pair of ghungroos, but we want to check your size, if you all could please put one on to check,”

Armaan went to Anisha and tossed her the ghungroos while she looked as if she was going to murder him later.

Anirudh chuckled as he moved to Sammy and gave her the ghungaroo. She bent down to her knees, and fidgeted with the buckle. She tried to put it on for a few times, failing each time. She looked up at Anirudh, who was looking at Armaan, trying to fit it on Minisha after the ghungaroo not fitting on Anisha.

“Can you please do it?” she innocently pleaded. Anirudh rolled her eyes, and bent down to strip on the buckle. He tried as hard as he can, but the ankle didn’t set in at the right place.

It definitely wasn’t her, Anirudh thought as he removed the buckle and said, “This does not fit you, don’t worry we’ll make you another soon.”

“Sure,” she mumbled back at him as he moved towards Tanya who was glancing at the window of the room.

“Ahem Ahem,” he mumbled as he cleared his throat to draw her attention.
“May I?”

She looked on confused, but nodded in a positive as he bent on a strapped the buckle of the ghungaroo on her right leg. He was super duper shocked when the ghungaroo fit perfectly on her leg. He looked up to see her eyes sparkling with happiness to see them fit right in. He gave her a tight smile and asked Armaan to give her the other one to put on, and start the dance.

As they started to practice, Anirudh pulled Armaan in a corner and blurted out, “How can he fit her so perfectly?”

“Maybe it’s her?”

“Wait a minute, on the first day I saw that girl, Tanya entered the building after a couple of minutes. Also on the other day, she was present in the morning in the basement of the school. Then, the ghungroos perfectly fit here,”

“I am the girl, who are finding from 3 days, Tanya drawled out alerting the boys, who stood their motionless at her revelation.

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    1. Lol!!! Thanks!!!!
      Glad you r liking it…..Keep reading to finish the mystery,

  3. Amazing!! Loved it?

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  4. Superb she is tanya n anirudh’s investigation succeeded. Suspense continues… Will be waiting for next update..

    1. Haha! Yes till now Anirudh’s investigation has succeeded!!!
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    1. Awwww…..Thanks Manha!!!

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    1. Lol!! Thanks a lot!! U guys must hate me to the core for the suspense I am putting you through!

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    1. Yep, Anirudh is totally confused!
      I didn’t start chapter 7 yet….need to finish the mystery to start chapter 7. Each chapter has its own problem!!
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  9. Awesome episode, loved it. ..Anirudh finally found out the mysterious girl, I guess…loved the investigation part n uncle giel too good…very excited for upcoming episodes.’re keeping me glued with this precious story…like to know the past of Anirudh n Tanya, were they knew each other from Los Angeles? What happened there and Tanya is very mysterious from the beginning…suspense is overloaded…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks Roma!!! A smile grew on my face when I saw your name….long time no see!! Im so happy you are liking the story!! Yes…a lot of suspense!! I thought you weren’t reading my story anymore as there were no comments from you for a while!!
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